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  1. Back to proving he's not just habitually abusing the office but he's a plain old arsehole on a personal level too. After his mad tweets about Lori Klausutis her widower wrote to Twitter asking them to delete the messages, saying Trump's conspiracy theories, bile and misinformation had perverted the memory of his dead wife for political gain. When asked about the letter Trump didnt apologise, retract, delete the tweets, or even spend a moment thinking about the pain he was pointlessly causing to the friends and family of a woman who never lifted a finger against him - he just doubled down with lie on top of lie saying that he'd read the widower's letter and was sure he wanted to get to the bottom of the very suspicious situation. Narcissistic, sociopathic fucking wanker who has no concept of the boundaries between fiction and reality.
  2. I love how he's not even trying to mime getting a hand to the bowl, but to get his head there instead. Like, his actual objective was to bury his face in chips. Yep, def a good analogy for Trump!
  3. I know you know this, but it's worth mentioning that while some people may not do any of the first, we all do the second to some extent. It's human nature. Even people who are strictly rational in most areas can fall down the rabbit hole in others if they're not careful.
  4. For your logic to work you would have to believe motor cars have only just now taken over from horses. Do you?
  5. It's only one brain scan, actually, just with two different colourings added and captions falsely claiming that it's scans of two different people. But so what? The entire video is so obviously fake that there's no need to break down every single falsehood or mistake in it - you'd end up with a post that takes all day to read. Now the real question - if you knew the whole thing was fake, why did you claim it was evidence of people joining up the dots?
  6. Um, yeah? I mean, you'll find more people who believe the earth is flat or that all the churches in Edinburgh are mosques than think John Wick contains real fighting.
  7. The most glaring discrepancy is that it is fiction presented as reality. But go on, what do you think the most glaring discrepancy is?
  8. The troling bit is when you keep switching between stating what's happening now and predicting what's possible in the future depending on what lets you claim victory in that particular post, no matter which one you were talking about in the post before. That's not an honest debate, it's not even a real conversation. It's trolling.
  9. Yeah, I mean I get that he's unquestioning enough to swallow the terrible dialogue and junk science. But when the headline says "Bill Gates briefs..." and the video contains a guy who is so obviously not Bill Gates then surely even Ron can muster up enough self awareness to realise his chain is being yanked.
  10. Are you really that gullible? Leaving aside that you'd have to be both blind and deaf to believe for a moment that the person on stage is Bill Gates, that is not a Pentagon briefing. That is not real science. It's a promo scene for a low budget movie from a decade ago. Seriously man, grow up.
  11. The two are not mutually exclusive.
  12. jakee


    The doctors couldn't believe how much Coronavirus he didn't have. They don't think anyone has ever tested as 'not infected' as Trump. It's amazing really, just how good he is at not having the virus. Obama was never as completely clear of Coronavirus as Trump and Coronavirus hadn't even been invented yet. I'm imagining that some PR staffer simply mentioned once that he should avoid using the word negative too much in association with himself (like how some salesmen and call centre workers aren't allowed to say no) and he's just taken that idea on his own special journey. Like, if not saying negative too much is good, then actually saying positive a lot must be even better, right?
  13. Until the third vodka hits, then it's all about how many naked people can you fit into one sauna. Or plunge pool. Or.. well anywhere really, just as long as the naked thing is happening.
  14. It doesn't work like that. It's not like all of the viruses mutate at once into something benign then go 'oh shit, that was a mistake'. Strains of the virus that don't make anyone sick are likely to be heavily outcompeted by the ones that do. So while the benign mutations would go away, the nasty ones will still be here.
  15. jakee


    I don't think you know what 'underground' means.
  16. Different subject, but yeah. No great surprise that a President who runs his administration like his family business has appointed numerous department heads who think their staff work for their benefit, not the country's.
  17. More or less. A lot of this stuff doesn't work the way people think it does - for instance did you know that a race was first defined as people who spoe the same language, therefore the first recorded racism was English people hating the French? In any event, he was right, you used an ethnic slur. Sure, but it's just your bigotry that makes it seem that way to you. Those you see as 'stomping' on Christianity - are they demanding outrage every time they see a church like you do with Mosques? Nope. In the other thread you just posted a list of ways that an enemy behaves. Why are you using it as an instruction manual? You've just hit points 12, 13 and 14 all in one sentence. Seriously, why can't you give a straight answer? Are you that embarrassed?
  18. Yes, you are making it quite clear that fact and reality is inconvenient to your worldview. Again, you don't see it because you dont know what ethnicity is. An ethnic group does not have to be based on shared ancestry, genetics, place of birth or nationality. Like I said, I tried to stop you before you dug too deep but you're just too damn stubborn. Now for real, time for you to man up and explain why you lied about all the churches in Edinburgh.
  19. I was going to say I'll do you a favour before you dig yourself in too deep, but I see you were too eager to make yourself look silly again. So here it is anyway - you don't know what ethnicity means. Whether that in turn means you have a weak mind, I'll leave to you to decide. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ethnic_group Depending on which source of group identity is emphasized to define membership, the following types of (often mutually overlapping) groups can be identified: Ethno-linguistic, emphasizing shared language, dialect (and possibly script) – example: French Canadians Ethno-national, emphasizing a shared polity or sense of national identity – example: Austrians Ethno-racial, emphasizing shared physical appearance based on genetic origins – example: African Americans Ethno-regional, emphasizing a distinct local sense of belonging stemming from relative geographic isolation – example: South Islanders of New Zealand Ethno-religious, emphasizing shared affiliation with a particular religion, denomination or sect – example: Jews
  20. Hey dude - just a reminder that I answered your question completely at the first time of asking - when are you going to answer the question why you told such an absurd lie about personally seeing all the churches in Edinburgh converted into mosques when you only saw one?
  21. jakee


    Oh yeah. Lance's early career pre-cancer did overlap with the most rampant EPO era before there was any effective test for it. By the time of his major success they'd moved to microdosing into muscle fibre instead. The year of his cancer the Tour winner was Jan Ullrich, known in some circles as 'Mr 60%' after his hematocrit level - 60% of his blood was red blood cells, compared to between 40% to 50% maximum for a non doped athlete. The story is that combined with an ultra low resting heart rate, when he was 'fully prepped' in race season he needed a soigneur to wake him every hour or so during the night to mitigate the risk of his blood spontaneously clotting in his veins in between heartbeats.
  22. And the people with tinfoil hats think 5G is giving us Covid.
  23. So, because a Turkish populist said it, it must be true? Would you believe any quote about Christianity I could find? So to sum up, we should be outraged that there is even one mosque in Edinburgh because all muslims are part of a hostile invading army because the Turkish PM said so? That's your official position? OK, that's the follow up dealt with - still leaves the main question though - why did you lie about having seen every church in Edinburgh turned into a Mosque? What possessed you to say something so blatantly ludicrous?
  24. That's the plan for Americans returning from overseas. Are they not talking about the plan for everything else?
  25. No, but you will see it in other Christian countries.