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  1. Like Phil says, there is no problem with pay for nurses in Canada. But there is a problem with them being over worked and stressed out because as the single largest expense in the system cutbacks fall the hardest on them. Canadian trained nurses are in high demand all over the world and many travel for a few years as a way to see the world. When they come home, as most do, they often have regrets because they lack seniority for holiday choices and job placements in an extremely rigid unionized workplace.
  2. We will take our 10%, no problem. Take the rag away from your eyes, now ain’t the time for your tears.
  3. Sigh.....do you enjoy wrestling in the mud with pigs too?
  4. The last time he started a trolling thread on this very subject it was locked down. Now he has waited a few weeks and started up a fresh one to get around the lock. How is this allowed?
  5. Last time he started a thread about this the bullshit went on for months before the inevitable lock. I have blocked him, but there is no way to block threads from my end. Someone dressed in green, please, end it now.
  6. Considering that this is the Biden critic thread and all I am going to have to side with the opposition on this one. There is a certain word play between Harris and heiress and the VP does inherit the position. So although there is a side order of misogyny along with the pun, overall it is fairly clever. So clever in fact that I'm certain our resident troll did not make it up. Now, if Joe Weber had said it I would give him writing credit.
  7. Yes, living in Winnipeg my perspective may be skewed on that.
  8. In Canada and everywhere as well. But here the victims are more likely to be First Nations people.
  9. CNN absolutely has both a bias and an agenda against Trump. So what?
  10. Not Derek Chauvin related. But apparently the USA is not the only nation where being black is reason enough for LEO harassment. https://www.cnn.com/2021/04/13/uk/met-police-officer-jailed-knee-scli-intl-gbr/?hpt=ob_blogfooterold But at least in jolly old England they are less likely to be shot dead.
  11. The bar has not been set very high, has it?