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    I agree on not censoring. I also am not sure that some of the prolific posting is trolling but rather an indication of lack of critical thinking ability and being extremely gullible. I will admit I find some of the conspiracy posts annoying as they are devoid of any logic and end up being an endless loop of the same tired arguments and tit for tat insults.
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    I'm firmly on both sides. I like cats, had cats in the house growing up, but don't want to own one now. On the other hand I am the meany who knows that they are just another form of livestock and they are not "fur babies". Feral cats should not be allowed to exist if anything can be done to eliminate them. Pretty much the same goes for dogs. Spending stupid amounts of money on animals that are sick and should be put down also bothers me. I know, the haters are going to hate on me.
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    Trump did everything the GOP thought Obama was going to do to stay in power.
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    Trump is currently arguing that his case in Georgia should be thrown out, because if they can include him in a RICO case along with lawyers of his, then you had to include "millions of people throughout the country” who believed election fraud had taken place, and were working toward the same goal as Trump and his lieutenants. His team also said that there are lots of bank robbers out there, “but the mere fact that they all rob banks and have the same goal and many of the same methods of operation, does not mean that all American bank robbers constitute one RICO enterprise, despite the fact that they are people who commit the same crime, for the same reason." Where have I heard that before? =================================== Otter : Ladies and gentlemen, I'll be brief. The issue here is not whether we broke a few rules, or took a few liberties with our female party guests - we did. [winks] But you can't hold a whole fraternity responsible for the behavior of a few, sick twisted individuals. For if you do, then shouldn't we blame the whole fraternity system? And if the whole fraternity system is guilty, then isn't this an indictment of our educational institutions in general? I put it to you, Greg - isn't this an indictment of our entire American society? Well, you can do whatever you want to us, but we're not going to sit here and listen to you badmouth the United States of America!
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    Which kind of emphasizes that cross dressing and homosexuality are not the same thing, doesn’t it? Wendy P.
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    I've been told that it takes all kinds. I too can only marvel in stunned disbelief at the level of stupidity required to hold some of the opinions I see expressed here at times. Yet there they are, often winning elections. So many WTF moments.
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    Actually, it's because of the death grip Trump has on the Republican party. He's really the only viable candidate right now (and for the forseeable future). Most of the other 'candidates' are vying for the VP slot. Given how close Pence came to a 'necktie party' on Jan 6, I can't understand why they'd want it, but then again, they're pretty stupid. Biden has done an amazing job so far, but he's really never been super popular. I'm not a big fan of him, despite his successes. I'm far more of a fan than I was in 2020, but that's still not all that much. That's why "generic Democrat" did better in one of the polls than Biden. HOWEVER... There's no way I won't vote for Biden if he's the candidate. Even if Trump isn't. As I've said more than once, I'd vote for Howdy Doody, with Clarabelle the Clown as his running mate over ANY R candidate. I don't think I'm alone in that.
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    Isn't that what the voucher program really has always been about, allowing rich parents a tax funded discount on private schools.
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    At CooperCon, I met a woman there who was working as an like a historic interpreter at the Museum of Flight. She had been a NWA flight attendant for forty years. She worked for NWO specifically during the 60's and 70's. She knew everyone involved and worked a good bit with both Alice and Tina. I asked her some Coopery questions and these were the answers. - How often did you load or unloaded passengers from the rear stairs of a 727? She said even when they came to an airport without a jetway they'd often just use the airstairs on a truck. - Would a pilot have known how to lower the rear stairs? She thought about it for a minute and said something like "well, all they'd need to do is read the panel instructions, but I don't think any of them would have ever done that before. That was something we always did if we ever lowered them at all." - If a passenger ordered a bourbon and a soda, did you mix the drink for them or did you give them a soda and an airplane bottle of bourbon? She said the stews would mix the drinks for the passengers. - At the time of Cooper, a mixed drink was $1 and a soda was .25 on the menu. Was a bourbon and soda $1 or $1.25. She said it was $1. - Did you take any tickets or anything when passengers boarded? She said during boarding they would look at the ticket as each passenger boarded. - If you were working in the rear cabin of a 727, where would you have placed your purse? She said there were these little compartments behind the rear row of seats that they could open up and store some gear in. I asked her this to figure out how where Flo's purse would have been when she retrieved it...just to see how awkward that interaction would have been. and finally the most interesting one to me... - Did you know Kenny Christiansen? She said she knew Kenny very well and everyone enjoyed working with him. She said that immediately after the hijacking they began to joke about Kenny due to the sketch. She said it was a bit of a running joke with NWO cabin and flight crew for a while that he was Cooper and so she was shocked when all the stuff about him first came out in 2008 or whenever it was. Said she was basically thinking: "They cannot be serious. This was just our NWO inside joke!" - I asked her if an employee like Kenny could have hijacked an NWO plane and gone unnoticed. She said it would beggar belief for that to have occurred without the employee being recognized. She said NWO was a small group back then and all the employees knew each other. She felt that at least one of the three stewardesses would have worked with him at some point by Nov 71. My takeaway from the conversation I had with her about Kenny is that I think her comments might explain the existence of that "Coopery photo" of Kenny. I bet it was just a gag photo he took to use for joking around with his friends at the airline.
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    Very. He politely, succinctly, intelligently, articulately dismantled the 'question' the reporter was trying to 'gotcha' him with. Not the first time he's done that. Yet on Tuesday, you wrote: His voice isn't the best. Other than that, I wouldn't call him 'feeble' or 'tottering'. The way he handled Empty Gee heckling him at the State of the Union was similar to this. Both Marcon of France and Putler have said more than once that negotiating with Biden requires one to be on their "A Game'. When an ally and an adversary say the same thing, I tend to believe it. There are things about him I don't really like. He's said stuff in the past which was really dumb. But he's been one of the most effective Presidents we've had in office in a LOOONG time. The amount of legislation he's gotten passed is incredible. The effect those have had is more so. The recovery from the Covid recession is very impressive. Jobs are back, inflation here in the US is way down, especially compared to the rest of the world.
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    Hi Mark, Joe is brighter & sharper than 90% of today's GOP. Jerry Baumchen PS) What do you think Trump would said? Oops, I meant yelled.
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    If you don't vote for Biden and Trump wins then you own a part of his victory.
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    The markets and the employment scene both seem pretty healthy at the moment. What was a bear 2 months ago now is looking like a bull. The fallout from the pandemic is not over but seems to be being managed as well as it could be. Certainly much better than having an erratic unpredictable reactionary party in charge.
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    Any pilot worth their salt would know how to operate anything on any aircraft they're rated to fly. The doors would be a given.
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    If Kenny actually wore a trench coat and carried a brief case, then I don't think there's anything about that photo that is "Coopery". Your post ALMOST makes me wish Blevins was still allowed here. I'd love to hear how he spun that conversation, and we all know he would have.
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    Was thinking today about all the time we "doubled down on woke" here in the US, and how conservatives of the time would have seen it. The first big one that comes to mind is the Civil War. The northern states had freed their slaves (mostly) but the south did not want new states to be admitted as no-slavery states - so the wokester liberals of the North decided to shove their sick, twisted ideology down everyone's throats by murdering hundreds of thousands of Americans. Conservatives lamented this travesty of wokeness - the "framers did not anticipate the enfranchisement of an ignorant population of African origin" and "did not contemplate for their descendants subjection to an inferior race." Then came suffrage. Wokesters of the time wanted hysterical women to be able to vote. Conservatives of the time would explain patiently from the depths of their leather chairs that women were unsuited to the mental task of deciding who to vote for. Men, who by definition could not be hysterical, were better suited. Besides, since the man ruled the household, what would giving women the vote do other than double the votes of married couples? But the libtards again shoved their wokeness down everyone's throat and forced the helpless women to take time away from their important chores to waste time voting. They really hated women. Then came interracial marriage. Conservatives knew that letting black men marry white women was the same as rape, and they valiantly fought to keep women safe from black men. One conservative noted that "if it needs lynching to protect woman's dearest possession from the ravening human beasts – then I say lynch, a thousand times a week if necessary." But again woke liberal losers decided that they hated freedom and wanted to shove black rape down everyone's throats. In 1967, loser lib Robert Kennedy took up the case, which made it all the way to the Supreme Court - and resulted in a ruling that banning interracial marriage was unconstitutional. Civil rights was similar. Conservatives had given blacks their freedom; what else did they want? Having separate schools, separate buses, separate bathrooms etc was necessary for the sake of children. No one wanted to have their innocent child in a classroom - or, worse, a bathroom - when a BLACK came into it! What would happen to the child? Who would protect them from the human beasts? When Martin Luther King started his crusade to abolish segregation he was well received by the idiot liberals, but conservatives knew it would end in disaster. Fortunately for them, MLK was assasinated by a brave hero before he could accomplish all his woke goals. Then there was the issue of gay rights. Smart states banned gay marriage and made it illegal to be gay at all. But the woke states allowed it, and as a result became godless and evil. Then another activist court made gay marriage legal for everyone and ended morality in America. And today we have trans rights, which the good conservatives of the time are opposing for all the same reasons. What about the CHILDREN? Drag queens in your son's SCHOOLS! Books about trans issues are PORNOGRAPHY and must be BANNED! Leftist liberals cutting off children's GENITALS! WOKE MADNESS! [/s] Our society has seen a long, unsteady march towards greater civil rights. From slavery abolition to women's suffrage to civil rights to LGBT rights, each step has seen conservatives fight back as hard as they can against new rights for groups of people. We are seeing the same fight today over trans rights. Sadly, one of the primary reasons we progress as a society is that the older generation dies off, and with them, a lot of the old hatreds and biases die as well. So in one sense progress comes not from enlightenment, but from a failure to propagate the hatreds to the next generation. Education has always been seen as liberal for this reason, and is a big factor in why today women think nothing about being able to vote, or being able to tell their husbands they don't want to have sex, or being able to marry a black man (or even another woman.)
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    Seen on another forum: Q: What do you call a Republican three-way? A: Extended family values.
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    The gag order has been reinstated on Trump, but Trump managed to slip in an attack on the judges wife before it was reinstated. One of Trump's key messages that is based on fact/truth is that the political elite are treated differently to Joe Average. Trump's trial and treatment in the courts is possibly the most public and blatant evidence of the truth that the rich and powerful get special treatment, and no he is not a victim of the system. Globally politicians get far too much and have lost sight of the fact they are servants of the people, not masters.
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    Clearly it is because Obamacare predicted the forced castration of men. And we all know men with balls vote Republican and men without balls vote Democrat. Hence why Obamacare was secretly all about castrating men.
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    I've heard that too often. Not only does it not take all kinds but there are several kinds we can well do without.
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    And let us not forget the inimitable Corporal Klinger in the TV show M*A*S*H... Wendy P.
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    One of its singular strengths to me. But it is uncomfortable sometimes. Wendy P.
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    Because we can't stand on guard against it if we don't understand just how much of it is in our societies. This isn't FB, your feed is not curated to cater to what you already believe.
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    The truth that everyone except you already knew? Anyway, your post was quite clear - you support Russia's invasion of Ukraine, you're happy that (you think) they've achieved the goals of their bloody and brutal war, and you think what has happened there is hilarious. I can;t think of much that's more evil than that.
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    In their defense, he does look fabulous.
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    He's a South African skydiver who started this forum 20 some odd years ago. There was a now-famous meetup at Eloy where all the moderators (at the time) got together with him to do an 8-way.
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    He proves daily that not only IS he still vigorous enough for such a demanding position, he then goes beyond that. He rides bikes, he runs, he exercises, he drives hotrods and hauls ass doing it. He's standing up to every evil autocrat on the planet, insulting and challenging them. He's strong enough to corral the majority of the planet to tighten NATO memberships and cooperation. He does what's RIGHT. He's stand proud doing it. WTAF would it take to show his is more than capable to those that hate him for no other reason than his age???? The tottering old man concern should be for the other idiots in the republican party. Have you seen THEIR conditions??? The continual grooming to hate members of opposing parties is disgusting. America used to be better than the idiocy we have in half of the government these days. The Republicans are a dying party. They're killing themselves. Yet some people worry about a POTUS that's doing a very impressive job given the current situation the entire planet is in....while trying to support a criminal who wears diapers?????? I swear I've gone through a time machine or some sort of portal. WTF happened to Americans????
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    Probably a good time for review of the rules here. The basics are: - No personal attacks. - No jokes about or references to pedophilia. - No advertising in the forums. - Post on topic. - No hijacking of threads. - No threads about specific posters. - No posting external media/text without commentary/attribution. Those are the big ones. Let's focus on the first one. No Personal attacks, including hate posts, flaming or trolling. Personal attacks are any variation on "you're an idiot." Hate posts are posts that are racist, sexist, homophobic, bigoted, or pornographic, and intended to attack a group of people. Note that I will apply this to people who promulgate memes that are intended to harm this community or society in general (i.e. "vaccines will kill you" "alcohol doesn't affect you when you are skydiving" etc.) Flaming is posting with no other goal other than to attack someone else on the forum i.e. not to dispute a point they made, solely to attack. Trolling is posting inflammatory messages with the sole purpose of provoking others into a negative emotional response. It can be for the troll's amusement, or to fulfill a political/cultural goal, or because they are paid to do so. The reason doesn't really matter; it's the approach and the goal that makes them a troll. However, someone who posts material that infuriates you is not necessarily a troll. Someone here might post that they hate all new energy sources and they believe that all energy should come from coal. Someone else might post that they hate coal and think all new energy should come from solar. Here, the first person will tend to piss everyone off; the second one will piss people off less. Which one is a troll? You can't decide based purely on who they piss off. It depends on their goals, and we don't know them. What we can do is observe what they post. If it's self consistent and expresses a consistent opinion, that means they are less likely to be a troll. If what they post changes based on who they are answering, in order to best enrage them, then they are more likely to be a troll. If their posts are nonsensical they are more likely to be trolling. If their posts answer specific points in someone else's posts, they are less likely to be trolling. We make these distinctions because we do not want to ban someone based on how mad they make other people. That leads to a forum full of intolerant people who have self-selected to only believe a specific range of things by banning anyone with beliefs outside that range. It's better, IMO, to keep the contentious posters here and have the intolerant leave if they cannot bear to read their content. Since we now have tools that allow people to block such contentious posters, there is no need to read anyone you don't want to. I will add that the more trollish posters tend to regularly violate other rules (personal attack, hate posts etc) and so get banned fairly regularly anyway. We can permanently ban someone who keeps doing this, but we have done that only rarely to avoid the problems we mentioned above. As a final note, this website is owned by Willem, and it's effectively his house. He opens his house to everyone, but reserves the right to give them the boot if they're rude, or not gracious, or heck if they say "aboot" instead of "about." It's his money and his website. Keep that in mind while posting.
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    Sure, Biden doesn't give swell, inspirational speeches like Obama did. But what problem do you have with his administrations actions?
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    It looks like the Sandy Hook families are getting closer to collecting some of what Jones owes them. https://ca.finance.yahoo.com/news/alex-jones-needs-sandy-hook-222152347.html
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    It's just 'cause they forgot to neuter the little fuckers
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    Maybe if we trapped, neutered and released people, there wouldn't be so many screwing up the earth.
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    "In NATO doctrine, propaganda is defined as "Information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote a political cause or point of view." Recently a close ally of President Putin was caught by western journalists adopting a kidnapped Ukrainian child. Pictured below: Russia is a gangster state, led by an indicted war criminal, President Putin. He has a history of deliberately targeting American troops in Afghanistan. By paying bounties to the Taliban to kill US and other NATO troops. The US and the west has spent and is still spending trillions of dollars in defense spending to protect our people. Yet Speakers Corner allows blatant Russian, Chinese, Iranian propaganda to be posted again and again by a certain member here.Statements, ideas and links to crimes against children, war crimes and propaganda specifically targeted to deceive, conceal and corrupt the truth.All of these actions go far beyond trolling. Members here dance around the lies labeling it a "mathematical errors" etc. Yet the issue is far beyond what QAnon was doing a few years ago. The issue is protecting an ongoing war crime. Crimes against the elderly, children and hundreds of thousands of now dead people. Its time for moderators to bring this to an end.
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    Hi Nigel, Think Germany in 1933. Jerry Baumchen The Nazi's first came for the Communists and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Communist. Then they came for the Jews and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Jew. Then they came for the trade unionists and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a trade unionist. Then they came for the Catholics and I didn't speak up because I was a Protestant. Then they came for me, and by that time there was no one left to speak for me. Rev. Martin Niemoeller
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    So, you claim to dislike the maga agenda of American primacy, yet somehow think that it is wrong for the neighbours to comment? Frankly full of freaking unfriendly foolishness.
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    Mr Murphy doesn't like it when people ignore his Law.
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    Hi folks, Looks like the noose is getting tighter: the three-judge panel found that Mr Trump was not acting in an official role when he made the remarks. Court rules Donald Trump can be sued for allegedly inciting Capitol riot (bbc.com) How sweet it is. Jerry Baumchen
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    It wasn't Chaucer, it was my post.. and it is correct. How can people take you seriously if you can't read. Instead of your typical bloviating with generalities.. and dodging anything specific.. Where is it wrong. Go ahead,, Conclusion is 20:18 at 23 DME needs a 20 k higher average speed and that does not fit the evidence. What you have done for over a decade is created your own path to fit the 20:18 error. Ground distance along the path from 14 DME SEA to 23 DME PDX is measured in NM. The air speed varied between about 170-150 knots. The wind about 35 k..
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    Democrats are taking advantage of republicans being distracted by . . anything shiny lately to win some pretty significant victories. Today's victory was an elegant chess move in response to the republican attempts to get to Biden by going through his son. Their attempted subpoena of Hunter Biden was derailed neatly by Hunter's offer to do it publicly. This caused the republican agenda to come to a screeching halt. Their plan was to have him testify behind closed doors, so that Comer could move from the hidden testimony directly to a FOX News interview where he could say something like "Hunter Biden admitted that his father had sex with little girls!" - and that would dominate the news cycle before anyone could talk to Hunter and learn that nothing like that was even discussed. By demanding a public hearing, Comer cannot pull that trick. So of course he is demanding that his testimony NOT be public, which makes him look a whole lot like a coward who is afraid that the public will see what's actually happening. Other republicans are confused at why they would refuse a public hearing, based on how damning they believe Hunter's testimony will be, House Oversight Committee chairman Jamie Raskin called their confusion an "epic humiliation" and it looks like that's how many people are taking it. It is proving to be a very hard sell. Meanwhile several republicans spent the day fighting to keep George Santos in Congress, which will come become excellent democratic fodder in their arguments that republicans support criminals. But they also can't _not_ defend him since they will have to do the same thing for Trump when he runs.
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    Note the above post from Hominid back in 2012.
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    That was Tom being confused by what he was reading. Tracking the first day or two of the sketches is very complicated, so it's understandable he'd get that mixed up. That drawing that came from Vegas was done using Tina's description without her real-time assistance. There is a 302 that specifically states that it was drawn using Tina's description. Gregory did go through the Facial ID Catalog on Nov 25th though, so that might be the confusion. Roy Rose didn't get out to see the stews until Nov 26th. However, the FBI had already sent Rose the catalog selections from Gregory as well as from Flo and Alice and maybe a handful of others. So I'd be curious to know if he had already drawn a rough outline of the first Bing sketch using the ID kit numbers before he got to the stews and then made in person adjustments OR if Bing was completely created on the fly. This is one of the reasons I'd really like to get that Facial ID Catalog. I'd be interested to see if some of those early ID kit selections from the 25th made it into the Bing sketch. That would give us our answer to whether Bing was drawn on the fly.
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    One of my favorite clueless republicans had this to say about Shakespeare: “Shakespeare didn’t walk around putting pronouns in his plays.” Thus not only exhibiting a remarkable ignorance of the English language AND Shakespeare, but providing comedy gold by using a pronoun to complain about pronouns. She then followed up with this (mocking) statement: "Imagine if this dude wrote “My name is Macbeth and my pronouns are they/them.” " Also from Macbeth: "Come, you spirits / that tend on mortal thoughts / unsex me here." "You should be women, And yet your beards forbid me to interpret that you are so." If any republicans have ever READ Macbeth, they'd be trying to cancel it faster than you can say "drag queen library hour."
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    And the R party seems to be putting their eggs in a jail cell. As is often the case, voters will have to decide which is the least bad choice.
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    Hi lippy, Here you go: Predators (TV Series 2022– ) - IMDb Jerry Baumchen
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    You are correct, the link I posted referred to “young people” I conflated that with the overall population. My mistake, good catch Sir.
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    The average American has seen their real wages reduced by about 4%. When the question asked is “are you better off now than at the start of Biden’s presidency”, the answer for most Americans is no. That simple fact is reflected in Biden’s poll numbers.
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