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  1. That was an easy question. Answer has to be RSL. Everytime you deploy your main or your reserve you are doing something to save your life. RSL typically is engaged at altitudes higher than the AAD fires at. In fact, the RSL usually beats you to the punch when you grasp for the reserve handle after a cutaway. So .. . . . . more people have been saved by an RSL than an AAD.
  2. Sorry. I meant to say "for" freefall.
  3. Having had two Altitracks (one went through the washing machine; the other "disappeared"), I bought a VISO II and really like how easy it is to read and the fact that in freefall you can easily toggle between displaying altitude and displaying vertical speed which is important to me as I practice different fall rates to improve my big-way skills. I also like the VISO II because it sits flat on the back of your hand and takes up far less room than an altitrack or Galaxy. (I also have a Galaxy Extreme permently mounted to my harness which is great under canopy and when my hands are where I can't see them.
  4. Always dive with your left foot going out first. Always!
  5. Problem solved. I didn't know Cookie makes GoPro mounts for thecurved top of helmets. See attached photo. I just ordered one and a cutaway system.
  6. "Alcohol" seems to be the answer to a lot of problems. I think I'll just keep the plate there permanently to constantly remind me to seek wise counsel before I start undertaking unfamiliar projects.
  7. Thanks everyone for the great advice. I know what I'm going to do now. Does anybody know the best way to get the GoPro adhesively-attached mounting plate off of my helmet????
  8. That's why I wanted the chin cup - Bonehead makes the one that fits the Guner and it makes the cutaway that presumably works with it. By the way . . . why "bye-bye GoPro if it's side mounted" is there really a big risk of that happening? Should I consider the top plate mount I see in the catalogues? And further by the way, what does DSE mean by "teathering/tying?" I'm just using the mounts that came with it.
  9. Why "bye-bye camera if it's side mounted," and what does DSE mean by "teathering/tying?" I'm using the GoPro mounts.
  10. I just got a GoPro and am mounting it to my Guner helmet. (Notwithstanding what the manufacturer says about the Guner's curved surfaces, the curved GoPro mounting tab seems to adhere nicely.) Does anybody think it is absolutely neessary to get the Bonehead chin cup and cutaway to use with the GoPro which is side-mounted and high on the helmet?
  11. Could someone please recommend a source for big way terminology? Bigway 101?
  12. I was there last February. No jet, and I was told that it was likely never going to get back in skydive service because of how much money it would take to take care of whatever problem it had. Nevertheless, it's a great place to jump!
  13. Harley-Davidson Low Rider. Bought it new in 1999 and have put over 50,000 miles on it.