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  1. gowlerk

    Triathlon retractable bidle specs/drawing?

    Hey Brant, you asked me two days ago about that. I have the Aerodyne drawing on my HD. I don't remember how I got it, but here it is. TRIATHLON%20RETRACTABLE%20BRIDLE.pdf
  2. gowlerk

    Over 55

    And every other country.
  3. gowlerk

    Two dropzones review for AFF

    I have seen a person taking the TI rating course there who also had a lazy uncommitted Tandem Examiner who did a very poor job. It was arranged through their tandem division. I was very surprised that they allowed such people to work there. I guess nowhere is perfect all the time, but SDAZ is usually top drawer.
  4. gowlerk

    6 new tandem sigma parachutes for sale

    There is a closed FB group called DZ Management. I would suggest you join it and post these rigs there. For sale posts are not allowed in this forum, so I would imagine this one will be removed before long.
  5. gowlerk

    Reserve opening speed

    Ya Jerry, I kinda knew it was much more complicated than that. But it's the only standard I know of and is likely in the ball park. As far as I know there is no way to accurately answer the original question.
  6. gowlerk

    Willing to travel for AFF

    SDAZ, Skydive Arizona. In Eloy AZ, near Casa Grande. Probably the biggest DZ anywhere, with the most dependable weather in the USA and cool enough in November with the heat of the summer over. There are also several DZs in Florida that could take care of your needs, but the weather is less dependable.
  7. gowlerk

    Independent Safety Ratings

    There is no organization giving safety ratings to drop zones. Tandem parachuting is more regulated by industry standards and required training and experience levels enforced by the manufacturers of the parachute equipment used. The United States Parachuting Association (USPA) issues instructor ratings to qualified Tandem Instructors. Most but not all drop zones are USPA group members. Skydivers usually consider the drop zone they jump at to be "the safest", so asking for recommendations will mostly get you the name of one where they have the most friends. Tandem skydiving is generally the safest form of jumping there is due to the higher experience levels and training that the TIs have. Look for a USPA member DZ and ask to see the instructor's rating card if you have any doubts.
  8. gowlerk

    Reserve opening speed

    My understanding is that reserves are required to be open within 300 ft of deployment no matter what the airspeed when they are deployed. If you are going faster that would equal less time and a harder opening than if you had just cutaway from your main. But 300 ft either way, the distance should not change, just the time.
  9. It sounds like you are in southern Ontario. Which despite the Canadian myth is not really in the north! I can't say who in your area would be willing to take an honest approach at assessing and training you. If you were to come to our DZ north of Winnipeg in Gimli MB (still not all that far north, but at least 500 miles north of Toronto) we certainly would. If we assessed you as able to we would enroll you in the First Jump Course and after you jumped we would go from there into either the PFF program or classic progression. You could choose whether or not to do a tandem as a first jump. We trained one man this year who did a IAD first jump and was your age. He did not continue, but that was not his goal. We are a little old school here.
  10. gowlerk

    AFF Exit fear

  11. You are the one accusing people of being criminals. Give your head a shake. The burden of proof is on YOU, not the good people that you are blithely accusing of stealing from you. Do you have the guts to name the people you are calling thieves? Or are you just talking out of your ass?
  12. gowlerk

    Rig advice

    I can tell you that it is working for at least one person I know.
  13. You must be one of those losers who have spent your life playing this game and now you think you are a "professional". I have news for you. Skydiving is not has never been a profession. Especially tandem skydiving which does not even require much skill. Get off your high horse.
  14. gowlerk

    Rig advice

    I know it's not one of the brands you are asking about, but I have customers who have used a Wings W-14 for just this exact combination. A PD 176R fits very well for a reserve. It will hold a Sabre 2 190, but it is not an easy pack job. And a new Sabre 2 150 seems to fit reasonably well as well. No LPV canopies were used. I have no real world examples of Javs, or Vectors doing these combinations. That doesn't mean it can't be done.
  15. gowlerk

    Introducing The Kraken

    " She is the canopy equivalent of Che Guevara, Marilyn Monroe and Brian Jones all in one. " All people who met unfortunate ends at a young age. Who runs your marketing department?
  16. em·bez·zle·ment /əmˈbezəlmənt/ Learn to pronounce noun noun: embezzlement; plural noun: embezzlements theft or misappropriation of funds placed in one's trust or belonging to one's employer. "charges of fraud and embezzlement" I'm hoping that you merely don't understand the meaning of the word embezzlement and you don't really think the BoD and/or the people promoting the museum are thieves.
  17. Yes, he clearly wants more than to just point out that he disagrees with the BoD. I think he must figure that if he only brays loud enough and long enough they will not only change the decision, but also come groveling to him in thanks for correcting them.
  18. Myself, I don't believe he is a troll. I think he is a crusader of sorts who feels strongly and thinks going on and on about it will somehow make a difference. A troll is someone who posts just to get reactions from others. Ironically, I do see that he has called YOU a crusader!
  19. gowlerk

    Packing innovations

    Ugh.... We have not really seen any new ideas in this thread. Just vague complaints that things need to change because someone is frustrated. The "oldiewonks" have seen a shitload of changes over the years and have embraced a lot of them. Dude has gotten some solid advice from people here.
  20. You do have the option of using you settings to ignore his posts. So far I've only given that honour to one person myself.
  21. I am Canadian. I belong to CSPA, as stated just a little bit up thread. If you don't understand how name calling is insulting, or that calling people "sheeple" is insulting, there is little I can say about that. It's not that I don't agree with you that USPA should not have funded the museum. It's just your lack of understanding that BoD members who did are not fools, they just made a different decision at a meeting and now are standing by it. But hey, maybe if you just keep on berating and insulting people and showing off your unique non-sheeple spelling skills you will convert them all. But more likely you will just start looking more and more like someone to ignore.
  22. gowlerk

    Packing innovations

    In my experience, no. As a matter of fact the newer and somewhat fancier harness/container systems are harder to close rather than easier. The trend is for newer jumpers to buy containers that barely fit the canopy they buy therefore making it even more difficult to pack. If you want the easiest packing possible in your first rig your best bet is to buy used and well broken in.
  23. gowlerk

    Packing innovations

    Now you are just showing off your frustration at needing to learn. Have you considered that before you enter a forum whose members are nearly all experienced and start going on about how we are all obviously wasting our time because you believe there MUST be a better way, you should learn to what the hell you are talking about? It does not take ten years. It takes determination and willingness to learn. People regularly become paid professional packers in less than a month. If you think stowless bags make a significant difference in packing effort it merely shows that you have yet to learn much about packing. Learn first, innovate later. The wheels on our carts are not square, and you have not contributed anything of value, much less round wheels.
  24. Now you are crossing the line from merely being annoying to being insulting. Do you pay dues? What does that make you?
  25. That reminds me. My CSPA membership needs to be renewed for my 26th year soon. $94 CAD, about the same in real dollars.