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    I was just looking at Google maps to see the original border (pre-2014) between Ukraine and Russia. It is a crazy zigzagging line of nearly no natural boundaries. It is totally indefensible. I can't imagine what the end game might be, but I'm pretty certain it won't be the original border.
  2. Frumgibulation as explained here may run afoul of the prohibition on cruel and unusual punishment. Unless of it is carried out somewhere like Russia where defenestration already fills the role.
  3. Have you registered that word yet? Can I freely use it as public domain?
  4. The orangeness is strong. But I want to see a slo-mo chase through the streets with a white Bronco.
  5. Clearly Russia and Putin are on a winning streak. I'm sure the Russian people are already complaining that all the winning is getting to be too much. So much winning.......
  6. It's a wonder the R party can even keep the lights on with the poverty they face due to all the cash going to the other team.
  7. Americans in particular and westerners in general don't get pissed off by that.
  8. Woke means no long willing to put up with right wing crap.
  9. I got nuthin. I'm busy getting rigs ready for the season.
  10. If anyone really cares about the decline of arctic sea ice this article covers it nicely. It has far too many words for our troll to bother with, but it does have a section on individual scientist's predictions that have turned out to be overstating the speed of the decline. Including the one that has been quoted in the denier circles lately. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arctic_sea_ice_decline
  11. It is not really a popularity contest. It solves one potential problem. Namely the chance of canopy damage from the kill line. The UPT system is more difficult to both assemble and particularly to disassemble. I believe I have seen some tricks and tips to make both easier, but I don't have links to them online.
  12. Many black people are descended from slave owners. How do you think that happened?
  13. The RC people are in on the "Birds Aren't Real" plot. They help operate the secret surveillance system. They are probably getting many hundreds of billions for their fake birds. https://birdsarentreal.com/
  14. Not in my country. DZs are considered commercial and must hold an Air Operation Certificate. Which is a large part of why jump tickets are more expensive here than in the US.
  15. It is getting to be an all around catchall. Almost the equivalent but opposite of nazi.
  16. The big social media sites usually draw the line and cancel people for advocate killing.
  17. Yes, I do have a problem with it. There is a reason female athletes compete separately from men and this is not merely unfair, it is grossly unfair.
  18. Well, as an outsider looking in, I would say that for a non democracy you guys sure make a big deal out of your elections.
  19. I don’t know. It sounds like a lot of people here are assuming the poor people are mostly all undeserving and low quality people drug addicts alcoholics not really deserving or really trustworthy. People are poor for many reasons.
  20. When tax cuts are given out to wealthy Americans, do politicians worry that those people will waste the money? Or do they just let the free market decide how the money will be spent.
  21. Yes, it is very likely to catch on and become common on social media soon. Especially Twitter. Onward Christian soldiers marching as to war. With the cross of Jesus going on before.