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  1. To a person who no longer values democracy why the heck with the First Amendment matter?
  2. Suit yourself. But it makes your posts harder to read and diminishes the weight given to them. Of course that doesn't really matter to the path of your life.
  3. It's also necessary to avoid the bad guy getting the drop on you. The more "good guys with guns" there are the more bad guys will shoot first.
  4. I don't think he is POTUS material. And I think he knows that. He is another strong ideologue who wants to do whatever he can to stop social progress. He is a true conservative rather than a true R.
  5. Paul Ryan, hypocrite safely out of office and not facing any election has decided to have the "courage" to speak. https://us.cnn.com/2021/05/27/politics/paul-ryan-donald-trump-gop-reagan-presidential-library-republicans/index.html
  6. Basically forever. But it will go out of style and become obsolete over the years. Don't keep it if you think your layoff will be more than 10 years or so.
  7. Really? You, of all people are going to criticize him for poor typing style and hard to read composition?
  8. The CCP and the GOP have that one thing in common. Both believe that one party rule is better than democracy.
  9. EVs are very quiet......you might say they whisper in the sound of silence....
  10. Easy peasy. Liberals are people who want more rights for more people. And are willing to take responsibility to get that.
  11. And the forum said, The words of the prophets are written on the boardroom walls, and corporate halls.
  12. We love the poorly educated.
  13. The dominant social companies are traded on the public exchanges. They are mostly owned by pension funds and the like.
  14. Sometimes people forget that all states are really purple, just different shades. 60/40 or 40/60 are the extremes. Really 45/55 is more common.
  15. gowlerk


    He is a true homophobe in the literal sense of the word.
  16. The simple answer is, they do. They still need friction brakes as well though. Nothing else works as fast as turning the energy of momentum into waste heat.
  17. You never can tell when you might be get your chance to be the heroic "good guy with a gun".
  18. Same as moving the child abusing priest to the next parish. It's the easiest thing to do when you and your organization are corrupt and you still want a chance to advance within it. People who rock the boat know they will likely be pushed overboard and left to drown.
  19. gowlerk


    Agreed, but good luck with that. I'm sitting here in Winnipeg where poor leadership and short sightedness has turned an opportunity to get through the pandemic locally with limited damage into the current situation where we are leading the continent in infection rate and have become beggars for ICU help.
  20. gowlerk


    Yes, but politics is the art of the possible. America has ruled out vaccine passports for now and only a very bad set of medical outcomes will change that. So let's just hope that the rate achieved will be enough to tamp it down to an acceptable level. I still believe that everyone who does not get vaccinated will be infected eventually. Some of them will die, many more will be damaged, but most will brag about how they "stood up for freedom".
  21. gowlerk


    People who are not clear enough thinkers to understand the odds of vaccine risk versus virus risk are exactly the kind of people who are attracted to lotteries. It will nudge the uptake rate by several percentage points.
  22. My personal privilege is simply to just be able to more or less coast through life comfortably with little ambition and minimal effort to improve myself. All because I was born into a country and a part of society where the living is pretty damned easy. When i got bored I stumbled into skydiving and all the rewarding relationships it has brought me. I am the second laziest man I know, yet I am surrounded most of the trappings of family life and possessions that are the important things. I grew up in a working class family who provided me with a wonderful childhood, I wasted my teen years in indulgences, I threw away my chance at education, yet here I sit fat and happy. Oh, what a lucky man I am.
  23. If as advertised they will not be able to keep up with the demand for at least two years. I know they are using a lot of already sourced parts, but even so I am very surprised at the price. The "front trunk" is something people are going to love and is a huge advantage over conventional power. I predict aftermarket auxiliary battery packs will quickly come to market from third party suppliers to greatly increase range. Like an extra fuel tank goes into a truck bed now. Only more easily installed and removed as needed. The Tesla shorts are going to love this.