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  1. The senate was never allowed to vote on the nominee. HUGE DIFFERENCE!
  2. So what are the odds that Trump bails on the final debate?
  3. okalb


    What happens now is that congress finally gets to see a full unredacted copy of the Muller report and all documents. Unless of course the president is lying (he would never do that) and isn't really declassifying all of the documents.
  4. Disable javascript for nytimes.com in your browser
  5. okalb


    Good point. I hadn't considered that some are proud sheeple. It just amuses me because the Q-cumbers call normal people sheep as an insult.
  6. okalb


    Have you ever thought about the fact that this is pretty much the definition of "being a sheep"?
  7. Low-tech thinkers demand low-tech solutions.
  8. I had a "friend" on FB a while back that posted a meme about Reagan that was completely false. I don't remember what it was, but that is irrelevant at this point. I first politely said that his numbers were off and Reagan never did what he claimed. He insisted that I was wrong. I then found numerous sources that proved that what he claimed was incorrect. I posted the links to those sources. Much to my surprise he admitted that he had been mistaken after reading the sources. You would think that would be the end of it. Maybe he would even delete the post. Later that day (after admitting that what he posted originally was incorrect) he posted another version of the meme claiming the exact same thing. When I pointed out that he had already admitted that the information was incorrect, he told me that it was his FB page and he could post whatever he wanted on it, then unfriended and blocked me.
  9. okalb


    That is it, from now on I am calling the Q-nicorns.
  10. So you don't see anything in his comments that is trying to provoke liberals, you only see the responses to him as trying to provoke him? That is you once again showing just how far from the center you actually are, despite what you claim on a regular basis.
  11. okalb

    Police State

    I don't think so. My guess is he sends more. He will need them to quell the violence that will occur when he challenges the election results based on nothing other than he can't accept the fact that he lost.