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  1. shibu

    Oct CRW camp in PA

    Never mind. I just got a call & it has been CANCELLED. Hopefully it will happen May 2015 if there is enough interest in it.
  2. 2014 Cheese Boogie is almost here! We will be bringing in an Otter (in addition to the PAC) starting on Thursday through the weekend for your jumping pleasure and to attempt to break some records!! When: August 21-24, 2014 Where: Skydive Milwaukee/Sky Knights SPC Who: CRW dogs, Wingsuiters, experienced skydivers, and students Why: Why not? Boogie Fee: $40/person (includes Saturday night dinner and one FREE T-shirt if pre-registered) Daily Rate: $20/person Pre-Registration through July 27th will include a free T-Shirt. Additional T-shirts are $15 and long sleeves are $20. ($2 extra for 2XL) Limited extras will be purchased so sign up now! This year we are bringing in a food truck for lunch every day similar to last year. Therefore, we won't be pre-selling meals as in years past, so plan ahead. Registration is NOW OPEN, so please visit to register for the boogie. If you will be at the dropzone, please stop in the office to register. If you're a Sky Knights Member and registering on account, please stop in or call the office. On account registrations (if you have money on account) can also be emailed to PAC jumps will be standard pricing. Otter jumps and any jumps requiring more than 1 plane will be $24 for everyone. Jump package rates will not apply to the Otter. We're looking forward to seeing old friends and making new ones.
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    Jump4 004

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  6. shibu

    SkyVenture New Hampshire

    This was my first experience at any tunnel so take my review for what it is. I went there with the intention of getting coached on si flying. I ended up just getting coached on back bc hey like o make sure you can fly in all directions in belly & back prior to moving on to sit. After 32min of coaching over 2 hours, I still need more back coaching but I still learned so much there is no question it was worthwhile. Kenny was my coach & I would recommend him to anyone. The only thing I didn't like is that I only booked for 15min. They gave me an additional two min at the end of my 1st session at a reduced price. When I decided to add another 15min they charged me another $240 (original 15min was $270). So they gave me $30 off but if I had booked the 30min at one time it would have been $475 for 30min instead of the $510 I paid for it. Maybe this is how all of the tunnels work. At any rate it was only another $35 and I will definitely be back. Also my muscles were so tired I didn't get as much as I could have out of the last 5min of the day. Next time I will book 30min again but I will spread it out over more time.
  7. shibu

    Scammer on Classifieds

    Thanks for posting this. Alot of scammers prowling the web.