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  1. I guess the nice thing is that although it is incomplete, it works well nonetheless.
  2. Strings, it's all about the strings man. Kallend wasted all those years teaching the standard model. On the God scale it is not even kindergarten, more like pre-school. We are stumbling around in the dark, but at least we are up and moving around!
  3. When energy is more expensive people conserve it. That’s how carbon taxes work. Get used to it. Jump tickets are going to cost more. So far in Canada about a $1 increase in fuel cost per slot.
  4. gowlerk


    It is good enough that if everyone would get vaccinated the R number would drop low enough that the virus would disappear before long. As far a I know no vaccine is 100% effective on an individual basis. Several have been 100% effective in a society. But some people are too stupid and/or selfish to understand what is really a simple thing.
  5. gowlerk


    What is happening is that the sheer number of kids contracting the delta variant is leading to some of them getting very sick. As always when you deal with small fractions of a very large number those fractions become large themselves. Of course all this is completely preventable.
  6. I have spent some time trying to delve into simplified explanations of the subject. I lack the math training to go deep into it. The thing that stands out to me after spending time on it is simply that the more that is discovered and proven in the particle accelerators the more unanswered questions pile up. It is fascinating to contemplate the particles and how they relate to each other. But what most people do not understand is that the forces involved are not understood at all. The mysteries just go on and on, probably to infinity.
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    I didn’t search that up far. When I googled the name I come up with an actor. I may be mistaken.
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    Of course he is having a chuckle Because he thinks we don’t realize the picture he posted is actually of an actor with a similar name
  9. gowlerk


    Unlike the mess he left behind. https://www.salon.com/2021/09/19/anti-mask-fl-bookkeeper-dies-of-leaving-party-without-access-to-finance-software/
  10. gowlerk


    The known USA death toll from the virus is 675,000 as of today. Anecdotal evidence may lead you to discount that fact. One in 500 Americas are fatalities. Not enough suffering for you still?
  11. In rigging we call it 5 cord, just as we call size 69, tex 70, "E" thread. That is because the US military called it that. To the rest of the world it is size 346 or TEX 350 nylon bonded thread. https://www.thethreadexchange.com/miva/merchant.mvc?Screen=CTGY&Category_Code=nylon-thread-346
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    How is it that a man of your intelligence fails to understand the simple fact that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure?
  13. Not hard to understand. France got screwed out of an agreement worth billions to supply conventional subs. It's nothing more than a commercial dispute.
  14. Pretty much the same reason pneumatic tires replaced iron wheels?
  15. The great thing is that my settings allow me to reply without even seeing the offending post! DZ forums are grand!!!!
  16. Sport parachuting equipment manufacturing seems to be a fringe industry with all the "larger" players run and owned by people with at least some passion for skydiving. Like, Ted Strong was for instance. It is not hard to predict this will result in their exit from the sport market completely.
  17. I always just assume that nobody is really that stupid and that the flat earth thing is a put on game. I seldom play, just like I seldom play with the troll here.
  18. Wichita, source of all Cessnas. Also the home of Mike Pompeo, but he wasn't born there.
  19. A pretty clear indication that most of the population is sick of the R bullshit. Newsome himself is not all that popular but few were willing to risk seeing a Trumpist in charge. I know that CA is different from the rest of the USA, but not that different. This bodes well for putting some of the worst excesses to rest. If there is one thing that can make a political party change it is losing its chance to gain power.
  20. Many times. It is not nearly as flat as the place I live in the Red River (of the north) "valley". Have you ever been to the Delmarva Peninsula? Now that is flat land. Kansas is mostly gently rolling hills.
  21. If you feel that way why do you bother to comment? It's not like you have ever been known to occupy the high ground!
  22. gowlerk


    It's hard to make progress when Luddites do their best to stand in the way. But in the end people like that are just speed bumps in the road.
  23. gowlerk


    Absolutely. Have your cake or eat your cake. Don't eat it and then complain that it is gone.
  24. gowlerk


    Definition from Google, perhaps anti-vaxxers could indeed be considered "socially inferior". They are after all voluntarily choosing to be disease vectors endangering others around them for no rational reason. I consider them to be at least somewhat inferior. Un·ter·mensch /ˈo͝on(t)ərˌmen(t)SH/ noun a person considered racially or socially inferior