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  1. My understanding is that in this case, if things work as they should, nobody will be funding the government's efforts long term. SVB put most of money in long term bonds. The money is still in those long term bonds. The money needed to pay investors is not available until those investments mature. The government is essentially making the bank's investors a loan to get their money now and the government will repay the loans by collecting on the bond investments when they mature. They need to do this because if the bank cashed the investments in before they mature, the amount of losses due to penalties and fees will cost so much that there would not be enough left to give the bank's investors their money back.
  2. I get it, how come they already know?
  3. Moses had tablets too! Might it have something to do with the fact that it is much more openly discussed?
  4. Why do you think that is the case?
  5. You know what does have a speaker? Hunter Biden's laptop!
  6. I am just about to get my third passport. Was born in 1 country (passport 1). Was born to American parents and grew up in the US (passport 2). Immigrated to another country a few years ago and am just coming up on applying for citizenship (passport 3). Most countries will allow you to be a citizen of up to two other countries. Not only can you hold more than one passport, but because of multiple citizenships, you may be required to. For example, all three countries to which I have or am getting citizenship, require you to use a local passport to enter the country. If you are a US citizen, you MUST enter the US using a US passport. But when I get my Colombian citizenship, I MUST enter Colombia using the CO passport. So to travel between the US and CO, I MUST use two different passports.
  7. okalb


    Tough in what way? Are you referring to the toughness it will take to blindly vote however he is told to vote due to complete lack of understand of any major issues? Or maybe you are referring to the toughness it takes to deny the existence of your own children?
  8. On top of it just being stupid, she didn't even spell Chickamauga correctly.
  9. okalb


    Agreed, I was thinking more of our new addition, not our long time resident troll.
  10. okalb


    Not every moran is a troll. I know several people IRL that actually believe that same stuff. Unfortunately, some relatives of mine sound like him. Is it trolling if you believe yourself to be correct?
  11. okalb


    The founding fathers wouldn't have had anything to find, had it not been for assistance from the French.
  12. This is the part where he tells you that he isn't a Republican and doesn't support Trump
  13. So as usual, no real answer to the question. You are being added to the block list.