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  1. Sorry for the delay in response. You're right - I was doing my WL division backwards. Thanks for clarifying. I'll take a look at the downsizing article, but I have no problem upsizing, ha. As for landing problems -- we're at the very foot of the Rockies (literally a stones throw). While part of the issue is certainly being so new to the sport, there were also issues of continually shifting wind directions due to elevation and mountain effect. As such, it was not a calm and controlled landing due to wind shift less than 1,000' AGL and being committed to a landing direction under 300' AGL even though winds had changed again. Edit: being committed to a landing pattern
  2. Hi, ufk22 — I’ve been in conversation over the past month with Hans planning this out. Appreciate the warm welcome (sarcasm).
  3. The USPA finally kicked him out. The sport just got 17% safer.
  4. Getting back into skydiving in a couple weeks. Super stoked, super nervous. I was trained at SS Houston and received some of the best (if not the best) AFF training out there. When I last jumped two years ago, I had my A license and 30-something jumps (yes, I know how new I am and I know how long it’s been since my last jump — save the comments on that please; life gets in the way of things). That being said, I had a minor landing accident two years ago on my most recent jump whole jumping at altitude (Colorado). Busted my back up decently (two herniated discs, broken tailbone and one shitty drop zone). As such, I’m not worried at all about jumping, free fall or deployment (and I’ve spent quite a bit of time in the tunnel over the past couple years). I am, in transparency, incredibly nervous about flaring and landing given the lapse in time since my last jump and my incident, though Do you guys have any solid (see: good) advice on my return? I have been studying my AFF student manual in entirety (with a bit focus on EPs) and the SIM/ISP. Thank you for any positive comments and advice thrown my way. edit: I’ve also lost about 50 lbs since I last jumped
  5. Hey, guys. I have an opportunity to jump at Skydive Fargo soon. I’ve had great interaction and communication with them thus far. But, just wanted to see if any fun jumpers have had any experiences (good, bad, indifferent) there?
  6. Hi, Novice “A” licensed jumper here with 38 jumps. Learned to jump at Spaceland, now living in Colorado. I have two questions: 1) I just lost almost 90 lbs. I was a fat fuck. Down from 265 to 180, 5’9”. As such, what are your thoughts on proper canopy size now? I have NO clue what jumping will now be like with this weight loss. I was jumping a 280 and 300. Accounting for wing loading and being a novice jumper, I’m guessing around 200-220? That would put my wingloading at 1.22 on the high end. But, do you think otherwise? Very open to advice and discussion. 2) Landing at altitude: I’ve made a few jumps at altitude so far, but drastically fucked up my landing each jump (broken tailbone, herniated discs). Can you please help me problem-solve this issue? I can’t keep fucking these landings up and it’s very, very frustrating. During AFF STP and fun jumping at sea level, I almost always nailed my landings (even at 265 lbs). But, I cannot figure out what I am doing so wrong here in Colorado. It’d maddening. I greatly appreciate your time and thoughts. And, please, take it easy on me - I’m still new and I know it. - Mac