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  1. May I ask if the quoted phrase is a reference to the hijacker's "acting childish" when he received the money? And if so, is there any FBI document which contains this phrase?
  2. Recently, Mr Carr kindly gave me an hour or so of his time on the telephone. We touched on the USAF loadmaster to whom I referred in my chapter "The Usual Suspects" (and for whom, to my knowledge, there is no evidence of a link to Flight 305). I did pose this question: "Would the FBI, if it wished, have the authority to obtain the Korean War service records of all USAF personnel in specified squadrons and/or in specified occupational codes?" His reply (as per my notes): Yes, it could. The FBI had a number of suspects with USAF backgrounds and obtained their service records from the NPRC; some of those records are still classified. Now that the case is inactive, the FBI might not be willing to request such records. I mentioned that I had a database of all the USAF squadrons that operated the C-124 (which was the only Korean War-era airplane to use the term "loadmaster" as a crew function; and that I could list the C-124 squadrons that were ever stationed at McChord or Larson AFB. Mr Carr said that he would like to have a copy of that list; and that he could pass it to an active agent. I sent it to him.
  3. May I ask if these are from "D.B. Cooper Part 10", pages 427-428?
  4. I searched this forum for posts by hominid, and found six, dated between 09.29.2011 and 01.31.2012. The most detailed post is on 09.30.2011 (post #26003). Are there any others? Evidently hominid interviewed a number of aviation professionals with direct knowledge of the case. As far as I can tell, he did not post transcripts of his interviews on this forum. Does anyone know if he did so on any other forum? Incidentally I see that in his post of 09.30.2011, hominid believed that at some point the crew of Flight 305 received (or may have received) instructions to disable the B hydraulic system. But the flight engineer, in his interview with hominid and georger in 2014, attested that the system was not disabled: "We didn't want to disable the airstairs by defusing electrical power to hydraulic actuators."
  5. Here's a question for georger and hominid. On 01.28.2014 you interviewed Harold Anderson, who had been the flight engineer on Flight 305. In parentheses you wrote: "[One of the airforce guys (Msgt Saiz) who went out on the stair told me that he jumped up and down on the stair at some point to test how the plane would react. Of course, he was able to experience how the stair responded, but not how the plane responded. The other two still-living airforce people have no memory of this.]". Could you share a transcript of your interview with MSgt Saiz?
  6. Maybe this will work: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1O44iSvxmOgFrju0rLZu7oQu64Osf_aMe?usp=sharing
  7. https://we.tl/t-roOUArtxmF Here are the FBI Vault files "D.B.Cooper" Parts 01-69, converted to pdf searchable
  8. Does anyone in this forum live in or near Minneapolis? The Minnesota Historical Society library has 55.75 cubic feet of corporate records of Northwest Airlines, including one box containing some material relating to Flight 305. If anyone is able to visit the library, I can provide the name and contact details of the research librarian. NORTHWEST_AIRLINES__INC.__Finding_Aids___MNHS.ORG.pdf
  9. I understand that in the early 1970s, United was by far the largest carrier operating through KPDX. Here's a scan of their 1969 route map. It seems that United had flights to KPDX from Seattle-Tacoma, Spokane, Pendleton, Boise, Reno, Medford, Eugene and Salem, as well as some more distant origins. It might be interesting to identify those flights that connected with NW305, i.e. arriving at KPDX no later than say 14:00 PST.
  10. https://youtu.be/PxsEaYLPEYs
  11. https://youtu.be/N_2HbFHS_Tc
  12. https://www.vanishedshow.com/podcast/episode/513183ea/s2-ep11-vanished-db-cooper-november-24th-1971
  13. "Vanished" with Chris Williamson on D. B. Cooper: https://www.vanishedshow.com/podcast/episode/513183ea/s2-ep11-vanished-db-cooper-november-24th-1971