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  1. marcin

    Ruptured Disc and Skydiving

    My surgeon said that after the inner content of the disc spills out the disc will still close, but I am not an expert. It definitely will we weakened. As for the opening - the lumbar part definitely compresses. The neck though is likely to stretch as your head tilts forward, which damages the tendons that keep verteabre together and also creates uneven pressure on the anterior part of the disc making it prone to bulging and rupturing towards the cervical column. I am also the most afraid of the openings. Try to protect my neck, especially with photo/video equipment on my helmet. Basically tilt my chin against my chest and/or put my fists under my chin.
  2. marcin

    Ruptured Disc and Skydiving

    I am not a doctor, just another patient It usually depends how stable that segment is. There is always a risk,I guess, also a risk of injuring adjacent disks. But I am sure there is plenty of people around jumping with compressed disks. Strong surrounding muscles are definitely a plus, so consider doing regular rehab exercises. Sports medicine specialist will tell you more.
  3. marcin

    Ruptured Disc and Skydiving

    When did it happen and what are the symptoms?
  4. marcin

    Top Mount Rawa

    Do you have pictures of cutaway setup for RAWA? Apparently they do not make it at the factory?
  5. marcin

    Discsectomy and jumping

    Thanks for sharing this. It sucks. I know I need to be careful and will not push hard unless I feel 100%. In your case it sounds that even a healthy spine would've been at risk at such an impact.
  6. 3 years ago ACL, hamstring graft. No meniscus damage. 7-10 day gradual loading with crutches 10 day - little walk without crutches (straight legged, as it was pretty weak) 14 day- first rehab (1 with physio and 2x at home) 17 day - driving (clutch!), 90 deg flex. 35 day - gym (few times a week rehab with physio, other days gym or at home) 2.5 month mountainbiking and heavy mountain hiking 4.5 months my first MTB marathon (got hooked and doing it since, nice side effect of physiotherapy ) Flex around 135-140 deg. 7 months - skiing (my leg felt stronger than before surgery) 8 months - first skydive Never wore a brace (my surgeon said is mainly for your brain and does not prevent ACL-tearing movement, which is the twisting and not the sideway movement), worked hard as hell for 8-9 months and exercising since. You'll be fine, just dont rush it. Keep your pain treshold high and keep a diary
  7. marcin

    skydiving in Morocco?

    There is a DZ in Beni Mellal. Atmonauti organises boogies there in february, but a French-operated Porter flies there, I think from december till end of March . Nice, I've been there last year.
  8. marcin


    Made about 20 jumps on 105 loaded about @1.9 and a few on a 120. Had to cut away on jump 16 due to unrecoverable line twists on 105. Both opened really hard, no matter how packed. Sinks heavily, little bottom end when landing. Quite fast approach with front riser and relatively long swoops are possible. However the way the leading edge buckled when I pulled the front riser really scared me. Properly designed parachute should not do that. Definitely not for beginners, due to tricky landing and speed. Line twists may not be recoverable, since it may spin immediately and heavily.
  9. marcin


    Made about 30 jumps on X-Wing 105 @1.8-1.9. When packed very simply (no slider pulled, front cells rolled, tail only 1-2 rolls) opened well, ocassionally hard when freefall speed was higher than usual. Flies very large, feels very stable, but also very sluggish in turns. One can turn it a bit faster with the rear risers. Landing very-very difficult to dial in. When braked floats quite well back from long spots. Packs very small.