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  1. FBI responded positively to my FOIA about the hair slide's location and said they'd look for it again. It has a very clear evidentiary tag (PC-H3225), so maybe it somehow ended up in a pile of random miscellaneous evidence at the crime lab or something. Worth a shot.
  2. By all accounts they assumed he was still on board when they landed in Reno, so maybe they weren’t confident enough that the pressure bump was when he jumped to report it in real time.
  3. It’s my belief that Rat never made such a statement. This is something he came up with afterward. His FBI interview that night indicates he didn’t notify anyone about it in real time nor did he take exact note of where it was.
  4. And that has what to do with the accuracy of the Air Force’s radar readings?
  5. Everyone has a grudge. Most criminals can always blame someone else for influencing their criminal behavior.
  6. lol where the hell did you derive this information from? She was reading a giant biography of Mary, Queen of Scots at the time. I don't know any average schmucks who would do that.
  7. At least no one did this to you!
  8. Will do. Hope all is well. We miss you bud. Everyone always asking where you are.
  9. Only marginally. The final flight path determination that they used in March 73 was still EAST of the center line of V-23.
  10. From History's Greatest Mysteries, 2020: Ammerman: We knew it was a hijacking. We didn't have a flight plan on it because nobody knew exactly what the routing was going to be. So we were told "Just follow him. Keep everybody else away from him." It became fairly obvious that he was on Victor-23. Ulis: The first priority here when tackling this case is trying to figure out the path that the jet took. Can you gauge precisely how you could identify the exact location of Flight 305? Ammerman: Yeah. What I'm looking at is a map on a video screen. Aircraft are being presented in what would look to you like an equal sign. On the leading slash, the aircraft itself could be anyplace on that line. So it could be in the center, it might be at the left side of the line, it might be at the right side. We don't know. Ulis: Any idea of roughly what kind of distance you're looking at there? Ammerman: I would guess four to five nautical miles long, that line is. Ulis: How do you know that he's actually within Victor 23 if you've got sort of that much play there? Ammerman: Sure. It's very uncertain just exactly where the airplane was within that target area that we're seeing.
  11. Yep. Very much aware. And that 302 is from the guy who literally watched it on his radar and he said it was 1-2 miles EAST of the center of V-23.
  12. Yes, I know who Ammerman is, which is why I posted the Portland ATC guy: 305 was right on top of him and the accuracy would have been damn near spot on. As for Ammerman, he very clearly stated at CC last year, sitting just a few feet from me, that Flight 305 never left the confines of V-23 and if it had he would have alerted someone.
  13. This is four days after the skyjacking. Are we going to assume that ATC radar is wrong? If so, there would be dozens of airline collisions in American skies daily.
  14. It is often suggested that cabbies wouldn't have remembered Cooper. However, they found the cab driver who took Hahneman to the airport. Hahneman was also just dressed in a basic business suit. Just some food for thought.