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    Please see this guys post in the main forum, we shouldn't be encouraging him to show up anywhere. There is a golf bag in his future , but in the mean time it really wouldn't be fair to the drop zone that we guided him to.
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    So funny clicking this link all these years later to see that Squirrel completely and utterly dominate the PPC charts... Hahahaha
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    You need a real rigger. A rigger that puts a 20 year life span on a reserve is a rigger to run away from.
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    Yep this guy is a f u c k w i t as we Brits say.
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    If you search for Neumann gloves on Alibaba there are a few listings. They all have embroidery in the pictures, but that can probably be negotiated.
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    I am not entirely sure about moderators, but I know that admins can select the best answer in threads where the OP doesn't select it. This is something that I will occasionally do, if I see that a thread has been without reply for a week or so, I'll then select a best answer to assist those who come to the thread in future.
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    1) We need competition btw different manufactorers. It's vital for innovation. Innovative features a manufactorer develops, that are that good, will be copied/absorbed by the others - happens all the time. And so innovation is ongoing in order for the manufactorers to stay in the game. Also competition keeps prices in check I am assuming. As for innovation, especially Tonysuits seems to be flying at the moment. None of this will make suits do GR 7:1. We are at 3.5 :1 guys and we will probably stay there? But it will make suits easier to fly, easier to progress in, easier to deploy in, easier to perform in, easier to do acro in, etc etc. 2) The different vendors are differing quite a lot in customer service as said in this topic. Squirrel is outstanding and from experience I know they are in a class of their own. 3) Quality and durability is important for all the manufactorers and they are all good 4) Finally a given suit, flies as its testpilots prefer themselves to fly - and you feel that. So two suits from two manufactorers might look similar but in the air feels different; e.g. The Squirrel suits is all about efficiency in all aspects, PF tends to prioritize easy progression more and more forgiving flyingstyle. Especially the race suits shows this difference in how testpilots wants a suit to fly. A Squirrel CR+ is a crazy race machine, its built for the job and win's all the time, however it is probably not a suit I would take to the dropzone and use for fun bigsuit flocking. Other manufactorers have race suits that are more docile and friendly and thus might also be used on a daily basis. And so on. 5) A pilot invests in a new suit. He likes it no actually loves it. This suit is now "he best suit in the world" and nothing can be said to change that view - for some time. Demoing all suits in that class is very often not possible and so the pilot will vent his opinion and influence others about to purchase. Another pilot is somehow affiliated with a specific manufactorer and all his views is biased from a to z. In time, this pilot will become more open to other flavours and become more balanced, unless $$$ is involved ofcourse. Nof said.
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    Hello community! I did my first tandem skydive at Pacific Skydiving in Hawaii and fell in love! Came back to the main land and did 2 more tandems at Skydive Spaceland Dallas and decided that it was time! I have since then completed an additional tandem as well as solo STP / AFF 1 to 6 and absolutely love it - I also started purchasing individual components for my gear and own my own jumpsuit, gloves, goggles, G4 Cookie (pre-order) and Stella analog altimeter. My latest AFF/STP level 6 Jump from Tuesday consisted of solo exit, solo stabilization and practice pull, leg turns, docking and deployment: I am also a private pilot and can not wait to become a jumper pilot once I have my instrument and commercial rating! I love this sport and everybody who shares the same passion!
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    TLDR version - expensive to get someone that might only be a short term employment In order for a company to sponsor a non-citizen they have to show that there is a lack of citizens that have the correct skill set to fill the job openings. This is a long drawn out process where they have to establish the need, show that they have tried to get people for the position and that there is no one able to take the job for a certain length of time. This might mean they have to be seeking someone for 9 months and show that no one has been qualified for the position in that length of time. If they then want to sponsor someone they then have to find the person, get a work visa (lottery system with only limited numbers per year) do the paperwork, be able to get them a work permit, pay the fees and then have the person come over to work for them. Most times this involves signing longer term contracts since they have a large investment in the person at that point and the last thing they want is for that person to come over and then leave 2 months in since they don't like it anymore. Most DZ's do not hire employees but instead hire independent contractors - aka freelancers that are not on a contract and can quit/leave at any time and have a lot of other things for taxes that the DZ's do not have to cover. With all this being said a DZ might have to spend 5-10+ thousand dollars to sponsor someone to come from overseas or they can just find a local for free. With most DZ's that need staff are in a seasonal location that means they might be paying a lot of money for someone that might only last 5-7 months before the DZ shuts down for the winter and then that person decides to go somewhere warmer and then will have to get that person to return to them in the spring. If the sponsored person decides not to go back or leaves the country then its potential legal bills to sue over the situation or writing off the costs of it. It has been done for the right people - high level coaches, specialists like videographers with movie level experience and others that have skills and personal relationships with DZ's that make the investment worth it for them. When a Tandem Instructor only makes say 40k USD in a year paying out another 10K for a non resident alien to come over to get the job is usually not an investment that DZ's are willing to make unless its for someone with extraordinary skills or abilities that has the potential to recover those costs and make the DZ more money. Think of a high level coach - DZ's could make their money back and it promotes the DZ with all the teams that the coach will bring to their DZ that they would not have had otherwise. Tandem instructors and AFF instructors are just not lacking enough for the most part to show the need to the US government that they need to allow lots of nonresidents to come over to fill the need.
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    If the rears are going slack, then you are _definitely_ changing the canopy's trim.