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  1. I agree that that feeling is out there. But the reality is that even as a minority they will be, I should say we will be a privileged minority for a very long time
  2. That is what Ron calls SHTF. I’m not a believer.
  3. It doesn't work all that well on mobile with small screens.
  4. The last group that had a legitimate complaint about being invaded by aliens was the native population. No other group has ever lost anything to immigration in North America.
  5. This whole thing revolves around the fact that the nation is indeed undergoing demographic changes.The problem comes when people start seeing that as a problem. It isn’t a problem at all.
  6. You are far too kewl to post anything here at all. Or you used to be.
  7. Speaking of which, Jason Kenney is suddenly available. But alas, the entry deadline has passed.
  8. I joined this party just so I could vote in the upcoming leadership contest. I'm leaning toward Charest at the moment. Any opinions out there?
  9. I joined the PC party in time to have a vote. Who do you like?
  10. I did not know exactly where the term HIPPA or it's meaning came from. I do know that in Canadian healthcare the term gets used all the time. And now I know that it has absolutely nothing to do with Canadian law. We have something similar just the same.
  11. There's a lot of neo-Nazis in Europe. Virtually zero mass shootings with military style semi-auto weapons. This particular young man was inspired by both the New Zealand and the Norwegian events.
  12. I’m not sure why we’re focussing on the Buffalo shooting as a gun issue. It’s actually a racism issue
  13. Hopefully you hear the bad guy coming before he gets to drop on you. Unfortunately that’s not likely for you is it?
  14. gowlerk


    Because they are in a tough neighborhood with Russia close by.
  15. gowlerk


    Their values did align more at one time. Not as much today. But the geography has not changed. They need NATO more than their leader wants to admit.
  16. Exactly John. Why were the victims not able to protect each other? What is America coming to? People need to step up and arm themselves now. Especially in predominantly black neighbourhoods.
  17. gowlerk


    I heard a brief mention of that, then nothing more. It's a good point, Turkey is a very reluctant NATO member and is always troublesome.
  18. gowlerk


    As does spelling and grammar apparently. Here is a link to help the lonely monkey. https://ielts.idp.com/canada/prepare/article-grammar-101-elude-vs-allude
  19. gowlerk


    You would seem to be the only monkey.
  20. gowlerk


    Putin is now killing white Christians. Of course he is evil now but okay before.
  21. Christians will get their reward in the Kingdom to come. This world is not for you, it is for those like me.
  22. The main reason most directors are either DZOs or some other industry insider is that no one else is willing to do the job. It is not a plum position, the main reward is social interaction with peers and some self satisfaction for contributing. It is almost all boring tedious administrative chores. And taking criticism. All that said I guess Luke screwed up enough that yes, he should resign.
  23. As the husband of a nurse who had to work in an ICU keeping non vaccinated people alive I can say for sure that you are full of shit. Is that a PA? Too bad.