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  1. No you’re not. You are making an entirely disingenuous comparison with the aim of arguing that your own decisions should be as immune from criticism as the skin colour someone else was born with. If you claim that you can’t understand why that’s not the rule, you’re just lying.
  2. Damn, is it say something stupid day already? How time flies.
  3. Come on man, if you can't have a sense of humour over the US invading people left right and centre then what can you laugh about? I mean seriously - did you mean you haven't started a new campaign literally this week or what? But OK, the rest of the post. Actual, self described neo-Nazi groups exit, right? They aren't actually exterminating anyone, building concentration camps or invading other countries. So... they're definitely not Nazis?
  4. I mean. Um. How do I put this...
  5. jakee


    If he actually was talking to Putin about this and not just making shit up - is it any different to what Michael Flynn ultimately went down for?
  6. And that’s a good thing, right? The rest of your post is going to be about how how gay people shouldn’t be tarred as if they’re associated with actual perverts? Oh for fuck’s sake. Ok never mind.
  7. Who said all Republicans are 'association with Hitler'?
  8. Ok but who are we talking about now?
  9. Like who? You mean, by all those Conservative dominated traditional child beauty pagents? Like what? Are you sure? Because your whole post sure reads like a joke.
  10. Because it's incredibly obvious? That's exactly the point. You don't consider the sex you like to have as being a vice and you've found an organisation that's quite happy to pat you on the head, congratulate you and tell you that you're carrying out God's plan by having that sex. Oh, but not those other people who aren't quite exactly like you. How dare they hope to find an organisation which can validate their lives? Sinful bastards. Why should they have to abstain when you don't? You think you're special, and that your particular kink is the only one that's valid?
  11. Well if we’re getting literary I have read 1984. At the risk of sounding judgmental I’d say the probability that you haven’t is quite a bit higher than 84%. I doubt you’ve even watched Brazil. And remember, we categorically proved that you don’t know what being tone deaf means, so how likely is it that you can teach people about other terms and get it right?
  12. Not so long ago the Polish president was killed in a plane crash where the crew attempted to land in conditions way below minima for the airport equipment instead of diverting and causing the President to miss his appointment. The Captain on that flight had been First Officer on a previous Presidential flight when the old Captain had overruled the wishes of the President for safety reasons. He was officially commended and unofficially removed from duty. The new Captain learned his lesson too well.
  13. More hydraulics! Though tbh, bad weather, zero vis, mountain terrain, a very important passenger with somewhere important to be and only one other person in the country who can say no to him… many a perfectly serviceable aircraft has been lost for less.
  14. Now that was an educational and informative google search ; p
  15. Marriage? Family? A man laying with a woman? None of these things ring a bell with you?