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  1. Since he's a gaping moral chasm who cares about nothing but power then no reason at all. No great surprise that one of the most partisan posters on this forum thinks that. Anyone capable of even a modicum of independent thought would conclude that the Republicans are once again the soulless party of dirty tricks, concerned only with imposing their agenda on the American people rather than allowing them to be fairly represented.
  2. The brazen hypocrisy is astounding. Has there ever been a more odious smear of shit in a position of power than Mitch McConnell?
  3. What did the PD do to make them think that?
  4. So two months ago the city council reallocated $1M of the PDs $193M budget, and you think that’s the reason for the increase in homicides over the last nine months? ”Doh” indeed.
  5. You appear to have misunderstood your own statement. You were going asking about political statements in the fires, and there is nothing in that article to indicate any political motivations.
  6. Jesus dude, you really have zero sense of humour, eh? After Trump’s presidency has been constantly dogged by allegations of Russian collusion his campaign accidentally uses a picture of the Russian military and you don’t think that’s worth taking the piss out of? Why so serious?
  7. So you are going to keep being that dishonest? You’re so blinded by bias that you’ll give credit to Trump for inheriting low troops levels in Iraq and Afghanistan but you’ll criticise Obama for getting them low in the first place? Yep. That figures.
  8. That is a barefaced lie. There have been thousands more American troops in both Iraq and Afghanistan for the majority of Trump's presidency than there were when he took office. Comparing his numbers to those of the Bush Administration is a red herring on such a scale that it should probably be called a red whale. If you think that troop reduction in theatre is worthy of kudos then you absolutely must give that kudos to Obama. Will you, though? I doubt it.
  9. Lol, stop whinging. These are your words "Those folks want to point out all the negatives but not acknowledge any shortcomings of others, or acknowledge the positives. I've done both. Until there is some level of fairness in the analysis it's just politics." You haven't done both. That's not a matter of opinion, you literally haven't said a single positive thing about Biden or Harris, yet you're accusing those on the other side of being negative, unfair and political for doing the same about Trump. So what are you looking forward to from a Biden/Harris administration, and/or what positive things have they accomplished in their careers?
  10. jakee


    What they wanted was more people with access to real healthcare, and that has happened. It's funny that you try and paint the left as the heartless transactional bastards because of that, when in reality the ACA is the only reason you care at all how many people have affordable healthcare. Prior to the ACA the stated position of the American right to anyone who couldn't afford medical insurance was 'fuck you, ya bum!' So the crocodile tears of the right over the hardship faced by those whose premiums have gone up a bit are somewhat ironic.
  11. As someone who not only justified but applauded a right winger for shooting and murdering several innocent people recently you should reconsider the wisdom of getting on a high horse right now.
  12. Hypocrisy is exactly the point. I’ve never heard Biden accuse those who did serve of cowardice. I’ve never heard Biden claim to be the biggest and best supporter of the military or the most knowledgeable person alive on military matters. Ive never heard Biden say he felt like a great soldier or refer to his personal Vietnam. I have nothing against anyone who dodged the draft per se, but Trump sure as hell deserves the criticism for it in light of everything else he’s ever publicly said about the military to advance his political career.
  13. More like welcome to what happens when you pretend to be something you’re not. You can explain the drill to him, you have more than enough experience in that area.
  14. There are no qualifications for leadership. And that's not what you said. You said Biden has never had a leadership position or real job. So while you completely dismiss the three years he spent running his own business you represent the three years you spent running a project for someone else as if it was a business you built. But you also claimed you acknowledged the positives of both sides. You haven't though, all you have done is attack Biden and Harris, and all you have brought to the conversation is negativity. So can you actually do what you claimed to do? Can you tell me the positive things you are looking forward to from the Biden/Harris presidency? Can you tell me the positive things they have done in their careers so far?
  15. But you also had to have permission for everything you did and had the final say over nothing, which doesn't really sound like running a company to me. It's also rather funny that you're proving your business experience by citing a project you ran for three years, when the reason we're talking about it at all is that you dismissed Biden's business experience because he only ran his own law firm for three years. Can you not see the one sided way you are looking at this? Which reminds me - what are you looking forward to from a Biden/Harris administration? What good things will they do?
  16. jakee


    Isn't that exactly your position? Obamacare gave 20 million people access to healthcare who previously couldn't afford any insurance at all, but because your premiums went up a bit you're against it. Is that not the absolute definition of the "I'm alright Jack" mentality you're attempting to paint onto the left?
  17. jakee


    I don’t know why that would tickle us more than anything else posted by Q, since everything posted by Q is simply made up. He could post that all the Joint Chiefs are aliens and it would be no different. But if you believe it... why? If Q is a group of military people who support Trump over the civil service deep state, of Trump is the most pro military president ever, why are the joint chiefs conspiring against him?
  18. I can't see any other way to interpret this post other than you are saying everything McConnell does is right. But you claim to be a centreist. WTF, bro?
  19. I missed the bit where FDR claimed to be the fittest, healthiest president ever. I also didn't miss the bit where YOU started this conversation by judging Biden's health. Kinda takes the wind out of your not being a partisan hypocrite sails, doesn't it?
  20. Lol, right. You believe what Fox tells you might have happened in an alternate reality, I'll believe what really happened in this one.