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    We did the same thing here. Now at 70% with at least one shot and now booking appointments for the second. We are in another race with the new variant. It is just starting to show up here.
  2. I'm going to strongly disagree with the idea that these people are anything but willfully ignorant. I know they are from your tribe and that they are not stupid people. How could anyone live through the disruption of the pandemic and not find time to look into this matter?
  3. Mitch McConnell will not do anything that he believes will lessen his chances of regaining control of the Senate. The last time Murkowski was challenged she won as a write in.
  4. Yes, the sad reality is that it mostly comes down to peer pressure.
  5. I have seen quite a few ideas floated about such schemes over the years. Mostly they are just theoretical. I don't believe any attempt to do this would be made unless the world largely agreed and only if we were already in serious trouble. In other words, not till it was too late.
  6. I'm sorry I offended you. Please note, I am not advocating for the use of spring loaded P/Cs. I am merely saying that if someone else decides to do so that it is not necessarily an error. It means they have considered the advantages and disadvantages and made a decision that is different from yours, or even mine for that matter.
  7. But it sure is brutal to watch the complete idiocy displayed and the poor Admiral somehow trying to answer the question.
  8. First problem of many. Who will decide for the world if this should be done? Uncle Sam's main man Gates?
  9. Shoot your gun at a six year old and wing him. On purpose. Get out on 10K bail???? https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/crime/michigan-boy-shot-bike-neighbour-b1862734.html?utm_content=Echobox&utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Facebook&fbclid=IwAR0nVk5QqoOqb-cHK3h8mEo0Pg0ZAuiJfo1f0TvASHWpEyK7yafl2iPZR0o#Echobox=1623263347
  10. You aren't supposed to tell the customers THAT! Just tell them to try bringing a bag of popcorn and a six pack of coke into the movie theatre.
  11. I've got a great idea how we could mess around and change the climate. We could alter the chemical composition of the atmosphere. That would do it!
  12. I wonder if it made a sound?
  13. Yes, but what I'm wondering about is if the US will require it of visitors.
  14. The rest of the world more or less just thinks of you as the trespassing neighbour who wants to control everything. I mean really, where would we be without all the treasure and lives you sent to Iraq? Oh yeah, the same place we are now, except a different set of oppressive crooks. Apparently you only learned part of the lessons the Vietnam adventure should have taught you. America does nothing for the benefit of the rest of the world. America does what it erroneously thinks is best for America. It always has, it always will, and it always should. The view must be nice for you up on that high horse!
  15. Yea, you have to have some way to justify it. Next thing you know dominos would start to fall.
  16. This is what I am observing as I do trucking around the US and Canada. It is not just a simple on-off switch. The more vaccinated people there are the lower everyone's risk. As long as the hospitals are not swamped with people who need help to breath there will be less and less enforcement. Unfortunately where I am we let down our guard at just the wrong time and are currently being completely hammered by the third wave. Even though our vaccination rates are up there. At least the rate of new cases is now finally declining, but hospitalizations are still extreme.
  17. If the pandemic more or less goes away, or just becomes very low level what you say is what will happen. The issue will just fade away. If new variants cause waves of infection among the unvaccinated, or especially if it turns out that boosters are needed it will be another thing altogether. The only time it really matters to corporations will be if the lack of a mandate causes cautious people to stay away. That is what is behind the cruise industry thinking. They worry that without a mandate they will lose business.
  18. Man, that puts you in a tough spot. I'm guessing a rigger in your position has little choice but to ground it. But without clear instructions and no manufacturer to provide guidance it is clear as mud.
  19. And now the Florida and Texas GOP and their Governors are going into a fight with the cruise lines over it. https://us.cnn.com/2021/06/09/politics/desantis-abbott-republican-governors-battle-cruise-lines/index.html Like the articles says, the GOP is now courting enemies among the powerful American corporate class. That is a battle they will lose in the end.
  20. But you don't need a lot of money. You only need to get vaccinated. Only a few people are really that strongly anti-vax. Most just need a push to make it worth their while.
  21. Because the GOP is more likely to make rules that favour the wealthy. Their way of thinking is against progressive taxation systems. By progressive I mean higher rates as you progress up the income scale. You can make real arguments that their ideas a fairer. But it begins to break down when income from sources other than work are taxed at even lower rates. You guys must have your nearly trillion dollar military machine, and someone has to pay for it. As long as big donors don't have to, politicians of both parties get to dine in fine style.
  22. I smoked for only 25 years. I was up to 2 packs of 25 a day when I quit. I understand how hard it is.
  23. Foolish is as foolish does. Lots of foolish Canadians. In MB the first dose vaccination rate is just under 70% and rising. Second doses are going out quickly now as well. But there is a substantial fairly well to do corner of mostly Mennonite and some other Christian farming based communities where the rate is less than 20%. I'm pretty sure these are people who look across the border and long for a Trump like figure. Seriously though, would it be un-American to have a system of immunization cards? And it is a real question about non-citizens entering the country. Will the distaste for proving vaccination be so strong that it will not be implemented at the border?