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    I'm glad I was able to remember my log-in! Thank you for flirting with me, all the way back in 2006. Have we ever paid Sangiro for his pimp fee? You had me at hello. Some of the best times of my life were with you in the sky, I miss it! I love you! Hi to anyone who remembers me!!
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    Interesting how "life" is defined by these folks as a "heartbeat" at this point, but "not alive" is measured by brain activity. If you have to terminate a pregnancy at the 20th week, it's usually because there is no (or will be no) brain activity, but women have been forced to carry a non-viable fetus for several days/weeks because it is "alive." These morons should first agree on a definition of "life" that covers the whole span. If a heartbeat (don't even get me started on what that zygote really has at 4 weeks past fertilization) is the definition of alive, then we can stop learning CPR and dispose of all defibrillators. They're already dead, so you just have to call it when the heart stops. If you pound on someone's chest, or shock them, after their heart stops, then you should be charged with mutilating a corpse.
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    I also blame Newt for the first blatant telling of lies and starting the trend that it was somehow 'OK'. When confronted by a reporter during an interview with something that he said - it was patently false and the reporter outed him on it. Newt said something to the effect of "This is what our people believe." I was disturbed as was the reporter at the time. Honesty used to be a thing. Now we just openly lie and then double down on it when confronted.
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    It must be quite the burden for you, being wise beyond the comprehension of everybody else, and yet so deeply cynical. At least you are eloquent! BTW there is no compelling evidence to support the idea that Covid-19 is a bioengineered weapon. On the other hand there is very strong evidence that it is a naturally occurring virus, spilled over from a zoonotic reservoir (probably bats), likely through a secondary zoonotic host, and into humans. There are many related coronaviruses that cause occasional spillover infections in people, and it is only a matter of time before it occurs again in circumstances that support higher transmission to people, selection for adaptive mutations, and yet another pandemic. A spillover infection in a small farming community almost always burns itself out, but the same virus brought to a "wet market" in a densely populated city presents a vastly greater risk. A problem with the "bioengineered" mythology is that it discounts the role of spillover of natural viruses, encourages politicians to dismiss that threat, and discourages efforts to find and track these spillover events and prepare for future pandemics. Of course, it is politically expedient, in that it allows politicians of a certain inclination to blame China (or any other entity it is convenient to direct the base's hate towards) while slashing funding for efforts to deal with present and future pandemics.
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    Woke means no long willing to put up with right wing crap.
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    Brent's given up posting the links to his source material, because he doesn't read them and knows that we do. Too risky for him, he's been owned by his own links too many times already
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    No what the Ds say about Trump's Tax cuts is that they lowered revenues and increased the deficit and that only absolute morons would believe in "trickle down economics."
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    That's the fallacy. Regulation != Infringing on Rights. One can still own guns; but rights and ownership come with responsibility. It would be nice if we didn't have to regulate people regarding guns, but as long as they're going to be irresponsible, then regulations will need to be emplaced. Somehow, I'm of the opinion that killing kids in schools is not equal to responsible.
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    Negative. The needn't accept the subject. Anytime you seek to learn a thing, that the thing is a subject is manifest. No, for your purposes they must first accept the proposition as true. All you want to do is finish the job. Try as we all do, you will never see the fallacy of your method. No matter, I forgive you for you know not what you do.
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    Religious bigots are making a choice with tragic consequences by living a life of hatred, hypocrisy, and moral failing when they will simply be plunged into nothingness after death. If their magical spaghetti monster did exist and there was life after death they would find their messiah waiting at the pearly gates to throw them out of the kingdom for being such terrible hateful people. The Jesus depicted in the bible accepted prostitutes and outcasts, and wasn't afraid to beat the asses of hypocrites on the temple steps. Most of you "religious" folks wouldn't stand a chance.
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    Religions and gods are all the same. Made up by man for control and enrichment of men.
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    So as long as there are minority miscreants, then "good people like you" don't have to do anything, is that it? Bullshit. If we're seeing an increase in hate crimes, then maybe we should look at that, and not focus first on whether every.single.potential.victim is as pure as the driven snow. And, again, saying that boat people dying makes up for it is also bullshit. It's like saying that gun fatalities are more justifiable than car fatalities, because guns are a right, and cars are a privilege. It's complete and utter bullshit. Wendy P.
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    How to break an anti-woke brain: Author Bethany Mandel wrote a book on the evil woke indoctrination that is going on in this country. During an interview to promote her book, Mandel claimed that "only seven percent of Americans consider themselves very liberal, and probably fewer consider themselves woke." The interviewer then asked a simple question. "What does that mean to you? Would you mind defining 'woke' because this has come up a couple times, and I just want to make sure we are on the same page." Now remember, this is a conservative who wrote a BOOK about woke indoctrination. Her answer: "So . . . I mean . . . woke is . . .sort of . . . the idea that . . .uh . . .I . . .this is going to be one of those moments that goes viral . . .I mean, woke is something that is very hard to define, I spent an entire chapter defining it . . . it is sort of the understanding that we need to retotal . . totally reimagine and rean . . re . . . reduce society in order to create hierarchies of oppression . . . um . . . sorry . . .it's hard to explain in a 15 second soundbite." (At that point she had been trying to define it for 40 seconds.) And there are a few possibilities for this unusual reply. 1) She's a moron, and can't even put basic concepts into words. Unlikely, since she did just write a book. 2) She really has no idea what "woke" means. "Reduce society to create hierarchies of oppression?" That sounds like the word salad that Miss Teen South Carolina might give when asked about educational problems in America. Again unlikely because she did write a book about it, and even a minimally intelligent author is going to have access to a dictionary. 3) (most likely) Because when she started to formulate her answer, the things that came to the front of her mind were things she couldn't say on the air. "Well, it's letting the gays have their own . . . can't say that. Hmm. And it's teaching people that blacks were oppressed in the past . . gonna look like a racist if I say that. It's letting kids watch trans . . . . dang, the last interviewer hammered me on that because I said I liked M*A*S*H. I can't give the real definition, because I'm not going to sell any books that way. I need dog whistles! But I can't think of any! DAMN YOU INTERVIEWER!"
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    I find it interesting that the "well regulated" portion is continually dismissed, refused, misconstrued, or flat out ignored and argued over.
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    In most national parks there are serious fines for feeding wildlife. Those laws are intended to prevent wildlife from associating food with people. Thus endangering both. Should there not be an internet forum law. Prohibiting the feeding of trolls. Who would become accustomed to engagement. When trolls should rightly stick to the deep warrens where their kin and ideas inhabit?
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    So it's OK to bail out multi-millionaire investors from bad decisions, but forgiving a student loan is socialism that will destroy the country. "Where you stand depends upon where you sit"; Miles' Law.
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    When tax cuts are given out to wealthy Americans, do politicians worry that those people will waste the money? Or do they just let the free market decide how the money will be spent.
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    Not particularly controversial, but for you, Ryoder... The Dude Abides Wendy P.
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    So I guess when they come up with a methane powered jump plane, the skydivers can provide the fuel on the way to altitude.
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    Many Christians, Muslims, and other religious types judge and spread hate because of peoples sexuality. Here is the math on that... Hate, casting judgement, holding prejudices is a willful reprehensible choice, it is immoral. Owning your own sexuality is not. So if you are a religious type who willfully acts in terrible ways to other people simply because they are being their own true selves then I will judge and hate you for being an overall shitty human being. I don't hate people for being religious, I hate certain people for their actions. Big difference!
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    Are you requesting actual facts in an argument with Coreeeeece? That's not the way it works.
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    The years I spent addicted to Viagra were some of the hardest of my life.
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    Well, I think the lawyers are learning. Get paid up front. In advance. And when that money runs out, stop all work until the next advance payment is made. Not to mention the PAC was pretty much just a grift to gain funding for all of his legal bills.
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    NINE YEARS!!!!! Flirting with each other here was the start, then the flirting at boogies and drop zones. She had my heart the second our eyes met. I love you baby, let's continue our adventure filled journey through life together. now to get her back here to see this.... *Chuck Blue was right. Thanks brother!
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    Worth also inviting him to source the events in these videos as well. Most of them didn't die, and most of them occurred either pre-Covid or at least pre-vaccine. It's an active disinformation campaign. EDIT: And I don't mean that as a "challenge" him type thing, I mean it as an actual investigative exercise. If he can see for himself that the people pushing these narratives are actively fluffing it with fake data, the better the odds that he'll be more sceptical in future off his own back.
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    A few years prior to this mess,, another jumper from Lodi was caught signing off multiple students without any ratings. He was "disciplined" by USPA by being allowed to get an AFF rating. Consistency and transparency are top of the list when one thinks of USPA. /s
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    Wow, looks like it's time to revise the anthem and get rid of the "land of the free" part.
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    Oh, another prediction! Like his prediction that by end of last month, "Zelensky would be red mist or captured". How'd that turn out, I wonder?
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    Is that like using “woke?” Wendy P.
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    That's literally you. The US is a democracy. It is a perfect fit for both the definition of a democracy and for the popular understanding of the word. The US Government source you quoted explaining that the US is a particular type of democracy does not make it not a democracy. You are pushing a semantic argument that is both pedantic and wrong.
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    Troll King appears to be back: but "You've chosen to ignore content by Slim King."
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    I had a former Portland Agent check the Washougal pages out - here are his comments: OK, here’s what I get from the attached documents: They are all teletypes – because they require immediate investigation on a priority matter. Notice that they are informational, but are not detailed information or direct quotes from the source, so they are not 302’s. A 302 will have the form number on it, with a space at the bottom that will have the initials of the person who typed it, and the Agent who dictated it. Depending on the Agent, many of us would identify ourselves in the first paragraph so that the reader, (US Atty, court etc.) would know who was writing it. A 302 will only pertain to information observed by the Agent, or the results of an interview. That restriction makes them suitable to be introduced into court as evidence. They will not contain directions or leads for another office/location. A cover letter, similar to the teletypes would be sent with the 302. The first teletype (attachment) is from Portland to Seattle and to Cleveland. It’s basic purpose is to find out who these CB guys are. So Seattle is directed to go to the sawmill at Auburn and find out who is bringing in 20 loads from the Washougal area. Cleveland is directed to contact the owner of the radio call letters who lives in Ohio. Cleveland responds back by teletype and basically says the CB guy doesn’t know what the hell they are talking about because he hasn’t even been to Montana since the distant past. One must conclude that the original source overheard the call letters incorrectly, or that the person being overheard fraudulently used the letters of someone else to avoid paying the license fee. Your attachments didn’t contain the results or reply from Seattle. If Seattle obtained additional information, they would write another message to the Agents serving Washougal ( The Vancouver WA resident agency), and direct them to interview the log truck driver. Portland would probably not even be given a copy of that communication unless there was more required in Portland. The way the communication system was set up, they tried to avoid excess paper and communications to file. If it didn’t concern an outside office or require additional work there, they weren’t included. This is typical of the frustrating dead ends, and ultimately useless effort that goes in to major investigations. You open a can of worms, and what crawls out isn’t even worms. So you have to clear the air of the static and focus only on your original intent or you get lost and overwhelmed with irrelevant information. I’m confident that issue was resolved, but the result would most likely be confined to the Seattle Office, possibly with copies to FBIHQ in Wash D.C. By the way, the initials at the bottom of the page of the T Types would be the supervisor who signed out the teletype. At that time, all priority matters, because they were suppose to require the receiving agents to drop everything and cover the lead immediately, had to be approved by a squad supervisor. I hope this clears up some of the questions. Regards,
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    As ever, you are projecting. Your ethos is getting yours whilst the getting is good. The idea that someone might act in a manner that is in some degree adverse to their situation is anathema to your world view. Tobacco stocks are winners historically but I wouldn’t own a share, would you? Do you or have you? Same with your gun addiction. There could never be too many school shootings or any other societal offense to where you’d give an inch. And it’s not because of a strongly held constitutional principle, no matter your claims to the contrary. It’s because you like your guns and what is good for you is what is most important. It’s how you roll. Others roll differently but for you it’s just another unintelligible language you never took time to understand.
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    Poland is anxious to give their MIG-29's to Ukraine. They have something like 44 with 30 flying. They are planning on replacing them with F-35's. Poland is a long time NATO partner. I see no downside to putting 30 F-16's flown by Americans in Poland to facilitate the transfer. That would be the fastest way to give Ukraine air power, seems to me.
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    Most frustrating is that we are past two years and two months since Trump absolutely and certainly attempted to overthrow our government by suborning an insurrection that caused the deaths of Americans and we haven't so much as cancelled his paper delivery much less something as basic as bringing him in for a few questions. No, not at all, instead we let him run again for President on a platform that is essentially you ain't seen nothing yet. I get it that patience has never been one of my core strengths but goddamnit, it's time to shit or get off the pot. I had high hopes for Garland but now I see him as one of those guys who have velcro shoe closures because tying a bow is just too much of a decision. Yes, Jack Smith looks mean and we're supposed to be giddy because he has the reputation of being a hunter. But as any real hunter knows it ain't meat until it's in the pan and the reality is that every shot isn't a kill shot. On occasion you need to finish the hunt later. The bottom line is that it most certainly can get to where it's too late to make the right decision. Sometimes it gets to where it's time to do something even if it's wrong. If it's not yet that time it ain't far from it.
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    Ulis on TV. I really don’t like this lawsuit. It’s my opinion that a DNA recovery specialist needed to make the initial request. I think if a credentialed DNA lab sent in a request (non-FOIA) to try and recover DNA from a particular spot on Cooper’s tie that the FBI perhaps would have granted the request. Or at least have Tom make the request since there is already precedent for him having access. Eric is just a random dude to them, of course they aren’t going to give him access, especially when he didn’t have someone lined up already. I advised him on a FB Live a month or so ago that his lawsuit would carry a lot more weight if the DNA lab was part of the suit. I’m concerned that suing the FBI is just going to piss them off and that we’ll never get access again.
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    25! I'm having a White Russian to celebrate.
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    Tablets. Allow me to expand. Gen Z is the first generation to have the world in their hands. Gen Z doesn't need to be taught; they know how to learn. Curriculum - of course, but the instructional methodology needs to be adjusted to adaptive learning. They need to be challenged on subjects. One of them says something and to their devices they go. And, they saturate themselves on the subject in a short period of time. As far as social rules. They have it wrapped up by the age of ten. The little one knew racism was bad. Her friends know racism is bad. They know about gender identification. My little one knows more about chromosomes than most 40 year old men. They accept others for their differences. More than any other generation. There was a time when previous generations made fun of the physically or mentally challenged. Not this generation. It is inspiring to see a physically or mentally challenged kid pull up in a car. They don't stand there and watch, They don't jeer. They go over and help. One of them grabs the books, the other grabs their lunch, another the wheelchair and they talk with the child - all the way to class. If they are well-versed in racism, gender identification, etc. they really don't need some adult less versed in the subject telling them what they need to know. They get it. They get it more than any other generation. Preaching to them ad nauseum about gender identification is about as effective as an undergraduate trying to show Kallend how smart they are in physics. They get it. They get it more than any other generation.
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    I think it was the "some of my good friends are black" card
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    We try to not make fun of the special needs children in this state. [southern lady accent] God bless his soul. [/southern lady accent] Jon Stewart was no less than masterful. I was dying laughing.
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    It was a joke, Joe. Choose love.
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    Funny enough when the first person landed on the moon nobody was wondering why they weren't talking about his qualifications. When Santos got elected and all his "qualifications" turned out to be fake, the story was that he was elected and that is all that mattered.
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    One thing I find ironic is that the far right has recently been outraged that some students, upon learning what white people have done to minorities in the US, become ashamed of what their race has done. As a result, they want history canceled, and a new "whites rule!" history substituted. (For example, re-spinning the massacres of Native American tribes as minor disagreements that ended in treaties amicable to both sides, or saying that many blacks were perfectly happy as slaves, and freeing them was harmful to them.) They do not want their children to feel any shame for being white. These same far right types also tell those same kids that they have to go to church, go to confession, accept Jesus into their heart etc as a penalty/atonement for their sinful choices. They want them to feel shame for their sins. It's pretty clear that it's all about control. They want their children to feel shame and remorse - but only about the things that they want them to feel shame about. That way they are easier to control.
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    When it suits you, you work in an industry which only ever hires based purely on merit and couldn’t afford to discriminate if it wanted to. When it suits you otherwise, you work in an industry that is explicitly and overtly racist against you. Sounds legit.
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    Maher's a "politically incorrect" comedian, writer, producer, actor, and television host. He describes himself as a progressive libertarian. But trying to score points by quoting clips of a comedian is pretty lame.
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    Tell us where you get your news without telling us where you get your news
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    You are already pretty heavily loaded for the number of jumps you have. There is still a lot you can and should learn and experience you should gain before downsizing. Other people will tell you other things, but that is my strongly held opinion for the set of facts that you have stated. I also think that you should get the opinion of an experienced rigger about the condition of your current canopy. It may very well have a lot more life left than you think.
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    Thank you for the information. I was having a conversation the other day with a fellow veteran "at risk" who refuses to get the vaccine. I've been trying to educate him and he responded the other day with, "How come you see all these people falling over dead." My response was, "We've always had that many people falling over dead. What we haven't had is camera phones in everyone's hands filming it." I did more research on the paper itself and the dataset was as a strong in preventing bias as I've seen in quite awhile (A triple blind dataset). The original paper can be found here for $35.00: https://www.jacc.org/doi/epdf/10.1016/j.jacc.2022.12.006 Impact of Vaccination on Major Adverse Cardiovascular Events in Patients With COVID-19 Infection
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    I read he took a 10 hour train ride with a small security detail, medical team and no air cover. Best, if true, they notified Moscow in advance he was going. That’s some serious beat down. That’s saying that if anything happens we’ll call it an intentional attempt on Biden and you really don’t want us thinking that. Have a borscht day.
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    When I was at RE+ in Anaheim a few months back, energy secretary Jennifer Granholm gave a talk about how solar and storage fit into the US energy plan. She talked about how fast storage would have to grow to enable solar to become a dominant form of energy, and about how recycling for both was a priority for the administration. Was cool to see that the secretary wasn't just a figurehead but actually understood this stuff. One of the leaders in battery recycling is Redwood Materials, a firm that is one of the few companies out there that can recycle 100% of an EV battery. The DOE just announced a $2 billion loan to them to allow them to scale up more quickly; within a few years they plan to be able to source enough materials from both recycled batteries and new materials to supply over a million EV batteries a year. Their materials will go to local manufacturers who are building batteries. Redwood will put up another $1.5 billion to get the factory built. Granholm went to Nevada to announce the loan. She talked about the need for lithium, cobalt, copper and nickel - not only for EV's but for demands like refinery catalysts. She commended Redwood for being able to recycle so much of the battery. And after she spoke, the governor of Nevada got up to say a few words. "Let’s give a round of applause to the secretary there. She gave me a good science lesson. Do you actually understand that science, or did you just memorize that?” He was apparently going for laughs at the pretty little lady saying science-y words - but got dead silence from the crowd. So while it's sad to see that that sort of thing still exists - at least it doesn't play well any more.
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