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  1. gowlerk

    Microraven 150 reserve pack volume?

    You can't find information because they are obsolete. There is a reason they are cheap, if you weigh more than about 150 lbs before gearing up, or say about 170 out the door, you should not use a micro Raven 150. They are not designed or rated for more than that. Now that I've warned you...... The charts I have indicate the pack volume for it would range from 325 to 350 cu in. depending on the type of lines it has.
  2. gowlerk

    AAD fires

    Here you go, glad to help. https://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/skew
  3. gowlerk

    AAD fires

    Your numbers are highly skewed by the fact that few people are participating in your poll. It's value as data is nearly zero.
  4. gowlerk

    opinions for a cherry jumper

    Many riggers find it hard to make the cap sit nicely on Wings compared to other similar designs. It's not impossible, but more difficult. The good news is that the larger the container the easier it is. Since you will be wanting larger canopies it shouldn't be that much of an issue.
  5. gowlerk

    USPA Board Meeting

    Or perhaps, just maybe, the people who have already answered you have told you the truth in good faith. Maybe they are not conspiratorial liars like you seem to think. Just maybe.....
  6. gowlerk

    Legal to work in US

    Like many industries the skydiving world would be filled with lower wage imported workers if it were legal. Instead, DZs compete for qualified citizens to do the work. That means if they can't fill the position they either don't pay enough, or something about the working conditions is driving potential workers to go elsewhere. The industry typically charges a minimum of $200 or more often closer to $300 for a tandem experience. They should be able to hire or train both packers and TIs at those rates. Those who can't are doing something wrong. And of course immigrant workers are a hot topic right now. Not just in America, but all over the western world. The situation in Canada is very similar.
  7. gowlerk

    Argus SB AMMO130514/1

    To be clear, I agree that the whole issue of a cutter failing to cut all the way and leaving a P/C ready to burst out at any time is the reddest of herrings. My main reason for not packing them is the complete lack of support from the manufacturer.
  8. gowlerk

    Argus SB AMMO130514/1

    Yes, that is why SkyDive AZ refuses to allow them on their aircraft. Just one of the reasons I won't pack one.
  9. gowlerk

    USPA Board Meeting

    A Summary of S&TA responsibilities is here: https://uspa.org/Safety-Training/Safety-Training-Advisors You should read it and learn. It will help you understand their role better.
  10. gowlerk

    Best way to download music?

    Seems overly busy, just gives this message Flood control: too much captcha requests I would also doubt that these "free" and clearly illegal files come without a viral load of some kind
  11. gowlerk


    I've got a customer looking for a set of ty17 risers. Reserve (left) side rsl. 19 inch or longer
  12. gowlerk

    USPA Board Meeting

    That is pretty much conspiracy theory. Who do you suspect the intended target is? In any case, if you read the minutes of the July meeting you will see that it was considered then and deferred. No reason is given either for the action or the deferment. I suppose you would have to ask someone who was present at the meeting. " 13. The committee once again discussed the possibility of having a BSR for reporting all tandem and student AAD activations. Even though the committee felt that it was a good idea, they could not agree on who is responsible for reporting the incident. The item was tabled for further discussion and deliberation. "
  13. gowlerk

    USPA Board Meeting

    I would imagine that answer to that question involves rights and privileges and obligations of holding an instructor rating issued by USPA. Although I don't think that would apply to the camera flier. The notice given here is incomplete. The explanation given here by Paul Gholson certainly clarifies the meaning of the rule. What is missing is an explanation of the reason for the rule. USPA owes it's membership that information if it expects willing compliance. I assume it will be explained in the official report of the meeting.
  14. gowlerk

    USPA Board Meeting

    From the USPA website about incident reports: Incident Reports Submissions are handled confidentially. According to USPA policy, all reports are studied, printed in Parachutist and then destroyed. USPA keeps only a brief synopsis on record, which doesn’t include the names of any individuals or the locations of the incidents. For this valuable system to work, USPA needs USPA Safety & Training Advisors and other USPA members to report on incidents, both fatal and non-fatal, from which other jumpers can learn something. Jumpers can download the Incident Report Form from the right or submit an Incident Report online. It lists the most important information to include to make it more effective. However, reports in any format are welcome. USPA compiles this information annually into the Incident Statistics Report available online. See above. Incident reports are destroyed after the information is extracted.
  15. gowlerk

    USPA Board Meeting

    I've seen you be wrong once or twice in these forums. Even I am wrong sometimes. But that's beside the point. I'm wondering just what nefarious motivation you think the BoD might have for the new rule. More than likely it came at the request of a committee. Probably a training and/or safety committee. It's just not the kind of thing a BoD, who perform an administrative function, just comes up with out of the blue. I bet there will be meeting minutes that describe a discussion on the matter.
  16. gowlerk

    USPA Board Meeting

    I'm not all that familiar with the USPA system. But wouldn't ANY AAD fire on a DZ be considered an incident and therefore require an incident report? As far as fearful instructors go, what would they be afraid of? Accountability? USPA issues the rating, if you don't want to follow the USPA rules then give up your rating. Simple.
  17. gowlerk

    USPA Board Meeting

    Some heavy editing and/or post removal going on here. But that's probably for the best. The clarifications make perfect sense. Some of the earlier posts did not and would have confused people.
  18. gowlerk

    USPA Board Meeting

    So then, it does not mean what it says? Can we move the topic into SC then?
  19. Maybe they should have a 25 year rule for aircraft. It would make more sense considering the MX issue differences between aircraft and parachutes.
  20. gowlerk

    the links in the chain.

    I see your point about owning failure. We would do that in the debrief. But in the age of YouTube I will decline to release for publication anything that might damage my business. Video is never guaranteed, many things can go wrong leading to a refund. Including editorial choice. The primary product is the jump. The video is secondary. I can live with your anger if you feel that way. I would also add that a cutaway alone would probably not cause me to not release the video.
  21. gowlerk

    Drogue entanglement and reserve ride, Mesquite

    This incident was talked about here:
  22. gowlerk

    Cypres maintenance turnaround time

    It's been a while since I sent one. But no, it usually is quicker than that. Usually a couple weeks, although I have have a couple that for some reason that they would never disclose needed to go to Germany. Those took about 6 weeks.
  23. Resist wear and UV light damage. It is far less likely to break when worn. Line choice is full of compromises. Some, especially larger lightly loaded canopies are less affected by being out of trim.
  24. gowlerk

    Shippng AAD with USPS

    How does the "dude at the counter" know what is in the package? He could only know if you talked it up to him. At that point he has no knowledge except for what you have told him. Buy your postage online. Put the thing in the mailbox. Don't go looking for problems and they won't find you. I ship them both by Canada Post and USPS all the time.
  25. gowlerk

    BOD Meeting July 2018

    I've served on BoDs. The rational is simple. It's just much easier to record the total votes than individual votes. It is the normal practice. Usually recorded votes are only taken at the request of one or more members. I'm sure you will argue that someone should have insisted on one in this case. But very likely no one thought it to be needed at the time. In general only exceptionally contentious issue would go to a recorded vote. It gets used so rarely that no one even thinks about it.