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  1. shattenjager

    Tsunami Skydivers Inc.

    First time, welcomed as a local! Staff is very nice, DZO rocks, the plane is a rocket that takes you at 13 k in no time, they have a really good packer and the view is just amazing. Landing area is pretty big, with a constant wind from West. Everybody is super nice, jumpers and staff.Check this place out, I can't wait to go back again.
  2. shattenjager

    The Horizontal Flight Problem

    Awesome piece that answered many questions I had. It happened to me to have a steep trackers group before me, and I found them landing before me. I was mad as I had several skydivers very close in the base and final, and I didn't understand what happened, now I do.Thanks
  3. shattenjager

    Line of Flight Explained

    Excellent article, thank you so much!!
  4. shattenjager

    New DZ at Oceanside, CA

    It's also noteworthy that, at this time, the DZ allows C and D ONLY jumpers.
  5. shattenjager

    Skydive Thiene

    I'm originally from Bassano, a nearby town but I learned to skydive in US, so it was a pleasant surprise to see how well organized they are. There are great and nice people, the Italian champions and other extremely experienced people, they made me feel like home immediately and they have very good rental rigs and canopies for everybody taste. Ticket was EUR 21 and rental 12 for each jump, I guess they don't have daily rentals. They only thing I didn't like is that they must shut down the airplane from 11am to 2-3pm because the whuffos complained for noise ( I don't know who, is in the middle of fields!) Grazie a Gianni e Armido, can't wait to come back! CIAO!
  6. shattenjager

    Skydive San Diego

    I did my first AFF jumps back in 2005-6, so I can only talk for that period, I have no idea how it is now. My bad experience was with a very rude instructor, a guy who used to jump with short camo pants, don't know the name, before to send me to the plane, he got pissed because I didn't do a safety check to my rig(never instructed on how to do it) and I still remember that he opened the main closing loop grunting something about who the F*** packed that rig, of course I had a very tight line twist malfunction, 8 times. Anyway that was my bad experience, so I gave up on skydiving for years before to go back and complete it in another DZ. I definitely want to try to go back with my A license and see what's going on.