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  1. Nice work, Fly. Would love to hear more about it. Congrats!
  2. Nice find with the shoes Fly! The pics show shoes with laces, were any slip on types made? Weren't Cooper's loafers identified as slip ons?
  3. So you post that you are going to talk to this guy and ask if anyone has any questions we would like you to ask him. Then you trash me for asking if you have talked with him yet. Are you sure your name isn't Richard Blevins cause you sure sound like a Dick!
  4. You say that nothing suggests that he had any skydiving experience. If that is the case how do you explain his ability to put on a parachute with no problem? I think you may be mistaken.
  5. I would be curious as to what he said also. Did you talk with him?
  6. Could you ask if he remembers a very big guy that everyone called "Bear"? He was a person heavily involved in the skydiving crowd at that time. He may have had some involvement with the chutes related to Cooper.
  7. I thought agent Carr at one time stated that two chutes (back chutes ?) were delivered to Boeing field by cab before being sent to Sea-tec by a private vehicle driven by an unnamed individual? I think I read this at Bruce Smith's website. I think it was in an article pertaining to Cossey, possibly around the time of his death?
  8. As per last few posts... I thought I had read somewhere that the state patrol delivered Hayden's chutes? Wasn't one (or two?) delivered by private vehicle by someone not named in the F.B.I. docs? Is it possible that Cossey misled the public about the public about the Amboy chute on orders from the F.B.I. ?
  9. Thanks for the pic Flyjack! It isn't the exact pic I was talking about but works just as well.
  10. I think I should add, I mean absolutely no offense to Sheridan P. I probably have less hair than he has.
  11. I thought there was a pic of Sheridan P. from 1972 posted online somewhere? I may be mistaken.
  12. As per Sheridan being Cooper, it is hard for me to get past him being bald with blue eyes.
  13. Although the mention of bombs, imprudent passengers (drunken passenger on 305), might be a reference to the db hijacking, that is really not what caught my attention. I am referring to the following statement , "There is always the danger that the hijacker could insist on diverting the flight beyond the range of the aircraft's fuel supply. This could result in ditching, a crash landing or an emergency landing at an airport without the required length for the aircraft involved." I believe this statement is in direct relation to the db hijacking.
  14. Thank you for posting this Mr. Blevins. I find chapter 1 page 5 extremely interesting. I believe a lot of what is mentioned could possibly be attributed to the db case. What do you think?