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  1. Better reread the posts... The support for your position ain't that great. So, you must be the skip moreau in these other posts! Looks like you might be a rule breaker... (not just USPA).;search_string=moreau;#332899;search_string=moreau;#1681176;search_string=moreau;#2253102 And for all the USPA haters (including skip moreau). Why do you keep your ratings? Seems a little hypocritical to me. (flame away)
  2. Robert and Dave, Who I am is of absolutely no relevance to the question of how does a “Piss on the USPA” sticker on a U.S. registered skydiving aircraft effect your opinion of a dropzone… Even though the attitude seems to be endemic of this particular DZ, it was a pretty simple question. This place appears to be one of those “slimy” DZ’s that will tout how independent (i.e. anti – USPA) and carefree they are right up till they are about to be kicked off the airport then they will be whining on the USPA’s doorstep.
  3. Well John, do you trust Hooknswoop's opinion? Here's his review of them:
  4. This place will blow your mind! I stopped in to check it out and the first thing that struck me (besides the smell of doggy mess) was the fact that the beer fridge was open and flowing – IN THE MIDDLE OF THE JUMP DAY!? The people hanging around seemed proud that they jumped drunk?? I knew then that I wasn’t going to make a jump at this place but I figured that I’d hang out for the fun of it… Stepping around the animals and trash I came upon the “class room” and was amazed to find that none of the so called instructors have USPA ratings! Don’t take my word for it. Have a USPA GM DZ run their names and see for your self. Oh yea! I got a great picture of their plane which has the little “piss on it guy” going on a USPA sticker! How cool are these guys?