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  2. Wow. That is surprising! Who would have thought that our American Taliban party, the party of alternative facts, the party that widely endorsed a failed insurrection would be shunned by a group of people that generally have post high school educations in science and math, and experience with critical thinking. But hey, you have Hobby Lobby and the My Pillow guy right?
  3. When in doubt always go with "patriot "
  4. I am standing firm as a reformed conservative who actually values personal liberties, doesn't base my politics on fictional writings, and holds firm to values such as intellectual honesty, and the fair and consistent application of the law. Not sure how I should label myself though.
  5. How much is Lodi charging for hop-and-pops? How much is Lodi charging for jumps from full altitude (14,000 feet)?
  6. The orangeness is strong. But I want to see a slo-mo chase through the streets with a white Bronco.
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  8. AI makes it real - Trump getting arrested What everybody is waiting for
  9. Just regular.lawyering here. Objectively it would be called counseling perjury.
  10. More lawsuits against Fox, this time by one of their own producers, accusing them of trying to make her a fall guy: NYT: Fox Producer Says She Was Set Up in Dominion Case A Fox News producer who has worked with the hosts Maria Bartiromo and Tucker Carlson filed lawsuits against the company in New York and Delaware on Monday, accusing Fox lawyers of coercing her into giving misleading testimony in the continuing legal battle around the network’s coverage of unfounded claims about election fraud. The producer, Abby Grossberg, said Fox lawyers had tried to position her and Ms. Bartiromo to take the blame for Fox’s repeated airing of conspiracy theories about Dominion Voting Systems and its supposed role in manipulating the results of the 2020 presidential election.
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  12. Do you have any data on the overlap between "internet companies" and SVB depositors? Because unless you have data on that, ...THIS is a non-sequitur. It's weird how you overuse the term like it's the first latin phrase you've ever learned.
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  14. Trolls live under bridges, not down rabbit holes. This one is well fed.
  15. Yeah.. thank you!! Blue skies!!
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    Selling my Icarus X Fire 102. This canopy has been an absolute blast to fly and hard to let it go. Less than 200 jumps. Lines are still in good condition and material is in excellent condition with no damage or repairs needed. I have a lot of other pictures just message and I can send them over. DOM: MAY 2017


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  17. good news...................................... thanks.
  18. Hi Joe, FDR in 1933: "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself" Jerry Baumchen PS) I love it.
  20. We survived 9/11, The Challenger, Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, 2008, Skysurfers, and too many other national stress tests; we'll survive whatever chaos the Maga Maniacs, our 2nd Amendment mental inmates, and our unrestorable deplorables cause when Trumps indictments start rolling in. Civil unrest is not civil war. Me, I'm looking forward to watching as each and every cocked hat, cockamamy militia moron who thinks his perfectly, and stupidly, accessorized AR-15 is good for anything more than killing innocent bystanders, learns the hard way that they are just jerks with ridiculous penis extensions and not part of a well regulated militia when the National Guard disarms them and puts their stupid asses face first on the ground. Just because bad things will happen, store windows might be broken, and nice dogs will be kicked, does not mean we should continue giving in to our fears. That is to say bring it on. Like unruly kids what they all need is a good and thoroughly embarrassing ass whooping. The bottom line, my Liberal compatriots, is that now is an especially auspicious time to restrain our delicate sensibilities. Let the National healing begin. This Liberal, and very progressive, message of hope is brought to you from the People's Republic of Joe.
  21. You insensitive clod! Have you ever considered that rabbit hole might be his safe space?
  22. What a crap piece of advice. Please tell the kid you were joking.
  23. Right down to Stalingrad basically being re-fought at Bakhmut. With the Russians making the same mistakes as the Germans.
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