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    Personally? It guides my morality and worldview. I didn't know anything about how people in sub-Saharan Africa lived, and imagined they were all poor, ignorant people who lived in poverty and misery. Then I spent a month there and learned they were some of the happiest people around. When I told them I was a skydiver, one of the kids pantomined an entire RW skydive, including throwing a hand-deploy at the end and releasing the brakes. They all spoke three languages. I thought the US was a good influence there. And I discovered in the cities and larger towns that everyone hated Americans, because they'd come in and steamroller over local businesses, homesteads and farms (often literally) in the name of profit. "It never their fault" one guy told me, who explained that Americans always blamed their boss, or the shareholders, or the (Niger) government for whatever trouble they caused. But when you got to the smaller towns, the only Americans people had seen were Peace Corps volunteers. And they saw Peace Corps volunteers as sometimes misguided, sometimes clueless, but clearly there because they were trying to help. And thus I was welcomed with open arms. And that taught me that ultimately it's what you do, not what you say or what you profess to believe, that determines your morality and how you are seen by the world. I thought I was "woke" and really understood people. Then I managed a transgender woman and realized that I really didn't understand much of anything, and I never would, since I'm a straight cis middle aged white guy. But that that was OK as long as I could accept that her point of view was as valid as mine - even if it didn't make sense to me. I've known people who were great guys, would do anything for you, who turned out to be pedophiles. I've known miserable people who would curse you and never say a good word about anyone - but years after they were gone, I found out they'd been supporting several families and paying for their kid's college education for no reason other than he thought they deserved a chance. From that I learned to not judge people so quickly. True of Barack Obama, too. (Or as you preferred, Barack HUSSEIN Obama.) But I bet you don't think that the reaction to his name defines his significance.
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    Hooray. Good news. I got a job offer today! It’s not quite what I was after, but with so many people unemployed right now and companies having a freeze on hiring just finding a job is a godsend.
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    So...anybody who wants to claim that Biden is in cognitive decline while simultaneously ignoring the many signs that Trump is suffering from frontotemporal dementia needs to do just a wee bit of homework and watch the presser that Biden and Harris did today, and then immediately afterward watch a playback of Trump's presser. Or switch the order - it doesn't really make a difference. Fatilities? Don't give me this "misspoke" excuse either. He said it twice. And what's with the slurring? At best it's like watching a 3rd grader read a book report in front of the class when everyone knows damn well he didn't read the book. 0 days since Trump has been a national embarrassment.
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    Well, that automatically excludes Trump then. Fucking hell you are a case study in cognitive dissonance
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    He breaks the tablets of commandments and yet the white wingers still adore him. It's a cult to a horrible treasonous human.
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    Thankyou for following up! I'm now super curious how I arrived at this belief, from memory we laid some of the demo canopies from PD over each other, and on the ol' anecdata butt dyno a velo *definitely* doesn't look as oval as that diagram staring at it from below. I appreciate the correction though, cheers.
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    Looks like Sturgis is killing it this year.
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    Yes, Colorado is building a wall, and we're making New Mexico pay for it!
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    Not if you're a kook who believes a sex trafficking ring operates from a basement that doesn't exist
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    Thanks Bill. I wrote a long reply, less thoughtful than yours, that was lost with one of the too many connections things. Ron, please think long and hard over Bill's words. Gotta go. I'm half way up the mast to get a signal and the winds are getting problematic.
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    You know the rules: If you self-identify as "right-wing" or "conservative", then anything you don't like must be part of the left-wing.
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    From what I've read, pedophilia is, in fact, a sexual orientation. It's not acceptable because children cannot consent. And, like many other orientations, it's a spectrum, with the axes that matter most being the degree to which one is attracted to children ("only" to "mildly" to "no fucking way"), and the sex drive the individual has. Because is someone really isn't that strongly driven to sex, they can just ignore it, or be celibate. If, on the other hand, they have a strong sex drive, and they're really "only" attracted to children, then they're well and truly fucked. Because it's not acceptable. The scholar (note the singular here) made it clear that children are not to be involved with sex; it's unacceptable. But saying it's purely a decision out of evil is like saying that someone who has dylsexia and can't read is lazy or stupid. Understanding things is how you begin to address them. And maybe, for some people, complete isolation is the only answer. Wendy P.
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    I know a show you could present your case on.
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    i'll keep you updated on the helmet. it will be done first anyway. the other idea is one that may never materialize, depending on what i find out in my research. it is a rather small subset of jumpers who would even consider using it, and it would greatly modify your deployment and emergency procedures, possibly to the point of introducing some element of danger that is unacceptable. that is how all great ideas come about though, they have to be thought of first. this may, or may not be, one of them. we shall see.
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    I'm going to partially disagree here. While tunnel teaches all the skills necessary for a successful freefall, it does nothing to actually teach you what it is like to be out there; actually falling towards the planet. As instructors we need to be very careful to not fall into the trap of OK-ing experienced tunnel staff for too much, too soon. They're still students with individual and maybe unique needs. To the OP, as others have pointed out you do have an extensive toolkit for successfully making that first freefall. If you feel that this toolkit alone is not sufficient, there is no shame in quitting. The first jump (your tandem) merely happens to you. After that, you start experiencing the jumps more and more. With the knowledge and experience you have so far, you have to make a decision. Also consider this: In the tunnel, you da man. Every student looks to you what to do. You know how things work, teach people to fly their body and probably can do stuff that most other people, skydivers included, can only look at in admiration. Then you go to the DZ. Now you are the student. The feeling of control you have in the tunnel is gone. You have to accept this not only intellectually but subconsciously as well. Finally, I would submit that "I continued for no other reason than because I did not want to look afraid" is one of the worst reasons to continue jumping.
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    Interesting. What is in it for an employer to approve any claim? If the employee has a valid claim (laid off, hours cut, etc) then it doesn't matter what their employer thinks about it. But if they just quit or got fired for good reason (theft, insubordination etc.) then the employer can deny the claim. Just to add, the process to determine all this is a pain in the ass.
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    How many people are getting unemployment because they are choosing not to work?
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    It's not bullshit. A percentage of members of every stereotype cause that stereotype to be conceived. Otherwise it wouldn't exist. I think the problem is with using the word "foundation" as if it was the rule rather than the exception. Also many stereotypes are also found in other groups that are not being stereotyped with those attributes. Take for example jokes about blacks liking BBQ chicken, ribs and watermelon. Practically everyone likes those things, but it's only "funny" because they are black. And that's pretty much what all sterotypes tend to do - to exploit differences.
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    Ron, you're not the President. There are things that are OK in friends that aren't as OK in people in power. Abuse thereof is very high on the list (and anyone with lots of money has power). Wendy P.
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    No witnesses said he had a tan,, it was the end of November. Back then "White" or "Caucasian" was a normal descriptor for those of Latin race. It was replaced with "Latino" in the early 70's.. Hahneman described himself as white... today that would be latino. The ONLY well known suspect that matches the description of Cooper is Hahneman. Honduran mother, German father. Cooper was olive, swarthy and latin in appearance, characteristics and descent, also described as possible Mexican or American-Indian. FBI PART 11 P 1922 FOLLOWING COMPOSITE TAKEN FROM INTERVIEWS OF WITNESSES WHO WERE IN A POSITION TO SEE UNSUB. RACE, WHITE; SEX, MALE; AGE, MID FORTY'S; FIVE FT TEN TO SIX FT . , ONE HUNDRED SEVENTY TO ONE HUNDRED EIGHTY POUNDS, AVERAGE TO WELL BUILT, OLIVE COMPLEXION, LATIN APPEARANCE, MEDIUM SMOOTH COMPLEXION, DARK BROWN OR BLACK HAIR, NORMAL STYLE, PARTED ON LEFT, COMBED BACK; SIDEBURNS, LOW EAR LEVEL; EYES, POSSIBLY BROWN, FBI PART 11 P 1982 DESCRIBED AS WHITE, MALE, MID FORTIES, SEVENTY TO ONE EIGHTY, OLIVE COMPLEXION, OR BLACK HAIR, NORMAL STYLE, PARTED ON SMOKED RALEIGH CIGARETTES. FBI PART 11 P 2036 Mr. MILNES said the hijacker was described as white, male, American, olive complexion, Latin appearance, black hair, normal hair style parted on left, age middle forties, six feet tall, 170 to 175 pounds, average build, brown eyes. He was wearing a black suit, white shirt, narrow black tie, black rain-type overcoat, black dress suit, and was carrying a dark briefcase. FBI PART 11 P 2047 UNSUB described as white male, mid-forties, five ten to six feet, one seventy to one eighty,olive complexion, latin appearance, dark brown or black hair combed straight back in normal style, parted on left, smoked Raleigh cigarettes. FBI PART 11 P 2056 that he has average eyes, of Latin appearance, with a sort of disinterested look FBI PART 11 P 2224 WHITE, MALE, MID 40's, 5'10" TO 6" , 170 Tel 180 lbs., AVERAGE TO WELL BUILT, OLIVE COMPLEXION, LATIN APPEARANCE, MEDIUM SMOOTH, DARK BROWN OR BLACK HAIR, NORMAL STYLE, PARTED ON LEFT, COMBED BACK, SIDEBURNS, LOW EAR LEVEL, POSSIBLY BROWN EYES, DURING LATTER PART OF FLIGHT PUTr DARK, WRAP-AROUND SUNGLASSES WITH DARK RIMS. LOW VOICE, SPOKE INTELLIGENTLY; NO PARTICULAR ACCENT, POSSIBLY FROM MIDWEST SECTION OF THE U.S., HEAVY SMOKER OF RALEIGH FILTER TIP CIGARETTES, WEARING BLACK OR BROWN SUIT; WHITE SHIRT; NARROW BLACK TIE; BLACK DRESS SUIT; FBI PART 11 P 1987 COMPLEXION: OLIVE, SWARTHY, THE LATIN TYPE FBI PART 11 P 1841 COMPLEXION: OLIVE, LATIN APPERANCE, MEDIUM SMOOTH FBI PART 18 P5497 RACE WHITE, SEX MALE, AGE MID FORTIES, HEIGHT FIVE FEET TEN INCHES TO SIX FEET, WEIGHT ONE HUNDRED SEVENTY TO ONE HUNDRED EIGHTY POUNDS, BUILD AVERAGE TO WELL BUILT, COMPLEXION OLIVE, LATIN APPEARANCE, MEDIUM SMOOTH; HAIR DARK BROWN OR BLACK, NORMAL STYLE, PARTED ON LEFT, COMBED BACK, SIDEBURNS, LOW EAR LEVEL; EYES POSSIBLY BROWN. FBI PART 26 P 8545 He was unable to determine from the photograph the complexion of ______ but again emphasized the hijackerhad a swarthy or Latin type complexionand it appeared to him might have such a complexion. FBI PART 26 P 8574 OLIVE OR LATIN COMPLEXION· Key witnesses generally agree that unsub had an "olive or Latin" complexion.- One witness indicated a Mexican-American or possibly Indian complexion and characteristics. In addition, unsub expressed a desire to go "anywhere in Mexico”. FBI PART 26 P 8881 She thereafter remained in the cockpit where she prepared thirteen pages of notes concerning the hijacking and in which she described unsub as in his fifties. She later said he appeared to be of Latin descent. FBI PART 19 P 5934 "Enclosed is an artist's conception of the hijacker who extorted two hundred thousand dollars from Northwest Airlines on November 24, 1971. This man is described as follows: "Race-white; sex-male; age mid-forties; height-five feet ten inches to six feet; weight-170 to 180 pounds; build-average to well built; complexion olive, latin appearance, mediurn smooth; hair-dark brown or black; normal style, parted on left, combed back; sideburns, low ear level; eyes-possibly brown. FBI PART 10 P 1683 said that the man appeared to be Latin descent FBI PART 27 P 9104 To date 475 suspects have been developed based on appearance, as well as other features. Many of the suspects were developed because of their resemblance to the artist's composite of UNSUB. A great number of these suspects have turned out to be in their 20s or early 30s, with light or fair complexion. According to witnesses, UNSUB's age is in the mid-40s and his complexion is olive or Latin in appearance. The artist's composite clearly looks like a man in his late 20s or 30s and his complexion is difficult to determine from the black and white sketch. FBI PART 27 P 9390 In NORJAK case, witnesses describe subject's complexion as olive, Latin appearance, medium smooth. FBI PART 9 P 919 ALL OFFICES ARE TO BEAR IN MIND WHEN CAPTIONED CRIME WAS ON NOVEMBER 11, 1971, UNSUB AKA. B. COOPER WAS DESCRIBED AS BEING A WHITE MALE, 5 ' 10 " TO 6 ' 0 “ , 170 POUNDS, OLIVE AND LATIN APPEARANCE. FBI PART 27 P 9327 In view of the fact that unsub in this matter had a swarthy complexionand was tentatively identified by several witnesses as possibly having Mexican ancestry, the following lead is being set out: FBI PART 13 P 3159 which he feels more closely depicts the nose and cheeks of the unknown subject, whom he feels was of Mexican-American descent with possibly lndian blood. FBI PART 33 P 12115 indicated that the unsub's complexion was somewhat swarthy indicating that he might have possibly been an American Indian or Mexican American. FBI PART 26 P 8882 believed unsub was a Mexican-American. She had a short encounter with the unsub prior to her deplaning at Seattle FBI PART 29 P 10072 similar Mexican-type facial features FBI PART 11 P 2135 CHEEKS TOO FLAT, SHOULD BE MORE ROUNDED TO GIVE MEXICAN-AMERICAN APPEARANCE. FBI PART 28 P 9541 lacks the Mexican or Indian characteristics that ____ noted in the hijacker. FBI PART 28 P 9559 further advised that the hijacker definitely had some Indian or Mexican blood in him. He would guess about one quarter Indian or Mexican blood. FBI PART 28 P 10037 FACIAL FEATURES: Should reflect a Mexican or Indian ancestry FBI PART 11 P 2039 Race: Caucasian, believed to be of Mexican-American descent wih possibly some American Indian blood FBI PART 34 P 13102 In view of the fact that UNSUB in this matter is possibly of American Indian descent, the following leads are being set forth pursuant to referenced communication:
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    I guess for you mindlessly re-posting tiktok videos is far superior to mindlessly re-posting memes. We all strive to reach our potential.
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    Hi Nigel, Hmmm, you just be onto something there. Let me think about it some more. Hey, Coreece, what do you think? :) Jerry Baumchen
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    I'd hold off a couple weeks before buying. You will probably get a better deal from his widow.
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    Pretty sure its a function of what license they hold. So a coach with a B needs it after 90 days. A TI with a D needs it after 180 days. That's just for jumping, though. There are other currency rules for different instructors, and them acting as an instructor (or a coach, which is a type of instructor). I believe that's in the IRM, not the SIM.
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    Well....remember that part about the reward and if it is worth the cost? For most people, especially starting out, a large part of the reward is the adrenaline rush. You can't really get that without some fear. It's part of the reward system in your brain.
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    Don't you guys see, Turtle is doing the exact same as Trump - not making any definitive claims, but just trying to sow doubt. That's because they will need that doubt in November.
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    Each state is different. Many states have a long history of suppressing voting among minorities. They are still at it, SCOTUS has made their work easier. It looks a little banana republicish to me.
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    Hi Sky, I, for one, do not think so. I think his entire wealth is just a house of cards. If he were as rich as he says he is, why does he work so hard keeping his taxes secret? Jerry Baumchen
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    My first thought when I heard there were TWO explosions, and not that far apart... You have to wonder if the first explosion was deliberately done to CAUSE the other.
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    Because they WANT IT TO BE TRUE. They want to believe that all the 'liberals' are going to be taken to Gitmo and put in cells. Starting with Hilary. Their hatred is so strong, they ignore reality. When the first real Q claim was that there were children being molested in the basement of a restaurant that doesn't have a basement, it should have been done. If the QCumbers had ANY sense at all, any critical thinking ability, they'd see that all the claims are groundless. Nobody's been arrested, no one is going to 'save them' from the "Deep State". Which would be a bit difficult, seeing as the 'Deep State' is as real as Trump's business acumen. That gulliblity is one reason Trump came to power. He conned a bunch of people who wanted to believe in his crap so badly, so desperately, that they actually believed him. Many still do.
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    Nonsense fun type exits: 9-Way Tube. That's 2 interlocking 4-Way Tubes with a little girl stuffed in the middle.
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    You are still running Honey BooBoo and Duck Dynasty on TV. I think that should answer it for you.
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    Concrete Rebound Hammer cures covid one virus at a time.
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    I think Westerly's been drinking again. Usually his comments are very safety minded and conservative, and oft i agree with them. The two things that make a tandem lurk inherently more dangerous than a four way rw is the long drogue bridle and the possible actions of a panicky passenger. That being said, I don't think it's terribly dangerous if the ti trusts the skill of the lurker and the lurker has plenty of belly experience with group jumps. If I did convince a ti to let me lurk a friend, I'd definitely flip them a 20 for the extra work. They now have one more thing to be aware of and take into account.
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    But that is not relevant to the subject here. The question is about a new lower time jumper lurking a tandem. Several things can and have gone bad in that situation. A normal tandem is not complicated. The decision tree and potential for things to go wrong make the possible EPs on a tandem jump extremely complicated.
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    Ron, you've spent the lasl 12 years or more hearing about how the world is divided into camps; friends and enemies, and that it's important to know and understand your enemies. But that world view is designed to divide, rather than unite, the American people. The motto "United we stand, divided we fall" is paraphrased in the Bible in Mark 3:25 ("And if a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand), as well as in Matthew and Luke. What is the purpose in dividing the country? It's to gain power, just as most politics are as well. Consider that. These people who you think are your enemies are often also Americans -- just as American as you are. We vote (now we do, but it took legislation and the courts, because it wasn't there originally), we work, we own property, and we are just as deserving of protection by the laws of the country, and just as deserving of the rights of citizenship, as you are. Power and strength are only diminished by sharing if you have a single-minded zero-sum view of them. Wendy P.
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    The easiest way to get to heaven is to follow Kennism, the religion of Ken. Kennists believe that everyone goes to heaven, but our place in heaven is determined by how well we treated others during our lifetime. Kennism only has one rule. No one, least of all Ken, is allowed to make any money from Kennism.
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    I am not antiEV per se. I am fine with a private company like UPS trying out EVs. I’m against this https://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-electric-buses-20180520-story.html
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    Yes I get that, but I also get that the glaciers have been shrinking for the last several hundred years, long before this AGW nonsense. My contention is that it is part of a natural cycle. If the climate were responding to the input of CO2, the glaciers would have been gone by 2020, just like the models predicted, they didn't and the models were/are WRONG.
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    I'd take it but Bill just banned me for like 10 days for calling you a bitch. Personally I have more respect if Bill would just PA posters straight up, rather than his veiled attempts by comparing people here to Harvey Weinstein and making pathetic sexual references about pedophilia just to take a jab at Trump - as if he had to go that far out of his way. Makes you wonder wtf's wrong with the guy, eh? Anyway, I'll order my army of sock puppets to stand down and respect the ban from this post on, but I've severely overestimated many posters here and therefore not sure if I'll even care to come back. Everyone please stay as safe as you can. I love you all in one way or another - and thanks for everything!
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    Well, except for a couple key people it's unlikely many employees will be moving from AZ to NC. The Curv and the Javelin are as different from each other as modern H/Cs get these days. I can see Sunpath continuing to produce the Curv and updating it. They did not need to buy out RI. Sandy would have retired and shut it down eventually anyway.
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    I'm skeptical about the continued production of one of the products (hint coming up). Usually when one company takes over another, the products and/or service, and subsequently most of the employees, of the company being taken over are phased out over the course of several years. Not trying to start anything here, but this has been my observation and has been proven time and time again, and in many different industries.
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    Not wearing earplugs on every skydive? Hear me out (while you still can): It’s pretty damn important to add a pair to your every-jump kit, and your excuses probably don’t hold up to expert scrutiny. What expert? A lofty one. Last week, I got to talk to Dr. Anna Hicks* at length about the thorny matter of skydiving with a cold (watch the February issue of Parachutist for that one). At one point, our conversation took a slight diversion towards hearing damage. The content of that more than deserves its own moment in the sun: Our delicate soundholes, and the damage we don’t have to do them. So: Why aren’t you wearing earplugs on every jump? 1. Because it’s not that big a deal. If you like listening to things other than phantom roaring, then sorry. It kinda is. Each of us is born with 15,000 sound-sensing cells per ear. (I like to think of ‘em as magical hearing hair, because that’s kinda what they look like.) Hearing loss occurs when they die. It’s not just noise exposure that kills them; certain medications and other environmental factors and do it, too, but those are freak deaths by comparison. Once they’re gone, they’re gone. Birds, fish, and amphibians have the ability to grow back magical hearing hair. Mammals, like your average skydiver, lack the ability to regenerate these cells. All we can do is stick in a hearing aid and hope for the best. You don’t have to take my word for it. Talk to anybody who suffers from tinnitus and ask them if they’d have taken precautions to prevent it. 2. Because I don’t jump that much. Dr. Hicks begs to differ. “I see so many skydivers that have damaged their hearing,” she notes. “Even if you’re just doing 100 jumps a year, every time you jump, the engine is noisy, and the freefall is noisy, too. Over your skydiving career, that adds up to a lot of noise exposure.” “I still find some people that can’t be bothered with ear plugs even in the wind tunnel,” she adds, “but our hearing is too important not to take ten seconds to put them in every time. You don’t want to end up not able to hear your friend at the pub because you knackered your hearing from too much noise exposure.”** 3. Wearing earplugs in freefall is dangerous. If it’s not just laziness that’s keeping you from protecting your hearing, it might be a misplaced sense of safety. Dr. Hicks wears hers from ground to ground, and she recommends that you do too, even if it’s just on the way up to altitude. “I am a big advocate with any patient I see,” she says, “especially those whose job is skydiving, to wear ear plugs at least on the way up and ideally on the way down as well. Earplugs do not prevent situational awareness, stop you from being able to talk to your students, or to hear shouts under canopy. You can hear what you need to hear, usually you can actually hear your audible altimeter better because the background freefall crackle is reduced, and vitally, [wearing earplugs] reduces the longer-term damage we can experience from our sport.” Some people discover that they find a problem equalizing if they have earplugs in on the way down. Dr. Hicks’ advice: If equalizing is a problem for you, try using the vented plugs (which you can buy from a pharmacy for a few dollars) to better equalize during descent. 4. I can’t afford the nice ones and the foam ones cause ear infections. According to Dr. Hicks, that is not a thing. As long as the plugs are rated, they’ll provide the protection you need. “You can wear posh ear plugs or the cheap foam ones like you get in the tunnel,” she says. “Either-or.” According to a study of sixty long-range patrol-aircraft crew members, the idea that disposable foam earplugs cause ear infections is a total myth. The crew members were randomly divided into three groups: one wearing fancy custom-molded earplugs, the second using foam earplugs that they washed after each use, and the third group using foam earplugs washed only once per week. The study lasted eight weeks and included examinations by a medical officer as well as skin scrapings for bacterial culture and fungal examinations. The results indicated no fungal infections or clinically significant bacterial infections, and no differences in positive bacterial culture between the groups. Moral of the story: roll ‘em up and stick ‘em in. They’re going to prevent a heck of a lot more damage than they could possibly cause, and 50-year-old you (who doesn’t have to have the TV on FULL BLAST ALL THE TIME) will thank you. *Dr. Hicks is a certified badass. An active-duty Aviation Medicine specialist in the British Regular Army, she has logged more than 4,000 jumps over 15 years in the sport, many of which as the Outside Center for the multi-medaled British 4-way team NFTO. Dr. Hicks is also a British Parachute Association Accelerated Freefall Instructor and formation skydiving coach, as well as a Skydiving Instructor at Britain’s legendary Skydive Netheravon. Oh: and she was Tom Cruise’s personal aviation doc during the filming of the latest Mission: Impossible reboot. ‘Nuff said. **Confused? Ask a British person for a translation.
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    It has been my experience that when people struggle with this, it has almost everything to do with their mechanical flare technique and simply adjusting the way they use their leverage fixes the problem. For example lots of people flare with their arms in front of them in a downward tricep motion. Simply moving their arms closer to them helps (hard to explain without pictures) Performance Designs Factory Team
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