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  1. gowlerk

    Which canopies are more prone to collapse?

    This thread can hardly become anything but an exercise in people who know little of canopy design putting forward unsupportable opinions based on anecdotes. Most likely a ton of fanboys slagging brands they don't care for. Even Brian Germain, the author of the 2006 article you quoted would not or could not name a particular canopy. The fact is there is not problem with unstable collapsing canopies in today's market. In short, load your canopy appropriately, and don't fly in known turbulent conditions. The relevant sentence in the article is this one: "I have not experienced any kind of collapse on the parachutes I fly, ever." It is very unlikely you will either.
  2. gowlerk

    New Reserves and Packing Data Cards

    That is correct. There is no real "rule". Just past practice. That is why PD and some others now leave a place for repack and deployment info on the label.
  3. gowlerk

    New Reserves and Packing Data Cards

    Funny thing that. Most people will tell you that the data card should follow the canopy if the system is split up. However, a new reserve canopy does not come from the factory with a data card, the harness and container does. So, to directly answer your question, yes it is a standard (more than common) practice.
  4. gowlerk

    Tipping your AFF instructors

    Good, then you don't need the tip either. I know that AFF instructors have a more technically difficult job requiring more skills. But TIs work harder physically and are more likely to need the money. I respect AFF instructors immensely.
  5. gowlerk

    Tipping your AFF instructors

    Ya, but is also too lazy to do the hard work of tandem. There's a reason why tandem pays better.
  6. gowlerk

    Packing Practice

    Or both. Many people do. The very best thing is to jump and pack as often as possible.
  7. That makes it a theory I suppose. Several other manufacturers don't see it as a problem. Lots of people get satisfactory results from ZP PCs though. I will agree that they are slapped together and not particularly well made. But that generally is not causing a problem because as a rule the PC will outlast the high wear bridle and kill line assembly. Unless it is F-111 and becomes too porous. The OP is not asking about what is causing his linetwists. He is asking about his problem with slow sub terminal deployments. A ZP PC would help with his problem simply by increasing the force. It would seem that the Sunpath supplied part is not doing the job for some reason, even though his canopy and container combination is well within their guidelines. Could it possibly, just maybe, be that Sunpath has not tried every combination in the situation of a sub-terminal deployment and that the F-111 PC is not up to the job? I'm sure there are other possibilities, but given the description of the problem, and the clear detailed report of the condition of the gear, it would appear that most likely more drag is needed to produce a satisfactory result. Edit to add: The OP did say he was waiting for an answer from Sunpath. I wonder what they told him?
  8. That's exactly what people do. They replace them with appropriately sized ZP ones. I have never seen anyone replace a worn out F-111 pc with another one one of the same flawed item. There are many myths around skydiving. ZP P/Cs causing line twists is a new one on me. Must be a secret Sunpath and Mirage are not sharing with everyone else.
  9. gowlerk

    How much does slider size actually affect openings?

    How many manufacturers have you spoken to? More than one?
  10. gowlerk

    How much does slider size actually affect openings?

    That would seem to be not really true when you consider that PD only has two sizes of slider all across the range of Sabre 2s from 97 to 260 sq ft. All of them have a 31" span, up to 170 have a 23" chord, large have a 26" chord.
  11. Without knowing for sure the context it comes across to me as fighting words. The equivalent of saying "fuck off and die".
  12. Probably lymphatic fluid.
  13. gowlerk

    L&B Viso II

    You needed luck to land without a functioning altimeter? Sigh, kids these days...... SSK is the North American service provider for L&B. As well as CYPRES. Good people.
  14. gowlerk

    Rigger for repack in NH

    Massachusetts is MA Maine is ME Maryland is MD Michigan is MI Montana is MT Missouri is MO Minnesota is MN Mississippi is MS Last but not least, MB is Manitoba Today's lesson is brought to you by the letter "M".
  15. gowlerk

    Monterey Skydive should be called out!

    If someone with your attitude showed up at my DZ I would encourage you to go elsewhere.