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    Well, this dropzone really exceeded my expectations. Good prices. Friendly competent English-speaking staff, and more than one plane. The wind tunnel on site is a big plus, especially at night or in case of bad weather when there is no jumping, yet it's relatively small in size. They have different levels of accommodation available. Nice cafeteria, although with limited options and only few of the waiters speaks English but it's okay. The only downside maybe its far location from Moscow (around 4 hours by car).
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    No doubts. DZK is just another universe. For anyone contemplating where to go for the season, this dropzone is the best. And it is famous not only for it's awesome aircrafts and windtunnel right at the DZ...The DZK staff is incredibly experienced, helpfull and super nice people. If you wanna be the best, learn from the best ones.
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    Wow amazing place, I like the drapzone and people are so cooperated & Helpfull,I will come back soon
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    No tandem factory. Tandems are done from Cessna's while the Navajo(the main plane) is used for regulars. Great Skydiving Vibe overall. Great packers, Great instructors, Great people and a nice plane. All this makes Victo a very friendly place to skydive. Bonfire is freaking amazing and they have this weird habit to fill your beer glass every time is empty. Sometimes the fire is so strong that you have to take few steps back to be in the safety range. Cute girls everywhere (whohoooo) but they all have BF (Booooooo). I know, this should be a cons but since nobody farted in the plane I let this one slide!!