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  2. Good grief, I keep seeing his words quoted even though I have ignored him. I didn't know about the enforced holiday he has been complaining about. But it was quite a bit better in here while he was away. I guess I know who the sock puppet was now. You would think he was feeling that his sexuality was somehow threatened the way he goes on.
  3. Nope. There are tens of thousands of women who have AIS living in the US. They are XY. They are also female. That's reality; I hope that does not upset you.
  4. I have often wondered if you can state your own name without making mistakes, but you certainly have trouble stating mine without making mistakes.
  5. Gotta love republicans. Remember back in 2008 when they were explaining to the stupid liberals that the president doesn't control gas prices?
  6. Can you explain how Biden is responsible for increased gas prices at the pump?
  7. People who say they don't care about anything unless it directly affects them, sure like to post a lot about things they really don't care about.
  8. billvon


    I use this site to keep track of trends in the US: I tend to keep track of the infection rate, not the death rate, since deaths trail infections by 2-4 weeks. So that's the leading indicator. It's being studied extensively to see what source of protection it provides. The August Kentucky study showed that recent naive vaccination was 2.3 times more effective than previous infection at preventing future COVID infections. A more recent Israeli study showed the opposite. Personally I would be OK with a recent antibody test used in lieu of a vaccination. A caveat there is that we don't know which antibodies to test for - some antibodies that are produced during a COVID infection are not effective at fighting off the disease, so it's going to take some research to figure out which antibodies we should be testing for. Well, you'd still have the cards, you'd just have space for a recent antibody test. OK, great. So perhaps we will see yet another spike, along with the shutdowns, economic impacts and deaths. But at least they got to watch sports.
  9. Gender identity = female Biological reality (X and Y chromosomes) = male I don’t see how this simple observation could upset someone.
  10. Followed one post later by: Looks like you are, once again, either very confused - or trolling.
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  12. But you don't need to join any clubs to succeed in the US military. Not even the old boy's club sometimes. Much to the chagrin of some trolls.
  13. If you want to join a Lamborghini Owners Club it may be problematic. Actually, since Lamborghini made more tractors than motorcars, I wouldn't be surprised if the bulk of the qualified members were farmers. Since J. Edgar Hoover was given to going in drag more often than the cast of Monty Python, it seems that appearing as a man was simply a matter of convention on his part. Also, James Buchanan and Eleanor Roosevelt make anyone else's claim at being the first gay in the White House problematic. In any event, Buckminster Fuller's rationale for business suits and short hair was simple. When putting forth an idea, he did not have time to waste getting over first impressions. I think Levine's 'transition' rather violates that principle. BSBD, Winsor
  14. Does anyone have a link to Airspeed doing the 57 @ the 2020 4-way FS Skydiving International Championships ?
  15. That is a common expression that is completely incorrect. The Amazon region is an incredible place for its biodiversity. It is not "the lungs of the world". If anything can be given such a title it is the ocean. And there is only one ocean despite the fact that we give different parts of it names of their own. Save the plankton if you want to keep breathing. People who live in countries that have converted as much arable land as possible to agriculture are always the ones trying to hold Brazil back from doing the same using emotional and misguided arguments. Worry about your own back yard.
  16. Not that I've seen it with my own two, but I hear that the "leadership" in Brazil are making (BAD) decisions regarding native lands and the cutting of huge amounts of rainforest. The Brazilian rainforest, AKA the lungs of our world. Once that is gone, ...
  17. Sorry, I just got back in, yes the 'Reverse S Fold' is the technique I am referring to. I am not a fan. The regular method does a better job of pinning the slider in place, up against the stop. If you watch a person do the Reverse S fold, any loss of control of the bagging process and the slider is moved down and out of position. I always teach to do a regular S-fold, pin the slider on the first fold in the body of the canopy, and use that as a point of control through the bagging process. I think manufacturers should be discouraging the reverse S fold whenever possible.
  18. True. And that car is allowed to drive down the street and do everything the other cars are allowed to do.
  19. Again, if someone has a Replicar that looks like a Lamborghint, that's great. I'm sure it makes them happy. When they go to register it, however, it's still a Volkswagen.
  20. Fair enough. Although if someone went to the reverse S-fold because they have difficulty packing , if they pack the normal way -- everything in a double S-folded stack before bagging -- they might well tend to lose control and and have the bottom of the canopy "squirt" out of the whole stack, again messing up the slider placement. But I'm sure we'll agree that either way, one has to control the slider at the bottom of the canopy. (I've got a couple thousand jumps on sub-100 crossbraced canopies and I prefer the reverse S-fold. Still easier than trying to control the full stack, especially on a canopy that is short from bottom to top.) But back to Pilots, which like almost any ZP canopy, seem to be able to slam people in rare instances...
  21. Nancy Pelosi was at the US Capitol on 6 January. Four officers lost their lives.
  22. We can always trust Brent to display true knuckle dragging, harry chested thinking.
  23. Sure! Then hide behind the flag for a corrupt, hate filled agenda. (above)"Teddy Daniels, who is running for Congress in Pennsylvania, speaks at a pro-police rally last year. He was at the US Capitol on 6 January. Four officers lost their lives.. Of the thousands of diehard Trump supporters who gathered in Washington on 6 January, some are now beginning to emerge as Republican candidates for national and local office." It seems as if the law, the courts and common sense run slower than some politicians.
  24. I’m not sure how diverse it is when even the women are white males.
  25. He probably got a time-out for informing Skydeker “energy poverty” was, in fact, two words and not one. That must have hurt Skydeker’s feelings something awful, as it was deemed a personal attack.
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