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    Time Left: 13 days and 17 hours

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    Fully articulated Mirage rig in great condition. M4 suitable for 150 - 190 sq ft canopy. DOM 11/2005 Color is Faded Red/Black. Canopy is Turq-White-Purple Sabre 2 170. Has about 400 jumps on it. No patches or holes. Lines in good condition. DOM 05/2003. PD Reserve 160 - Never used. DOM 09/2005. Brand new Cypress AAD good for 15 years!!! For Sizing: I am 6'1" 195 lbs. E-mail for more info.


    Rockaway Park, New York - US

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    Time Left: 14 days and 9 hours

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    Icon 2006 + 400 jumps Sabre2 170 2006 +409 jumps PR 160 2006 + 0 jumps Vigil2 2007 Comfort for 170-190cm , 75-90kg Top conditions


    - SK

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    Time Left: 3 days and 16 hours

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    For sale is my complete rig. Reflex container, Stiletto 170 main canopy and Tempo 170 reserve. Container accepts an AAD but not included. I am 6'0'' and 170 pounds. Fits me fine but was originally built for someone slightly shorter. Happy to send additional pictures or information on request.


    Cincinnati, OH

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    It is 100% FREEFLY FRIENDLY rig. It’ll come disassembled & currently not packed with either main or reserve canopies. Harness size: Main Web: 20’ Laterals: 25’ Chest Strap: 21’ wide type 8 Leg pads: two pieces 31’. As per container data tag the harness’ measurements are: G G H E. This rig best fit 6" to 6'5", 200 - 250 lbs solid build individual. This is A GREAT LOOKING CONTAINER with just about 400 jumps on it. The entire set up has been well looked after & kept in the climate-controlled environment at all times. Navy side panels and main flaps, navy harness & legpads, white reserve side flaps, red back pad and Icon V style arrow on the reserve closing flap. Embroideries: Icon logo (red/white) – both sidewals; Icon logo (red) – right 3 ring cover; Icon logo (red) – yoke. Container safely accommodates 160 – 190(low pack volume) reserve canopies and 170 – 210 sqft 9 cell low pack volume mains********************************************Aerodyne Icon I5 DOM 2007 • articulated leg straps • quilted back & legpads • 21’ narrow(type 17) risers with hard inserts, velcroless toggles and dive loops • red cutaway handle • D-ring reserve handle • miniforce 3 ring configuration • BOC collapsible PC with leather hackey (red) • RSL fitted • legpads FF bungee cord loops • 3 ring cover integrated hook knife snap button • AAD ready. All parts of the rig are included and nothing is missing from original configuration*************************MAIN CANOPY: NZA manufactured Icarus Safire 3 189, lemon/white/orange. Brand new canopy, never been up in the air. Canopy is still wrapped in the original plastic packaging & never been taken out*********************************RESERVE CANOPY: Aerodyne Smart 175, white. Brand new canopy, zero pack jobs. Canopy is still wrapped in the original plastic packaging & never been taken out******************************************AAD: Cypres 2 DOM May ‘13. Unit had it’s 4 years check and good to be installed****************************************PS…..Pics available upon request. XL size gear bag is also available for extra $85.00


    - US