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    Lawyers have a high rate of misery compared to other professions. A 2-second google search revealed that attorneys have the 11th highest suicide rate by occupation. I'm sad that people immediately piled on the OP. I suspect skydiving has saved a LOT of people from depression, and I think there is HUGE value in people sharing openly about their struggles with mental health. That's undermined when people are jerks to each other when they could just as easily say nothing.
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    you might look at a lotus. they're a sabre-ish 9 cell, with airlocks. that makes them pack a bit bigger. not a whole size, but bigger.
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    The important thing is to call the mfg with your measurements and let them help you decide how to get a fall rate that will allow you to easily play with others. Nobody flies best when having to fly near the upper or lower limit of what they can do.
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    Being a small club DZ, at Skydive Fargo you actually get more than what you pay for. All 25 jumps include a coach or instructor flying with you. No extra charge. That being said, this program is not designed to bring in outsiders, as free coaching is a money losing proposition. It is all about bringing new local skydivers into the sport and growing our club. On a side note, we also offer AFF. It also includes coaches flying with you through A license.
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    Thanks, Mark. Looks like I need to get them lengthened. Much appreciated!
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    Got a Spectre 135 but haven't jumped it yet. Is 17 and 1/2 inches long enough for the lower brake lines? I have short risers, so I'm hoping that will work.
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    The factory mark is set at a little more than 23 inches, so you're about 6 inches short. You'll probably be able to stall it, but you might not get full flight out of it, and the canopy is likely to buck and shudder if you try conventional front riser dives.
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    Comfortable clothing, appropriate to the weather. I usually wear jeans under my jumpsuit. Shorts also work. Lots of ladies wear yoga pants. T-shirt or sweatshirt on top. Avoid collars, hoods or strings. Sneakers (trainers) are typical. Students should wear closed toe shoes, even though there are experienced jumpers who wear sandals or even go barefoot. Make sure you don't wear shoes with hooks (hiking boots usually have them). They are considered a snag hazard. Try to get a good night's sleep the night before (good luck with that). Stay fed & hydrated. Don't eat a huge, heavy meal, but make sure you eat. Pay attention to the instructors and make sure you understand. If you don't understand something, ask. Do NOT, under any circumstances say "but they said on Dropzone Dot Com..." Don't pay a whole lot of attention to what you read on here. You don't have the understanding to know what is good advice and what is crap (and there's a lot of crap on here). As Skybytch noted, there are a lot of training differences between Tandem, AFF & static line jumping. But the above applies to all of them.
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    Editing is only enabled for a couple hours or so after the post or reply. No editing can be done after that.
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    We do have a policy of no advertising on the forums. However, if you would like to talk about the experiences that led you to write this book, that would be great, and very much in line with what this forum is for.
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    Wow, you bought it from a dealer and they didn't verify it would work for you before selling it to you? That sucks, this isn't a lesson you should have to be learning. Tbh, if I were you, I'd sell it and get something that is right for you.
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    I said the same on Reddit, but I'm using a Speed 220sqft alongside my Silhouette 190 in a Wings W18, which is made for a 170-190 main and a 176-793 reserve. So it's designed for an optimum 193. My speed 220 fits beautifully.
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    You can forget about the Speed 190. Not a chance. Speed 170 and Optimum 160 are "maybe".
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    Apparently it's 103. https://www.guinnessworldrecords.com/world-records/oldest-tandem-parachute-jump-(female) I had the privilege to be on this load. She was incredible!
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    I have seen this industry grow in the past 20+ years from 1 skydiving simulator, to over 70 now. There are a lot of growing pains this industry has gone through. I have watched coaches try many different techniques, some that have worked, some that have not, while some were safe, and some were not. Teach only what you know is safe and productive. I would love to see us share information, growing to become safer and more productive! JW
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    Like a few comments I've seen on here, I'm older and very new to the sport. Made my first tandem for my 50th. I'm 52 this yr & started the reqs for my "A" license. My instructor had concerns about my having a bad left knee. I won't get into the damage, but went to the ortho who told me "if you wanna do it.. DO IT. You already need an artificial joint and you cant really damage it worse." So I'm going forward. I may pick up a little slower, but the way I look at it i wasn't gonna do 50 jumps and quit... so what difference does a few extras in getting my license matter. Yes i know I'm bugging the hell out of a lot of friends who know me & don't share or get the interest. Yes I know I likely sound like one of those annoying newbies who has no idea how silly they sound and don't know what they don't know. SO...? ! I cant let it go... and why should i? Blue skies.
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    Sorry, i didn't realize telling someone about a forum rule is a negative thing. As for what Erroll said, he's right. While I often find it to be a useful word, not everyone appreciates the word fuck. Using it on the back cover description might drive away potential buyers. . Pointing out something that could affect your sales is constructive criticism, not negativity. Negative would be telling you that you're an asshole for putting it on there. At least that's how I would take it.
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    Technically this post is advertising, which is not allowed in the forums, but hey, congrats on getting published! Skydiving has helped a lot of people fighting depression and other mental health issues. But that depression comes back with a vengeance should you have to stop due to injury or other circumstances. Especially if you have wrapped your whole life and identity around it, which is easy to do in such an amazing activity. That's what I experienced anyway.
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    People are forgetting how much main canopies have diverged from reserve canopies over the last 30 years. Many younger riggers refuse to repack reserves older than themselves. Even grumpy, old, grey-bearded Master Riggers like me (62 years old and rigging for the last 35 years) want nothing to do with reserves built during the 1980s. Heck! I no longer even have the tools needed to inspect round reserves made during the 1980s. Back in 1989, zero-porosity fabric and zero-stretch suspension lines had only been recently been invented. Most skydivers loaded their 7-cell, F-111 fabric mains about 0.7 pounds per square foot. The range of main sizes was severely limited and only petite women jumped 176 square foot mains. Only a few brave souls loaded their reserves more than 1:1. Early BASE jumpers just used their regular skydiving canopies (e.g. 7-cell, 220 square foot Cruiselite made by Para-Flite). Anyone who expects soft landings under a 7-cell, sub-150 square reserve more than 30 years old should ..... buy the best medical insurance available.
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    You can only have one or the other.
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    YouTube and Ebay. Good luck. Post your videos.
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    You get what you pay for.
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    Hey Folks. If you are interested there is a Celebration of Life Event being help at the Chelsea Rod and Gun Club on Oct 12 2019 @ 5:30 PM. Here is a link to the Facebook event https://www.facebook.com/events/616515138873753/ If the link doesn't work cut and paste. Please check it out and if you can attend click on "Going" so that Rebecca has a head count. We are also hosting a Boogie in his Honor at Skydive Tecumseh on the Napoleon airport starting @ 9:00 Friday, Saturday and Sunday. There will be a Twin Otter on site to support this and all are welcome to come jump. Here is the FB link for that https://www.facebook.com/events/391083248149531/ Again, If the link doesn't work cut and paste. If you can attend, click on "Going" so the organizers have some idea of head count. Mark PharrSide/FlipSide
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    Hi. My name is Mandy Baker and I'm Neil Baker's daughter (my mom is Carole). My father recently passed and I'm trying to find old pictures of him. I saw this post and I'm assuming it's the same Neil Baker because its the right area and dates. I don't know how to see the pictures that were posted on here but if anyone has any pictures or even stories about him please share them with me. My email is msarbaker1@gmail.com
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    I used to go into a spin as well when I first started. Here are a few tips my instructor gave me that helped me tremendously: 1) Heel checks: these help you bring your legs to level and easier to take it from there. 2) Practice leveling at home: when you're home, watching TV, playing video games or reading a book, arch on the floor and keep an eye out on your legs. You don't really have to arch too hard, just lay on the floor on your stomach holding the book or controller and lift your legs as if you are skydiving. If you have a mirror that allows you to see your legs at least it would be great, if not simply look back every couple of minutes and see how your legs are positioned. Fix them as needed, You can heel checks here as well. 3) Straight stand (just came up with the name): when you're not doing anything but standing (cooking in the kitchen for example, or standing at the DZ having a smoke, stand straight with your legs and feet touching each other. Looks funny I know, but it helps programing your brain to get used to the level or center point of where your legs should be in comparison to each other. I did those 3 after my 3rd jump, came back for the 4th I think a week later and haven't span since.
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