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  1. Of course he did. Why wouldn't he? Most likely the next mass shooter, probably later today is at the store buying supplies for killing right now. It's a free for all folks. The government has no business restricting people from owning the tools of war just because some men go off the deep end unpredictably. The chances that you or someone you love will be the victim are still pretty low so why the hell would anyone willingly give up the freedom to own these shiny magically wonderfully powerful toys?
  2. And.....judging by the picture they circulated he may be a cartoon character.
  3. Awesome. Another magic to believe in. I would prefer more Rastafarianism myself. Rastas know how to deal with their Demons.
  4. Ken doesn't think your nation is awful despite the current rough patch you are going through. I do think the 2nd amendment is awful.
  5. I can't remember what rig, but I have seen a manual where it is called an "anti-twist flap". Possible the latest Wings manual.
  6. As much as I dislike it I find it hard to make a case that the 2nd amendment is not being interpreted correct by this court. There isn't a lot of ambiguity in it.
  7. I am not saying it is off-limits. I am saying it is so far beyond our technology that it is not achievable. Could the machine we make conceive of and produce itself? Spaceflight is just an extension of learning to ride a horse and make fire.
  8. It's a hard place to be. Somewhere between the creator and the created.
  9. Does the machine understand why it should not run over the pedestrian? Until you can say yes to that it is not intelligence. Merely problem solving.
  10. I understand that. The teacher is programed. Your definition of intelligence is flawed because you work in an industry that thinks it can create intelligence. Artificial intelligence is an oxymoron. What you are doing is teaching machines to adapt to the situation in a way that you want it to. Intelligence requires judgement and insight.
  11. AI gets written about a lot. But nothing I know of comes close to being an example of it. It's not that humans are special, it's that we are only human and we can only do human things. Current AI is not intelligence at all, it is programing created by people. AI is a fantasy and always will be.
  12. Perhaps AI will finally put an end to the relentless evolution of the language. It will be so much better when older people no longer have to cope with all changes and things remain the same forever.
  13. The point is obvious. Low income earners are bottom feeders and don’t deserve to have health care because airdvr might have to pay more for his restaurant meal.
  14. The point is that they are trying. I'm not sure how you can believe it can never happen given what is happening now. Maybe dig your head out from under the sand.
  15. Take your pick.... https://www.google.com/search?q=Republicans+are+trying+to+make+it+illegal+for+women+to+travel+to+get+an+abortion.&rlz=1C1CHZO_enCA967CA967&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8
  16. Back to the cost of mining it. I now have a better understanding of the issue. There should be no problem. Supply and demand and the profit margin will take care of it. If it gets too expensive to mine some people will drop out and that will lower the cost. Although I don’t trust bitcoin it is a genius system.
  17. Try to sell your diamonds if you bought them retail. They are nearly worthless. BTC may or may not be the same, there are enormous differences. One thing for sure is that without technology they are worth nothing. Less than thin air.
  18. I think I found part of the answer here. Although it was written a month ago and BTC has fallen another 25% or so since then. https://www.forbes.com/sites/colinharper/2022/05/20/bitcoin-miners-face-shrinking-profitability-amid-crypto-crash/?sh=70843b774bf0
  19. And of course both Putin and large parts of the US Christian right believe their god wants Russia to control eastern Europe in the name of Her church.
  20. This just popped up on my FB. I couldn't posting resist it here.
  21. I'm one of those who never trusted and never "invested" in any of this fad. The people I know who have are among the least sophisticated working class dreamer investors that I know. Which made me think of the fact that there's one born every minute. That did not stop me from watching in wonder and doing my best to understand this market for currency with no government involvement. Now I'm wondering if the current pricing still allows for those invested in mining it to make a profit. There is a lot of energy and hardware being wasted on it. And if they stop mining it how is the blockchain going to be maintained?
  22. Six of the SCOTUS members are Catholic. You figure it out.
  23. The world owes us nothing. And the world needs no people at all. We each need who we need individually.
  24. I wonder where she learned of such methods and strategies?