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  1. Hey fly is there a 302 stating two packing cards were found in the main cooper left aboard 305?
  2. It says DG inspected the chute in may. Bland says he was the first to inspect the chutes the following day on the plane in Reno.
  3. Gene said he could of attached the butterfly snaps to the leg rings on the v rings on the leg hardware. Maybe @dudeman17 can weigh in on this?
  4. Any 302’s on Tina saying cooper initially tried to put the money in the reserve container fly? Also Gene bland inspected the chutes in Reno the next day. He helped the fbi get convictions in the McCoy and Heady slyjackings. He actually packed Ralph headys chute that he jumped with. Dude is the real deal and testifies to there being a complete chest and the canopy of another on 305. He has recently passed it would of been nice to question him further on that fact.
  5. The redacted name here is Lyle Hazen Cameron. You can clearly see the knowledge this guy had how did cooper know to go to Lyle who would of been your encyclopedia Britannia for jumping a 727 at that time. If you were cooper and were looking to do research on jumping out of jets which is what the Elsinore ghost asked Lyle… he’s the guy you’d want to talk to. It wasn’t the internet age you had to talk to people and that’s what cooper was doing in Elsinore august of 71 talking to LC and only LC based on my research.
  6. Looks like some bad speculation on Larry’s part co-signed by Jerry… Wrong again! Thanks for the the insight fly.
  7. It won’t because you can’t place that Columbia may-June Formosa In the washougal river it’s exclusive to the CR. Wow a compliment from Jer? After all the shit talk from you on Darrens show… now the kid has talent ay? Why am I not surprised. Sorry to here about JT’s wife though that sucks!
  8. Useless?? You are the only useless one jerry all you do is critique and bitch but what do you actually contribute besides discouragement? I’ll tell you what eric did he got off a bias and gets dirty in the McCrone stubs to further forensic researcher which you are all for? There wouldn’t be a db cooper mystery group today if we allowed goerger in… he would of been rude and run anybody off that dared to speculate on a case you can only speculate on. Erics TiSb finding on the tie is the only thread left that could lead us to an ID… it’s true commercial DNA! Eric has also put the case in the mass media for us via history and discover and has put together annual events for research presentation and discussions that include first hand players! Jerry won’t even go on the cooper vortex. You are the true definition of a peanut gallery Jer… I think if you humbled yourself you could of really been an asset to NORJAK G… but your attitude is a bigger complication then anything I’ve seen from EU.
  9. Below is a link to the presentation Flyjack is referencing. It’s a real head scratcher that PS says the flight data recorder shows the 305 on autopilot the entire time and that’s what he went by.. never consulted with Rat? Is it possible for the recorder to not accurately depict how the plane was being flown the entire time? We have the whole thing about the heading nav mode vs heading Mode but it seems likely 305 started off with or had a form of AP on possibly the entire time but taken off or was able to work in conjunction to or overridden with Manual controls maybe something the data recorder couldn’t accurately depict. I’m with ya on that fly… the whole cooper and the stairs there was a lot of back and forth and the exact timing of who said what when is still unclear to me. You seem to have a better grip on it and it’s something I’m willing to concede. I see cooper wanting the stairs down simply for convenience and it increases the search area same reason he asked to go to Mexico. The stairs were a hassle to get down and took some time (back and forth with rat to slow the plane) having them down from the beginning is one less thing cooper would have to deal with. The stained hand is a great question for Tina who is more open to talking these days. I’ll put in a request through Dawn and Joey. It’s a unique enough identifying factor that it warrants verification.
  10. But we don't have supporting info. The only mention of stains on hand was when they were looking into another guy that had them. Like you said we don't have all the files yet so I'd say the jury is still out. Maybe there is a grain of truth in Himmies statement there but when everything else in there is non factual it's hard to trust.
  11. That's correct it's not mentioned in Tina's debrief or any of the other witness description in the 302's.
  12. Now now, I guess your not looking to be let out of time out early at shutters for good behavior are ya G… did any part of the message where he talks about showing people respect register in your bird brain? I’d like to think I’ve come a long way since then but it’s nice to see my early work being studied it’s very flattering. It’s kinda like to early days of metals R&D you’d go down some blind alleys at first until you figure out what works. But this a good example of my outside the box thinking that I’ve fine tuned that is furthering the case. I later learned that this 302 was likely a typo…it was in reference to an unsub in the file that they were investigating with a stained right hand and his description got mixed in with coopers.. that line of investigation ended up being a dead end but just remember how Edison invented the light bulb. Let me ask you something Jer… what do you do for the case besides whine criticize and breed drama throughout the vortex. Oh wait let us not forget your brilliant revelation that cooper was a hobo living in a portland encampment lol. I hope you get your meds adjusted soon G… you don’t seem well. Take care, brush ya hair Nicky
  13. Funny you bring up Clara Fly… I actually believe I found her. I sent this to Martin last week. Some interesting connections with the gal that I’ve been able to find…
  14. Tim Commer on the Facebook group notice some TiPd alloy on the tie today and it got me looking into that particular particle. There is a good amount on the EDS. I included the main stubs containing the TiPd below and a link to a book Book by Jaffee and Ogden (2 of the 3 Rem-Cru patent inventors) for the TiSb that talks a little about Titanium-Palladium compounds. Another arrow pointing towards Jaffe and his crew at Battelles titanium metals research lab in Columbus OH.