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  1. I understand now. Thank you for the explanation. does anything like this already exists at the US PA?
  2. I was thinking of the USPA (or maybe just a group of attorneys willing to do the Pro Bono work) who would be willing to assist in the formation of these corporations individually for each skydiver or at least skydiving instructors / professionals who is seriously injured. Once formed, they can be managed by the individuals families but I believe help with the formation of these Tax exempt organizations would go a long way toward increasing the donations because business & people would get a write off by donating. I know the organization I adopted my greyhound from had such a status. I have donated to injured Vets who have had such organizations formed. I don't understand why it is not more commonplace with injured skydivers - many of whom are in need of special vehicles & other basic medical needs. Honestly, I was thinking of one or two injured skydivers in particular. If there are no attorneys who are willing to donate their time, perhaps I was have a 501(c)(3) formed & cover the expenses myself. I just am not sure if those "form a corporation without an attorney" ads I hear on the radio would withstand scrutiny. Does anyone have any experience with them or has anyone been involved in the process of forming a 501(c)(3) for an injured skydiver?
  3. I would like to know if the USPA or any organization assists in the formation of a 501(c)(3) or any tax exempt organization for the purpose of raising money to help injured skydivers. Many people & corporations will be more apt to donate a larger sum if they will not have to pay Federal taxes on the money they are donating.
  4. Thanks. I will keep this in mind. Mos of my body did feel warm. I wore a base layer, 3/4 layer, Biking jacket & Biking tights along with a neck warmer. Now that you mention my core temp, I think I could have used a warmer pair of tights on my legs. A nice surprise was heat in the Caravan that kept me warm even though I was near the tail!
  5. I have heard the latex gloves solution before but never tried it. Probably because I never had a problem staying warm before. Thanks for the suggestion. I'm going to give it a shot.
  6. thanks for the reply. I'll try these. I've heard about the surgical latex gloves underneath skydiving gloves but this is the first I heard about using them on top of the skydiving gloves. Was there any reason why you specified on top?
  7. I jumped for the first time through snow this past weekend. It was 28° on the ground and I was fine with everything except that I could not feel my fingers under canopy. I gained a lot of respect for the Russian jumpers that day. I am currently using a pair of football gloves similar to these: A rigger recommended a pair of rockclimbing gloves. Any suggestions on the warmest gloves that are appropriate for jumping?
  8. Thanks Arvoitus. I will try hat.
  9. I expected 4k video may be difficult to edit but I have been trying to work with 1080p 120fps (from a GoPro 4 Black) I got from a friend's camera and it has been difficult. It does not even play smoothly in WMP or VLC unless I slow down the playback speed. Editing even short clips is even worse, almost impossible. I am using Windows Live Movie Maker to edit videos. I am using it because it was built into a win7 PC (Intel Pentium [email protected] 2.70GHz, 8GB RAM) that I have. Any suggestions on editing 120 fps clips? New editing app? New PC? Anything easier?
  10. I saw a cutaway system for the cookie fuel but none for the G3. What are the current cutaway options for the G3?
  11. I have an I-45 with a Pilot 168ZPX in it right now. How did you fit a 119 in an I-45? Did you have to add padding to the packing tray to keep it from becoming too loose? A VX is a cross-braced canopy; it packs larger than a non-cross-braced. Thanks Tim. I didn't realize it packed that much bigger.
  12. Never mind. I just got a call & it has been CANCELLED. Hopefully it will happen May 2015 if there is enough interest in it.
  13. I have an I-45 with a Pilot 168ZPX in it right now. How did you fit a 119 in an I-45? Did you have to add padding to the packing tray to keep it from becoming too loose?
  14. I saw this CRW camp in the calendar being offered at Sky's The Limit and signed up. Unfortunately they need at least one more jumper to meet their minimum. Anyone in the PA area who is interested in CRW should check this out. CRW Camp with Scott Lazarus Date: 2014-10-17 to 2014-10-19 Address: 124 Airport Strip Road City: East Stroudsburg State: Pennsylvania ZIP: 18301 Country: United States Venue Name: Sky's The Limit Phone: 570-420-1011 Email: [email protected] Web Site: Discipline: Canopy Relative Work Find Similar Events We are holding a beginners CRW camp at STL this Fall! Scott Lazarus and other instructors will be here all weekend for the camp. Friday is the safety briefing with Saturday and Sunday as jump days. The cost of the course will vary according to the amount of people signed us as we are splitting the cost of hotel and food accommodations amongst participants. Participants will cover the slots for you and your instructor. A $50 deposit towards the total cost of the course is required to hold your spot. Everyone must attend the safety briefing on Friday to take part in the course. You must have an A license minimum and a hook knife as well. Canopies will be provided for your jumps so you will need to provide us your exit weight. Sign up with manifest today to secure your spot! 570-420-1011