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    I've never jumped a Kraken but I have a WinX that I use for both wingsuiting and freefly jumps. I ordered mine with two sliders, the "fast" slider and the "slow" slider. I've only used the "slow" slider and it works fine for wingsuiting in a small/medium suit. Terminal openings are very comfortable too. Not too fast, not too slow. If I ever jump a large suit I'll put the "fast" slider on but so far the WinX has been perfect for me for any type of jumping I do.
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    And then a little girl, no more than 6 years old, began to clap - tears of joy streaming down her face. She pledged her life in that moment to Donald John Trump's every desire. Everyone else began to clap. The trees clapped. A beautiful moment.
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    I don't know what dark corners of the alt right internet you hang out in to see videos like that. Here in the real world I have never heard of such a thing. My belief is that you are the one being recruited by a cult.
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    Tough choice: an intelligent, articulate, accomplished woman, or an elf on a shelf.
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    This entire question rests on a very shaky anecdotal experience of what you recall reading. A better is question would be to ask if incidents reports reflect your assertion.
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    I think the PLF is a good thing, for several reasons. Not sure what else could be used. Most of the Parkour type falls are simply modified PLFs, at least from what I've seen on the videos. First off, the forward speed one sees on landing usually isn't all that high (swooping excepted). If the landing is anything approaching normal, forward speed should be mostly bled off by the time the ground is met. A more or less standard PLF is perfectly adequate for a fair amount of forward speed. You just roll forward more (further). I've turned running landings into PLF/forward rolls when I found that I couldn't move my legs fast enough to keep up with my body. Slides have their place, when properly executed. I've adopted/adapted something resembling a baseball style slide. I start it while the canopy is still supporting my weight, and just sort of settle down on the side of my leg and my hip as it progresses. One problem with this is it needs smooth grass. If I'm not certain there aren't any holes or ruts, then I roll it out. I had one where I saw a nasty rut from the lawn mower tractor (probably 5" deep and at least 8" wide) that would have easily caught & injured my ankle. I abandoned the slide idea at the last second & rolled it out. Another problem is that it has to be done correctly. Tandems often slide in, landing straight on the butt. For a landing that is smooth & properly flared, this is ok. For anything else, it can cause spinal injuries. "Unteaching" students who want to do that can be challenging.
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    Was that a haiku?
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    I replaced my Left Knee in April 2016 - I was jumping by June and doing tandems by July - It was sore, and originally hard to bend fully, but I rehabbed that mother like no tomorrow. I replaced my Right Knee in December and didn't jump until March or April. It stayed stiff until this month. I rehabbed it hard this time too, but I'm older 65+ so the time to heal was a lot slower. My surgeon brags to his patients I have 1600 jumps on my new left knee.
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    You clearly need to demo a WinX JC FlyLikeBrick I'm an Athlete?
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