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  2. Lurch_33

    Sigma Tandem Instructor Wanted

    Time Left: 1 month and 1 day

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    Vacationland Skydiving is looking for a full time Sigma Tandem Instructor with hand cam experience for a fun 182 DZ located in the heart of Central Maine. Join a growing DZ with a good vibe and excellent crew from May thru Sept. Laid back environment, 4 day work week with better than average guaranteed minimums, leaving time to enjoy summer in Maine. You won’t find a better place to spend a summer, but you must be legal to work in the US. Please send resume or letter of interest & qualifications to


    Pittsfield, Maine - US

  3. Bluhdow

    Strix vs Freak 2 vs ATC

    In related news, Tony Suits is doing a lot of work it looks like. New website, new suits coming out in this category (R-Bird Pro 2, Hog). It's really cool to see them making a comeback (at least here on the west coast, I'm sure they've always been present in FL). The USA has re-entered the wingsuit World Brand Wars!
  4. Meanee

    Aon2 X2 or Dekunu One for Wingsuiting

    This is one thing that pissed me off about their mount. I already own Chutingstar wedge mount. But it's not possible to mount Dekunu on it without the velcro wrap. I'd rather just buy velcro wrap for Dekunu and use my wedge mount. At least it's sturdier.
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  6. Time Left: 1 month and 1 day

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    Great condition, new line set on main, 2 rides on reserve, recently serviced Vigil II AAD, fresh repack of reserve, EMAIL for more pictures and DOM's and other specs! price/shipping is negotiable. I am 5'8 160lbs, it fits me, if you are smaller than me it may not fit, you can be roughly 3-5 inches taller and 10-15lbs heavier.


    , New York - US

  7. markwelchert

    PD Sihouette 150

    Is this available ? Jump #s ,Serial # ,
  8. flyhi

    Jim Dann, SCR 6, passed Aug 23, 2016

    Is it still possible to see this image? I guess it didn't make the leap over.
  9. creaves

    Bonehead AERO helmet, size L, red

    is the price negotiable?
  10. Administrator

    classified ads

    Was your ad initially a paid ad? If it wasn't, then there is something wrong that we need to adjust. The way it works currently is that there are packages we can set up. We can choose whether an ad package has a paid or free renewal. The problem is that while we can select for paid ads to have free renewal, we can't offer the ability to renew as a paid feature again. So it's a bit of a double edged sword. We can make it renew for free, but that isn't going to work for those looking to renew as a feature again. Or we can allow for paid renewal so featured ads can be renewed to be paid features, but then those looking to renew for free suffers. We're trying to find a way to offer both options. But we're also limited by the plugin that we are using.
  11. skow

    Ground Launching

    "Miniwing MARKET PLACE" group on facebook
  12. Mav33

    Complete Rig

    Time Left: 1 month and 1 day

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    Mirage G4 Container DOM June 2012 - Only 135 jumps on rigMain: Safire II 149 DOM Nov 2015 - Only 52 Jumps new - still crispyReserve: PD Optimum 160 - 0 ridesAAD: Cypress 2 DOM Aug 2012 4yr service performed on 27/08/2016 I'm 178cm & 74kg Free fly friendlyWingsuit friendly with 11ft bridleExcellent condition - selling as I have left the sport.Container will take a low pack volume 170 if you're wanting to jump a bigger canopy - happy to sell the main separately. Verify my credentials via: My home DZ: 'Skydive Nagambie' Victoria Australia OR My rigger: Nigel Brennan at 'Skywerx Aviation Systems' For more pictures including canopy, packing card, container sizing label please request via email -


    , Tasmania - AU

  13. Time Left: 1 month and 1 day

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    Great Setup, PM for more info / pics



  14. stratostar

    Thunderbow manual needed

    Anyone just happen to have a Thunderbow manual they’d be willing to part with or copy? I sure could used the help in finding one. Tried the history gang but thought this place might get better results.
  15. skytribe

    AAD fires

    Super simple - follow the rules, stay altitude aware. If you having AAD fires on student jumps - whether the fire is an instructor or students then something went wrong. Brushing it under the carpet does nothing to improve safety, allowing lessons to be learned and passed on to others to avoid repeats is probably beneficial. As to the disciplinary action - I'd like to see that data on how often and for what reasons USPA disciplinary action has been taken over the past 20 years.
  16. gowlerk

    AAD fires

    Here you go, glad to help.
  17. baronn

    AAD fires

    Not sure what "Skewed" means to you. I do agree that this poll does not represent what may be the total. I said that. I attempted to gather as many facts as I cude and use that to come to a reasonable conclusion. I put a hypothetical number on this for some kind of a base. Is it accurate? Doubtful. What it does represent is high probability of less than 1% of jumps done have an AAD fire. Is that number rite? maybe, maybe not. Is this a reason to mandate a report for an AAD fire and possible disciplinary action by the USPA? Not IMO....
  18. Israferrer

    Men's LiquidSky Swoop Pants

  19. cjdskydiver

    classified ads

    I just found the same thing and asked the same question...
  20. cjdskydiver

    ad to do it?? I went to renew it, and see the following...we have to pay for ads now...?? Renewal: 30 days more Renewal price: $6.00
  21. extremeshannon

    Strong TNT Complete System

    Time Left: 1 month and 1 day

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    Selling our TNT complete rig. This rig has around 300 jumps on it and is in awesome shape. Container Nov 2014 Patronus Reserve March 2015 Cypress Tandem ADD A2 389 Main Tandem Parachute 3 New Style Student Harnesses Extra Serviceable drogues Serviceable ALS bags Instructor rip cords Y Line Flex Pins Anything else I can find Also have spare parts for DHT's We are selling since all out DHT are now timed out and we are going to 1 System only. Send me a message with any question you have or offer. Thanks Shannon Jardine


    PALMER, Alaska - US

  22. skytribe

    opinions for a cherry jumper

    Also its an option to get a container that accommodates bigger canopies and then getting it re-harnessed to fit you. The container determines the canopies that can be safely packed in it and the harness is designed to accommodate the jumper. So you may find a container that would fit the canopies but was made for a smaller person or a huge person. If the price is right you can buy the container and send it back to the manufacturer to be re-harnessed to your dimensions.
  23. skytribe

    opinions for a cherry jumper

    Gowlerk detailed one of the points which is the cap tends to sit up because the pilot chute material is stuffed into the spring to minimize the potential of coil lock. Other container designs tend to pull the material out of the spring and hence can the cap compressed down a bit for semi-exposed pilot chutes making it easier to look good, and its not really an issue if the pilot chute is covered by additional flaps such as Vector 3, Mirage, Infinity etc. To do a good job and make wings containers look neat takes more work. If there are lots of wings on the DZ - the riggers probably get good at seating them or they all look shitty.
  24. wolfriverjoe

    opinions for a cherry jumper

    As was noted, any rig made in the past 10 years or so will likely be 'freefly friendly.' Is where you are jumping now likely to be where you jump in the future? I know military folk tend to get moved around more than the rest of us. What is popular at your DZ? What do the local riggers normally pack? While there are some variations among rigs, for the most part it's a 'preference' issue. And having a type that your rigger is familiar with and comfortable packing is a plus. Bigger rigs are out there, you just have to look harder & longer.
  25. gowlerk

    AAD fires

    Your numbers are highly skewed by the fact that few people are participating in your poll. It's value as data is nearly zero.
  26. gowlerk

    opinions for a cherry jumper

    Many riggers find it hard to make the cap sit nicely on Wings compared to other similar designs. It's not impossible, but more difficult. The good news is that the larger the container the easier it is. Since you will be wanting larger canopies it shouldn't be that much of an issue.
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  28. baronn

    AAD fires

    Well, a few specific, witnessed fires, quite a few more "I heard, was told" references and a riggers experience. All told, 17 witness fires and possible 7. Total of 24 from this impromptu poll over 10 yrs that equals 2.4 per yr. I'm sure the number is higher than that as this doesn't reach everyone. Let's multiply it by 10 and put 24 a yr. Pretty low number. How many were instructor jumps? Hard to say. We teach students to be altitude aware, practice it, do our best to remind them on the jump and are told by the USPA to NOT chase a student below 2500'. IF we follow their rules and it still fires on a student, we are threatened with disciplinary action if we don't report it in 48 hrs. Nice.
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