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    I disagree with just about all of Rep. Cheney's policy positions, but to punish her for not promoting a huge lie is about as low as you can go.
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    My understanding is that it will probably be the end of the week until the pipeline is restored. Then likely another few days to build stocks back up. The shortages are largely caused by panic buying. this should be a wakeup call to everyone about how vulnerable supply chains are. I'm not really sure why it is turning into another partisan issue here. It could pretty much have happened anywhere. It is a criminal act.
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    Time to make friends with the neighbors who own EVs.
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    It's not surprising they're still behind Trump - he's shown them a whole new way to work and proven that they can get away with it next time. Direct communication, lies, hyperbole, fear and showmanship are more valuable than statesmanship and experience when all you're interested in is power.
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    Not even close. Cheney’s a willing participant in the GOP machine despite knowing exactly who they are and how they operate. Good for her standing up on this one issue, but there’s a hell of a lot more she’s happy brushing under the carpet. If the majority of party faithful want someone with even less moral fibre at the top level then I don’t know why anyone in the outside would shed a tear for her. The GOP are indeed going far lower as we speak. Using their gerrymandered, undemocratically gained power to pass multiple election laws that are transparently aimed at allowing them to simply steal more elections in future. Probably the lowest thing they’re doing right now are the GOP states introducing huge personal financial and penal liabilities for election administrators for things that could happen as a result of minor and isolated administrative errors or falling slightly behind schedule. It’s easy to see this as both retaliation against honest Republican and Democrat election officials who refused to facilitate the GOPs attempt to steal the election, and an intimidatory stick to wield against them when they try and steal the next elections as well.
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    Deduction will always have to be a part of the equation. Otherwise some business could not exist. For some corporations profits are not realized for years. Others operate on very seasonal basis. But simplification is necessary. YES, as per my suggestion above. Tax codes typically arise because some genius politician has an idea on how to "incentivize" a corporations, or individuals actions. Human behavior as its always worked. In sports, taxation, life, etc. writing on the wall is interpreted in different ways. The statutes around taxation need to be more agile. So unintended consequences can be quickly addressed. The code simplified. To raise more money the slope of the marginal rate increased. More enforcement is needed. The US is 1/2 way between Greece and the Nordic countries. Concerning outright cheating and the citizens who think the tax systems are fair and just. As a part of this equation is the entire idea that government supplies needed services. That government is efficient. When government is painted as "evil" and "enemy", a swamp of waste, corruption, etc. Its citizens are more likely to cheat and go to extreme lengths to avoid paying taxes.
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    I’d include the names of who you jumped with; someday in the future you’ll read that logbook for reminiscing purposes, and that’ll be key. Also a short comment when it’s particularly fun, exciting, or something else like that happened. Wendy P.
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    Colonial Pipeline begins restarting pipeline operations following ransomware attack Just in time! I was down to my last garbage bag of gasoline!
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    No Sir. But, the way we handle criminals is ridiculous. The number incarcerated for "soft" crimes is too high, the time for hard crimes is too short and the tansition from criminal to society is retarded. But that is just one man's opinion.
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    nice summary until this point. the ransomware never hit the pipeline controls, it hit the it system. they said they shut he pipeline down as preventative from getting it infected, but the reason was the it system was how customers paid for the gas. no computers, no way to tell who paid and who didn't. blame the cause of this one on not having a thorough backup system in place. all they would've had to do is restore from a backup and they would've been up in a day.
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    There is an app called spot assist that is advertised (among other things) to help find cutaway canopies and freebags.
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    I'm telling you, it's a bald faced con. Not too far back I listened to him respond to Warrens proposed wealth tax. At the $100 Billion plus level that would be 3% per annum. The thing was he turned it into a joke. Instead of addressing the merits of it right or wrong he made a funny like he couldn't do the math and if he had to figure out how much he'd be left with each year well......... I am all in favor of making bags of money through hard work or better just dumb luck. That said, hundreds of millions is a crazy amount of money in todays dollars. A billion is just insane and vastly more than it takes to provide generational wealth. 10's or 100's of Billions should be achievable but very heavily taxed. We need the money in the public coffers not in someones self aggrandizing foundation.
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    Two problems there bud. First, you can't just say that I do it without and have it be true. You need examples. Second, the thing you just said I do is not the same thing in reverse as the thing I said you do. Even the way you have specifically chosen to phrase your claim makes it quite clear that the same logical flaw does not necessarily apply. It is ironic that in attempting to demonstrate a non-existent irony, you have only further demonstrated your lack of understanding of either irony or logic.
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    Sweetie, you don't empower women, they own the power. It's not yours to give. Wendy P.
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    This Metroliner landed safely and the Cirrus that was involved landed with the cabin intact and both occupants unhurt after a mid -air near Denver this morning. https://www.planeandpilotmag.com/news/2021/05/12/midair-over-denver-between-small-plane-and-charter-plane/?fbclid=IwAR2G_DccmDXB5tBtREq_AMtiJG2tg2Mx0KsIkIzuEzNe56PbQAiEImnXc7Q
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    Poor baby. Your hero status voided with the closure of your two Cessna DZ and now, without a sycophant in sight, you are reduced to posts like that. So is Biden behind these Russian cyber attacks that are also associated with an invasion of drugs? Both, as all know, were never known before his election. More interestingly is this news that Mexicans are shipping guns into America! Bastards! And for sure he is to blame for any level of enmity between the Palestinians and the Israelis. I'm thinking that before the weather improves and it's fun for them you need to take your kids survival camping again.
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    Particularly that third one Wendy P.
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    The pipeline incident is interesting. Not the hack or the recovery but how the media and public behaved. It seems that there wasn't too much of a problem for the first few days. When the media called it a "shortage" and other descriptive words, the panic started. In my area we saw most stations run dry and price increases of about 20 cents. The rural stations that would normally have 1-2 customers suddenly had 1-2 cars at each pump. It's a rural area and every mom and pop with a pickup truck, beater car, motorhome and boat were filling up. And these folks all have extra containers for lawnmowers, generators, pressure washers and garden tillers. Two stations, next to each other, shut off the pumps at 9:30 last night. One told me that they wanted to have gas in the morning because that's when they have a lot of customers filling up and buying stuff in the store. They make much more profit on breakfast, snacks, ice, smokes and drinks than they make on gas. About the suppliers - the pipeline supplies tank farms. Two of these farms were my customers when I was working for the power company. The tank farms have numerous above ground tanks containing the different fuel grades, ethanol, and other additives. When a truck arrives the driver puts a series of codes in the computer and the terminal fills the truck with the prescribed mix. That is where the ethanol is added (talk about a scam). Many of the brands have different additives and that is where that "magic stuff" is added. I talked to one trucker yesterday and he said that the farm had another 2-3 days of fuel. Apparently that farm can store 4-5 days of fuel. The trucker said that the problem was the panic buying. The truckers have a regular schedule they follow to service the various stations. Many of the stations wanted to accelerate the delivery schedule but there just aren't extra trucks and truck drivers available. They were working a couple extra hours a day to speed things up, and that they would work extra days to catch up. He said that once the pipeline restarted the panic would stop and most drivers would have full tanks. Most people won't need gas for a few days or a week+. He speculated that the stations would get refueled before most people needed gas and things would be back to normal. Those impacted the most are travelers, fisherman filling boats (common in my area), people heading out for a motorhome trip, delivery drivers that use commercial stations, and folks that drive a lot for work like lawn care, contractors and similar folks. There is a huge Poker Run boat event in Charleston this weekend and those boats hold 200-400 gallons. People were complaining about them filling up, while they waited in line in their F350's, with their cans and plastic bags. (5) Charleston Harbor Poker Run | Facebook Apparently everyone has their "need" and anyone else's need is less important.
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    Colonial pipeline is restarting. "Colonial Pipeline initiated the restart of pipeline operations today at approximately 5 p.m. ET," the company said in a statement on its website. "Following this restart, it will take several days for the product delivery supply chain to return to normal." As far as variants of the covid are concerned. To date the Pfizer and Moderna have shown full efficacy against all the variants. They also have new versions in the pipeline(pardon pun) with the target parts of the virus which have never mutated. So zombie mutations are out. Gas will be flowing again. Perhaps your prayers worked Ron?
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    This. It’s the whole plan in a nutshell. Wendy P.
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    Well actually there is a new worrisome Indian variant; one that varies in two ways, not just one, and it varies in where it responds to antivirals. Testing so far seems to indicate that the vaccine is protective against serious illness or death, but not quite as protective against infection. Wendy P.
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    All true but this is Speakers Corner. I have, admittedly, achieved a certain degree of financial security through an odd combination conflicting of galling hypocrisies and inadvertent good works. From what I hear, you went to school. Happy though we each are with our respective outcomes I, as humbly as I can, respectfully submit that those among and above us who are somehow able to scrape together another $50 Billion or so while my favorite sushi chef is collecting dinner at the local food bank ought to be paying a crap load more. Especially if it is futile and punitive.
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    Don't know where you are exactly but another option is Cark in the Lake District. That or Peterlee are nice DZs.
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    Owner found thanks to skydive canyonlands. A guy from NJ. Thanks to all for any effort in this.
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    As noted above, you need the license from the national organization where you live. For example, I live in the US and have a USPA license. I can take that license and visit other places and jump. As another example, Canadians with CSPA licenses can come to the US and jump on those. You seem to be from Germany. I don't know what organization oversees Germany, but you'll need a license from them if you live there. If you go to, say, Spain (where the weather is really nice and they have some great DZs and excellent instructors), you'll get a license from them. You would then go home and work with a local DZ to get a license from your national organization. Typically, converting a license from one organization to another is mostly paperwork. I would talk to your local DZ to find out what they would require to convert the license from somewhere else.
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    PBS's Nova show will be releasing an episode entitled "The Great Electric Airplane Race" on May 26th (at 9PM). This should be interesting. "https://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/video/great-electric-airplane-race/"
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    Now federal charges have been filed: Justice Department Brings Federal Criminal Charges Against Derek Chauvin, 3 Others
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    I meant a metaphorical you. Probably didn't know you had one.
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    You sound like you want to be fairly thorough. Good for you. I know a few people who simply write "Two way with 'X'" and call it good. I also know people who fill up the entire page with details about the jump. I'm not quite that anal, but pretty close. What I typically do is to start the entry after the dirt dive while waiting for the plane to come down. Names of people, planned exit, planned points on the jump. I use the actual names of the formations (I don't use the letter designations). It might be, for example, "Bow exit, then round, then satellite, then break in center and spin pairs, back to satellite, back to round. After the jump, I'll write down what really happened. Also, any notable things about the rest of the jump. Usually a note about the quality of the landing pattern and actual landing, anything unusually good or bad, anything I want to remember. Generally, I'll record: Who was on the jump. Usually just first names. What was supposed to happen (done before the jump). What actually happened. This is NEVER the same as what was planned. Opening quality, perhaps with a quick note about anything different I tried when packing for that jump. How good the pattern was (or wasn't). General accuracy (not in feet, but 'close' or 'not close' or something like that). And anything else that was noteworthy. This could be something that was said or happened on the plane, something really cool or really bad in freefall (diving down and getting to my spot is cool, nearly having a high speed collision is bad), something under canopy (I've had an eagle fly past me while I was under canopy, that was really cool). It's your logbook and your entry. Write down whatever you want. As much or as little. I don't know anyone who regrets writing down too much. I know a few who regret writing too little.
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    When did skydiving become a fundamental right?
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    One of the problems with ID is that older people, who have never needed it, can have a hard time getting it. Because birth certificates aren’t always easy to get (country people born at home, poor and living in a series of places), and getting ID when you haven’t had it in a long time is a lot harder. I used to volunteer with homeless in Houston, and sometimes I’d bring someone to the “recover ID” charity. It wasn’t easy, and it wasn’t fast. They knew how to do the research — it’s much harder if you’re trying it on your own. As time advances, this’ll probably be less of a problem, simply because we’re generally more regimented. But it’s definitely a problem now, and yes, the political movers and shakers know that it’s poor people who are less likely to have ID, and who are more likely to vote liberal Wendy P.
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    The other key point that developed Western countries need to take into account when attempting to reduce immigration is their propensity to interfere in other countries for political or economic reasons. Either we directly interfere by using troops for dubious reasons or we supply arms, ammunition and/or "advisers" to dubious regimes to support them because they're prepared to sell us needed natural resources. If we stop turning, or helping to turn, other people's countries into shitholes then maybe less of their citizens will feel the need to move from their own homes.
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    Time Left: 19 days and 19 hours

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    Argus AAD Dom:01/2007 Tested 18 Feb 2021, good till Feb 2025


    Quebec - CA

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    The irony of a right winger moaning about different societal groups failing to respect the value of higher education is fucking brilliant.
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    It's a pop music thing. "WAP" stands for 'wet ass pussy'. Cardi B is the artist, and did a (fully dressed) imitation of lesbian sex with another female artist on stage at the Grammy awards show. The conservatives went nuts (predictably). Funny how the word 'pussy' is offensive when preceded by 'wet ass', yet not so when preceded by 'grab them by the'. Yet the first implies consensual activity, while the second is pretty clearly a crime.
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    Disclaimer, many adult children in CA walk around on their own without guns, mace or a taser. And you referenced needing confidence in the president during a crisis. That’s what your preferred president did during the last terror attack on the government of the USA. Watched Fox News and refused to take any calls. Just because you didn’t mention it that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. I see no reason why anyone wouldn’t prefer Biden by comparison.
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    In my church there is controversy about taking the vaccine. Many have taken it, including my wife and I, but some refuse. Those refusing are not vocal with their reasoning. It comes across as, mostly, the government is not going to tell me what to do. To me that is very weak and not very enlightening. Some of us have had the virus and some of those have died or still suffering long term effects. My wife is in this situation. To date we have had 8,254 infected and 214 deaths. I would guess around 50% of the seniors are vaccinated. Getting an appointment is a stumbling block. Personally, I think it is better to be as safe as possible than to be as sick as possible.
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    Hi Keith, Why? To me, it is also 'not an absolute.' This means, to me, that the SCOTUS can revise any of their previous interpretations. This is actually done more than most of us notice. Jerry Baumchen
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    Naw, then we'd just have to outlaw spray paint, and righteous gun totin' women would knit covers for the guns
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    Yep. If he turns out to be a boring chief executive who spends his time in meetings, on the phone and in Congress, it will be a huge improvement.
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    So under Democrats gun sales go up, stock market performs better and less abortions take place. Why do you vote Republican?
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    When Mexican coyotes are dropping children over trump's obviously very effective wall. You wouldn't want the wall to tip over like it did before when the wind was blowing? Seriously two little girls. Do you have no shame? No compassion for anyone who isn't white?
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    No doubt. Nevertheless, per the study, reducing magazine size has a noticeable effect on mass shootings. I think this is one case where actual experience with an "assault weapon" ban is important to consider, and overrides theoretical considerations on how one might get around it.
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    If the most if us are either bum fuck crazy, delusional or open to believing the most absurd propositions, and I dare you to argue otherwise, would it still be a people problem? We don't let kids drive for a reason, right? I mean surely there are quite a few who could handle it at 10 years old, yes? It was an admittedly poor attempt at sarcasm. My daughter was driving our street legal golf cart, then the cops showed up at my house. I'm all puffed up right, because I made sure with the Police Chief that it was all legal - right down to her taking a golf cart safety course. I'm thinking someone reported her and they were WRONG!. She'd busted through a stop sign WHILE on her phone. Damn criminals.
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    The problem is that many of those ways are not quite legal - but are not illegal, either. For example, let's say you create a 501c3 private foundation, intended to run a museum. The museum is in a building you purchase. You have a few things on exhibit, all relatively cheap art that you like. You also have a back room with an entertainment space where you hold parties for donors, who are all your friends, and who rarely donate. Big TV, an open bar, stripper poles. The money in this foundation pays for the purchase of the property, utilities, for catering supplies for your parties, and for travel expenses that allow to fly first class all over the world to buy art you like. You contribute your ordinary pay check to this foundation, and thus deduct all your income. That is all technically legal. It is also a way to party and travel all over the world tax free. You can't get away with this, of course, unless you have those clever accountants you mention. But if you are making $500K a year, the $185,000 you save on taxes pays for a lot of creative accounting.
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    More: https://news.yahoo.com/richest-americans-dont-report-least-054441854.html The top 1 percent of U.S. households don't report about 21 percent of their income, and a big slice of that — 6 percentage points — is from sophisticated tax-avoidance strategies that aren't detected in spot IRS audits, The Wall Street Journal reports. The top 0.1 percent of households may hide nearly twice the amount of income projected by conventional IRS methodologies, the researchers found.
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    What? If entitlement of the wealthy was challenged by investigation and enforcement? If the use of lawyers in courts by the wealthy. To wear down the limited funding of the IRS to use the courts to pursue delinquents and tax cheats. Was finally brought to an even balance. First we have trusts: "Jeffrey Epstein signed new will to shield $577m fortune days before death. Financier created trust fund in new will two days before suicide. Experts say prying open fund will be difficult for accusers" "The sex-trafficking scandal surrounding the late Jeffrey Epstein already has tarnished the reputations of prominent politicians, businessmen, and the British royal family. Now it’s casting a dark shadow on an estate tax-avoidance strategy popular among Wall Street CEOs and tech entrepreneurs. The strategy exploits a loophole that Congress unintentionally left open when it passed provisions related to grantor retained annuity trusts, or GRATs, in 1990. Use of these trusts already has cost the IRS—by one estimate—well over $100 billion in just the last two decades. A recent filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission by the private equity firm Apollo Global Management reveals that the firm’s longtime CEO, Leon Black, relied on Epstein’s assistance to extract more than $500 million of tax savings from GRATs." Finally we have trump: How the Trump Family Used GRATs for Massive Tax Savings
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    What's the motivation for being honest if the probability of being audited is negligibly small? The Congress, which has been bought and paid for by the very wealthy, has clearly drafted the tax laws with its paymasters as the beneficiaries.
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    Interesting hypothesis. Do you have any proof? Why do I not see giant plastic research ballons on my radar scope, then. I've worked dozens of missions with them at Tillamook, OR. Your talk of how radar works is correct, although mine doesn't use the Doppler effect, but to say that something is transparent to radar but also a good reflector sounds illogical. However, I have observed temperature inversions bending radar (think mirages) but that is much different than reflecting radar. What I am saying is that in general terms - air does not effect radio waves (this is actually untrue, particles in the air do but as a level that takes it out of the scope of this conversation). However, if air causes another material that would reflect radio waves (nylon) to take a different physical shape (in this case making it a flat plane) then the originally very weak and scattered reflection becomes more concentrated and it is more likely that a receiver looking for the signal is able to pick it up. Technically speaking, all radar technology needs to consider the Doppler effect. Radio waves are everywhere, from every directions. Even your cell phone emits a signal that travels forever if nothing absorbs it. The further away from the transmitter, the more spread out the electromagnetic radiation becomes, causing the signal to be more difficult to identify. In order to transmit and receive signals with accuracy, radio technology as we know it uses a carrier frequency and different forms of modulation. The most common knowledge modulation types are AM (Amplitude Modulation) and FM (Frequency Modulation). Radar radio doesn't need to carry any more information than is necessary to be able to identify itself when listening to the echo. If you bounce a certain frequency (using unproportional figures for simplicity) off of an object that is not moving at say 10MHz - your echo will be 10MHz. However if that object is moving away from you, the frequency becomes slower - lets say 9.9MHz. If that object is moving closer to you, the frequency becomes faster at 10.1MHz. This is the Doppler effect, and can also be noticed with sound (the textbook example is when a police car drives past you, the siren on his car changes tone slightly from a high pitch, to a lower pitch) Again, these numbers are for the sake of example... the actual change would be much much smaller. A radar can't take a "snapshot" to detect anything. It requires time to work. Radio frequency is quite high, you can receive 100 million wavelengths a second - so from our perspective it seems to work instantly - but it needs to receive the signal for long enough to lock on to the carrier frequency, and then determine small changes in frequency. This is all done with analog electronics because digital computers of today are not powerful enough to make this calculations. Various techniques can be used to assist in making sense of weak signals. One of these is to look for patterns that would represent signals reflecting off of a flat surface that was not at an exact 90 degree angle. These types of analog circuits are commonplace in electronics; but are most commonly implemented in the design of the antenna. The round nature of a balloon is not something most receivers are designed to accomodate (not that it couldn't but it would be a lot of extra unnecessary engineering for most common radar practices). This would explain why an inflated parachute would be more likely to be picked up than a weather balloon. It all comes down to what a particular radar was designed to look for. ATC radar systems may or may not be able to pick up single skydivers. I would be surprised if they did, as they're looking for larger items. They have a larger chance of being able to see a deployed ram-air parachute. The point that I was trying to make is that the air pressure inside of a ram air canopy *would* indirectly make a physical difference in a radar being able to detect that parachute because air is what is giving the parachute a close-to-flat surface, and that most radios are designed to receive signals being sent from (antennas) or reflecting off of (airplanes) relatively flat surfaces. As any radio expert would tell you, what I wrote above isn't 100% accurate from the perspective that I left a lot out about concepts involved in receiving signals... But that was my best job of explaining why the air inside of a ram-air canopy would contribute to the entire parachute becoming easier to see on a radar than if it was not inflated. - without writing a book on radio. While I'm not a professional with radio (I've never made money doing it), about 5 years ago I actually built a radio that I used to measure the distance between the earth and moon by reflecting signals off it. and, It was only a 5 watt transceiver. My original intention was to make a clock that would teach itself what time it was over a few days time based on light changes, and measuring the position and distance of the moon... I only got as far as measuring the distance between the earth and moon before I got bored with the project. Took me about 2 weeks of free time. Matt Christenson [email protected] http://www.RealDropzone.com - A new breed of dropzone manifest software.
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