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  2. I'm pretty sure the lesson he is referring is to do a better job at suppressing voters.
  3. Yes, that's it exactly. What side of the bed are you on?
  4. Apparently you did not. Your very first post in this thread was ecstatic over the idea that your traitors would . . . win. "History in the making!" "Tune in to CSPAN!" You were hoping that they would in fact stop the certification of the vote and illegally appoint Trump as leader, instead of the democratically elected winner.
  5. Congratulations for, once again, engaging in critical race theory by looking at some examples of how we got where we are in terms of race relations. Now do you want to tell us again about how anyone who engages in critical race theory is an idiot?
  6. Well, I've spent a fair amount of time in Fayetteville. I don't know if that counts as "rural." But in any case, people everywhere buy cars. They buy new cars or used cars. As more and more people buy PHEV or EV cars, they will find themselves, whether they know it or not, with a largish battery. This works with the grid in two ways: 1) Since they can choose their time to charge their vehicles, they will tend to choose times that are cheap. Thus, as long as the utility gives them the right price signals, they will charge their cars when all that excess "unreliable" solar and wind power is available - thus using power that would otherwise be wasted. 2) Cars with a DC fast charging connection can do this bidirectionally - they can send power back to the grid as easily as they take power from the grid. And companies like Nuuve are making chargers for EV's that do both things automatically via a normal level 2 charging connection. These people will discover they can actually make money by sending power back to the grid during times that additional generation is needed. And people like to make money. (As an example, we had a pretty tight "flex alert" in San Diego last week - and I made $40 for two hours of backfeeding.) Of course not everyone will participate. Those rural West Virginians who live in 100 year old homes and drive 20 year old vehicles won't - but then again, they're also not using much power. People in population centers will do this more often. It is worthwhile to note that some of those rural West Virginians may get irate when they see power outages due to demand, line damage, shutdowns for fire prevention, extreme weather (which is on the increase) and other reasons. And even those backwoods, never-buy-anything-new West Virginians may decide that they want their next car to be able to provide power when that happens. Even if it's a 10 year old broken down Leaf.
  7. Remember last winter, before the vaccine was widely available? Cases were soaring, ICUs were full, records for all sorts of bad things were being set. The worst one week number for new cases was back in January, with the week ending Jan 10 seeing 111, 574 new cases. With low vax rates, idiotic rules not allowing places to refuse the unvaxed or even ask about vax status, Florida is again seeing a large spike in new cases. Roughly 20% (one in five) new cases is in Florida. 110, 724 last week. Deaths and hospitalizations are nowhere near where they were last winter, because those who are vaccinated are waaaaay less likely to end up in the hospital or dead. Edit to add: Link to the story I got the numbers from. Oops. News&utm_content=3701627691438&fbclid=IwAR305-jSmPchz6ex8UhJrpZO5SR1zcZmJGjB8QUdbxF9b5L8FzKET4AlyL0#nws=true
  8. yeah, that must've been it.
  9. They had the 'Red Summer', where returning veterans clashed with blacks over jobs. Unions were also having a hard time of it, being called 'socialists' and getting attacked by the corporate thugs (backed by the cops). But that didn't affect the "Black Wall Street" in Tulsa all that much.
  10. didn't they have the bloody summer in that year with 19 bloody engagements? i forgot where, just that it happened across the country.that was the reason it happened, to destroy it. a shame is what it is.
  11. i jump a 181 raven main and 218 raven 2 reserve, the main is right at 1. i doubt i'll ever want to swoop though, i still have trouble holding my fronts for more than 2 turns. i was going to try to order one that would hold my 218 and a 170 though, just haven't got to it yet. i don't think that is too much of a difference but i don't know anything about it. i like the idea of landing on a .8 if i was unconscious. hell, if i wanted to continue to take chances i wouldn't have gotten an aad this year.
  12. I think the Infinity by Velocity Sports Equipment is one of the best rigs at offering different size main and reserve combinations. The Racer if my memory is correct is also versatile in what can be ordered. Perhaps others can correct me if other mfgs also are as flexible in what can be offered. I have the good sense to have a 210 main at a WL of 1.12, and a 220 reserve. I've been well served by having low WL on the square reserve rides I've had. Anyway, I was wondering what you all thought of how much flexibility there is from mfgs in general to being able to combine a 100 main with a 200 reserve as just an example. I don't know if any mfg can do that. Perhaps it is really difficult as the number of combinations forces many different flap sizes and unintended interactions. Of course the demand is just not there. Until there is a demand for it, a 1.7 reserve WL on a swooping rig will be considered normal.
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  14. my small rig has a Neos 109 and a PD 106 R, for the sake of having a small rig. Got to use the reserve once, and it is very responsive on front risers. Afterthought, I was very happy that I landed at my well groomed DZ and not one of the typical out landing you often get when things turn sour. This is one of my top 2 worse gear choice decisions (not the PDR, it is a great canopy, just the size. And the colour. I got a nice light blue canopy. Afterwords I thought I should have gotten a bright pink) Edited to add : it is loaded around 1.9 lbs/sq ft. OK to land in good physical and mental conditions, on a rather good terrain. Absolutely ridiculous if one of these factors is deficient.
  15. Don't listen to carnival barkers?
  16. Absolutely love this DZ. Staff, packers, and manifest gals are on top of things. The air craft look and sound amazing. My only issue is the parking lot and driveway leading into the facility. You may want to bring a truck. Parking is very tight. Just wining! I would like too see parking increased. I learned to jump at this location back in 2001. I still call this my home DZ. Skydive Spaceland good work on your staff.
  17. What would that be? "Don't follow con men?" "Don't pretend that Trump has anything resembling 'morals'?" "The people who pretend that they are going to be big and tough won't do a damned thing when the going actually gets tough?" The Republicans will support treason and insurrection to stay in power?" Hi Jerry, There have been a bunch of these idiots who don't seem to understand that this is 'real'. Including Green, Gaetz, Gosar & Gohmert. They tried to visit the 'political prisoners' in jail for the Jan 6 insurrection attempt. They were denied (go figure). They made a big stink about it. So as a result, a defendant looking to get conditions of release modified was refused.
  18. Don't support traitors and criminals?
  19. I think we have been taught a very important lesson.
  20. That's precisely what I was referencing. You have Black mayors who do an absolutely great job, others not so much. Same thing goes for any ethnicity, now that I think of it. Two examples that came to mind were Tulsa (what came after the 1919 era is another issue, and absolutely ghastly) and Detroit. In my neighborhood, the standards are pretty much the same for any of the homeowners. They want a great education for their kids, great public servants (most assuredly including Police), and a strong community. Given the parents I know from school and Scouting, it really does not seem to matter what continent or culture they come from. They're all Really Well Educated and Successful As Hell. If a cop pulls over a Black guy around here, the dialogue is mostly "excuse me Doctor, but your taillight is out. The Mercedes dealership is open for another hour. How's your son?" "Thanks, Officer, he's doing great. Say hi to the Chief." So what if I'm spoiled? So is everyone around here, and it's a good thing. By and large nobody cares about race per se, which is the way I like it. I am serious that I hope St. Louis becomes a great success. I have yet to see perseverating on race being a part of such a success. BSBD, Winsor
  21. Too early for all that logic shit. Your turn to holler at the kids. :)
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