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  1. Does anyone have any high resolution images of skydiving they would be willing to share. I need to find the perfect image for my senior year thesis poster. Maybe dropbox, or if they stored on website I can pluck from there? Thanks
  2. I am looking to do some traveling soon and want to hit up the DZs that have loads that go above 14,000 ft. Can you list off some. Thanks, Hech
  3. Hi guys I was wondering what are the reasons for only allowing GoPro use after 200 jumps? I am compiling research for my design project and need the reasoning behind it. Also does anyone know where to find it in the SIM? Thanks, Hech
  4. I have been getting really great responses on this survey. Thanks you to all who participated and keep the input coming!
  5. Thanks Lee, great insight. This project is gunna kick ass.
  6. Hi all, I am a beginner skydiver and industrial design student in Boston conducting research on helmet design. This survey will help me find solutions to common helmet problems in a wide array of sports (mostly skydiving). My aim is to design a universal helmet with camera mount. Please take this survey to help me research my for my senior thesis: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/TQY3ZQG Any other comments or suggestions to problems you face with your helmet system (camera mount or not) are also welcome in the thread. Thanks, Hech
  7. Ok everyone my design direction has expanded to other sports as well as skydiving. I need your help and need you to take this survey on helmet design: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/TQY3ZQG I really really appreciate it -Hech
  8. Looks like I'm gunna have to now. Maybe I should think about clown college instead.
  9. Hey again, Here is the preliminary proposal for me thesis topic. Let me know what you all think: Skydivers are a unique group of people who are very passionate about the sport, and being part of this community is just as much about making new friends as it is about jumping out of a plane. Because of this I want to design my senior thesis based around this very sport that I grow to love more each day. The skydiving industry is a very small and specialized market; therefore the equipment used requires very specific needs and functional ability. If there is one tangible thing skydivers value it is their equipment. Because skydivers place an enormous amount of importance and trust in their gear, my proposal is to identify a need or problem with the equipment and design a solution around it. Since there are many pieces of equipment used in skydiving I have plenty of opportunity to explore different areas of product interactions. Some examples are better helmets equipped for cameras, canopy locators during a cutaway and tools for packing a chute faster. I have many resources in which to research from; my local drop zone, JumpTown located in Orange, Massachusetts, online forums, books, media and myself. Being a licensed skydiver I am able to be an integral part of the research as well as using the more experienced jumpers at the drop zone. Doing preliminary research through an online forum I discovered that other jumpers are very excited and willing to talk about innovative product idea developments and solutions within the sport. This is a sport were problems can occur quite often, so the design impact of this project could be monumental. Any contribution I can do to fix a problem or identify a need would spark interest in the community and eliminate the disconnect between user and design. Some topics in this field include: general safety, photography, packing process, training, equipment maintenance, multi way formations, free-flying, etc. This project would allow me to give back to the skydiving community through design and be a branding opportunity for myself as well.
  10. All great stuff guys, can wait to start researching more. Everyone has been a huge help!
  11. what happened to him on his descent? did he go unconscious? The video never showed the point where he lost control.
  12. Great ideas guys. This is helping me so much. Any thoughts on improvements made to jump/wingsuits?