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  1. I'm pretty sure the lesson he is referring is to do a better job at suppressing voters.
  2. Yes, that's it exactly. What side of the bed are you on?
  3. Maybe it's time to grow the nation through immigration. There are lots of people in shithole countries waiting for their chance. Many of them non Christians who could help remove the stain of that religion from your society!
  4. gowlerk


    If a Canadian were to try that sort of thing south bound I don't know what the fine would be. But for sure it would come with at least a five year ban on entry.
  5. While we are at it, how about leveling that big hill to eliminate the need for the Eisenhower tunnel. Then move the fill created to Lake Michigan to create a causeway between WI and MI so I no longer have to drive across Chicagoland?
  6. gowlerk


    I am actively pursuing this strategy at the DZ.
  7. I want to see the contract for the tunnel under those mountain ranges. Not even Bezos and Musk combined......
  8. I thought it was about who could keep a straight face and who cracked a smile? Does size really matter????
  9. This is the power that being the world's reserve currency brings. Are you imagining Rubles, Yuan, or perhaps the return of Sterling? Maybe bitcoin? The US does not actually have a great need to buy things from overseas anyway. Rest assured, your society will find a way to stiff it's lenders if need be. Spend on and keep living the dream.
  10. None of that debt is indexed to inflation. The US will simply devalue the debt like it did last time.
  11. Another sign that the influence of the dotard is waning. In a runoff primary between two Rs for a Texas seat in the US House of Congress, his chosen and endorsed candidate who he campaigned for lost. (Although the winner actually is someone who claims to support Trump). https://us.cnn.com/2021/07/27/politics/texas-6th-district-runoff-results/index.html
  12. You see if you can ask these people about "CRT". in America. https://www.mprnews.org/story/2021/07/27/cold-spring-couple-wants-prosecutor-to-upgrade-charges-after-vehicle-crashes-into-home?fbclid=IwAR1IT7CI12oIxuCCxvc9rifWi5VdFBhQza0kY1sH_xdc0DP7DEGIitw8Urg
  13. Is this not the same thing that was addressed in the recent AD issued for some student containers from UPT?
  14. The committee report is not the objective. Compelling testimony under oath is what the game is about. Some of that evidence will get plenty of coverage.
  15. Brand bashing is traditional here, and I see you have been on FB as well. It's nice to see a new target for a change.
  16. It looks like that problem began in 2018 and will not be over until 2022/2023 sometime. https://www.craftechind.com/top-3-reasons-there-is-a-shortage-of-nylon-6-6/
  17. Nothing like a little drama to spice up a Friday morning. An AAD fire is not the same thing as a manual pin extraction. I don't know what your agenda is here, but baseless fear mongering is what you are doing.
  18. If wishes were horses beggars would ride.
  19. gowlerk


    Vaccines are not treatment.
  20. Deleting the emission control systems is illegal, but is a way of making more power. At the cost of making your fellow citizens breath the soot your are now creating. Something to be proud of. You cheated the system and screwed over everyone else. Did you install larger injectors to "roll coal" as well?
  21. I could never understand why making a truck engine run poorly and waste fuel is appealing to some men. I like my engines to be in tune and efficient.
  22. Winsor capitalizes the words "social justice warrior". He is all about nursing his grudges and is a total believer in spreading the right wing outrage machine feelings that consume his thoughts. Buzzword Lovers Matter.
  23. UPT likely has a whole separate line with sewers making nothing but black Sigmas all week long.
  24. gowlerk


    When I ventured into a MN Walmart the rule posted was "mask no longer required for fully vaccinated people". Apparently 99% of MN residents are fully vaccinated. I saw only one masked person.