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  1. gowlerk

    How much does slider size actually affect openings?

    How many manufacturers have you spoken to? More than one?
  2. gowlerk

    How much does slider size actually affect openings?

    That would seem to be not really true when you consider that PD only has two sizes of slider all across the range of Sabre 2s from 97 to 260 sq ft. All of them have a 31" span, up to 170 have a 23" chord, large have a 26" chord.
  3. Without knowing for sure the context it comes across to me as fighting words. The equivalent of saying "fuck off and die".
  4. Probably lymphatic fluid.
  5. gowlerk

    L&B Viso II

    You needed luck to land without a functioning altimeter? Sigh, kids these days...... SSK is the North American service provider for L&B. As well as CYPRES. Good people.
  6. gowlerk

    Rigger for repack in NH

    Massachusetts is MA Maine is ME Maryland is MD Michigan is MI Montana is MT Missouri is MO Minnesota is MN Mississippi is MS Last but not least, MB is Manitoba Today's lesson is brought to you by the letter "M".
  7. gowlerk

    Monterey Skydive should be called out!

    If someone with your attitude showed up at my DZ I would encourage you to go elsewhere.
  8. gowlerk

    Ear Pain (from pressure)

    Well, no. Not if you are weighing things that is.
  9. Unless your rigger has equipment to test porosity the condition of the PC can not be accurately measured. But I guess you are correct, none of that answers your original question. Is the force required too much. There is no correct answer to your question. There is no standard except for what you find acceptable. Clearly the system will work at a higher speed, but that does not suit all the applications you want to use it for. Also clearly you have a good understanding of the issues involved, so your solutions are obvious. Either decrease the needed force for extraction, or increase the available force. One way to increase the available force would be to change the PC to either a larger one or a ZP one. Depending on whether or not Sunpath sewed the bridle to the bag as they used to do it may be quite simple to attach a more forceful PC and take it for a test jump. Or, ditch the Javelin and get a Racer......Not what I would do, but the required extraction force would drop dramatically.
  10. Sunpath insists on F-111 main PCs. They wear out. Try a ZP PC of an appropriate size. Your problem will probably go away.
  11. gowlerk

    Youngest Swooper?

    Ever hear of Charlie Mullins?
  12. That is only one factor among many. The real reason skydiving is inherently dangerous is it's unforgiving nature. The opportunities to make an error are many and the consequences have a high likelihood of injury. You sound like a man who believes that your training and preparation will keep you safe. You are only partly correct. You have reduced your odds of injury and you should be congratulated for your efforts. But even well trained people make mistakes sometimes, random events you can't anticipate can occur, and someone else's error can get you.
  13. If we are going to get that far into the weeds of the definition of English words I would propose that a more correct word to express the idea we are reaching for here is "perception". As in "the perception of danger is different for different people".
  14. gowlerk

    On opening, grab toggles or rear risers?

    In 27 years I've really only had two canopies as my main ride. A Cruislite (220 7-cell) and a 170 Stiletto. The Cruiselite routine was to grab the risers and pump ASAP. It had several hundred jumps on it when I bought it used. It needed the help to open. Getting the Stiletto quickly changed my habits. Pulling on risers nearly always resulted in line twists. My routine now is to remain steady and square in the harness until it is open enough that I'm pretty sure it is flying straight, I am upright, and the slider is mostly down. At that point I raise my hands hear to the risers and begin my visual scan for the other canopy that I assume will be flying directly toward me. I'm ready to initiate the life saving diving turn in either direction as needed. After that I can relax and do my house keeping.
  15. gowlerk

    Riser design & toggle fires

    My wife used those for a long time on her Sidewinder. But if you look you will see that the toggle tip ends up being thicker because it is four layers rather than the standard three. This led to many problems with steering lines refusing to release the cat eye on her Pilot. No cut aways, but lots of struggles.
  16. As a partner in a small market 2 C-182 DZ I can easily see both sides of this issue. I've been on both sides. Some DZs will consider that waiting 4 or 5 hours is pretty normal on some days. As a senior jumper I would not be surprised or upset. If the tandems were truly walk ons though and not bookings, I would have put you higher. Also, if they were expecting you because you called to check and make sure about bookings, and they sold you a package, they owe you some priority.
  17. I would say most likely they felt a lot of pressure to make tandem hay while the sun was shining. Pushing you to jump more when it is slow could be another bad sign, or it could be just encouraging you. It's really hard to know. Be aware that DZs do need to give tandems a large amount of priority. But students can only be neglected so much. The experienced jumpers? They already know that the priority is Tandems, or and other first jumps, students, and lastly the lowly ticket holding licensed jumper. If the DZ community is strong then it is worth being patient.
  18. You need to sit down and discuss this with the DZO. Some operators will understand your point. Especially since you prepaid in good faith. A good operator should listen to your story, apologize and offer you something to make it up. DZs and instructors make their living mostly from tandems, and experienced jumpers know which DZs to avoid or what times to avoid. I know there are operators who will think nothing of doing this to you. They are out there and I have met them. If this has happened to you and you have no other options because you prepaid you are probably in for a world of frustration. Is it normal? Unfortunately it is in some places. If a frank discussion does not result in a reasonable answer I would ask for my money back. But if they are the kind of place that will not give you a firm commitment they will probably strong resist refunding you. Let us know how it turns out. And if it turns out badly don't be shy about telling us where it happened.
  19. gowlerk

    HELP!!! Jumping in Austria.

    You should complain to the FAI. If they are an FAI member they are required to recognize FAI credentials. If the Austrian government won't allow that then they probably can not have FAI affiliation. The Aeroclub in any nation is usually the actual FAI member. I do not know of any national government which issues "skydive licenses". Is there only one DZ in Austria? I would contact another one because what you have been told makes very little sense. Like I said, some countries don't appreciate USPA poaching their nationals and that may be what is happening here. Try telling them that you are a long time US resident, or better yet a citizen, and their tune may change.
  20. gowlerk

    HELP!!! Jumping in Austria.

    UPSA licenses are internationally recognized FAI documents. FAI does not issue licenses itself except sporting licenses for competition. Some National Associations are touchy about USPA or other foreign credentials when they are issued to their own Nationals. They should recognize your USPA issued FAI credentials if you are a US resident. But they may still require you to purchase a membership. If you look at you USPA license you should see some mention of the FAI printed on it.
  21. gowlerk

    Electric jump plane

    Screw it. I'm getting a good old fashion coal burning steam powered aerioplane.
  22. gowlerk

    DB Cooper

    So, is that what this thread is? Two or three guys (always guys, no women would care) with some kind of decades long fascination with this event either yelling at each other or trying hard not to yell at each other? Fortunately I can choose to ignore posters. I can't made the thread go back to where it belongs, but I can hide most of the posts by blocking only a few people.
  23. gowlerk

    Electric jump plane

    You almost had me. Until electric Beaver that is.
  24. I get annoyed at people who say that it is more dangerous to drive to the DZ than it is to jump. Just shut up if you need to tell stories like that.
  25. gowlerk

    Fear of Landing

    Skymasters were actually of hybrid construction. ZP top skins and f-111 type ribs and bottom skins. Just like PD Navigators. Large docile student canopies are easy to land for more than one reason.