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  1. I agree. Cooper having worked at Boeing has only ever been speculation, and while it seems to explain many things nicely at first, if you dig deeper, there's some problems with the idea (like an employee not knowing how to open the stairs, as you said!). I believe Tom Kaye has also said that Boeing would've likely been a poor match for the type of workplace environment the tie particles could have come from. These things don't stop people from looking for new suspects specifically with Boeing backgrounds, though - probably because of how pervasive the idea that he MUST have worked there has become.
  2. Part 66 is here guys, right on schedule. /d.b.-cooper-part-66-of-66/view
  3. That's interesting, I wonder when he may have removed his sunglasses. I assume he also backs up Florence's testimony of dark-colored eyes? Actually, not to cast any doubt, but do we have any other testimonies on the eye color, for that fact? Perhaps from either of the two airport employees that saw Cooper? I don't remember if he had his glasses on yet then or not.
  4. I would assume that it's Nicky B himself in those videos?
  5. Very interesting... I can't make every word out, but the first video goes something like: "Do you have the money on board?" "Advise when you get parachutes and everything up" "I will keep you posted". And then the second one goes like: "Alright, we have one more request, we ask those passengers to go back on the taxi strip between the two runways. There's no reason for them to be standing there, they're only going to create confusion and apprehension, so please direct those passengers to move back two hundred yards onto the taxiway please."
  6. Wow, that's a good clip, and tbh, it makes the physical discrepancies between McCoy and Cooper even more pronounced than I thought they were before. His complexion is different, his hair color is different, his eye color is different, his height is different, his face is different... it's too much. The witnesses would have *all* had to have had an absurdly bad lapse in memory or be flat-out lying about who was on Flight 305 that day to get it so wrong. I know McCoy wore disguises, but none as complicated as this one would have been (nor do I think he could pull it off without it being noticed). You have to make outrageous leaps and bounds of logic for McCoy to be Cooper, and that's just based on his physical appearance... when you include everything else, McCoy is out and has been for a while. I'm probably speaking for most on this board though, and repeating what many of you have already said or thought, heh. It's just so frustrating to see when people get stuck on McCoy, especially when there are other elements of the case (not to mention better suspects) that need more attention!
  7. Well, I had a feeling McCoy was Gryder's suspect based on some of his comments in his Cooper Vortex interview... sigh. He's just... so obviously not Cooper, but the media loves to latch onto him. Fortunately I feel like most of the more knowledgeable sleuths in the Cooper world have ruled him out, but he's still got his peddlers out there that are very aggressive with their case.
  8. Here we go, a new FBI file release... not quite in time for the 50th anniversary though! /d.b.-cooper-part-65-of-65/view
  9. Why should he be obligated to have comments on? I think realistically not a huge amount of people are going to seek out the videos much less want to leave a comment. Those interested are probably already aware of other places to discuss the content of the presentation (like here).
  10. I think this is a little disingenuous to say in context. The Cooper case is an outlier compared to your standard case where witness descriptions are involved and relied upon, he wasn't seen in a brief flash during an attack or something, he was observed up-close by the flight attendants and passengers, some even spent hours with him (Tina) and others took physical notes on his appearance (Flo).
  11. ...And that's it, guys. Close to exactly 50 years ago, Cooper jumped out of that plane (I guess it depends on what jump time you agree with - but I tried to round it to the middle of the 8:10 - 8:15 PM estimate).
  12. For anyone who was there: did Anonymous (not anymore though, I guess) have anything especially interesting or new to say about his suspect? I know he is not especially compelling to some people, but I continue to be interested in him and his potential connections to the Max Gunther book.
  13. I agree and I really hope at least some of the panels were recorded, especially Kaye's. I know his presentation from 2019 made it onto Youtube and it's absolutely excellent. Actually it looks like we got lucky :) I assume the title implies there is more to come!
  14. I thought this bit from Bruce Smith's report was interesting
  15. Did anything especially interesting come out of CooperCon? Any big news/suspects/theories? And are any of the presentations on/going to be on Youtube or something?