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  1. And they all cheered along when Trump said suspects should be treated rough. People being arrested should have their heads smashed against door frames, and if any of ‘those’ suspects gets to the station with two black eyes or worse that’s all part of the process. But carry out a fully legal search warrant against a private citizen who just happens to be a right wing darling and suddenly that’s too heavy handed. That’s weaponisation of justice. That’s unprecedented persecution. Bunch of hypocritical whining fucking snowflakes.
  2. And that changes what you wrote? You're positive that Trump was monetising top secret national security documents because you think he would but you need courtroom standard proof that he flushed some paper down the toilet? Ah the last resort of the passive-aggressive.
  3. No I didn't. You said the story about Trump's disregard for the PRA was a nothingburger. The FBI says it's a big somethingburger. I have no idea why you're trying to weasel your way out of this. Anyone can make a mistake, it's not a big deal.
  4. I would't credit him with that much vision, and I'm sure even his most sycophantic advisors would have refused to let him take the insane legal and PR risk that would come along with that. Occam's razor said he took them out of spite and petulance and held on to them because he thought he was immune to the consequences.
  5. What on earth would ever make you think that? Documents he kept because of his chronic disregard for the PRA, of which the documents flushed down the toilet is an equal part. It is illegal. He was breaking the law, he was categorically told he was breaking the law, he kept breaking it. That isn't nothing.
  6. Right? It appears that Brent has run away from this thread with his tail between his legs. If he does come back and explain what it is he thinks is too woke about these films, it would be great if he could also explain why he is so gleefully in favour of cancel culture trying to sink them at the box office.
  7. The FBI thinks it’s a real somethingburger now!
  8. jakee

    GOP Swine

    At the end of the day, what is the point of human misery unless someone else is profiting obscenely from it?
  9. Two men looking at each other’s bodies? The Trump campaign is now too woke to ever succeed - just ask Brent.
  10. They have to show solidarity with the governments of Saudi Arabia, Egypt and China et al. You know, the kind of government they really want.
  11. You brought up the film, you called it woke, I’m asking you. What is it you’re scared of saying? No, that’s according to you. You called Lightyear woke and that’s because it has two females kissing. You called Wonder Woman 1984 woke, and why is that except for the fact that it has a female lead character?
  12. I guess you never noticed covid. It was the most popular streaming film of the year, and WB are happy enough with its performance that they’re making both a sequel and a spin-off as we speak. And by the way, what exactly is ‘overly woke’ about it? Female lead characters? Is that the thing that’s a step too far for you?
  13. “It ended a couple of months later when Sartain became pregnant and she told his wife. Leveridge then moved to void her pretrial diversion, though it was later reinstated by a special prosecutor who took over for Leveridge in the case. ….Leveridge told investigators he met Sartain through a probation officer with whom he was also having sex.” Sounds legit to me.
  14. It’s nowhere near that simple. His trial lawyers may be so incompetent it seems like their strategy was to shoot for a mistrial on the grounds of malpractice but his money men probably know what they’re doing. The fight to find the assets he claims don’t exist is going to go on for years.
  15. That’s a big chunk of his current worth, and there are many more judgements against him to come. Now the question is whether they can find it and pry it out if his hands. https://amp.theguardian.com/us-news/2022/aug/05/sandy-hook-families-to-seek-punitive-damages-beyond-41m-ordered-from-alex-jones
  16. Well there’s a total non sequitur. Going by Windsor’s logic of ‘what you always complain about is what you really are’….
  17. That’s quite the pivot, but at least you’ve moved on from your insane argument that oil companies want to act in a way that drives down oils prices. Anyway, you’ve guaranteed us that the red wave is coming and Democrats are about to be wiped out. Why do you think the oil company analysts are guaranteeing that you’re wrong?
  18. So you don't know what you're talking about, and you just blindly copied someone else's work because it supported your disgust over over seeing gay people represented on film.
  19. Again, is the prospect of two girls kissing in a film really something you consider to be overly woke? What decade do you live in? Wonder Woman was an enormous success that is spawning more sequels and spinoffs.
  20. But not by very much. So far you've very neatly demonstrated that the current situatin is awesome for oil companies and there's no inventive for them to drill their way to lower prices.
  21. Cool! Did you notice that neither option is conditional on how much they’re able to drill baby drill?
  22. Ok cool - so forecourt gas demand is about 10% below average and price is about 30% above average. Have you figured out the problem with your theory yet?
  23. Ha! In the UK you have to pay a £500 deposit to get on the ballot, and if you get less than 5% of the vote you lose it for being a useless waste of everyone else's time.
  24. From what I understand that morbidly obese man who sounds like a bulldog struggling to breath makes a lot of his money from the 'health' foods and supplements he constantly hawks on his network. Yikes.