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  1. Good question. How many entries does the scorecard have spaces for? I don't remember seeing one.
  2. I think they are going to be huge, I know they already are in some places. And there is tremendous political resistance to them in the USA. Even so, they will probably become a thing at some level even there and will be a new front in the culture wars. Yesterday my home province (Manitoba) just announced a program to issue digital cards immediately and physical cards that can be sent out in two weeks. We are the first in the nation. I'm imagining that eventually you will need one to board an aircraft in Canada, or to attend a public event. And I'm pretty sure that people who cross the border into Canada without one will be required to quarantine. The US government does not want to try for a national program for its people because the fight would not be worth it. But will they be foolish enough not to require proof of vaccination for non-citizens entering the country?
  3. Spring loaded P/Cs are out of fashion for mains. Mostly because they are inconvenient and not collapsible. There is little danger of anyone who doesn't fully understand the nature of them converting to one on a main. That does not make them stupid. The fact that you and mathrick do not understand them and have little to no knowledge of how to use them does not make them stupid. We all use them on our reserves because they work very well. You can be pretty sure anyone who decides to convert his wingsuit rig to one is very likely an experienced rigger and knows what he is doing. Either that or he is working closely with one.
  4. I'm not aware of any canopy companies publishing figures on glide ratios. Whenever I have seen the subject discussed the consensus seems to be that there are to many variable to make valid measurements. In general PD will make vague statements like you are mentioning as comparisons. FWIW, my belief is that the biggest factors are first line trims and secondly aspect ratios.
  5. I would refrain from further engagement unless the OP can provide a reference that can confirm he really is a TI.
  6. Are you sure that's not a "misunderestimation"?
  7. Americans can be soooooo annoying sometimes. "We are the leaders of the free world, do as we say and don't criticize us you foreigner you!"
  8. Then you could have called him out for that I suppose. I haven't decided how many times I will reply to you before I let you get the last word in yet. But in any case, I decided to reply to him so it is now under discussion. If you don't like it, too bad.
  9. On the other hand, thread drift is both common and accepted here unless the topic heading clearly states "on topic".
  10. Just in case you truly can not see how it is a political stunt I will explain just this once. It is a stunt because she knew in advance that she would be called out. She did it on purpose because she wanted to draw attention and then focus that attention onto the lack of diversity in the press corps. But you knew that already, right?
  11. Clearly it is. And it is a political stunt.
  12. Well, it isn't really a problem that occupies my mind in my real life. It's really just here that I have a fair amount of focus on it. I spend a lot of my time in the US and I am never actually concerned that I may become a victim. And neither are most Americans. Which is why the majority are simply prepared to tolerate the situation. Most of my frustration comes not from the facts on the ground, but rather from people who just won't acknowledge the problem for what it is. America is still a great place, even with the relative insanity of the 2nd!
  13. Nothing wrong at all. As long as American society is willing to tolerate a firearm death rate at least 5 times higher than anywhere else. And police who shoot first and ask questions later because everyone is armed. And angry people who lose their temper and shoot. The 2nd Amendment is absolutely the issue. It is an anomaly in the civilized world. It is a gross error. And it is nearly impossible to fix until the carnage gets greater.
  14. Yes, of course it is a reasonable compromise. A good girl deserves a choice. One who chooses to have sex does not. But the newly created complete human inside the rape victim? Well.......too bad little fellow. The fact is that abortion is a sad and kind of gross action. No one is "in favour" of abortion. If you don't want one, don't have one. You know what to do to avoid getting a pregnancy. You seem to feel that your viewpoint is morally superior to that of anyone who disagrees. It looks bad on you to insult us like that. The world is full of men, and yes, sometimes women who talk like you but when faced with a problem in their own life choose to secretly go to a clinic far away. Have some respect for them.
  15. Basic biology and the law both say differently. It has a potential to become a human. You don't have the courage to say if rape victims can have an abortion or not. I have to assume that is because you understand that the answer would destroy your premise.
  16. That is a huge drawback.....lots of people in jail because of that little snag. It not only needs to be transported, it has serial numbers and laundering it can be very expensive.
  17. No, my knowledge is incomplete. Are you saying that each and every transaction can be followed if the starting point is known? Is each coin numbered individually?
  18. Actually, it is vitally important that governments get a handle on and stop the anonymity of crypto. The difficulty of collecting ransoms is the main reason kidnapping is no longer common is first world countries. If Russian or any other criminals can get away with these payments, so can others and we will soon be seeing the children of rich people needing heavy security.
  19. That is also my understanding. And it is an old game played many times before. Almost never successfully prosecuted.
  20. Yes, there is an unknown amount of Bitcoin, and I suppose others that may as well be in a hole in the bottom of the sea because the keys are irrecoverably lost. But that is a different matter from having the FBI able to track the transactions.
  21. If they can do that it means one of the key advantages of crypto has been lost. If that is so its value will take a big hit.
  22. Then your opinion is moot. It means you are merely echoing some religious doctrine and have no courage of conviction.
  23. No one ever said that a woman can not be patriarchal. You ignored the question last time, so I'll ask again. Is abortion allowed in your personal moral code for a woman who is pregnant by rape?