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  1. airnutt


    Well i'm not sure what average guy means, I've jumped the 130 150 and 110, taken to terminal, and did not stall once,the Rush had a powerfull flare and great landing.Instead of watching someone land it maybe try jumping one to assess your own opinion.I'm not trying to be rude by my statement, but as the saying goes, don't knock it unless you've tried it
  2. I'm looking to find some canopy inspection forms, mine are a little old. Where can I find some. Thanks
  3. airnutt

    Fliteline Reflex Res. Closing loop

    Thanks for the drawing, I do have the manual and the supplement, the print on my drawing was so small and hard to read I had to borrow one
  4. I have a reflex that has come in for a repack and I'm looking for dimensions to make a reserve closing loop.any help would be appreciated.
  5. airnutt

    Can You Install a Skyhook Into any Rig? How?

    Is Parachute Systems still in business?
  6. airnutt

    Riser ring

    Replace it as time goes on you never know if that edge could have some wear on the inside of the riser where it will be hard to see
  7. it seems that dome sliders do work, I jumped a canopy from Paratec and noticed that the slider was not rectangular but domed shape, it really had an affect on the openings, a few years later packing tamdems I saw a dome slider on the sigmas and they had great opening. looking at todays canopies and their crossport designs and tapered leading edges on high perf canopies, manufactures are doing great things with openings.So its hard to say whether it's canopy design with today's tech. that's allowing canopies to open slower or is it slider design. After a few years in the sport I learned that even if you think you have the best opening canopy, you may have that one opening that will zap you, whether it be from air temp, or cond in the air or whatever it may be
  8. airnutt

    Vector 3 Digital Camo

    vectors are nice and so is digi camo, have you checked out multi-cam fabrics, a company named Firebird in Eloy offers it as well as multi-cam webbing
  9. airnutt

    Pilot chute malfunctions

    Some p/c hesitations might be caused by your kill line shrinking and being to short.when cocking your p/c not only check the window on the bridle for color, but, check the inside of p/c after it's cocked and your center line(s) should be showing no slack, but your kill line should show a little slack, or the same length as center line(s)
  10. It doesn't look bad from the pic, when in doubt consult the manufacturer of the gear, they'll probably know more than some local riggers.
  11. airnutt

    Stuffing into centre cells... wtf?

    I'm not sure if I agree with the slider placement in vid he was doing from side to side, 2nd pd does not recommend doing what he did to the nose.3, apocket slider is a nice idea, after about 150 jumps or so you'll start to see wear on the bartacks where the a & b line cascades are. some of the things as a rigger I can suggest is P/c size, and F-111 vs zp, there are riggers who make dome or oversized sliders that work and also reline with dacron lines, they help absorb the opening shock.
  12. airnutt

    Skylark new Odyssey EVO parachute

    yes and now a container manufacturer
  13. No need to downsize unless you yourself know your ready, there's a lot at stake when downsizing such as reaction time in the event of a mal, landing conditions and field elevations, different locations and formations, enjoy the flight while you have the canopy.after all the years ive been jumping the same size canopy, I've actually gave some consideration to moving up in size as I get older and I don't jump as much as I use to,Blue Skies
  14. airnutt

    Packing for slower openings

    most of the ideas are good even the pocket slider,just remember pocket sliders can stay up longer after a long snivel and after a hundred jumps or so you may start to see some wear on the bartacks where the a & b lines cascade, also make sure p/c size is not too big for the canopy size your jumping, check and see if your local rigger can build you a dome slider, theres a few out there
  15. airnutt

    coil lock

    what are some of the ways a coil lock can occur, would it be rigger error or spring design