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  1. It’s easy even for myself to understand the advantages of this so-called mesh network. But would it not also have a potential disadvantage of one faulty node in the mesh bringing traffic to a standstill? Come to think of it each of us driving in our cars today are currently a meshed network.
  2. gowlerk


    I don’t think that would bother Ron very much. As an evangelical Christian he is part of a flock. You don’t get much more sheeplike than them.
  3. I don’t understand what all the argument is about. Of course Trump and his party are going to try to fill that seat. The other party would do the exact same thing. It’s about power when you have it you use it. If you don’t like it get up off your ass and go vote for the other party this time. Y’all screwed up last time when you fell for the years and years of painting Hillary as a villain.
  4. Note to all. The blocking options include the ability to block PMs.
  5. They will wait and do it in the lame duck session. That way they can use the prospect of the prize to motivate their base.
  6. It's all about power. You either have the votes or you don't. There are no morals involved whatsoever.
  7. What you seem to have done wrong, or incorrectly, is to even bother commenting on someone's use of English grammar in an internet forum. I mean "who fucken cares, eh"? We don't need no steekin' speling lessons either!
  8. Too bad that seldom leads to consequences for the LEO. They seldom are held responsible and seldom are willing to hold each other responsible. They exist in an "us versus them" world. And that is not going to change without a fight.
  9. Apparently the healthcare system is also non-viable.
  10. Another win for self driving cars. Safety features defeated? https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/edmonton/tesla-driver-autopilot-alberta-ponoka-speeding-dangerous-driving-1.5727828
  11. It means the PD are in need of reform of some kind. And it is more than a couple assholes. It is a culture that rejects accountability.
  12. In another of the feedback loop effects warmer weather has died out peat bogs in Siberia. Now many are on fire releasing long stored carbon. With predicable results. https://earthobservatory.nasa.gov/images/147083/another-intense-summer-of-fires-in-siberia