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    OK The one on the left is blonde and the one on the right is brunette. How'd I do?
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    Rancher It made it 10,000 replies!
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    I would vote for International Orange - ya gots to wear orange when you go hunting, right. If the argument is - hunting or even target shooting - what would be wrong with that.
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    As I think about it, and I'm not really joking, I might be just fine with AR-15's, 20 round clips and the rest if they were all Hot Pink or Neon Green or International Orange. That alone might stop most shootings.
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    I knew you'd be difficult. How many off huckleberry banana clips. They're two for one through tonight.
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    One has to wonder how some folks can honestly still deny that this is happening given that level of evidence.
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    Congratulations. You qualify for an AR-15.
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    Of course you were. That's why you're there. Good job!
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    Time Left: 29 days and 1 hour

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    Hello, selling my used Sabre 2 190 with 400 jumps. Conditions - like new. DOM 04/04. Controls lines replaced ca. 100 jumps ago. No damages or repairs. I was flying this canopy for the last 10 years without any issues.


    Elmhurst - US

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    Don't care. Had to carry my shot records everywhere I went in the military. Along with my military ID, driver's license, military driver's license, etc. I'm not sure why this "passport thing" is turning out to be such a big deal.
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    Incident reports are back in the Feb. 2021 issue.
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