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  1. It’s possible the staining on coopers hand could of been caused by something else and it was just assumed cigarettes because he was smoking. One of the biggest take aways from all of the cs’s tie analysis is that cooper was around machinery in a metal fabrication environment. Hence why the tie was clip on in case it snagged on any machinery. Could the stains have been caused by something known as VWF/HAVS? Vibration white finger (VWF), also known as hand-arm vibration syndrome (HAVS) or dead finger, is a secondary form of Raynaud's syndrome, an industrial injury triggered by continuous use of vibrating hand-held machinery.
  2. Hey Fly I know some years back you were looking into the Dan Cooper comics in particular the la affair Minos edition. You were trying to establish if the og 1970 version had the same depiction of jumping from the rear aft stairs as the later books versions. I know you said you ordered the originals to see. I’m curious as to what ever came of that?
  3. Not sure about the NJ one but LD Cooper was from Eugene and I believe the fbi did test his dna?
  4. Go to the one hour and 3 minute mark. Two skydivers fly in for the halftime entertainment, very interesting!
  5. Flyjack, I’m trying to find the fbi 302 on the Lake Elsinore report. The one about the guy matching the cooper description, smoking Raleigh’s, wearing Cochran boots and asking questions about jumping out of Jet. I had it on my computer but it took a crap on me. I was hoping you could dig it up for me. Thanks, Nicky
  6. Good catch Robert were contacts or prescription sunglasses common in 71? If not FW would had a hard time seeing if he was cooper.
  7. Of course Robert but it’s one of may boxes that need to be checked. If you can’t check that off you can’t keep going down the checklist.
  8. No it’s not because that is what got FH caught...correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t he ID’d by somebody at the hotel lobby? Nonetheless and you guys chime in here if you were hijacking a plane would you be hanging out talking to people at a nearby hotel lobby where you would have many eyes on you and even divulging the fact you were about to catch a flight? Wouldn’t that increase the odds somebody would recognize you? Especially announcing you were about to fly would be pretty easy to put two and two together. I know I wouldn’t. Can you post an image or screen shot of this fbi document fly like you do with the cooper 302’s?
  9. The plane did not take off with the wrong denomination you can’t even get your facts straight fly. You are the one that needs to do the homework. Once they landed and the money arrived he checked the briefcase and it was hundos not what he asked for so the plane stayed grounded there for 4 hours while they searched for the money he wanted. Cooper got ancy about a 30 min fuel delay I doubt he would of been comfortable being grounded for four hours! So he was smart enough to check the money before take off. Your false report made me think otherwise not saying he wasn’t a smart guy just not as smart as cooper. Nobody saw or interacted with cooper there was no trace of him before he appeared in pdx. FH was chilling in a hotel lobby eating cherry pie and drinking coke interacting with patrons even telling them he had to catch a flight. Big difference from cooper there! But a new wrinkle emerged when Hahneman saw the denomination of the cash given to him. For whatever reason, he had demanded $500 and $1000 bills instead of the $100 bills given to him. While the plane waited at Dulles, Eastern sought out the necessary bills. Since the government had not made that type of currency since 1966 it was a nationwide search. Four hours later they were airborne once again. Hahneman then gave orders for the pilot to fly over the Central American country of Honduras, where the hijacker had been born.
  10. There is no left part in the only two images which are available online. You are blind and the only images you have ever posted are the same ones that are online. You say the hair matches and you have pics you say he wore skinny black ties you have pics. I’m simply asking you to back up your claims with the evidence you say you have, the fact that you can’t well then I can only assume got nada fly.
  11. So your saying he didn’t check the money he initially received before taking off!? That doesn’t sound very smart to me. They weren’t readily available it was a challenge to get them. I will quote Walter Dane the vp of eastern again. A frantic four-hour search took place. Walter Dane, Eastern's vice president, said later, "We even tried the Bureau of Engraving in Washington to get the bills, but they said they had none and that they stopped making them in 1966. They didn't even have the plates." The money was flown in from as far away as Miami.
  12. Hahneman soon decided he did not like the denominations of the currency given him. It was in $100 bills, and he wanted something bigger. He ordered the plane back to Dulles and demanded that Eastern come up with $1,000 and $500 bills. A frantic four-hour search took place. Walter Dane, Eastern's vice president, said later, "We even tried the Bureau of Engraving in Washington to get the bills, but they said they had none and that they stopped making them in 1966. They didn't even have the plates." The money was flown in from as far away as Miami. He asked for denominations that weren’t readily available and it delayed his operation 4 hours. He wasn’t smart enough to know that five hundred and thousand dollar bills were not common and would be difficult to get.’Cooper wanted to get the show on the road was task oriented and wanted things moving along quickly that’s why when he didn’t get his knapsack he didn’t slow things down by demanding they find him one he improvised where as hahneman was fine waiting 4 hours while they tried to find five hundred and one thousand dollar bills. That doesn’t fit coopers MO. There is no evidence cooper lost his ransom on his jump. If FH was cooper he wouldn’t of been tripping about the 100’s as it still would of been lighter then the 20’s he made it down with last time. So asking for denominations is not evidence he wasn’t cooper but the fact that he asked for a denom that wasn’t readily available and was fine waiting for 4 hours why they tried to find it is!
  13. Why don’t you show the pics then? Especially the one where it’s parted to the left. I can only go by the couple pics I’ve seen which show the same hairstyle which doesn’t match cooper imo.
  14. Hahneman has natural curly hair that fro’s up not marceled that is achieved when you put a curling iron or use product on straighter type hair and it makes it wavy. Marceled is more wavy than it is curly. Look it up by its definition. Coopers hair wasn’t slicked back it was parted to the side and I am familiar with Hahnemans hair type as it’s common amongst males from Central America. We’ve coined this hairstyle the Jewfro. My friend Byron is from Nicaragua and has this exact same hair type. I asked him if he could side part/comb over his hair and he said no way that he could use a ton of product even beeswax and it will still just curl up and fro, he can’t part it down to a side and make it stay. Just as most eye witness descriptions had cooper with olive/Latin complexion which you love to use to support hahneman they also had him with a comb over side part which doesn’t fit your boy. You say you have FH pics with slick back hair and a black skinny tie why won’t you share those?
  15. Can you post the picture of him wearing the thin black tie? What specifically did he work on that account for the particles? You wouldn’t of got let’s say the yytrium in the crt tube from taking apart a tv and putting it together you would of had to have broken the tube in which case we probably would of found glass shards on the tie. Any idea why Hahneman didn’t request a specific denomination of the bills. He got 100’s and was unhappy requested they give him 500’s and 1000’s which they didn’t make anymore and spent 4 hours trying to find. If he had prior experience in norjack which cooper didn’t ask for a denomination either and got all those 20’s which cooper didn’t seem to have a problem with but let’s say he found it to be too heavy on that jump you’d think if he did it again he’d make sure to specifically request a bill denomination.
  16. I wonder if it’s the same chute this guys dad saw?
  17. The unusual salt found on the tie is consistent with the hunter process of manufacturing cp ti. RMI was the only company in the world still using this process. That’s why RMI is suspect as the source for the cp ti.
  18. Not to mention the lights of merwin dam.
  19. Did the report of the break in come into the fbi at 11:30 or was that the time it happened? How would anybody know unless they caught the intruder in the act or if the owner or neighbor lived on premises or near by and heard something then checked it out? I’m asking because there is another report of cooper possibly on the ground at that same time 11:30 walking on lewis river road in all black. It’s about an hour and a half walk from that store to lewis river road. If he did the break in around 10 then that lines up but if he broke on around 11:30 how do explain both of those occurrences at the same time the same night?
  20. I called they don’t and I figured as much. My hope is that one of the old timers has them, I’m asking around the community.
  21. The DZ is still there, I didn’t think the log books would help after I learned the guy didn’t jump but it just occurred to me that if the log books are still around I could check the names of everybody who jumped on that day and interview them. I’m going to find out if there are log books still around from 71.
  22. I live in Lake Elsinore Marty. Lyle Cameron who was running the paracenter at the time was the guy who told the fbi this when they came to the DZ shortly after norjack. Lyle passed away in a plane crash in Honduras in 93. I talked to his son Lyle Cameron Jr. I read him the fbi 302 and he said he heard the exact same report verbatim not directly from his dad but one of his dads skydiving buddies (couldn’t recall names thinks maybe Jerry Tyson) matching description, smoking Raleigh’s, Cochran boots, asking questions on how to jump out of a Jet. I asked if he made a jump he said no just came asked questions and left. He also added that the jumpers described him as being geeky looking same terminology Mitchell used for describing cooper. I asked Cameron jr if any of those guys there that day might still be alive he said most likely there all dead. Another interesting tidbit, Mark Metzler said at the conference that Elsinore was a known recruiting hub for the CIA. One of the last two people jack ruby called before he killed Oswald was Lyle Cameron Sr. It’s in the fbi files. I brought this up with his son and he also knew about this and has also been quote him “what was ruby doing calling my old man.” He believes his dad worked for the government and was killed by them. My guess is cooper wasn’t a sports jumper and wasn’t a regular jumper in the military, most likely a fighter pilot who had one emergency jump or something so he was sent or advised to go to lake elsinore and talk to Lyle (pioneer of the sport, started skydiving magazine) to do some homework for norjack. That could explain why Tina saw cooper look at the packing cards. That’s something a sports jumper would tell him to look for and where there located. This Elsinore incident is too big of a coincident to me, a guy matching description smoking Raleigh’s and asking about jumping out of jets 3 months prior, it has to be related. I believe this incident and the incident a week before norjack where there was a report of flares being dropped from a low flying plane in cottage grove Oregon to the Eugene are both directly related to the case.
  23. Fly I disagree with you...Bruce (top norjack expert), the pilot bill, northwest orient employees (see loren Peterson interview) are all on record of saying they believed this guy had a supreme level of knowledge about the aircraft in question, the Boeing 727. That night the fbi had to call one of klansnics coworkers, Peter Gallimore a flight ops engineer from the very department Klansnic worked in, Boeing commercial airplanes. They wanted to determine if somebody could parachute out safely and if the plane could fly safely with the metrics cooper requested (see tribute to Peter Gallimore) If he wasn’t an expert then how did he know about the exclusive 727 flap setting of 15 degrees? It’s not like he requested it as if given intructions on what to tell them. He was actually asked what he wanted the flaps at and he said 15. Per loren Peterson he gave specifics on how to fill the fuel tanks, he wanted a certain balance of the fuel tanks and he knew exactly how long it took to fuel up. There are enough tells there to assume he was a 727 expert. You point at one thing about him having Tina lower it. That can be debated and there could be many reasons. Being a radar tech wouldn’t expose use to fusion welding fumes which would give you the combo of the rare earths and the toxic particles. How do you account for all to toxic particles with hahneman? It’s not so much about wearing a black clip on tie because your right it wasn’t uncommon but it’s about linking wearer of the tie to the environment that can account for the biggest particle family tree which I believe I’ve done.