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  1. At one time is was, but no longer. It also was once owned by GM, but that was in the '20s of last century!
  2. I suppose. Your use of hateful words may just rhetoric that you are using for dramatic effect. It is of course not possible for me to know your true thoughts or beliefs. I can only interpret the words you use and the ideas you express. You might call that projection.
  3. I think she is a lousy politician. To be a good pol you have to be able to get people to relate to you and like you despite policy differences. That's why Bill was able to unseat Bush. And why the younger Bush was able to beat Gore. But I do agree that she would have been "a reasonably capable leader". That is a near perfect description.
  4. Again, there is not such ideology as "Woke". There is no actual reason to capitalize the word. It is merely another of the hatreds that you have succumbed to. Like the irrational Hilary thing.
  5. gowlerk


    Where do they think this immunity came from? (note quote of a quote)
  6. Yes. Consider yourself schooled. I'm also reasonably sure you would have chosen the German Nazi leader to compare Hilary to if not for being accused of being an example of Godwin's law. But Il Duce will just have to do for you to compare Hilary to. These statements are really quite insightful and show a lot about just who you are.
  7. Yup, Winsor swallowed it hook, line, and sinker. He loves the taste the hate leaves on his palate.
  8. That Nazi guy gets credited with that quote quite often. And if he said it he was correct. It works. https://www.bbc.com/future/article/20161026-how-liars-create-the-illusion-of-truth
  9. Maybe a thread by a non-troll is in order. As we come out of the covid slowdown we are being met by several different energy shortages with multiple causes. The main cause is the collapse in prices at the beginning of the covid recession leading to a shutdown of production. As always the cure for low prices is low prices and the cure for high prices is high prices. But clearly political headwinds blowing against carbon emissions is also a factor. My own feeling is that if the consumer is squeezed too hard too quickly there will be a backlash leading to votes going to whatever politician is perceived to be most likely to ease the problem. This is going to be a serious factor and if it is not brought under control quickly will set climate control factors back by a large amount. Increasing renewable energy is an easy sell to the public. Unaffordable gasoline and electricity in either America, Europe, or Canada for that matter is not something that will be tolerated by the population. We all have good reason not to shut down what we depend on before it can be replaced. I'm not sure what I am looking for here, but I am getting a very uneasy feeling as I see what may be coming down the road.
  10. gowlerk


    Natural immunity is currently being claimed by anyone who does not want to be vaccinated. Most of them are full of shit. There is no easy or reasonable way to prove that you have "natural immunity". Just get the freaking vaccine. Or stay away. Not wanting to do your part in a crisis. Sad.
  11. Nice try Yoink, but you are nowhere near his level of unneeded wordiness.
  12. The artificially generated hatred of that woman courtesy of the right wing entertainment media in the US is...., wait for it,.......DEPLORABLE!!!!!
  13. One word, Wyoming. They have primaries there, and rich people from the east don't get to vote in them. But I hope you are right.
  14. That seems unlikely. Moderate and star would be considered oxymorons in that world. Moderates are AKA "RINOs". Just watch what is soon going to happen to Liz Cheney, and she is far from moderate.
  15. Just think twice before sending. Pretend your mother is going to read the forum and act accordingly.
  16. If you allow arguing with the mods within the forum we are pretty much done for.
  17. I think there is plenty of seed corn. The future is quite bright. And warm too!
  18. I see no justification for that claim. An attempt to be pithy, but contains no grain of truth.
  19. And yet we have a thriving society full of the most well fed and housed population in history. And even better, more and more people are waking up every day!
  20. And right there is the problem. The right wing has taken an idea that they don't like and frightens them and claimed it is an "ideology". It is not and never has been. It is merely a description of being aware of a group of facts. The only idiocy and pathology I see in this thread is your thinly veiled hatred of ideas you reject.
  21. The climate is an issue facing the world. Total population world matters a lot I suppose, where the people live less so. Especially since the newest Canadians tend to settle in the more densely populated areas of the country. I would say they are more like Canada's version of the KKK. Mostly because the GOP is a much broader coalition with only a portion being the deplorables.
  22. Poor Bill..........don't worry, we all love you!
  23. Canada is vastly under populated and actively pursuing immigrants. Like everywhere else in the western world this causes fear and loathing among some of the population.
  24. Ok, now I've looked into a little more. "Woke" is traced back to a Huddy Ledbetter song about throwing off some of the yoke of oppression. Then it was used by people as a term to say they were aware. Then the right wing media types picked up on it and turned it into another one of their meaningless lame insults. It is now alongside SJW and cuck as terms they throw around to belittle people who oppose them. Because they get amusement and ad revenue from firing up the base.
  25. Wash it in the washing machine. Use detergent and hot water. Problem solved. Newer Sunpath freebags are not urethane coated. Talcum powder is abrasive.