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  2. What a shitshow this whuffo thread is, right from the get go suggesting big turns be banned while advocating for the most dangerous turn of all - the 180. In Australia, we’ve had 9 tandem fatalities in the last few years and exactly zero swoop comp fatalities. Maybe we should ban tandems instead.
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  5. I disagree. To the average person of reasonable intellect looking at skydiving, it is readily apparent what the potential outcomes might be. Indeed, many whuffos regard skydiving as more dangerous than it actually is. Watching a swoop landing, it is blatantly apparent that it is low, it's fast, and if someone screws it up it's going to be ugly. To regard these people as innocent deer-in-the-headlight types who have no clue what they might see is an insult to the intelligence of the general population.
  6. I am not here to advocate for (intentionally) pulling low, but you clearly have no idea why it occurs. Very few BASE jumps result in being at terminal.
  7. UPI article.. Interesting,, here is a reference in a book by FBI agent Mike McPheters.. he is referring to Eugene Cooper.. From The Real McCoy.. Tina saw yellowish discolorarion on the first two fingers of his right hand,,, that is much more specific.
  8. I went back and looked up the original proposal. It was depressing. Since February of 2018, we been talking about this. How many children have died in that five years. Fuck me.[on-topic]/
  9. Bigun had a pretty good start listed above.
  10. President of the Inmates Association.
  11. When is that Himmelsbach quote from?
  12. Modern RSLs and MARDs are ALMOST idiot-proof. You are more likely to dis-lodge the RSL/MARD by slamming your rig around on the ground or slamming a door frame on exit. If you are habitually that rough on your gear, it will not last very long. For illustration: both Cypres and BOC became fashionable introduced about the same time during the early 1990s. It was briefly fashionable to stand a rig on its yoke to stuff the pilot-chute into the BOC. After a few broken Cypres cables, that packing method fad soon faded. Container manufacturers responded by shifting Cypres control heads from the right mud-flap to deeper in the reserve container where they were better protected. Other manufacturers of electronic AADs learned from Cypres' problems and installed thicker, more durable cables.
  13. So, what we have before us is known as a "trend". to simply not act on, is in part, part of the problem...
  14. And so, what is the solution to this???
  15. If that’s your logic, then there’s always speed flying.
  16. My take on this, you have every right to swoop if that is what you want to do. Skydiving is 1. an inherently dangerous activity; and 2. attracts individualist types that will consistently refuse to be stopped in the pursuit of what makes them come alive. Isn't that why we're all here? Skydiving is certainly not safe, but we all do it anyway. We try to make it safer in all the ways that we can without taking the soul out of it. For some folks canopy piloting is the soul of it. We have no right to take that from them any more than the FAA should be able to stop all of skydiving.. or any more than DZOs should have a "right" (morally speaking) to ban jumpers over 60. I think that's the big difference between this conversation and any concerns around low pulls. Pulling low does not change the nature of skydiving. Those extra seconds are not magical and different than the rest of the freefall. At best it adds a few extra seconds to a formation trying to turn extra points. In this way banning low pulls doesn't take the soul out of what we're here to do. So I don't think it's a fair comparison to swooping for many folks. However there is something we can and should do - we should make a recommendation similar to the camera recommendation that limits at what stage in a skydiver's career they should begin training to swoop. The recommendation could limit canopy size, or degrees of turn onto final, or both. This is a reasonable thing to do I think - and an often overlooked cause of injury in younger jumpers. While I don't think we have a right to take the soul out of jumping for folks who find that soul in the discipline of canopy piloting. I think that delaying those folks who rapidly progress onto unreasonable wing loadings too young to understand what they're doing is completely fair.
  17. Remember the War on Christmas? Well, since FOX needs something to report on so they can avoid mentioning the Trump indictment, they now have - the (wait for it) WAR ON APPLIANCES! "Biden admin cracks down on air conditioners as war on appliances continues"
  18. A simple collision is unlikely to extract the trigger. Think of how difficult it would be to extract a Cypres control head from its pocket in similar circumstances. You might be able to extract the trigger if the collision involved snagging the RSL. I can't recall any incidents involving snagged RSLs on any system, so we should consider the probability of this happening to be quite low.
  19. Hi folks, And I thought FantasyLand was only a Disney thing: 'He'll be our next president' The Mar-a-Lago rally, along with a second event held outside a nearby Trump-branded golf course, totalled no more than several dozen 'He'll be our next president': Florida protesters stay faithful to Trump - BBC News Jerry Baumchen
  20. I have been searching every corner of the web trying to find an answer to this question. I'm hoping that the experienced folks here can help me shine a light on it. For the MARD in the Infinity, there is a trigger that sits in a small pocket. My understanding is that in the case of a cutaway, the trigger will be extracted from that pocket, and in this moment will lock the right main riser to the center of the reserve pilot chute bridle (essentially by allowing for a change in the angle of the MARD pin). This facilitates the extraction of the reserve as well as pins the freebag to the cutaway main to help locate it later. What I'm curious about is if under any circumstance the trigger could be extracted from its housing inadvertently. And if this is possible, could this result in a reserve pilot chute in tow? I wonder if in the case of a hard collision with another jumper the force could potentially extract the trigger from the housing, without any main canopy deployment. Then if this would 'lock' the reserve pilot chute bridle to the right main riser and keep the reserve from deploying (ex. from AAD firing for unconscious jumper after collision)? Thanks for fielding the question, do also wonder about similar pin and loop designs such as the RAX system.
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  22. Hi Joe, Re: Members held a LOT of local political offices. As in entire town councils. Or County boards. Like this: Right-Wing Groups Target Local Governments After January 6 - Bloomberg Jerry Baumchen
  23. (Before I start, yes, all decisions will be made after discussion with my surgeon and physical therapist. I'm just looking for experiences people have had, not advice.) So has anyone out there returned to skydiving after shoulder surgery? Specifically either rotator cuff repair or labrum tear repair? I'm just curious what your experience was, how long it took, how you knew you were ready, how you mitigated potential re-injury? Thanks!
  24. What if I don't agree.. my position is the correct one,,, possible but unproven false. You don't have any evidence it is false, it is your opinion based on only an assumption. Another instance.. "Himmelsbach thinks other clues to Cooper being an ex-convict were the 'atrocious foul language' he used in talking to a stewardess and the way he smoked his cigarettes. Cooper was a heavy smoker and was indifferent to the fact that the smoke curled through his fingers and left nicotine stains, a trait Himmelsbach said is common among prison inmates." It wasn't an error by the the other author,, Himmelsbach believed it. For it to be false the only explanation would be that there is a doc in Cooper's file that we haven't seen with cig stains falsely attributed to Cooper. But there is no evidence for that. THE FOLLOWING DESCRIPTION IS TAKEN FROM FILE REGARDING WITNESSES' DESCRIPTIONS OF HIJACKER DAN COOPER: WHITE MALE AMERICAN, MID-FORTIES, 6', 170 TO 175 POUNDS, OLIVE COMPLEXION OR MEDIUM TO SWARTHY COMPLEXION, BLACK HAIR, BROWN EYES, AVERAGE TOWELL-BUILT, CIGARETTE STAINS ON RIGHT HAND.
  25. We'll have to agree to disagree then.
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