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  2. So - driving kids off the road with no injuries makes one an actual deplorable. Murdering and maiming protesters apparently does not, because the victims were not Trump supporters.
  3. Hi Robert, Re: 'Well, this came out during the 2016 campaign:' Time to move on. How about this ( and this is not humorous ): Jerry Baumchen
  4. Hard to tell. After the dealer sent them my photos, the manufacturer simply stopped answering the dealer with questions on this topic.
  5. My minor contribution to the Cooper case today: I finished my red pencil work on the script. Over a hundred pages to cover. My back hurts. My neck hurts. My BRAIN hurts. Running the results through a copy machine tomorrow (so I have a copy) and then mailing off the other copy to the production guys. I am literally brain dead and exhausted. I should make them pay ME the money they wanted to give to Bruce Smith. I will admit that editing a screenplay is a bit easier than editing a book, though. I'm just glad I got some rights on script changes. Mainly because they got some of the historical facts wrong. For example, they moved Himmelsbach to SeaTac on the night of the crime, instead of him initially working the case out of Portland. I had to 'adjust' that. And a few other things. But I think it is reasonably accurate now. I also tightened up the dialogue, which is one of my strong suits in editing.
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  7. So you are saying that the only reason people want lots of money is for hookers and blow (or similarly banal pursuits) and no one has higher aspirations for their money? Wow. I am glad there are people who don't hold that opinion; if you thought about it, you would be too.
  8. So you don't know what the bill says or whether it's any good. But you disagree with people who take positions on it. And when Pelosi does something, she deserves to be outed. But when the GOP does the same thing, it's just "politics." You sure you're not a Trump supporter?
  9. Good luck , and let us know how it goes.
  10. It's not my job to know. It is the job of the guy that is making the decisions. Just because you don't like his politics doesn't mean he isn't doing his job. The people spoke with their votes. The people that were voted in, chose this guy to do that job. If you don't like it, please vote to get him out. I disagree with Pelosi and how she runs her job. If I could - I'd get her voted out as well.
  11. Tides go in, tides go out. Never a miscommunication. You can't explain that! You can't explain why the tide goes in and out.
  12. The fire took place during a Red Flag condition, which is a condition (taking into account winds, temperatures, humidity and fuel load) that means it's very likely to result in a fire. Temperatures at the nearest official weather station were in the mid 70's - where the fire actually started, miles away, there were easterly winds with a much higher temperature. In fact, PG+E started warning people two days before the actual fire because winds and temperatures were forecast to be high. Here's what Wikipedia has to say on the topic: ===================================== Conditions immediately leading up to and during the fire combined to create a highly combustible fuel load: Heavy grass cover due to a wet spring An unusually dry fall Decreased humidity due to several recent wind events (23% dropping to 10%) Unusually dry fuel (5% 1,000-hr. moisture level) Hot, dry, sustained and gusting high winds (25-35 mph), including a Red Flag Warning on the day of the fire, similar to the Diablo wind or the Santa Ana winds of the California Coast Ranges. The day of the fire, the fuel energy release component was above the historic record for November 8; the first fall rain is normally before November 1. . . .Combined, the conditions formed a recipe for a firestorm. ========================================= So yes, the higher temperatures brought about by AGW absolutely played a role - no matter how much pro-fossil fuel types try to deny it. From Quartz: ======================================== Camp Fire, the devastating blaze raging across the Sierra Nevada foothills, has become the most destructive wildfire in California’s history. By the evening of Nov. 10, it had scorched 105,000 acres of land and killed 23 people, with more than 100 people still unaccounted for. . . . In all likelihood, it’s a scenario that climate change helped to create, according to Daniel Swain, a researcher at University of California-Los Angeles’ Center for Climate Science. . Swain walked through the conditions that contributed to the fires now burning across the state, and the research showing how climate change made them possible. ====================================
  13. I agree with this view -
  14. I suppose I'm trying to get to what the level of not needing government assistance looks like to you.
  15. Time Left: 1 month and 20 hours

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  16. Hint: when you see the name "Andy Borowitz" as the author of an article, it is firmly tongue-in-cheek. Try some of his other articles:
  17. The whole piece reads as satire - he got "free checking" because he maintained a certain minimum balance of $500, this sounds like a normal discount extended to anyone who does the same. The Clinton campaign "jumps" on that and spins it as him paying $500 to banks for favours. There's also the reference to him having auto-cover that I presume provides the discount that is also referenced as him being on the take agin. Plus the article is listed under Humour in the link, pretty much seals it.
  18. Time Left: 1 month and 19 hours

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    Complete system for sale!! Will fit a person 5'9" - 6'2", 190 - 230 pounds depending on build. Approximately 350 jumps on container, and approximately 200 jumps on main Skyhook Equipped, D-yoke, 18 inch Main Lift Webs, All black container with black handles, Container: Javelin J5K Dom: February 2009 Reserve: Performance Designs PR-218 Dom: September 2008 No Rides AAD: Vigil II Quatro Dom: February 2019 Main: PD Navigator 240 Dom: November 2006. Has 2 patches on the bottom skin Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.


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  19. Hi mister, I just re-read the entire article ( for the 3rd time ). I do not see where it was just for him & only him. Do you see it that way? Maybe we are interpreting something differently. Jerry Baumchen
  20. Anderson tore him to pieces, it was some of the most satisfying cable news that I’ve seen in a while.
  21. I’m not arguing climate change with you. I don’t talk religion with fanatics either. I’m talking grammar and communication. You stated that it’s ridiculous to have ‘drought and flood’ in the same sentence. You’re simply wrong in that statement.
  22. Look closer at the url...
  23. Hi Robert, I remember when that came out, and I thought, no big deal. My bank gives me free checking for maintaining a certain minimum amount of money in my accounts. Now, if they ( all of those banks ) did this just for Bernie, then it would be something. If it is normal for those banks; then, so what. Jerry Baumchen
  24. We should all be very happy that there is a great difference between a real man and a real woman. In no way am I denigrating women. My wife is a successful executive and my eleven year old daughter has been in MMA since she was five and is now training for her black belt in youth MMA. I am an unabashed feminist. That said, viva la difference!
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