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  1. Seems like almost everyone in Trump's orbit is coming down with it. I just hope Stormy Daniels realises what a brilliant troll it would be for her to announce a positive test.
  2. jakee


    So the guy who widely, publicly advertises himself as a counter terror expert gave you instructions to keep his name secret? Clearly he can play the audience like a fiddle, I'll give him that.
  3. If he wanted to present as an expert he'd just claim his uncle had it.
  4. At least two of Trump’s doctors, one of them a naval officer, have lied for Trump already during his presidency. This is indisputable.
  5. You completely missed my point. I didn't say it wouldn't matter if he died.
  6. That'll either happen or it won't. It's not something that will be affected by political pressure. If people want to point out that it's funny that the anti-mask, anti-precaution idiot in chief put himself in danger it makes no difference either way.
  7. IMO while the world is, on average, becoming socially more progressive all the time, it has also been moving drastically towards the fiscal right for decades while people are simultaneously being brainwashed that it's too unfair to rich people and too good to the poor. IMO social programs in temrs of real dollars/pounds have never been weaker since the social safety net was first instituted in the early 20th century, while the rewards for success have never been higher compared to the average Joe, and the real tax burden on both wealthy individuals and corporations has never been lower. Anyone who thinks that poor people are the problem is fucking insane, IMO.
  8. jakee


    Why are you pretending to keep the name Del W Wilber secret as if he has to be protected, when he publicly advertises his name with that bio? Doesn't seem like he has anything to say about BLM or Antifa either.
  9. jakee


    Then shouldn’t he have known that domestic anti-terrorism isn’t in the purview of the CIA or DOD?
  10. If the SC simply defers to the states then how will it ensure anything?
  11. And where's the semantics in thinking you know exactly what the straight talking Trump means even though you shouldn't believe what he says? Your words, but I don't disagree.
  12. And yet your doctor still isnt a brain surgeon. Basic set theory, dude.
  13. You think you know where he stands even while you caution others not to believe what he says. Yep, in his business they call you a mark.
  14. It's not clear. What do you mean they can tell you where to put your abortion clinic? Do you mean they can tell you to put it in another state? If so, congratulations. You've just agreed they'll strike down Roe vs Wade.
  15. If you're asking your doctor to do brain surgery then you understand as much about medicine as you do politics.
  16. What was it all the conservative small government people used to say about politicians? Something about ‘they work for us’? But now they’re defending Trump for running the country like one of his companies that he owns. I’m sure there’s a word for heads of state who own their countries. Four letters, starts with a K. Strange to find out that’s what they really want.
  17. So your position is that you can’t believe what he says, and he was doing the exact opposite of telling it like it is when he said that? Interesting.
  18. Oh sure. If you ignore all the things he constantly says that he doesn’t believe in then yeah, never ever ever! Yep, he’s running it exactly like his one of his corporations. Extracting as much personal profit as possible before bankrupting it and taking no responsibility for the debt.
  19. Then how do you mean they’ll ‘defer to the states’? Think it through...
  20. Are you that naive? Is your memory that short? Trump literally stood up on stage, on TV, and admitted that he said things during the campaign which he didn’t believe, that his handlers told him to say, and that he kept saying them purely because they played well with the audience.
  21. What do you mean, he still thinks there’s a difference? When you say ‘as opposed to’ that means YOU think there’s a difference.
  22. jakee


    True, but polling companies need to sell their product in a competitive environment. They've had 3.5 years to try to figure out why their last product was faulty, and fix those faults as best they can. They're still not going to be perfect but it's likely that they're better this time around.
  23. After all their anti-academia rhetoric since forever I find it surprising the Republicans would nominate someone with practically no ‘real world’ experience who has been firmly ensconced in the much maligned ivory tower for almost her entire working life. Ah wait, no. No I’m not surprised at all that they’re as hypocritical about this as they are everything else.
  24. jakee


    What does any of that have to do with you wrongly accusing me of using a strawman argument? I guess you are one of the people who can't admit to making a mistake. That's disappointing.