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    I don't think anyone should be forced to get a vaccine. MOST (not all) people on the left agree there. I do think that if you don't get vaccinated, or you don't want to wear a mask, there are things you won't be able to do. Go into a NICU or a hospital room, for example.
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    You may have just uncovered why he doesn't read anything he posts!
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    Let's also not pretend a pimple, or any other assemblage of inanimate cells, is a baby.
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    We obviously like our ancient website. I personally think facebook groups and other online formats suck compared to a forum. Other obviously disagree, but that doesn't surprise me. They lend themselves to the type of interaction that fits well with most peoples gnat like attention spans. They are designed to push up the frequency and volume of communication for their advertisement revenue, so you get the same post and discussion 1000x without any of the depth.
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    I do. Besides being happy with our strengthened NATO alliance and how he's handling the war in Ukraine I am totally thrilled that he is occupying the Oval Office and not Trump. Even if I were to concede he's made some domestic policy errors just knowing that it's mere incompetence not rank criminality as the root cause makes me happy.
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    You’re free to go. I believe that inciting people to leave is bad form.
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    BULLSHIT!!!!! It's 96.5% tops!
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    It's really very sad that you would take this view for partisan reasons. The Buffalo shooter admits straight up that a lot of what he was writing and saying was for 'memes and shitposting' so really almost any part of it could be true or untrue, and it certainly contains deliberate attempts to feed the press a false narrative. The only thing we can really judge to be true is what is supported by his actions. Did he really specifically and intentionally kill a bunch of black people because he was anti-corporatist? No. Did he kill them because he didn't like conservatism? No. Did he kill them because the media is full of Jews? No, but that's edging closer. He killed a bunch of black people because he was a racist who was incenced by racist rhetoric with a strong focus on replacement theory. That's really the only bit of the manifesto we know is true. He was really, really into replacement theory which is not only a right wing talking point, it is very specifically a Republican talking point. It is pushed by Republican politicians and Republican media commentators to get people fired up against the Democrat party and their policies. Well, this guy was fired up.
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    This mental fallacy is why the US will always be unable to solve this problem.
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    I can’t believe I just did that Wendy P.
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    So you never thought there was a problem with the hiring of any incompetent press secretary before. Just this one. Because she is black.
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    That’s an assertion. What do you have to back it up, besides assumptions based on her appearance and the like? I’m assuming that any errors made by white male press secretaries were completely understandable, right? Give me a fucking break. She’s been the deputy for quite awhile, that may have given people some time to evaluate her. She may not be up to the job, but it won’t be because she’s female, gay, African-American, etc. By your standards, any liberal, in any position, is probably unqualified Wendy P.
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    You mean Trump's inauguration committee that caused the non-profit as well as Trump's company to pay $750,000 for the misuse of non-profit funds? Strangely enough Brent is silent on that one too.
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    I’m not sure I understand why. But then 10 years ago this was the place. Personally, I completely agree with the earlier analysis of a forum format being better for actual discussion. And I’ll admit I don’t see the benefits of completely unmoderated discussion, but then I’m on the polite side, and don’t find a venue where being the biggest asshole means you win (or get heard the most) to be attractive Wendy P.
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    Well, obviously he is preparing to run as the GOP presidential candidate in 2024.
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    Hi Jerry, An embryo can be frozen for a very long time, then used to create a living baby. The current record is 27 years, with the baby being born in Oct 2020. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-55164607 Can't do that with a baby. OTOH, as far as vaccines go, a pregnant woman won't make other women around her pregnant. I'm not sure if I agree with vax mandates or not (none exist at the moment). I AM in favor of not allowing unvaxxed people in certain places, to do certain activities and putting them at the 'back of the line' for medical care.
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    LMAO and there it is: SpaceX Paid $250,000 to a Flight Attendant Who Accused Elon Musk of Sexual Misconduct (businessinsider.com) Certainly only an allegation at this time, but the timing of him saying "you're going to hear bad things about me and they're definitely just hit pieces" immediately before this news dropped is absolutely protesting too much...
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    The shooter described himself as a " I fall in the middle of the mild, moderate authoritarian left category, and I would prefer to be called a populist... Call me an ethno-nationalist eco-fascist national socialist if you want, I wouldn't disagree with you." Its amusing that metalslug can look past the shooters actions and pick out the phrases that appeal to his personal identity. His view of politics. No the shooter didn't travel long distances to kill Blacks because he's a racist. Its all because he is a leftist, a democrat even. Bill's excellent response involved far to much effort for me. A statement in which the shooter identifies himself as a Nazi ("national socialist") then goes out to kill Blacks is framed as "leftist". .Because he self labeled himself as "left". Such is the self identity of the populist right in America, for some. Just pick the phrases and identity that fits your feelings Let your actions stand separate.
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    The Advantages of Extremism by John Cleese.
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    You are in favour of government mandated and regulated manufacturing and oppose health and safety regulations. You make absolutely no sense whatsoever.
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    Best description I've read is that he always looks like a dog wondering where the ball went.
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    The majority of folks I see standing in line to get lottery tickets...shouldn't.
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    In a nutshell it's your right to keep your health information private, sort of. But in a world where privacy is no longer a constitutional right that can change. On the bright side maybe we'll get Trumps grades now.
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    NATO is a deterrent. Putin doesn’t want conflict with the NATO block. That’s partly why he attacked Ukraine - to cut off NATO membership - and most of why he felt confidant that he could attack Ukraine without being directly opposed. In short, with Finland in NATO there is a far, far lower probability of Russian aggression against Finland. If you can’t see why that’s a good thing for NATO in general and the rest of Europe in particular then I’m not sure what else to say.
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    That's "alludes to." Elude means "hide from." I assume you don't see yourself as hiding from that critical mass. But in any case, researchers went back to the original notes on the 100th monkey phenomenon and found out something very interesting. In their own words: In the original reports, there was no mention of the group passing a critical threshold that would impart the idea to the entire troop. The older monkeys remained steadfastly ignorant of the new behavior. Likewise, there was no mention of widespread sweet potato washing in other monkey troops. There was mention of occasional sweet potato washing by individual monkeys in other troops, but I think there are other simpler explanations for such occurrences. If there was an Imo in one troop, there could be other Imo-like monkeys in other troops. Instead of an example of the spontaneous transmission of ideas, I think the story of the Japanese monkeys is a good example of the propagation of a paradigm shift, as in Thomas Kuhn's The Structure of Scientific Revolutions. The truly innovative points of view tend to come from those on the edge between youth and adulthood. The older generation continues to cling to the world view they grew up with. The new idea does not become universal until the older generation withdraws from power, and a younger generation matures within the new point of view. http://www.wowzone.com/monkey.htm So a more accurate view of that would be that the young learn and adapt, and the older people cling to the things that worked in the past and are often unable to learn new methods/values/processes. Today we see resistance to EV's, renewable energy, nonbinary people, new methods of teaching math and even a changing Disney from the older conservative crowd. And it may be that they will be able to adapt eventually to a changing world, the way their parents adapted to desegregation, interracial marriage, women being able to vote and gay marriage. But that 100th monkey tells us that the solution may just be to wait for them to die off (unfortunately.)
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    Hi airdvr, I am convinced that any man who has a good woman in his life is very fortunate. Jerry Baumchen
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    What else do you expect, given that the basic rules were written some 230 years ago by, and for the benefit of, a bunch of wealthy white supremacists.
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    IMO Finland and Sweden should be voted in and Turkey voted out. Sweden and Finland have given sanctuary to some Islamic members and groups that Turkey has issues with. Associated with the coup and the PKK. So Turkey is likely going to want accommodation for that. U.S. sanctions Turkey over purchase of Russian S-400 missile system
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    Common sense appears to elude you.
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    The hundredth monkey is a largely discredited theory; it’s more complicated than that. But more than anything, if true, the hundredth monkey is only the last one to take some outlandish idea on before it supposedly becomes general. He’s not the harbinger of truth. And an identification with a hundredth monkey kind of implies an outsized sense of one’s influence. This is my perception, not the result of detailed analysis but then most people who come here with lots of claims to true knowledge tend to have an outsized sense of their importance. Among other things, this is the not-quite-moribund political subforum of a skydiving website; it’s where the people who just couldn’t play nicely with the others were consigned to. Wendy P.
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    Absolutely. You can't hold someones origins against them, even in extreme cases. For example, I know several base jumpers and freeflyers that became skydivers and they are the most wonderful peeps.
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    What's not to understand? USPA says a TI has to have a valid medical. There are behaviors/conditions that would invalidate the medical. If USPA becomes aware of such, they are obligated to look into it. While they do not have the authority to revoke the medical, they do have the authority to suspend the rating.
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    Hi Sky, For me, it is the simple Bell Curve. Cut off both ends & then we are talking. Jerry Baumchen
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    I mean you provide such a strong source. But the actual inspections did show there are some issues that had to get addressed: https://www.fda.gov/media/157073/download (pdf) specifically related to the type of bacteria that caused the illness. In the mean time, Canada could have provided formula, while Abbott was sorting out there issues, but Trump's USMCA doesn't allow it. But, please do explain how Biden is responsible for Abbott recalling their product and Trump legislation that stopped formula imports from Canada.
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    Now see If i won el gordo I could get a hold of Joe and rent one of his Blackhawks for a couple weeks. All of my good friends here at SC could come for free jumps. Although I'd have to charge Brent a nominal amount.
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    I did not know exactly where the term HIPPA or it's meaning came from. I do know that in Canadian healthcare the term gets used all the time. And now I know that it has absolutely nothing to do with Canadian law. We have something similar just the same.
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    Dear olofscience, While the Soviets/Russians were perfecting airplanes that could dog-fight at 6 to 9 Gs, the West was perfecting missiles that can turn at 30 Gs ... far more than a human can stay awake. Also consider that missiles can fly at 4 or 6 times the speed of sound ... velocities at which parts start melting off of conventional airplanes, so that modern missiles can easily triumph during tail-chases with manned airplanes that can barely exceed Mach 2. Also, while guided missiles were crude, inaccurate and unreliable during the Vietnam War (19?? to 1974), the USA has been steadily improving their reliability and accuracy.
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    That was more of a tongue and cheek answer. This war(sanctions) will finish off Russian aviation for a decade or two.. They will likely have to import technology from China in the future. Or at least as long as the remnants of Putin are around. The future of combat aviation is morphing into secure data links for targeting. Using "Loyal Wingman" platforms, conventional drones and the sharing of targeting data between A/C. The F-35 and F-22 have this integrated into the targeting architecture of the avionics. The French are also working on it. Israel is quite advanced in this area as well. It set aside the purchases of other A/C to buy more F-35s. Which they have used effectively in the face of S-400 systems in Syria. Using standoff glide bombs, drones and jamming. Together with F-35s they can attack weapons depos with impunity. The US and other NATO allies also have these capabilities. This war has proven that even third rate counties can deal with Russia's current capacities.
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    But that is also happening in Texas....with a larger gap in capacity AND an entire grid already based on fossil fuels. You are arguing that a fossil fuel based grid that cannot meet demand under normal conditions by 5 gigawatt is superior to a renewable based grid that cannot meet demand under extreme circumstances by 3.5 gigawatt.
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    Curious what percentage of PEP's these days use squares, and if there is any suggestion/requirement that the pilot has jump experience?
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    Trump has a long history of either saying what the last person told him, or what he thinks the listener wants to hear. So he should be judged on the actions he has taken and the actual outcomes of his words. Not on what he might have said to Piers Morgan that one time.
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    Maybe not... they might actually be looking for a logbook for judging. If so, I am guessing it might be a hard thing to find something prepared for that purpose. "Judge Logbooks Each Judge is required to maintain a logbook, in which is recorded the judging activity of the Judge concerned, together with details of the class of competition judged as well as details of any judging positions held (Principle, Event, Chief or Chief of Judge Training). Each entry recording competition judging activity must contain at least the following information: date of competition, name of competition, name of CJ, location, function, discipline(s) judged, and the number of jumps/performances actually judged in each discipline. The results (including written and practical test scores achieved) together with the location, discipline(s) and the number of all jumps/performances judged for all re-evaluations and/or training courses taken must be recorded in the same logbook and must be signed by the Chief of Judge Training. The required personal data includes, at a minimum: full name, a passport sized photograph, country of residence and NAC. The Chief Judge at each competition should sign for the authenticity and correctness of the activity recorded in the logbook. The Chief Judge may have his logbook signed by any Principal Judge, the Meet Director or the Organizer. Note: At the International FAI level, the Sporting Code, Section 5 requires that all entries in a judge’s logbook be in English."
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    Your video must be very distressing for Russia. Imagine the embarrassment for the world’s largest country to be getting its ass kicked by a small effeminate high heal wearing Zelenskyy.
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    He's doing lip service, the bare minimum to condemn Putin because in truth he loves Putin. He can't hide it. But given how selfish he is, even he can see being linked to Putin isn't going to benefit him. And benefiting Trump is all Trump cares about. Even after the war started he was still heaping praises on Putin - that falls in the category of "these days". No, you're just telling yourself that because you dislike lefties more than you dislike Trump. Fine, dislike lefties, but lying to yourself won't do you any good.
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    Trump has certainly been flattering of Putin in earlier times, but you would do well to take an actual look at "these days"; Barely a month ago Trump was asked during an interview with Piers Morgan if he would now agree that Putin was a "...an evil genocidal monster?" and responded with "I do, for sure, and who wouldn't? What’s happening is horrible." , in addition to stating that he regarded Putin's threats of nuclear strikes as unacceptable and would counter them with reminders of the West's superior arsenal. Therefore; these days it's not the 'best mates' narrative that lefties continue to sell. I dislike Trump myself, I've said it several times, but he should be disliked for valid reasons rather than outdated narratives.
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    It's not just you, it's just that certain political factions have correctly observed that introducing stress into a system makes it easier to cause the rats to bite each other. Then, whilst they are so distracted, their cages can be made smaller and smaller causing more biting and distraction until biting each other is all they care about.
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    You are insinuating that the “organization” would take action in its own board members. I think you fail to get how this works and I think you fail to see the reason these people join the good ole boys club in the first place . I can promise you it’s not for YOU.
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    The trick is to come up with something to sell. Maybe the separatist regions get circled with a sharpie and called a demilitarized zone and the population gets to take a UN supervised vote on statehood. If they vote to be a part of Russia, which seems likely, the EU might then fund the repatriations to Ukraine. New promises to be broken and lie filled proclamations are made and everyone pitches in on the clean up paid for by buying Russian gas and oil at a discount. The Canadians can turn the thumb screws on Putins squeeze a little tighter to get some inside support for the deal and the Germans can work with the Italians to free up his yacht so he has a place to hide for a while. Bada Bing!
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    One of the biggest problems with replacing a dictator is that a successful dictator has removed (usually permanently) anyone else capable of leading the country. That was a problem in Iraq in 03.
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