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    "The problem with using the terms “hard” and “soft” is that they are often misinterpreted. “Hard” science is often misinterpreted to mean that the discipline is more difficult or that the methods are based on true scientific principles. This can make people believe that “soft” science is wishy-washy and ideological. The truth is that any scientific discipline, when practiced properly, is hard. The scientific method requires hypotheses that can be tested using proper control groups and carefully designed methods. The difference between a chemistry experiment and a human behavior experiment is that it is easy to put chemical mixtures into positive and negative control groups. It is not so easy to find human beings that conform to the design of the study. The bottom line is that to further any scientific discipline; hard or soft, it is critical that the scientist do her best to follow the scientific method. The most difficult part of any experiment is interpreting results. Confidence in conclusions depends on design study." ~Karen Reece, BS, MS, PhD Over the past two years, I too; have recently found myself in that situation and am only "walking" in the past three weeks. It has been a humbling experience fraught with frustrations and anger - at myself, at the world, etc. But, you probably know this. [EDIT] And it "woke" me to the plight of the handicapped. I used to think that I was being helpful by opening the door or offering to help in some way . . . What I never realized was that I was constantly reminding them that they are handicapped and that I was more fortunate. I'll let Oscar Pistorius, Ryan Raghoo and Sir Philip Craven share their thoughts with you on the matter. You asked for a couple of resources of whom I gave the original authors of CRT. You skimmed the attached article and found something to attack and support your ingrained thoughts on the subject and appear to have stopped there without reading more. Peek and You and I used to sit at the WFFC in the evenings and have long conversations about safety and the direction of skydiving at the end of the day. I remember you as being more receptive than rigid. I feel pretty safe in saying that you don't really want to learn more about CRT as much as you just want to argue by using references and talking points from those who support your position. And, you have a right to your opinion, so we'll just leave it there.
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    Agreed, the vector issue is different in a subtle way. And in these cases, the devil is in the details. As far as the Icon stuff going on here, with three newly-made accounts all offering unsubstantiated photo's/videos of icons not properly working, I'm smelling either a hidden agenda or a big pile of bullshit. Cough up the details, or get the f* out.
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    So, your side can only stand their own perceived "injustice" before they resort to violence and sedition for about three months. Yet people of color who have suffered unwritten oppression for a few hundred years are expected to just "wait it out" because "times are changing," without engaging in wholly law-abiding peaceful demonstrations demanding equal rights. Yeah, sounds about right. But using your own question then: how long should they wait?
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    I am vastly more impressed with Victor Vescovo, who funded the development of a submersible vehicle he then personally piloted to the deepest point in every ocean. During these dives a lot of real science was done, including the discovery of over 50 new species of deep-sea animals. For his ~$50 million investment we have a submersible capable of reaching and exploring every point in the world's oceans. Don
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    Critical race theory is a way of looking at history. Because history has many points of view; not only that of the “victor.” It applies a lens of disparate treatment based on race to social and governmental structures, to see if it’s valid or made a difference. Like any cool new hammer, some people see it as the lens, rather than one of many. Using a hammer to remove a window is generally less than optimal, but that doesn’t make the hammer useless. We’re used to the lens of US history and civics as interpreted and written by (generally) white and (generally) male authorities, because that human description was synonymous with professional and scholarly authority; certainly in the US, and very possibly throughout the western world. Why not try different lenses? Ever wonder how history (you know, the one and only history) is taught in other countries? Maybe they don’t all have exactly the same viewpoint. Wendy P.
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    So, you joined 4 hours ago to bash Icon? Welcome to the forums and thanks for your valuable insight. Perhaps you shouldn't buy any rig - they've all had reserve issues. Skydiving is not for everyone.
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    The massacre was in 1921. In 1919, there was a thriving, prosperous and vibrant black community in Tulsa. Many were wealthy. Many were well educated. It was a great example of what a "black community" could look like. So the whites destroyed it.
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    Those of us who have behaved responsibly by wearing masks and, since the vaccines became available, getting vaccinated, should not be held hostage by those who can’t be bothered to do the same, or who are too deluded by misinformation or desire to "own the libs". . The more inconvenient we make life for the recklessly unvaccinated, the better our own lives will be. Time for some serious shaming. As far as I'm concerned, Darwin can take the recklessly or willfully unvaccinated and good riddance.
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    I thought they didn't like cancel culture.....
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    I copied it from a post I made elsewhere. They were my words. Didn't want to have to retype everything.
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    Incorrect...proof was a short film that Fandango was based on. Truman Sparks is the same actor/person in both.
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    Yes, well, I can relate. I mean, I have to confess I wore a mask when I got vaccinated.
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    Be that as it may, JoeWeber's comment is still funny as hell. :-) To the OP, in my opinion a "standup landing" is the most overrated type of landing there is. Personally, I have been making PLFs for most of a year when recovering from a knee injury (which I sustained while participating in a ballroom dancing contest, if you believe it). I reasoned that while my knee was finally good enough to jump safely, I was not going to jeopardise it with "having to" land on my feet as experienced jumpers are "expected to". I reasoned that I was jumping out of an airplane - no need to try and look cool. :-)
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    What, to you, Winsor, differentiates the “races” besides skin color, and sometimes distinctive facial features? And why, besides the social treatment, does it matter? If there is nothing of significance, then doesn’t that kind of mean that race is a social construct? And that therefore its social construction is worthy of study — especially since there’s a well-documented history of it’s being used in social and legal contexts? Wendy P.
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    It would seem there IS a process to report such occurrences other than throwing shit out on social media. </sarcasm>
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    @carrier louis paul What was that piece of metal that flew off to the side when RPC launced?
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    It’s not about pro Trump and anti Trump. It’s about complicit vs not complicit. Jim Jordan is not just crazy, not just a proven liar on a wild scale, not just an enthusiastic pusher of wild election fraud fantasies, he was literally in the room where it happened when Trump and his team were formulating their ‘let’s get everyone riled up’ pre riot plans. It’s not even just about the bias - you can’t make an investigator out of someone who could easily be subpoenaed as a witness to the things being investigated, and everyone knows that. Putting him forward in the first place is pure Republican political theatre.
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    Hi Sky, Re: Republicans win the PR war with their base There are moments when I think that this is the only thing that they really care about. Jerry Baumchen
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    OK, I need to get this off my chest: All us baby-boomers got together in early 2020, and agreed to start dropping like flies, just to make Trump look bad. There; I feel so much better after admitting this.
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    I live in the foothills now. It's a different kind of California up here.
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    Sell everything south of Bakersfield. It's all a wasteland anyway.
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    Direct link to the CDC document which WaPo is reporting on today: https://context-cdn.washingtonpost.com/notes/prod/default/documents/54f57708-a529-4a33-9a44-b66d719070d9/note/7335c3ab-06ee-4121-aaff-a11904e68462.
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    Did I just see Bill Booth answer the phone in "The Firm"? The Firm = mediocre legal thriller movie from the 90s, Tom Cruise, Gene Hackman.
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    Ah, the good old "stop taxing rich people to pay for social welfare!" combined with "it's poor people's fault that they're lazy and have a lot of children".
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    Yes you did. I think that's also his seaplane with him flying it. If I remember the story right, supposedly Tom Cruise learned to skydive at Deland while he was in Florida filming Days of Thunder. I guess he liked Bill and thought his beard was filmogenic, so he found a place to use him. I knew a guy who used to work for one of the major film set catering companies, one that Cruise requested on his sets. Cruise knew my friend was a jumper, so a couple times when they were on location, Cruise had him (secretly) find a nearby dz he could jump at on days off.
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    Well of course you are. It's another conservative/libertarian group telling you what it is and painting it in the worst possible light, as opposed to any actual teaching that's currently going on. It took a few seconds of skimming the page to pick up on the language chosen and then another couple of minutes checking the parent site and the other externally linked references to confirm this was the furthest thing from an objective observer. If CRT actually was what that website says it is, everyone here would be in agreement with you. But also if you spent half as much time writing your lengthy diatribes and put the balance into actually *researching* the topics you've chosen, you might have already seen that you are being led by the nose. In fairness though, I do genuinely appreciate that you finally provided some sources for examination.
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    It does not, nor did Joe claim it did. What he said was it showcases "all the lies that the Alt-Right are using to try to suppress CRT." Which it does admirably. Some examples: "Critical race theory has spread across the U.S. like—forgive the expression—a virus." And what do you do to a virus? " . . .beholds the astounding impunity with which it may run amok in the streets and burn police cars and shopping malls . . ." Equating CRT to rioting is like equating US independence to looting. (After all, Boston Tea Party - need any fool say more?) "All white people are racists. " - A favorite lie the right attributes to CRT. After all, if you are white, they hate you! As to the censorship itself I refer you to: "Republicans announce federal bills to 'restrict the spread' of critical race theory" https://www.nbcnews.com/news/nbcblk/republicans-announce-federal-bills-restrict-spread-critical-race-theory-n1267161 Please tell us all how the government outlawing a field of study is just fine, but Facebook deleting posts that violate its Terms of Service is just like the Kristallnacht. I'm disappointed. You once seemed like a pretty free thinker, with your own opinions and viewpoints. It was interesting to hear what you had to say. It's sad to see you sucked into the partisan void of the dittoheads and right wing parrots; what comes out of your mouth these days has been predigested and fed to you by the right wing, and you present it without any additional critical thought.
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    Well, you've come to the right place for advice. The truth is that it is never too soon to start doubting and second guessing ones skydiving instructors.
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    yet the pro-trumpers had a chance at a bi-partisan investigation and refused. no way in hell i would let one of the nut jubs on the panel after that. i recall folks begging the gop to take part in that one.
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    you are correct, here is a reserve total malfunction with Icon, the rigger had time to take the rig off and picture it
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    Maybe I'll figure it out. Changing 1 1/2 shot capewells to New Old Stock R3's sometime soon when I get to it. Just got the rivets from Paragear. And yes I have the tool kit also NOS.
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    Hi folks, Interesting news from the NFL: players on both teams will not be paid their weekly game checks, and the team responsible for the cancelled game due to unvaccinated players would be responsible for covering lost revenue from that game NFL warns teams COVID-19 outbreak among unvaccinated players will lead to forfeits: Report - oregonlive.com We tried giving people money to get vax'd. Now, maybe taking away their money may work. Jerry Baumchen
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    Vaccines are not treatment.
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    Thats a hesitation. A total is when nothing launches. Can't tell much since the video is from the front. From the side would be way more useful. A hesitation on the bench does not mean it will hesitate in freefall. Freefall is not static like laying on a bench is. If the jumper were to drop a shoulder should it happen in freefall (standard student training, yes?) the shifting of the container and additional airflow over the back will likely clear any hesitation. Just too many variables involved to be blaming the container without specifying exactly what caused the hesitation. Besides the fact that bench hesitations are not unusual on any container (per my master rigger husband with 6k repacks...). Is the closing loop the correct length? One that is too long could cause a hesitation. Are the canopies correctly sized for the container? Over or understuffing can create these sort of issues. More details and a video that actually shows something useful are needed if you are going to attempt to damn the container manufacturer for something that may not be a container issue. Especially on the internet... using a click bait title... in a forum frequented by noobs...
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    When I can't wear my swoop shorts I usually just run the $14 Jeans. Fairly rugged and not super expensive to replace if they blow out. That being said, if you're new to the sport, moderately athletic, and you're flying a modern parachute you should be able to stand up landings.
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    Time Left: 16 days and 16 hours

    • FOR SALE
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    (Will ship to buyer): Javelin RSK-1, C-19 Container, with 107 Crossfire-2 main, and MicroRaven 109 reserve, with skyhook assembly, not selling the AAD. Great condition. Canopy’s labels are worn out due to sun and packing. Overall main canopy condition is very good, reserve is in excellent condition no rides, (like new).


    Savannah, Georgia - US

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    I would interpret this piece of gobbledy goop as your way of saying that like many of Trumps's fans you will ignore the evidence and cling tightly to the lies you have chosen to embrace. Because your world would become even more frightening to you if you did not.
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    That is because the GOP is slowly turning into the Fascist Party of the US.
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    I think in general one is able to make an inherently racist comment without being a racist.
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    Not only boring, but like an echo chamber too.
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    More of the same what? That so far, there are TWO 'left wing terrorists' who have been arrested? How many Trump supporters have been arrested? Hint: A lot. How many of the people arrested for destructive behavior during the BLM protests turned out to be Alt-Right types? Hint: A lot. This is very reminiscent of the claims of "voter fraud" by the right. It turns out that there's a LOT more committed by Trump fans than by anyone else.
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    So the guy wearing the fur and horn viking hat eats only organic? Wait until he finds out how many TV channels there are.
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    So tell me Ron. Back when you were serving your country, did you ever imagine that one day you would be supporting domestic terrorists trying to take over the US capital, because they were mad they lost an election?
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    Wow, just made my first jump in 20 years this past Friday. Reviewing my logbook I remembered an entry from Ted on January 16, 1985 when I followed him and my twin sister out on her first tandem jump. I still have the picture from 26 years ago, tell me who was having more fun jumping with a brother and sister that day. Rest in peace Mr. Strong, you've made an entire community better just by sharing your life with us.
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