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  2. Today’s release of the 1000 horsepower electric Hummer truck/SUV and its 200 kWh battery going 350 miles and can fast-charge at 0.4 megawatts to refuel 100 miles in just 10 minutes. Much as we can thank Apple for the ability to buy a terabyte SSD for $100 (Even if the flash is manufactured by someone else), and that we can thank NVIDIA/AMD for kickstarting 3D GPU graphics innovations that now fit in a mobile phone/smartwatch (Even if the GPU is manufactured by someone else) — we have to blame Tesla for turning crazy expensive luxury $500 laptop batteries into viable cheap profitable gigawatt-output power grid batteries (Even if the batteries are manufactured by someone else). Now about that official Hummer EV... While that vehicle is more expensive than a Model 3 Tesla, since it is using some more proprietary higher power battery than standardized form factors (18650, 2170s, etc), however the audacity of a Hummer EV out-Hummering a petrol Hummer (longer range than gas, more horsepower, better offroading, fastest 0-to-60 in 3 seconds, etc, etc), continues to portends the unexpected trojan horse of lithium to vehicles formerly never dreamed of going officially electric in our lifetimes. But it’s there, website, prototypes already on road, and ready to preorder today! The audacity that something like that exists today for purchasing..... I truly think that people who disbelieves ePlanes are THAT far behind need to look again; just a little more engineering left to click all the checkboxes for a lightweight ePlane conversion kit with a 10-minute between-loads recharge — I think zero passenger jump capacity loss may actually be possible by 2030 for Caravans/Otters, since the electric motor replacing original old turbines are much lighter and may be all the weight savings you need for battery for just 1 load + 30 min level flight reserve capacity with ZERO jumper passenger loss, possibly... Texas Turbine should put Magnix on speed dial and get into the electric jump plain conversion business before someone else beats them to the market by 2030...!
  3. He made it pretty clear it was a quick and dirty. Wendy P.
  4. That's a neat idea. For those in the US, it's more commonly called 'heat shrink tubing'. A quick search of the term 'electrician rubber' found gloves.
  5. So it's not a power grabbing charade because it's an actual power grab, is that your contention? Wendy P.
  6. Hi Coreece, 'So voters in those states might have reasonably shrugged and stayed home on Election Day.' 'The data suggest this may be happening.' So much for your links. Jerry Baumchen
  7. For those who don't know what xrw Mr. Bill is
  9. Please do provide proof of a Chinese bank account. Proof of Chinese trademarks granted to a Biden. For once in your online career do something more than the equivalent of sticking your fingers in your ears and screaming.
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  11. Hi Coreece, I really doubt this. When I voted last week, I voted for a POTUS + US senator, a US Congresswoman, a state Sec of State, a state Treasurer, a local mayor, a couple of city council critters, four ballot measures, and a lot more that I do not remember. If there was only a vote for POTUS on the ballot, you might be right. I have never voted when only a vote for POTUS was the only thing on the ballot. Lots of reasons to be voting, voting for POTUS is only one of many. Jerry Baumchen Maybe it wouldn't affect voter turnout - hard to say. I don't have any anecdotes to offer, but I did a quick selectively biased google search and found an NPR link that might help: "because of the United States' peculiar electoral college system, in which the winner takes all the electoral votes in all but two states, all the California Trump votes and West Virginia Clinton votes didn't really matter much. So voters in those states might have reasonably shrugged and stayed home on Election Day. The data suggest this may be happening. Of 15 states that NPR labeled as battlegrounds or leaning states in its final battleground map, 12 had turnout rates above the national rate — 58.4 percent of the voting-eligible population. . ." "research shows that people tend to turn out when they have had contact about voting, whether it's via mail or phone or in person. . ."
  12. So has Biden, but you are on his side.
  13. That's simple. Its not a power grabbing charade now because the liberals aren't the ones in power. If the liberals were in power, and it was their appointee, most here wouldn't see issue with it. Then - it would be a power grab.
  14. And then there is the Chinese bank account and the Chinese payments and the Chinese trademarks for the family. And the intelligence staff who claim it is Russian disinformation. Trump's staff have shown that they cannot be trusted or believed.
  15. turtlespeed


    Sorry, but just to be hyper critical, that wasn't 5 - 7 - 5.
  16. Not a russian disinformation thing - says Ratcliff.
  17. I just don't see Joe changing his core values. He's very adamant about what he says here.
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  19. Actually, it seems to be coming from Russia & Iran. The FBI just had a press conference (it pre-empted the local TV show on the GB Packers - BOOOO!!!). I'd love to blame it on Trump & the Rs, but it seems to not be.
  20. Hi Ken, Via Donald Trump. Let us not forget that. Jerry Baumchen Doug H) Great reply; good for you.
  21. wmw999


    I've seen an airlocked canopy, when cut away from a lineover, stay inflated and keep flying for a long, long, time. Wendy P.
  22. I sure hope most of them are. And, frankly, I'll just bet that some of those relatives are playing ignorant on where the parents are; I would. Too many people want to punish for what they see as wrongdoing; the harsher the punishment, the better they feel. Wendy P.
  23. They are largely with relatives here in the states. Most of the parents were deported after the kids were taken from them and put in cages. It's inhumane, cruel & vicious. You know, standard operating procedure for Trump.
  24. And apparently it's not just the some cases they're not even sure where the kids are at!
  25. 20kN


    I put about 350 jumps on one. As far as the flying goes, it's kind of like a Sabre 2. Okay to fly, good glide and good flare. The airlocks are a major PIA on the ground to deal with if the winds are high which is why I ultimately sold mine, but if you have some serious concerns about turbulence they may help alleviate some of those. I have seen crossbrassed canopies collapse. Crossbracing is used in paragliders and paragliding wings collapse very easily under some conditions. An airlocked canopy will still provide superior collapse resistance compared to any crossbraased canopy will, assuming similar WL of course. Wingsuits use airlocks extensively, although that is more for maintaining internal pressure to improve performance.
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