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    We are really in a crappy place today. Justice Clarence Thomas is arguably in cahoots with his Qanon and conspiracy theory believing wife who participated in the January 6 insurrection. Both Kavanaugh and Coney-Barrett apparently lied to get their seats and, by any honest rational opinion, Gorsuch sits in a stolen seat. If you read this and think "sucks to be you libtard" or "it's about winning and we won" you are no patriot. You are no true American. You are a traitor to our fragile constitution.
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    Melania comforted the president by yelling him that when you're older it's harder to maintain an inserection
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    I haven't posted or even lurked on these forums for a number of years, but I was inspired to share a quick note today. My name is Scott Miller. A couple of decades ago I started something called The Canopy School at Skydive DeLand, which became the Freedom of Flight Canopy School. Later, in collaboration with some awesome gentlemen from the PD Factory Team, that canopy school was transformed into Flight-1. I've been away from the skydiving world for a while, but I still stay in touch with some old skydiving friends and visit DeLand from time to time. I'm always impressed to see what Flight-1 has become thanks to all of the work that Ian, Shannon, and the rest of the crew have done. Back when I was teaching my canopy courses, students would always fill out a registration form at the start of the day. For all of these years, I've had all of those forms sitting in a couple of boxes in a closet. It always seemed worthwhile to keep them around, but yesterday I decided to run them through a scanner so I can finally get rid of the paper copies. Looking through all of those forms—almost 3,000 of them, from 8 years worth of canopy courses—brought back a lot of memories and emotions. It's hard to describe what it was like to look back at all of the DZs that I visited and to see some of the peoples' names on the forms. There was one feeling that percolated to the top, though. Above all else, I felt very, very grateful. I was, and still am, grateful for everyone who supported me and believed in what I was doing back then. I'm grateful for all of the jumpers who signed up and attended my courses. I'm grateful to the DZOs who invited me to come teach at their drop zones. I'm grateful for the local jumpers who did all of the planning, organizing, and coordinating to make the camps happen at their DZs. I'm grateful for the manifestors, managers, and everyone else who made all the moving parts fit together during the courses. I'm grateful for the pilots who flew extra passes at 5000' even though it's extra work, and who were willing to drop people way the hell upwind when we did the "long spot practice" jump at the end of the day. I'm grateful to Bob Hallett for supporting this whole project from the very beginning, and throughout. I'm grateful to all of the Relative Work School, Freedom of Flight School, and Flight-1 coaches with whom I had the honor of working and collaborating. I'm grateful to John LeBlanc for teaching me most of what I know about how canopies really, actually work. Gratitude is powerful. Taking a few moments to be grateful for someone or something—to think and feel a deep, genuine sense of gratitude—can bring so much joy into our lives and put things in a very different perspective. If I could go back in time, back to when I was a kid or even when I first started jumping, and pass myself a note, it would say, "be grateful for the people you have in your life and for the time that you have with them." That's why I'm here today. To share something that I'm very grateful for, and to pass you that note. Be grateful for what you have in your life. Be grateful for the people in your life and for the time that you have with them. Take some time every day to think about what you are grateful for: in skydiving, but also in other parts of your life. Practice a little gratitude every day, and watch it transform your life. Thank you for letting me share this with you today. BSBD Scott
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    It says a lot about the Constitution that 5 justices appointed by two presidents who LOST the popular vote can overturn 50 years of precedent, upheld in a multitude of cases by justices just as qualified as they are, all appointed by presidents who DID win the popular vote. I used to have respect for the Constitution but I now believe it is a seriously flawed document and a major contributor to the problems facing the USA.
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    Anyone seeking Trump's endorsement needs to have their motives, character, integrity, and intelligence called into question.
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    It's worth remembering that the only really consistent Trump policy was to cancel every program, treaty, policy, or law from the Obama administration, and replace it with nothing. He cancelled the CDC's collaboration with the Chinese to monitor for emerging viruses, with the result that we were unaware of the Covid outbreak for months. He ignored the national pandemic response plan that was developed after the H1N1 outbreak, and failed to develop any national plan of his own. He went so far as to tell states they had to order their own PPE, setting up a scenario where states had to bid against each other and drive up the price, then he seized shipments destined for blue states and sent them to states whose governors sucked up to him. It's true he did allow the government to fund fast-tracked vaccine development (though that was a "no-brainer") but then he failed to develop any sort of a plan to distribute the vaccines, and blocked the incoming Biden administration from getting the information they needed to develop their own plan. Apart from Covid, he cancelled the program for dealing with black lung disease, and replaced it with nothing. He withdrew the US from the WHO, leaving us with no mechanism for collaborating with other countries to deal with a world-wide pandemic. He withdrew from the Iran nuclear deal and replaced it with nothing, with the result that Iran stopped abiding by the deal and is now closer to a nuclear weapon than the have ever been. I could go on and on and on. Hatred of Obama is not a substitute for a national policy on anything. Hundreds of thousands of people died as a result, and people will be worse off for a long time because of Trump's obsession with erasing Obama from history.
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    What is stupid is making health insurance a "perk" offered through the workplace, and sometimes only to management. In the civilized world health insurance is universal. One consequence of that is that businesses are not burdened with having to pay for insurance for any of their work force.
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    Would it? For real? Surely even among the minority of the population who are regular, active Republican voters there is no mandate for this absolute madness? Am I giving them too much credit or do you think it would just be a reflexive ‘oppose anything the Democrats like’ move? Though I was giving them too much credit on the abortion. I cannot believe the ‘No exceptions’ laws that are being enacted. How can anyone who claims to be ‘pro-life’ support a law which demands that a non-viable pregnancy be left to kill the mother? These sanctimonious hypocrites are fucking disgusting.
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    Agreed. I have long been a proponent for a work-visa program that works like this: You show up at the border. They do a biometric check. If you are not a criminal, you are given a work visa and allowed in. No other requirements. You get paid minimum wage (or above) - but you also get taxes withheld at whatever the maximum rate is. You can get a partial refund for those taxes if you file for those taxes, and physically pick up the check at the US embassy of whatever country you came from. Any crimes while in the US and you're banned in the future. If you cross illegally you are also banned in the future.
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    I just don't see it. The Republican party have shown time and again that they're more than willing to completely ignore any moral judgement or legal evidence if it protects their political power and interests, and Trump is still valuable to them.
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    At this point I need the Mods to come clean and admit the truth - Brent is on the DZ.com payroll to drive engagement and generate traffic. There's no other explanation for the amount of clickbaity, substance-less threads being churned out by a single poster almost daily...
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    No raindrop believes it is to blame for the flood.
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    Lidar was done.. https://www.fisheries.noaa.gov/inport/item/49920
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    F*&k Turkey. Why would any NATO member want to come to the defense of that POS country? Your colleague knew what he was talking about. "Turkey’s far-right ruling AKP party is looking to use Ankara’s NATO membership to blackmail the defensive pact into catering to Ankara’s orders. Turkey has long used its membership of NATO as a blank check for human-rights abuses and invasions, often running counter to the values of NATO." Turkey Becomes Haven for Superyachts Owned by Sanctioned Russian Oligarchs "Transparency International, which monitors global corruption, last week reported that Turkey had fallen to 96th of 180 countries in its Corruption Perceptions Index, scoring 38 out of 100 on a scale where a zero score indicates a highly corrupt state. The global average is 43." "Turkey will continue to buy Russian oil and hopes sanctions on Iran are lifted, bringing additional supplies to meet global demand, Energy Minister Alparslan Bayraktar said on Tuesday....Bayraktar said Turkey could not easily replace its Russian oil supply from elsewhere, adding "they have been old, reliable suppliers". Its time to kick Turkey to the curb.
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    I could make an argument that ignorant voters have always been with us, but what is different today is Rupert Murdoch's proganda machine and its Trumpist toadies spreading lies. January 6 could not have happened without the mass brainwashing. Fox "News" is just as culpable as Trump's Whitehouse crime mob.
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    I look forward to your brave campaign to have anyone who circumcises their child, or repairs their cleft palate, arrested.
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    I'd throw the primary system into the mix. That ensures the extremists (in both parties) control who gets to run for election. Combined with gerrymandering, the primary system ensures that its mostly the loonies that get to run the show.
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    It's quite simple. He has Jewish roots, and thus the history of Judaism is both nuanced and complex. Sure, there are sections of the Old Testament that call for the troops of Moses to kill all the non-virgin girls and keep the virgin girls for their own use, and that sure sounds like rape, pedophilia and child massacre, but you have to understand the time that that was written in if you expect anyone to be taken seriously. If not - your one dimensional view of that complex history is a joke. But Mohammed was an insane pedophile, because I read a line of the Koran. And you can't possibly understand what the Israelis have been through unless you've lived it. They have a rich history and you have to interpret their actions through the lens of that history - a history of oppression and homelessness, a history of being targeted by a government for extermination. If you had lived that you'd understand a little better. But black people are just plain nuts if they think we should care about their history of oppression. Who cares? Not me! I'm not racist so there's no racism, and if black people think there is, they are just greedy takers. Inner city youths. No fathers. Welfare queens. And we should cancel CRT, because dredging up the history of racism will just foster division.
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    Are you a credentialed historian?
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    The Supreme Court of Canada said it very well in the 1988 case R. v. Morgentaler. “Forcing a woman, by threat of criminal sanction, to carry a foetus to term unless she meets certain criteria unrelated to her own priorities and aspirations, is a profound interference with a woman’s body and thus an infringement of security of the person.”
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    And that the Conservative justices so clearly know that as a matter of law they should have found against the coach, they had to flat out lie about the facts of the case in order to justify their theocratic decision.
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    You can lay one perjuring, conservative, Justice at her feet. Any member of any group, including the Taliban, the KKK, or the worshipers of the Hindu God Hanuman could say the same. The bottom line is that conservative voters gave us what we have today and it didn't happen overnight or at one local, state or federal election.
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    End of the Trump era? In your dreams. Even if he’s not directly involved in politics in the next few years (and I think he will be) the damage he’s done to societal norms will be felt for decades, if not longer.
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    Just about all the commentary that's needed from Glastonbury this weekend.
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    And the clear reason that the current SC is now confirmed to be nakedly partisan is that they used directly conflicting arguments to make both of those rulings. For guns, they decided it was far too important a right to allow states to make their own decisions, and that a federal approach was better. For abortion, no more federal protections, let the states sort it out.
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    They could have had a million people organized and ready to protest in every state capital as soon as this decision came. Instead, NOTHING. Im so pissed off with them right now.
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    Bullshit. You can work hard, achieve success AND understand you may have had some help/luck/privilege along the way. It isn't a zero sum game.
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    Hah! Right wingers every single time there's a mass shooting "The gun was irrelevant! He could have killed all those people with a knife or a boomerang or a rusty spoon if he really wanted to!" Right wingers on Jan 6th "There were hardly any guns! How could one person possibly have been endangered by a thousand rioters who weren't even heavily armed????"
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    Simple: we liberals are a bunch of fuck-ups on a never ending quest to spread our sense of good. No matter if a bus is coming fast, there is always time to stop and pick-up a piece of litter.
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    From a youtube comment: "I wanted to wish Herschel Walker a 'Happy Father's Day' just in case he is actually my father."
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    Your definition does not really matter. Some people want to live as well as they can as a different gender from the one that comes most naturally with their genes, or in some cases their genes are not arranged in the standard way. Either way, in the most plain terms, it's no skin off your ass. Why does it upset you and Winsor and some others so? At the same time I also am inpatient with those who look for biological arguments to justify it. There is no justification needed. Just let people alone. Why should you care? The world is not going to fall apart into some abyss of gender dysphoria. The social order will not collapse. Boys will still mostly like girls and girls will still mostly like boys. Nothing will change except that some people will feel less oppressed and more free. Move alone now, there's nothing for you to see here.
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    I'm a little concerned about the just-released opinion on using public funds at religion-sponsored schools. The people who brought the case chose the right example -- Maine has failed to provide public options for all students, and so in some places the parents have only two private options: the secular school which can be funded by vouchers, or the sectarian school that can't. I think the real complaint should have been against the state of Maine for not providing sufficient public options for more students. Unfortunately, at least according to the coverage playing at my office on FOX (CNN is across the room), it's being hyped as saying (all) parochial schools should be eligible for vouchers the same as secular private schools. If this is in fact the decision by the SC, we're in trouble. However, if the majority decision was written in a way to highlight that in THIS case (due to lack of available options for publicly funded education), the religious schools should be eligible for vouchers, but that in general, religious institutions are still not eligible for public funding, then I imagine the FOX analyst is being deliberately selective in her summary. And I actually would be okay with that decision if it is followed up with a timeline or other requirement for Maine to get their affairs in order and establish a few more schools in more rural areas. Otherwise, I would recommend Jewish and Muslim organizations quickly establish similar education institutions and petition for vouchers to support "school choice" and see what happens.
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    The problem with "illegal immigrants" (they are here illegally), is largely imaginary. Remember the 'refugee convoys' that were coming? How many actually showed up? The claims of 'open borders' is utter bullshit. The idea that illegals can come into the US and get instant 'government assistance' (especially 'while veterans are homeless and starving') is just as bad. But the xenophobes, even the ones on here, don't care about truth. Or reality. They just want someone to blame.
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    That's largely because the 'definitions' were set by the majority, no matter what the oppressed minorities (that the words applied to) said. Now that 'old white guys' aren't in absolute charge, the definitions that THEY insisted on using are no longer absolute.
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    Really mixed on these docs... good to see people we know but there isn't anything new.. They never move the ball.. always a rehash of what we know or often misinformation. usually disappointing, and a movie about Tina in the works... meh.. I am working on something that presents a real solution with new information.
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    The Y axis of your graph is labeled "temperature departure." Not "temperature." A departure is a difference from. No wonder you don't understand any of this stuff. You can't even interpret the stuff that you post yourself. Admit it - you don't really understand any of that data. You just saw the words "inconvenient truth" on a graph on a denier blog, and thought "this will really OWN the LIBS! It's all science-y just like the stuff they post! They won't know what hit them!" And then you posted and got all giddy. That's why people like you will fail in the long run. Not only are you denying reality - you are trying to deny science that you don't understand to begin with.
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    Hello. My name is Oleksiy Sharadkin, I am the owner of SkyWideSystems company, and I have been a SOF operator since February 24. As you might know, on February 24 Russia attacked our country. Due to the differences in size, economies and human resources foreign military experts gave us a week ( the ruscists planned to hold a parade in Kyiv on the 4th day), but we have already been fighting for 4 month. We repulsed the offensive and drove the enemy back to the border in the Kiev, Chernigov and Sumy regions. You will find more information about the war on my FB page The situation is not so bad in a military sense thanks to the military assistance of the allies. We are no longer talking about the conquest of Ukraine. We are fighting in the east and in the south, reclaiming our land. The only one problem is that there are a lot of Russians, and elimination of them takes a lot of time. During this time they can cause irreparable harm to civilians in the occupied territories. You might have seen photos from Bucha. They are awful. The worst thing is that this is happening in all the territories that have been occupied. My subdivision liberated villages in the north of Ukraine - and I personally saw a raped and hanged 10-11 years old girl. In order to decrease the time of occupation, we need help. Not only the military (the situation here is not that bad, thank you), but also the economic one. I am asking the entire skydiving industry to stop all business with Russia. I am asking material manufacturers to stop selling any materials to Russia, and FOR Russia. Military equipment takes more than 80% of the turnover of Russian parachute manufacturers now! And given that the parachute industry is so small, it will be obvious to any rigger where these materials come from. You don't want to be considered suppliers of the Russian army, do you? I am also asking parachute equipment manufacturers to stop any sales of parachute equipment to Russia and FOR Russia. I am asking you to do this in order to cause the maximum possible damage to the Russian economy. The sale of parachute equipment is a high-margin business. It includes dropzones, shops, dealers, riggers. This is the money turnover and taxes, that help to finance Russian army and the genocide of Ukrainians. This is definitely not the vital kind of business. I'm asking you to do this because the skydive fraternity talks are not working any more. 76% of Russians support the war in Ukraine. It is more than it was in Nazi Germany! Given the size of Russia, and the amount of military equipment left after the Cold War, they will be destroying peaceful Ukrainians in the occupied territories for a very long time before we kill all of them. Therefore, I am asking you to strike at the Russian economy, to make them think about the food for their families, but not about the rape. To make them return to their home and leave Ukraine. You may ask: "what does the sale of one parachute mean for the economy"? Perhaps, nothing, or, perhaps, it might matter a lot. Such kind of letters are now written to all businesses operating in Russia. Those letters are already working against the Russian economy and are destroying it. Of course, one parachute sold will not destroy the Russian economy,but it will show your attitude towards the genocide in Ukraine. There are still some corporations that are trying to do business as usual with Russia or looking for workarounds. You can see them suffer reputational losses,because of that. Even one sold parachute will be noticed by the skydiving community in such a small industry The skydiving community will appreciate the side you took. Please choose the correct side. Help us defeat ruscism!
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    Which part of your rant is the subject?
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    that's what you add to this discussion? improving the odds somewhat? of course it wasn't much of a discussion i guess, not sure what i was thinking when i posted this, but for a brief time i actually thought i may be able to get a real discussion going about some solutions. then i realized the nature of this forum and what happens here that i had forgotten. once again i am actually doing something about it rather than argue semantics. in a week or two i should be conducting my first class in the program i came up with to help the problem by working with troubled youths in a juvenile detention center. i've even been collaborating with a couple of drs of psychology. but you carry right along with improving the odds and arguing. i'd rather try to stop school shootings entirely.
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    I went through surgery and radiation for colorectal cancer last year. Got two doctor appointments this week and then off to the drop zone. Both, surgery and radiation was painful but, I’m still here to jump another day.
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    Both quotes from the same post. Outstanding Winsor.
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    January 6th is pretty simple. The sitting president violated his oath of office by not defending the Constitution from domestic enemies. To watch on TV and do nothing should earn him a cell in a federal prison.
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    So F'n what? Too many people are deluded boneheads for us to use their judgement for a standard. Jeez, even people who should know better, like you for example, blame everything from inflation to busted condoms on Biden. We live in a global economy. Things like wars in the bread basket of Europe that prevent tens of millions of tons of wheat, edible oils etc. from entering the world market, the world being at best on the tail end of a global pandemic that disrupted economies around the world, aging populations, low birth rates, brain dead, racist, refusals to let able workers join our economy and on and on and on are the real causes of our economic disruption. But you just go on with your narrative.
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    The problem with that is that it's "Innocent until proven guilty in a court of law." Trump and his spawn have done a very good job avoiding that 'court of law' thingy. Bribes to Attorneys General, District Attorneys making the charges 'go away', when the prosecutors have pretty solid cases, that sort of thing.
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    I'm pretty sure that was before my kid came out as trans. I'm pretty sure that was before my AR-15 was used in a shooting. I'm pretty sure that was before we found out the fossil fuel industry was lying. I'm pretty sure that was before we knew Trump was a crook. I'm pretty sure that was before my daughter need an abortion to live. I'm pretty sure ___________________________________.
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    Great episode.. will be a classic.. I wanted to interrupt so many times.. Cigarette butts were destroyed not lost per FBI file. Cooper's initial demand was airstairs lowered inflight. Later changed. Dan Cooper comic was published in Mexico in Spanish for Latin America... Bonus points for rejecting Ulis's western flight path. and the chutes,, what about the two backpack cards, one was the chute Cooper used... plus Cossey's serial lying, the FBI was looking for the wrong chute. Larry said they were going to go out over the water even going to Reno,,, remember Cooper rejected SF and LA because they were large airports, why if he was jumping in PNW.. Interesting that the tie is considered useless now,, that is the only way to get a 100% solve.. Larry will get a big surprise when my research comes out... I don't do facebook, Larry should post here, the crazy people are gone.
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    Try calling the DZs in the drier parts of Europe, like Portugal or Spain. Ask them how many loads do fly per day. Two dozen loads per day give you the chance to make a dozen or more jumps per day. Ask them which months have the clearest weather. Also ask about bunk houses near the DZ. Go to bed early every evening and consistently stand in front of manifest when the window opens every morning. Buy or rent two or three rigs and pay packers. You would be wisest to get large 7-cells (e.g. Triathlon) close to the size of you Black Jack 260. Tell manifest that you want to do as many jumps as possible per day. Bribe manifest with cookies, recreational drugs, sexual favors or whatever it takes to get you back in the air quickly. Keep plenty of snacks and water handy to keep your energy levels up. And don't just fling yourself out of an airplane 50 times per week. Hire a local coach to critique your landings. Even better if your coach videos your landings. Aim for stand-up landings with the pea gravel bowl because that is the biggest landing area you will find below many BASE exit points. Ask manifest if you can do hop-and-pops from 1,000 meters (... er ... 3,000 feet) and focus on perfectly stable exits followed by deployment just behind the airplane.
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    I'd ask a canopy coach to evaluate you. There are people with thousands of jumps who shouldn't be jumping a 1.38 WL, and people with 50 who could handle it with ease.
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