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  1. Look at the bright side Robert, you will be the last man standing on the internet when this tread goes down!
  2. I disagree with you Robert, deleting this thread would exclude others who wish to read it. That said a lock might be more appropriate. I B T L !
  3. Looks like we’re headed for a lock, my two cents. In 1993 I was 4 wheeling on sauvies island, I hopped out of the truck to take a piss. Looking at a pile of sand I saw a thin cable sticking out. I pulled on it and out came a rectangle made out of round stock with the cable attached to the middle of one side. I thought what the hell is this?and tossed it. Ten years later I became a sky diver, what I found that day was a handle! From where when or how I have no idea, food for thought. Blues. Jerry
  4. Trump could make a televangelist blush!
  5. b1jercat

    2017 Eclipse

    I'm in Baker City now, the smoke from all the fires in the region is thick. Hopefully it will clear up in the coming week. The forests are shut down, so no camping in the sticks. We are all ready seeing people show up here. It's going to be epic! Blue sky's Jerry
  6. You got to love it, the shoe is on the other foot! If you lived here you would understand! Blue skies Jercat
  7. They aren't transsexual,it's a bunch of transvestite. And this was like 8 months ago. The guy ran them off because it was distruped his bissnes. Blues. Jerry
  8. You can away with head down on the hill, in fact it looks cool.
  9. Be careful 377 your showing some kind of progress. Blues skies Jerry
  10. I'm going to run with Jerry on this, I'm willing to bend over backwards to support our POTUS, How ever you want to bend forwards. YMMV good luck. [:) Blues Jerry
  11. Quote Jo between you and bevins this is the gift that's keeps on giving. Blue sky Jerry