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    ugh, bullshit. Did you get that 'fact' from Trump's Twitter feed? Here is one example of a thousand I could provide. Lung cancer is the #1 killer of cancer-related deaths in the USA. Someone with stage 4 lung cancer, which is the stage that the greatest percentage of people are diagnosed in, has a 5-year life expectancy rate of 1%. It's basically an absolute death sentence. Yet, most people diagnosed with it still undergo aggressive treatment and all but a fraction of a percentage still die before the 5-year mark--and mind you they are taking real drugs that actually do something, not placebos. ALS is another disease. That has a fatality rate of nearly 100%. Very few people with ALS are alive 10 years after diagnosis, even though nearly all of them accept treatment.
  4. Hi Steve, I only met him once, at his dz, many years ago. He was a tough, old bird. The one thing I remember is that he sued J. Scott Hamilton for inadequate representation/malpractice in a lawsuit Harry lost. Harry got Hamilton for $350,000. Jerry Baumchen
  5. i don't know any of that for certain, just repeating what was on the other thread. just fyi.
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  7. From Linda Miller Clayton was there for the last two weeks. Harry was pretty aware up until about a week before the end. As Clayton said... He was on a very long approach and finally touched down on Saturday. He is not on Face Book but I know he will enjoy reading some of the remarks when he gets back to Salt Lake.
  8. Harry C. Schoelpple JANUARY 27, 1924 – FEBRUARY 20, 2021 Harry C. Schoelpple passed away on February 20, 2021 and is under the care of Mullins & Thompson Funeral Service, Fredericksburg Virginia .
  9. Bummmmmmmmed. Just found out that Mark was a dead guy. So many good times with him at small Ohio DZ's in the early 80's. Here's Mark at his finest Circa 1983. Canton Airsports, Canton Ohio I made them move off my jumpsuit before it got messy Mark Vickers Circa 1983.pdf
  10. I currently jump a Vector from 1996 that is in great condition but I've seen 5 year old rigs in shit state that I wouldn't consider jumping.
  11. What size canopy does this thing hold?
  12. I’ve seen a couple of threads on this in the Prius chat forum, and apparently it works really well. I am surprised at how much power you can get out of even an old gen 2 Prius. Some were getting close to a weeks worth of power out of only a few gallons of fuel. Obviously they weren’t powering their entire home, but they kept the essentials going. Not exactly renewable though.
  13. Time Left: 1 month and 1 day

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    Optimum 176 in great shape. Never jumped and only packed 7 times. Stored by rigger.


    , New York - US

  14. This is just awesome!!! I've learned a ton, thanks everybody! Tim
  15. Time Left: 1 month and 1 day

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    Haven't jumped in a long time. This canopy spent most of its life sitting in the closet. Needs a new home. Priced to sell. I am the original owner.


    Ramona, CA - US

  16. Agreeing with Gerry Baumchen, The first freebags had no through loops (e.g. Strong Dual Hawk Tandem) and short closing loops were tied to internal flaps. Second generation freebags had through loops, but they still rubbed against reserve fabric (e.g. Talon 1 and all Vectors). loop length varies widely depending up the rigger's experience. I have only sewn patches on two reserves, but one of them was in a NARO. The reserve center cell suffered a small tear because a rigger used more muscle than skill in pulling the closing loop through the free bag. Even if I only have to patch one reserve every 1500 repacks, that is too often. Third generation free bags are pinched in the middle they are easier to with only a single grommet through both layers of the freebag (Javelin, Talon 2). They are easier to pack because they need fewer tools and have a consistent loop length. While working at Para-Phernalia, I managed to convince them to switch Softie free bags from second generation to third generation freebags. EOS, Atom and Icon are between second and third generation in that they have grommets in both the top and bottom skins of the free bag, but they also have fabric channels preventing the closing loop from ever rubbing against on reserve fabric. Fourth generation free bags have more secure lines stows to properly stage higher speed openings (Icon, Racer Speed bag). These are mostly found on tandem and military rigs that deploy much heavier and faster than solo rigs. If you have read this far, you understand why I clearly prefer third generation free bags.
  17. Then there are those extremist that live within their own echo chamber much like DZ.COM
  18. Time Left: 1 month and 1 day

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    Airborne Systems North America has an open position for an experienced Electronics / Control systems engineer to support our family of Aircraft Spin/Stall Recovery Parachute Systems. The position is based in Southern California and will involve travel (once it is again safe to do so). If you are someone who'd be interested in this position, please send your resume to [email protected] This position is open only to US Citizens


    Santa Ana, CA, California - US

  19. It seems as if plugging your hybrid into your electrical panel with an inverter would be a good solution as well. I would think auto wreckers would have a high demand for Tesla car batteries from DIYers.
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    Just got back from shot #1. Feeling strong.
  21. Extremists are also far more likely to pay someone else to do their thinking for them e.g. Rush Limbaugh.
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