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    Scott, it's not that people don't care about USPA. It's that they don't care to get involved in the politics or the governance process. That is a distinct difference. For the most part, skydivers just want to skydive and know that USPA is supporting them in real-world ways. Skydivers DO want USPA to handle licensing, ratings programs, safety & training issues, and the infinite number of things that can screw up an otherwise great day of skydiving. They want us to keep the government out of their way, keep the A-holes from taking them out with bulletproof attitudes, and lead the administration of the world's largest (by far) skydiving organization properly. As a regional director I get several calls each week from members with questions or issues that require action on the part of USPA. As president, I see DZO's with airport access problems, airspace use complications, airport tenant conflicts, unreasonable or impossible venue requirements, and a million other things that threaten our sport and our rights. Skydivers also want excellent customer service from USPA and they get it. Call headquarters some time. You will notice that your call is answered by a real live human being, not a voicemail system. That is by design. Ask a member who recently turned in a license or ratings application how long it took to process. Most applications these days are processed within a week, and some within a few days. I've had members routinely report getting applications for licenses, rating, and awards processed within 24 hours of submitting them. Try to get that kind of customer service anywhere else. The list goes on, but you get the point. Most members don't realize what USPA does for our members until they need something. Then they just want their problem solved so they can get back in the air. The truth is there are many reasons members don't vote that have nothing to do with "not caring" about USPA. A lot of members are newbies who wouldn't know who to vote for without performing a lot of research. Some are lifetime members who have no active interest in current affairs. And many (most?) members who don't vote choose to sit out the elections for one very simple reason - they don't see anything significant that needs changed. I used to get irritated at people with apathy toward USPA, but after 6 years of service on the board and a front row seat watching USPA serve members with problems that need our attention, I no longer do. The fact is the average member doesn't know the insane amount of work that goes on behind the scenes, but they DO care that we are there doing the work - even if they don't realize it until they have an issue that needs solved. They also want a nice place to pack and a fridge that keeps their beer cold. We leave those items to the DZO's.
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    Airlifting 130,000 people out of the Kabul airport in two weeks was an impressive accomplishment despite the chaos. Trump made no plans at all to get anyone out, and his administration did everything in their power to obstruct anyone from getting out. The Biden administration starting telling US citizens in March to get out, but many did not try until after the Taliban had seized most of all of the country and made movement impossible. Some idiots even traveled from the US to Afghanistan in June and July, then bleated and whined when they could not get out. Many others traveled to Afghanistan without registering with the State Department. Yet somehow it is Biden's fault that he did not know every US citizen in Afghanistan, exactly where they were, and send in the Marines to forcefully extract them? Regarding the border, the US government has no authority to go into Mexico and use force to block people from coming to the border. People have a legal right to present themselves at the border and ask for asylum. It's not Biden's fault that Central America experienced two major hurricane in less than a year, destroying their agriculture, infrastructure, and the homes of hundreds of thousands of people. It is not Biden's fault that Haiti is a corrupt hell hole that is also prone to earthquakes. It is not Biden's fault that Trump withdrew every program to help those countries improve conditions so people would not feel they have to leave so they won't starve. US law allows people to ask for asylum. The Trump policy of blocking people from any meaningful opportunity to ask for asylum was illegal. The Trump policy of breaking up families to scare people away from asking was deeply immoral. I sometimes think some Republicans would be comfortable forcing families back into a burning building if they aren't the "right kind" of people. I don't say that sneaking across the border should be tolerated. I don't suggest that the Biden administration's response has been great. However it doesn't help that Trump decimated the human infrastructure needed to process asylum applicants. It's easy to be critical but if anyone cares to be fair they should be able to say how they would have responded to a huge surge of asylum seekers with fewer resources. As far as infrastructure is concerned, I think what we are seeing now with the Democrats is how things are supposed to work. People are debating ideas, working to convince their colleagues about the validity of their policies. In the end no one will get everything they want but what will survive will represent the things everyone agrees is a priority. The debate should include Republicans but they are incapable of weighing competing ideas in an honest debate. Perhaps this inability has something to do with them throwing out their brains and filling their heads with Trump's lies. They criticize actual debate because they only know how to abdicate to Dear Leader in all things. At any rate they are absent from the discussion, happy to only obstruct and criticize. They cannot lead, they only whine.
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    All you guys (and it's guys here on this forum) who think woke is a joke -- how much of it is because you find that it means that your opinion isn't listened for and respected anymore? Now, consider how that's the reality since, well, forever, for women and minorities. They had to earn their place at the table by being better than any of the men -- after all, as long as you could point to how one of the usuals was more qualified in one point, that made the rest irrelevant. The thing is, that depends on your opinion mattering. And it no longer matters in many contexts, any more than mine matters. If you're still working, at the next mixed-gender and mixed-race meeting, actively count the number of times people are interrupted in the meeting. Then look and see who's interrupting, and who's being interrupted. In most cases (though certainly not all), it'll be an alpha male doing the interrupting. And it won't be an alpha male being interrupted. Wendy P.
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    Given that the majority of voting Americans have voted for the party of progressive politics at every national election since '08 but have been saddled with conservatives in control of some or all of the government for that whole time, it seems extremely unlikely that your hypothesis is correct.
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    The buck stops here, if ya know what I mean. There is no deflection and no refusal to take responsibility concerning the voting numbers for the board of directors because there is nothing to deflect and no failure to take responsibility for. Turnout in USPA elections has always been low. I've noted before that there are some obvious reasons like new members that don't vote because they don't know our system or even what they are voting for, and life members who are still on the voter rolls but are disengaged, but there are also people who don't vote because they simply aren't concerned with it. These folks don't see anything wrong with the way things work. They get their magazine, processing times for licenses and ratings are fast, they have 3rd party liability coverage in case they break something or someone, and dozens of other things USPA does for them in the background. Fun jumpers (the largest segment of us) just want to show up, make some hops, drink some beer, and do it again next weekend. Our members aren't voting for representatives that make life-altering decisions on their behalf. They are voting for volunteers who work for the members doing at times some of the most mundane things imaginable. If the governance of USPA isn't important enough to a member to prompt them to vote, so be it. We will still represent them the best way we know how. That comes with the price of membership.
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    As far as I can tell "fuck you" has pretty much become the defining philosophy of the GOP.
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    So carrying a gun makes you right? Does that only work if you can identify as white? WTF Scaring someone, and then shooting them when they try to fight back, then crying self-defense, is utterly chickenshit. Expecting to get away with it because mas enforcement is likely to sympathize is a pretty striking example of white privilege. It indicates a problem both with law enforcement and with the perpetrator. Wendy P.
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    I bet they’re popular in Texas since they can also provide power to your home during an outage.
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    Signs Someone Is Trolling It can sometimes become difficult to tell the difference between a troll and someone who just genuinely wants to argue about a topic. However, here are a few tell-tale signs that someone is actively trolling. Refusal to acknowledge evidence: Even when presented with hard, cold facts, they ignore this and pretend like they never saw it. Dismissive, condescending tone: An early indicator of a troll was that they would ask an angry responder, “Why you mad, bro?” This is a method done to provoke someone even more, as a way of dismissing their argument altogether. Seeming obliviousness: They seem oblivious that most people are in disagreement with them. Also, trolls rarely get mad or provoked. How Should I Handle Them? The most classic adage regarding trolling is, “Don’t feed the trolls.” Trolls seek out emotional responses and find provocation amusing, so replying to them or attempting to debate them will only make them troll more. By ignoring a troll completely, they will likely become frustrated and go somewhere else on the internet. You should try your best not to take anything trolls say seriously. No matter how poorly they behave, remember these people spend countless unproductive hours trying to make people mad. They’re not worth your time of day. https://www.howtogeek.com/465416/what-is-an-internet-troll-and-how-to-handle-trolls/
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    We've covered Ivermectin already. Others have covered most of the others. I'll cover this one: "Vaccinated or unvaccinated, one can be a spreader." That is true, just as drunk or not, you can kill someone with your car. Still, if your goal is to NOT kill anyone with your car, avoiding drunk driving is the hot ticket. Getting vaccinated significantly reduces your odds of spreading COVID. So does masking. So does distancing. So does testing. If, using all those things, Re gets below 1, the pandemic is over.
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    Trump only had COVID to deal with for 9 months of his administration, and no Delta variant. People wore masks and observed lockdowns (schools, public events, theme parks). Biden has been in office for 10 months, with Delta, more in-person learning, a lot more travel opportunities -- and fewer deaths during that time. Even with the conspiracy nuts refusing to be vaccinated or protecting their fellow citizens by keeping their germs to themselves, Biden is still doing better than Trump did.
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    Lots of movies are funny in their time and place. People used to laugh at perfectly good blackface, after all. Sometimes “they” don’t get it right, and go too far. But sometimes “we” do, too. If someone is offended it’s worth listening to why. Might still not change what I do, but if I expect someone else to consider my standards, I should consider theirs. Wendy P.
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    Okay, so we agree racism's not okay. Where things diverge is when you think any attempt to so much as acknowledge the existence of it is fighting racism with racism, and that's just about the stupidest fucking idea I've ever heard. But there's obviously no changing your mind on this, and there's no shortage of links to online stories of extremists who you believe prove your point. Continue plugging your ears with your fingers and pretending that everything's just peachy, nothing to see here
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    They are more effective than predicted, a lot more effective. They were one of the most effective vaccines ever developed in human history actually. The problem is 45% of the entire US population is still unvaccinated and probably only 25% of the world population is vaccinated. That's kind of a problem when trying to get to herd immunity... If all this antivaxxer bullshit would cut the shit and get with the program, the virus would be extinct in the USA by now. I hope the vaccine mandates and restrictions for the unvaccinated keep piling on. The more pressure to get people to listen to science instead of Facebook, the better.
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    I prefer Dacron lines, but they do cause the canopy to fit as one size larger. Also, I use the standard rubber bands (NOT the shorter ones for microline), and double stow. Usually loose around one per jump on average (I also take them off if they are showing that they will break in the next few jumps). Remember, you need them to: - Hold when they should (good condition, right size band, right size bite, and tight enough - double wrap helps this) - Release when they should (right size band, neat bits and stows) - Break when needed (rubber bands or tube stows*. NOT castration bands, O-rings, or other solutions to "save you money and time") Its the difference between changing a rubber band and having a high-speed malfunction/reserve repack/finding that lost main that's still in the bag... yea... good luck with _that_ needle in a hay-field. *I like tube stows, but I know many folks don't... not trying to start _that_ flame war here... Having said that, TALK TO YOUR RIGGER. (s)he should be able to show, instruct, teach, demonstrate, and double check your work on this... if they won't or can't, TALK TO A DIFFERENT RIGGER... Blue skies!! JW
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    Which has zero to do with willingly complying with whatever rules there are in vacationland and at the businesses you patronize. That's the thing about travel, right? Put your best foot forward and make a good example on arrival not doing whatever the hell you think is best, local customs be damned. Maybe nothing has really changed anywhere. Maybe Covid has just shown us how many of us really are jerks.
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    Least dynamic POTUS ever. Makes Jeb look "high energy". I can see why he's hard to get excited about. But he knows how to govern and how to pull strings to work with what he's got. He is probably the right man at this time. No one in the current situation could push the USA together. But Biden will at least will not work to pull it apart.
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    I have no dog in this fight at all. If the bone is real however, I say pick all the meat off it and fully expose the bone. It seems to me that this issue could be tested by any competent rigger with access to similar harness-container / parachute combinations. I don’t think this website caries the weight it once did in informing people by skilled, knowledgable, and esteemed peers. I do think, however, that Aerodyne should answer this challenge for the purposes of both finding the issue (whatever it is) in the complainant’s video and, assuming the bone is clean, protecting their reputation.
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    America rising again. -trump is gone. - America is looking at a bipartisan infrastructure bill. One that trump promised but that republicans never even brought to a vote. -the pandemic is finally looking like its over. The CDC speaks the truth again absent political interference. -unemployment 4.6% with consumer spending at record levels.As more and more people can finally enjoy life. -trump says stock markets will crash if he loses election. Instead the market jumped 500 points the day he was defeated. Roll forward to today and the markets are up 33% from the day the scourge of trumpism was ended. -President Biden is far more popular than trump at the same time of their respective offices."The national poll, conducted Nov. 9-10, found that 46% of U.S. adults approved of Biden’s performance in office, while 49% disapproved and the rest were not sure. Biden’s approval numbers have hovered below 50% since August. At the same point in Donald Trump’s presidency, about 37% of Americans approved of his performance in office, while 58% disapproved."
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    Hi Mods, This is getting a little tiresome. Maybe a time-out might be appropriate? Jerry Baumchen PS) And, yes, a no comment post should be removed.
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    Agreed 100%. And the desired outcome is skydiving in the USA without onerous and expensive restrictions. PR takes a distant second. That's a good thing in my book.
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    Lol, you’re too sensitive to cope with seeing fictional gay people in public but you think I should lighten up? By the way, your evidence that it can’t compete in the marketplace of ideas is one angry note from one angry subway customer. It’s not very compelling. On the other hand your homophobic Christian video is very good evidence that it can.
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    Hi Bill, Re: a massive uncontrolled study I'm not a medical person, I'm an engineer. If you brought me a massive uncontrolled study, I would put it where it belongs: In the trash. Jerry Baumchen Edit to add: It is something I would expect from Rudy Giuliani.
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    Excellent. Wish Republicans would distance themselves from those who post videos of killing a colleague.
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    Calling you gay while you smoke a fag is also perfectly innocent...in historical origin and using a different language/dialect. Yet If I were to actually call you gay in today's environment you would complain about being personally attacked to the mods.
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    ?? I don't have a narrative. I'm not the one claiming that any of the various conspiracy theories (or not-a-theories) is valid. In reality, Fauci/Pfizer didn't develop COVID. It's not a bioweapon. It actually does exist. It is actually more deadly than the flu. It has nothing to do with 5G. The various vaccines work. Those aren't narratives; simply reality - which is where I 'hang my hat.' It's not such a bad place, really.
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    Yup, that is the whole fucking point.
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    Woke: “Aware of and actively attentive to important facts and issues (especially issues of racial and social justice)." ~Merriam-Webster Woke: "past of wake." "Alert to injustice in society, especially racism." ~Oxford. Words are used to communicate. They change over time and take on new meaning as society adopts them into the use of language. To be woke is to be aware. To be woke is to be attentive. To be receptive. To be aware, attentive and receptive are positive traits. Therefore, the title, "Woke is a Joke" is to be un-woke or unaware, inattentive and unreceptive. Personally, I find these traits to be unappealing. Unfortunately. the title "Woke is a Joke" leaves no room for exploration. It can only be defended. It's human nature to defend a hard line proclamation. As we get older, we learn that not everything is so definitive. Even math has a flaw. I know I said that I was done with this, but It's been eating on me that we as a society can't even agree, with all the evidence, that while we may have made a lot of progress in civil rights since 1962, we have much further to go. I also have a hard time understanding veterans who served with just about every race, color, religion or national origin - who by the very nature of being in the military had to rely on those who were "different" to stay alive - would not be at the front of social justice; rather than the rear.
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    What Bill also forgot to address was your choice of terms. The vaccine does reduce infection, but mostly it significantly reduces the ability to transmit once infected, reduces hospitalizations and greatly reduces the chance of death if infected. Add in that only in the very beginning of the vaccination effort did we think the chances of a vaccinated person transmitting the virus to be close to nil (recall the guidance was you could remove your mask only if you were vaccinated, whereas unvaccinated people were still asked to keep their germs to themselves). Besides that point, we were still encouraged to continue the other preventive measures in addition to getting vaccinated. All these methods together could have stopped this virus by now. Eradicated? Probably not, but the variants (Delta specifically) wouldn't have wreaked such havoc on our population had people implemented all options at their disposal to protect each other. The vaccine does help the person who gets it. But more importantly, it helps society as a whole by making it harder for the virus to flourish. It also helps those who can't be protected by the vaccine, such as those with compromised immune systems and young children.
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    It was Trump that signed a "peace treaty" with the Taliban that committed the US to leaving. Reversing that would necessarily have involved outright war with the Taliban, with a huge increase in US troops in Afghanistan and associated casualties. It was Trump who cut the Afghanistan government out of the peace negotiations. Trump did everything possible to undermine the Afghanistan government. The collapse of the government is on Trump. Yet somehow now it is all on Biden? Conservatives/republicans have done just about everything in their power to encourage their followers to reject vaccination against Covid. They do not care that people, mostly in their "base", will die or suffer long term disability. No cost is too much, as long as they can prolong the pandemic and blame Biden. What do Republicans have to offer for policy? Cult worship of a leader who has displayed over and over that he cares for nothing but himself. Censorship of education so students cannot even be taught that slavery was bad and has had lasting consequences. If you teach about the Holocaust you have to teach "both sides". What does that even mean? The worst attack on the peaceful transition of power in the country's history is rewritten as a tourist visit. They fabricate lies about the election to create doubt in their followers, and use that doubt to justify voter suppression laws. The worst part of it is that so many gullible voters are falling for it. All you have to do to win in Trumpistan, it seems, is to lie and obstruct.
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    1. Because the media and specifically Biden was lambasting Trump as racist, xeno... etc. when he was following the guidance of his advisors at that time. 2. Now that it's Biden doing the exact same thing - It's hands off. That is the hypocrisy.
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    Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I hope everyone gets a chance to relax with family and friends before plunging back into the malestrom of Black Friday/Christmas preparation.
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    What is new is the demand for acceptance and the willingness of much of society to give it. I'm pretty sure that more people are not feeling gender fluid than before. What is happening is that they are no longer quite as afraid to be more public about it. But there is now a lot of push back from those who are not willing to accommodate them for whatever reason. Yes, it does seem like a big change and it is happening in a relatively short time. And it does offend conservative sensibilities, but it actually harms no one so in the end you will learn to just get used to it.
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    Most of us are ok with the 'added failure scenarios' because the 'risk/reward' of having an RSL, AAD or Three Ring is heavily in favor of having them. For example, lots of people don't want an RSL for a variety of reasons. However, the number of people that die from those reasons is far, far lower than the number of people who die after cutting away (at a reasonable altitude) and failing to pull the reserve in time.
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    Is the result the same if the rig is worn properly? (Leg straps on and tight) is the result the same if packed by a different rigger ?
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    So you’re saying as long as he shot people who turned out to be bad it was OK? What does that make George Zimmerman, who shot someone who wasn’t a criminal? Wendy P.
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    @carrier louis paul Your videos show the manual activation of the reserve. The French Bulletin talks about the cutter relocation. Can you explain the connection between the two?
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    Hi Keith, Re: I don't trust polls where I can't read the questions to determine bias. As an engineer & a guy who loved his Statistics class, I am 100% with this. Jerry Baumchen
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    Oregon joins 11 other states in requiring gun owners to store their firearms in a gun room or safe or use a trigger lock when it is not being carried or under their control. https://www.statesmanjournal.com/story/news/2021/09/25/oregon-new-gun-law-goes-into-effect-what-know/5863197001/ And no one tried to rip up the 2nd Amendment.
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    I finally used the ignore feature for the first time in the many many years I've been here. I didn't even use it on Rush when he still posted here, *that's* how little value these posts have reduced to.
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    If 100% of a population is vaccinated and 100% of patients in the local hospital are vaccinated, what does that tell you about the efficacy of the vaccine? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Neither does 10 of 33.
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    What a queer thing to say Wendy P.
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    Robert, why don't you mention this on the UFO page? the last event posted on the UFO Facebook page is listed as the "UFO Skywatch party" and nothing about Cooper. here you name it the UFO/DB Cooper skywatch and party? So, how does it belong here and yet you fail to mention Cooper on the main UFO page? If it's related to the event then we should be able to discuss Cooper on the UFO page, right. can I post about Darren's podcast, or CooperCon on that page, it's relevant, no? It's surrounds the main topic, which is DB Cooper. he never slides off topic nor does he post the samething over and over, page after page spamming the podcast.
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    Many Native Americans were not happy with the removal of the maiden, "Mia" Historically, the illustrator portrayed the Native Americans in that area in a positive light. The mountain ranges were used in much of his art - and, the circle around her head was a tribute to her beauty. In the end, it was not some "leftie" who decided to remove her; it was a corporate decision to re-brand all of the LoL products. If memory serves, one of the decision-makers was the son or grandson of the original illustrator. As to your use of, "Squaw." Please feel free to visit Oklahoma some time and address any of the Native American women of some greater than twenty tribes in this area and call them that to their face.
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    As a new jumper I think I actually got a lot of help from people on dz.com... maybe because I posted a lot of questions here in the past.
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    Have it as your home DZ for a few years. If you treat your DZ like you treat people here, within a few years you'll be saying "I hate all the politics" "too many cliques" "sick of all the drama" - and you'll find a new one. I know a lot of skydivers like that. But all their bad experiences with DZ's have one thing in common - and it's not the DZ's. You get out of any community what you put into it. And what you put into this place are posts like: "Obvious troll is obvious. Don't you have a bridge to guard? Or is dz.com your bridge?" "you're free to have an opinion of who to feel sorry for...or whatever. It really is a hard concept to grasp, I get it." "Hey skydick, you're scared of freedom. Got it." "I'm sorry most of you fear freedom" This place is like any other community. You get back what you put into it.
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    I am so tempted to show the math on that, but then figured - what will it accomplish? I mean, he's not going to learn anything from it, and everyone else already understands why that's so wrong.
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    5539 total votes out of over 40 thousand USPA members. The message is clear; most skydivers don't care about USPA.
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    You think you're being clever, but you aren't. You think you're being funny, but you aren't. What you are doing, as ever, is projecting. You wore a US Military uniform for twenty years and yet you seem not to care if our democracy or our nations institutions are torn down for the sake of a few silly, small picture observations and hackneyed points. Biden's election broke the chain. That's enough. Now, if you truly care about our country, our job is to make certain Trump is finally swept away into history's dust bin. The reality is that if we end up with Trump 2.0 it will be thanks to people like you.
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