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  1. Cannibals still? Didn't they all die from kuru?
  2. Sarcasm never works in this forum. It always goes straight over too many heads and gets outraged comments going.
  3. I've been watching this and seeing a lot of good answers. Good sights are expensive. The good news is that there are hundreds of them out there not being used that come up for sale frequently. At a fraction of the original price. Often never mounted. Watch the classifieds patiently or maybe even place a wanted to buy ad.
  4. I haven't set up an ad in a while. But you have a choice of a free ad or a paid ad. You missed a step somewhere. There is a "save ad" button at the bottom centre of the setup page.
  5. This is such a cool and unusual job opening that personally I feel your post is justified. But it is an ad. To post an ad go to the main classified page. On the right side just above the categories list is an orangish coloured box labeled "submit an ad". Click it and follow the directions.
  6. How can it be in this new updated and supposedly mobile friendly forum we are limited to 21 emoji's? When I try to keyboard add a different one it is not allowed.
  7. Yes, hundreds of them out there being used. They are reliable to do what they are designed to do. How well it will perform in your application will depend on how you use it.
  8. Now, no one said anything about a legal requirement. It is an industry standard. I'm not sure why you are pressing this. It's a non-issue.
  9. What are quicklinks? Canopies shipped with Dacron lines usually are on Mallion Rapide links. And PD offers them instead of Slinks if you order them that way. But either way, skydive canopies from the manufacturer will always come with links to attach them to risers. That is the agreed upon PIA standard. Containers makers supply risers and canopy makers supply links. Edit, never mind the question about quick links. I see that is a generic name for what we are both speaking of.
  10. I would call bullshit on this. Unless you are talking about BASE or other non-skydiving canopies. However, you are right that when you buy a used canopy by mail with no inspection you never know what you will get in the end.
  11. The fact that USPA is allowed to offer affiliation to Canadian DZs as a fig leaf cover is something that should be taken up with the FAI and the Canadian Aero Club in my opinion.
  12. The CARS require use of parachutist restraints on aircraft in Canada. What kind of disagreement could you possibly have had? General Use of Safety Belts and Restraint Systems 605.25 (1) The pilot-in-command of an aircraft shall direct all of the persons on board the aircraft to fasten safety belts (a) during movement of the aircraft on the surface; (b) during take-off and landing; and (c) at any time during flight that the pilot-in-command considers it necessary that safety belts be fastened. (2) The directions referred to in subsection (1) also apply to the use of the following restraint systems: (a) a child restraint system; (b) a restraint system used by a person who is engaged in parachute descents; and (c) a restraint system used by a person when working in the vicinity of an opening in the aircraft structure.
  13. There is on mine, but I had to take a knife and cut the padding some. It may depend on your head size. The shells are all the same and you custom fit your padding.
  14. That wouldn't bother me that much. But the $35 for a set of reserve Slinks would annoy me. Unless it was disclosed at the time of sale, those links go with the canopy and belong to the buyer. If you have non-cascaded A-B centre lines you likely were using either a Raven or a Tempo, Usually people put the B lines on the outside. But as far as I know it is not specified anywhere that I can find and it does not really matter. Tempos always come with nice #5 stainless steel Mallion Rapide links. Sometimes sellers will try to keep them, or even substitute crappy inferior links.
  15. I don't know about rage. But I would also be pissed if I bought a used canopy, reserve or main, and links were not included.
  16. Sometimes new jumpers get to be overcome with the excitement of their new sport. Sometimes they need to express themselves here as keyboard warriors. You have now stepped into the territory of someone who really needs to lurk more and post less. You aren’t the first and you won’t be the last.
  17. The only people who include the p/c bag and sometimes risers are those who do not have a clue. They do it because it's the least amount of disassembly work. They later find out that they have given away hundreds of dollars worth of container parts. Usually when they try to sell the container and no one wants it because the expensive parts are missing.
  18. There has been a DZ at Elsinore since the beginning of time. Literally. I've only jumped there once, but I've never heard anyone say anything bad about it. It is a smaller operation than Perris, but still large by most people's standards. I would be surprised if there is a large price difference between them though.
  19. Being current is everything in skydiving. Especially when you are a student. If you can not afford to do your AFF program in less than one or two months at the most then I would strongly encourage you to save up until you can.
  20. CBC story with video of the first flight. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/electric-seaplane-float-plane-test-flight-harbour-air-1.5390816?fbclid=IwAR3um6N0WV8801tzekBMapVC39FhSFwORgVNbbwtMcQ4Cb34UIzDfDUXGQc
  21. Russian hackers through wikileaks? As a Canadian with a CSPA issued seal number am I exempt?
  22. Test flights of the electric Beaver today https://www.harbourair.com/eplaneflight/?fbclid=IwAR3_gaJS94HU6EhnrhGIM9aC_rZ1fXuojSXFpYShrmW-NgPlDixRYy_dwC0
  23. Yes, the II+ version is somewhat tougher. But an instrument that costs this much should be in a far more robust case.