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  1. FBI File #61 /d.b.-cooper-part-61-of-61/view
  2. I explained the packing cards before.. there are three cards. 1 found in the opened front reserve. The opened front chute left on the plane is not part of this. It's card was 24 ft rip stop, SN DA 58-53912 yr Oct 1959 packed by Cossey Sept 16, 1971. 1 found in the back chute left on the plane. Pioneer SN 60-9707, July 1960 packed by Cossey May 21, 1971 1 in the back chute returned to Hayden. Pioneer SN 226, Sept 1957 packed by Cossey May 21, 1971 We are ONLY dealing with the two back chutes. Two cards and two chutes. One left behind and one missing. The card found in the back chute left on the plane did not match the chute and card returned to Hayden.. both noted above.. Both back chute packing cards were packed the same date May 21,1971. they must both represent Hayden's two chutes. The one Hayden got back now at the museum matched one of the cards,,, the other card MUST be from Hayden's other chute, the one Cooper used. It was staring right at us the entire time. My theory is that Cooper removed the cards and placed the one from the chute he took into the one he left behind. This is huge, they were looking for the wrong chute. This case is wide open now.
  3. Yes, if this is what happened lots of things suddenly make sense including the FBI not being able to ID any found chute... relying on Cossey alone for the chute ID potentially undermined the case. That second Pioneer packing card found in the chute left behind had to be Hayden's other chute that Cooper used... there is no other reasonable explanation. It doesn't help with suspects but all the found chutes need to be re-evaluated. Hard to do after such a long time.
  4. Your interview with Hayden is important. When you read the Detlor to Hayden did you read the descriptions at the bottom. Did he confirm? The Olive Drab/Tan harness. The early chute descriptions for the chute Cooper took doesn't match Cossey's NB6 description. My theory is the first and more accurate description came from Hayden. Later on the 26th Cossey described it as an NB6 Sage Green/Sage Green nylon.. completely different. Did Hayden ever confirm Cossey's description of an NB6. So far, the only source for the NB6 Sage Green/Sage Green is Cossey, that may be wrong. Cossey may have misremembered the Hayden chute,, that would mean that Cossey's NB6 description is wrong and all the chutes he rejected are back in play... Hayden also claimed the chutes were the same.. that does not support Cossey's NB6 claim. Further, the second Pioneer packing card found would have to belong to the chute Cooper used. I am particularly interested in the chute found in 1980 in the Lewis R near Heisson that was rejected and never looked at. It was found about 4 miles E of the flightpath at the 8:13 time. I got a feeling that was Cooper's chute. Bonus points, the chute was found about a mile from the Heisson store and just 200ft from the rail tracks.
  5. I meant North East, but we'll see..
  6. I have figured out a scenario that best fits the evidence… it was staring right at us the whole time. THIS IS HUGE.. IF TRUE. Bigger than Eric's ego.. This is a not a claim of fact so Georger shouldn't get his panties in a knot. The Conclusion first.. Cooper didn’t jump with Cossey’s ex-personal NB6 Sage Green container/Sage Green nylon chute. Cooper jumped with one of Hayden’s chutes.… It was,, PARACHUTE IDENTIFICATION MAKE: Pioneer Parachute Co. TYPE: 28' Ripstop Conical (Hayden quoted as 28', chute inspector 24’, one is a typo/error) SERIAL NO: 60-9707 DATE OF MFR: July, 1960 INSPECTED BY: May 21, 1971 by E J Cossey on riggers license number 159638 PACKING CARD: listed Brown Engineering Company, Post Office Box 1436, Patterson, California, 95363. Chute was described by Hayden as 28 FT white chute with an Olive Drab container and Tan cotton harness. The receipts… Hayden sent in two back chutes he claimed were identical,, (both cards = Pioneers) Cossey and Hayden never met but we know Cossey packed both of Hayden’s back chutes on May 21, 1971. Cossey claimed he never heard of Hayden. Cossey also failed to give the FBI any records for the chutes.. The FBI stated that Hayden described the chute Cooper took as 28 FT white Olive Drab container and Tan cotton harness. On Nov 26 Cossey is informed that a Pioneer was left on the plane whereupon he described the chute Cooper took as an NB6 Sage Green container and Sage Green nylon harness, his ex-personal chute. If Cossey never heard of Hayden, how can he be certain that was the chute Hayden got 6 months earlier. Cossey assumed that was the chute Hayden got, there is no evidence to support Cossey’s claim. We need to consider the sole source and the potential that Cossey’s chute assumption was wrong. Perhaps somebody else got chutes packed around May and Cossey mixed them up. If he had never heard of Hayden how does he know which chutes went to Hayden. Let’s proceed with the assumption that Cossey got the chute wrong. Hayden described the two back chutes he sent in as,, Number One: Civilian Luxury type, tan soft Cotton Material outside, 26 ft white canopy inside. Has a military chute inside of it. One or two burp sack in folds. Has foam pad cushion, and a frayed mark down the rib on the back, from rubbing on metal. (CHUTE NUMBER ONE MATCHES THE ONE RETURNED TO HAYDEN) Number two: Military back pack chute, standard military olive drab green on outside. 28 foot white canopy on inside, two burp sacks in back. Foam pad cushion. (elsewhere also states tan cotton harness) (CHUTE NUMBER TWO DOES NOT MATCH COSSEY'S, THE ONE COOPER TOOK) The description of burp sacks in both lends credibility to Hayden’s description. The chute left on the plane was examined and a card in the pocket indicated it was a Pioneer (24’) ripstop conical, SN 60-9707, manufactured July 1960 packed by E J Cossey May 21, 1971, rigger number 159638. The only discrepancy is the 28’ from Hayden vs 24’ from the person reading the packing card, probably a typo/error. The chute Hayden got back (left on the plane) was a different chute but similar, The card confirms it to be... PARACHUTE IDENTIFICATION MAKE: Pioneer Parachute Co. TYPE: 26' Ripstop Conical SERIAL NO: 226 DATE OF MFR: Sept, 1957 INSPECTED BY: May 21, 1971 by E J Cossey on riggers license number 159638 PACKING CARD: listed Brown Engineering Company, Post Office Box 1436, Patterson, California, 95363. What happened?? Here is an explanation,, the card found in the pocket of the chute left in the plane and returned to Hayden was from the other chute and placed there, probably by Cooper. Speculating, Cooper has both back chutes in front of him, he pulls out both cards, picks the 60-9707 chute and stuffs that card in the chute he left behind. You end up with the packing card from the chute Cooper took in the chute he left behind, The chute inspector found the card for 60-9707 in the wrong chute. Hayden got the chute back with the correct card so it must have also travelled with the chute and been replaced back later. Is the FBI aware of this? or just an error? The bottom line is the chute that Cooper jumped with may have been identified right in front of us the entire time. The ramifications are huge as Cossey would have been rejecting found chutes based on false criteria. The Cooper chute may have already been found and falsely rejected. One that stands out as important is the one found in the south Fork Lewis River within a mile of Heisson, a few miles E of the FP and about the 8:12 timeframe,, the sweet spot. That chute was rejected and never followed up on. This may be the identification for the actual chute Cooper used.. PARACHUTE IDENTIFICATION MAKE: Pioneer Parachute Co. TYPE: 28' Ripstop Conical (Hayden quoted as 28', chute inspector 24’, one is a typo/error) SERIAL NO: 60-9707 DATE OF MFR: July, 1960 INSPECTED BY: May 21, 1971 by E J Cossey on riggers license number 159638 PACKING CARD: listed Brown Engineering Company, Post Office Box 1436, Patterson, California, 95363. Chute was described by Hayden as 28 FT white chute with an Olive Drab container and Tan cotton harness.
  7. The case for Sheridan as Cooper was ridiculously weak and desperate.. Sheridan was a nonsmoker and Ulis had claimed he faked it to throw off investigators, convenient right. The FBI files show that Cooper had cigarette stains on his right hand aka long term smoker. Ulis claimed the smoking thing caused him to accept Sheridan was not Cooper... perhaps an excuse. I really wished he kept going with Sheridan, now everybody will get another bogus narrative run through the media patched together by Ulis.. I predict a narrative based on a missing person from the NE who worked in a titanium machining environment who got road salt on his tie... That means Cooper was a no pull near TBAR on the Western Flight Path and best of all, it can't be proven wrong. Ulis spins the wheel in the Vortex another time.
  8. No-pull was Carr's belief based on the "hard to pull" nonsense from Cossey and assumptions about the rejected chute instructions, Eric dropped Sheridan and is now quoting Carr's "hard to pull" narrative from an inside source (probably Carr).. that implies Eric will be a no pull guy,, though he hasn't stated it yet that is where it looks like he is going. Eric plants elements for his narratives in advance... it looks like he is planting a new narrative for a suspect from the NE after dropping Sheridan as a suspect. Prepping the ground with potential "no pull" evidence is how Eric rolls.. Ask him where he is on a no pull...
  9. Cossey has a history of let's say extreme embellishments.... I agree that he likely modified his chute, but selling/packing a modified "too difficult to use" chute to Hayden, no way. Cossey must have told Carr one of his embellishments.. There are two problems here.. Cossey never mentioned the modification being too difficult until Carr interviewed him. Initially, he claimed the opposite. Cossey, could he have made it,, "oh yeah..." Now, Carr/Ulis are running with this nonsense to support a no pull theory... classic Also, the missing chute Cooper used was initially described by the FBI as an Olive Drab container with a Tan cotton harness. Then during Cossey's first interview on Nov 26, he stated it was a Sage Green container with a Sage Green nylon harness based on being told that the Pioneer was left behind. Did Cossey get it right or the FBI?? So, how did that go so wrong.. the other back chute description was accurate. Perhaps the mismatched packing cards fit in here.. Cossey packed those chutes six months prior to NORJAK and he failed to provide any records to the FBI.. He was going by recall.. What if he misremembered the Hayden chutes from six months prior. Hayden claimed they were identical. Cossey's chute is not. He has nothing to go by but a six month old memory. Cossey and Hayden never met. Everything from Cossey needs to be corroborated. Hard to sort out now. Every chute found was rejected by Cossey based on his identification of Cooper's chute. One that didn't match the FBI's initial description. What if Cossey was making comparisons to the wrong chute.
  10. It isn't in there, it came from Carr's interview with Cossey.. typical Cossey BS... CARR/Eric are embellishing it to support the no pull narrative. In fact, the initial interview with Cossey about the chutes don't mention the handle at all. Cossey said it would work fine.. Cossey, could he have made it,, oh yeah... (he lied about getting the chute back left on the plane) I am working on an interesting timeline for the chutes.. Cooper's chute magically changed the colour of the container and harness.. but, He mentioned the handle in this video.. Cossey explains ripcord start 31:59 NB6.. ripcord very flat mixed in with the harness, he probably couldn’t even find the ripcord
  11. This sounds like general chute instructions, not a specific hard to open chute. Cossey's "hard to open" story is likely BS..
  12. CKRET, Larry Carr made some conflicting statements here on DZ about the chutes.. D B Cooper Unsolved Skyjacking 
in Skydiving History & Trivia
 November 27, 2007 · Report reply

 Cooper never asked for any type of denomination. 

the reserve chute he jumped with was for classroom demo, it was not a functioning chute (Cossey did not provide the chute, he discovered the mistake the next day. The chute was provided by someone else at Sky Sports) 

The backback Cooper jumped with was an NB6 manufactured in 1959. 

The money was not found in a bag, the bundles were stuck together by the muck and time. 

Jo, you have my number. CARR states the date for the chute Cooper jumped with was 1959.. Cossey claimed he gave the FBI the chute records but the FBI claimed they don't have them. Where does Carr get 1959? The opened reserve was 1959. Ckret, what type of rig was the other backpack supplied to Cooper that night? December 17, 2007 26' canopy, made by Steinthal, model 60-9707. Thanks for the clarification on the D rings. 60-9707 was reported as the SN on the card in the pocket of the back chute left in the plane. It does not match the chute returned to Hayden. D B Cooper Unsolved Skyjacking in Skydiving History & Trivia December 17, 2007 · Report reply Cossey actually packed all four chutes, the two back pack chutes were sold or given to the individual who sent them in the cab to Boeing field. Cossey also packed the reserve chutes, but they were provided not by Cossey but the owner of Issaquah Sky Sports. Cossey discovered the mistake later on. Here, Carr admits Hayden sent in two back chutes. DB Cooper in Skydiving History & Trivia June 14, 2008 · Report reply I want to make sure everyone understands that the instruction sheet offered to Cooper may or may not have come from Cossey. I think it was a bit odd to offer instructions to Cooper when he made no request for them. And from what we now know the NB6 was altered to the point that even an experienced skydiver may have had difficulty with it. From this, I think that maybe Cossey knew this and wanted to warn anyone who my try to use it. Total guess on my part, but the two backpacks came from Cossey, from Cossey's house. i don't think he had a manufactures instruction sheet laying around that he sent with them. Now, Carr thinks the back chutes came from Cossey's home with an instruction sheet. It doesn't seem plausible that Cossey would sell two bailout rigs with one being too difficult to open.. Cooper was presented an instruction sheet which he rejected. That was either a generic or it came from Cossey,, if it came from Cossey then Cooper didn't use Haydens' chute. Here is the contradiction, Hayden sent in two back chutes one was returned which did not match the SN of the one left on the plane. The conflicting SN's support the idea that Cooper jumped with another chute, perhaps Cossey's. This is still unresolved. • DB Cooper in Skydiving History & Trivia June 13, 2008 · Report reply happythoughts, You may have to change your name, "think positive dude, like count backwards or something." (what movie?). Its one thing for me to read through the case file and develop an opinion about what happened the night Cooper jumped. I then can express my opinion, "Cooper bounced....." and we have several hundred posts about how stupid that opinion may or may not be. What it does is challenge me to rethink and develop something more than an opinion. Something that becomes a sound investigative foundation that can be backed, if not by evidence, solid fact. Your right, the small bits and pieces we have been able to eek out won't do much in solving the case, yet. But soon a piece may shake out that fits but only because we have vetted out these small pieces. Cooper jumped with a chute that had obviously been modified for one individual, it's owner. One more thing that just hit me, Cooper Cooper jumped with a chute that had obviously been modified for one individual, it's owner. One more thing that just hit me, Cooper was given an instruction sheet on the chutes, wonder if it was Cossey trying to tell Cooper, "there's something you should know about one of these chutes...." Regardless, all the pieces matter and only by running them into the ground (as painful as it is) can we be sure we are getting it right. How does Cossey send an instruction sheet to Cooper if both chutes sent to the plane came from Hayden? DB Cooper in Skydiving History & Trivia June 12, 2008 · Report reply Sluggo, The NB6 and the Pioneer were Cossey's chutes, he had them at his house, they weren't at Seattle Skysports. I asked Cossey why he packed a 28 foot canopy in the NB6 and he just shrugged. Kind of like, "it was my chute, I did it because I can." I like that guy, I could have talked to him all day but he grew tired of me in about an hour. Again, conflict, both chutes at Cossey's house, Carr is all over the place. • DB Cooper in Skydiving History & Trivia June 13, 2008 · Report reply Question about the NB6, now that we have an NB6 expert here. When I talked with Cossey he explained how he configured the chute but did so as if I knew what he was talking about. (you ever talk to someone with so much expertise they don't have the time or desire to take it down a notch) He talked about a two phase pull because of where he placed the handle. (it would have been under the right armpit) He said Cooper would have had to pull fully out and then up to deploy the chute. If he only pulled the handle out the chute would not have delopyed. Can someone tell me if this is normal? Why would there have been a two directional pull? Again, would Cossey sell a modified bailout rig to a non jumper that was so heavily modified to be dangerous to use? no way. Finally, this isn't resolved by any means but the path of least resistance given all the info suggests that Cooper didn't jump with one of Hayden's chutes and that means Cossey must have sent in his chute. They sent one of Hayden's and Cossey's to the plane. Hayden got back the chute he sent in that wasn't sent to the plane (SN mismatch). Still, there may be another explanation but something doesn't add up and it doesn't help that Cossey's statements are unreliable.. but you can't have it both ways,, Cooper using the back chute sent in by Hayden and Cooper jumping with a modified chute with a special instruction sheet from Cossey. If the chute was too difficult to use it couldn't have been Hayden's.. We don't know that it was too difficult to use other than Cossey's (unreliable) statements but if it was it could only have come directly from Cossey.
  13. Georger once again gets it wrong.. Cooper's tie is Dacron Polyester not nylon... no they are not the same. and yes, Hahneman was diagnosed with terminal cancer in 1971, I have already examined the tie particles in relation to a cancer patient. Some of the particles may have been introduced by the FBI after they got possession. Something I noticed,, a permanent mark Q40 PRB... the evidence sticker on the tie is Q40 FJW The evidence tag for the tie was Q40,, I assume the first permanent mark was done for the initial testing and the second was the later DNA testing. However, the yellow permanent "ink" looks partially degraded... so what particles were in that "ink"?? Did the dust contaminate other areas of the tie sitting in some cabinet for 40 years.. and what testing did the FBI do... club moss was used for latex gloves. Found a random image of a NASA employee... tie and clip not so rare.
  14. Forgot to add.... Pyrotechnics... Military stuff - flares and fireworks,, one thing that looked good was a hand held sparkler... The tie was about 6 years old so the particles likely came from many environments.. One problem with CRT screens is the absence of Europium..
  15. Went through the 2012 Rataczak DVD.. A few points of note.. most well known, important ones in BOLD, (my comments in brackets) recommends Tosaw’s book as most accurate crew gave input all boarded aft stairway not Christiansen 727-100 93 seats total Flo given paper,, was working coach section Tina working galley rolling down runway when got note and call from Tina told Flo to stay in cockpit paper and pen take notes HJ told Tina to sit down next to him had briefcase and paper bag showed Tina bomb eight sticks battery wire starter Tina cool as a cucumber go to Mex city gear down flaps down cabin lights out stat no one aft first class and curtain drawn Cooper never came to cockpit several times cooper became upset and threatened to touch the wires (Cooper was more "aggressive" than generally believed) crew demanded control, no outside intervention (FBI) HJ wanted 4 parachutes gave 5 o' clock deadline wanted $200,000 in US currency in a knapsack (He confirmed "US" currency, this is significant IMO) told Tina have money waiting for chutes from McChord only 20 miles away Later HJ asked for flaps 15 deg.. (Confirmed Cooper said 15 degrees but later) pass sign remain in seats HJ wanted meals for crew Tina bring money first,, money bag had string. (string?) He threatened to blow up plane when money not in knapsack (Ouch, hadn't heard that) Tina brought parachutes in.. Flo and Alice told to leave with Tina pilots planned escape.. didn't go right away can’t takeoff with stairs down.. 727 needs to rotate for takeoff (assume he means locked down) HJ agreed Refuelling stopped, thought they were intervening,, fuel truck running out of fuel, demanded another truck, fuelling stopped again, RAT swore at them. Valve froze up, never heard of that, RAT knows it was bogus. (Rataczak believed the fuelling issues were a ruse, I agree) Can’t make Mexico. Considered bailing out escape when Tina only one left,, decided not to leave Tina. Rataczak demanded Flo and Alice leave airplane. (Flo later apologized for not leaving when ordered) 727 stairs duel purpose, boarding and stability on runway. Told from Boeing,, stairs come down nose lowers 3-5 deg… it did Bill flew plane out of Seattle. lifted the landing gear by mistake then lowered again Cooper didn't notice 30 deg at 10000 ft getting ice buildup center post windscreen Tina came to cockpit. Rataczak wanted rope for Tina when she opened the stairs Get knife cut shroud line Rataczak told Cooper how to open door and lower stairs. (Thought it was Tina, maybe both) HJ can’t get stairs down Slowed down plane stair light came on rate of climb pressure.. felt bump in ears (Bingo) Rataczak on horn to air traffic control "our friend just took leave of us” “mark it” (That comm had to be logged and used in the DZ analysis) Soderlind genius figured out LZ Rataczak wanted to fly over the Pacific.. hoping Cooper would jump there Refuelling set up for Reno. Rataczak hand flying plane lowered 3-5 deg when stairs came down (not auto pilot) Scott took over and landed Reno Rataczak, you don’t want to see my FP it looks like connect the dots. stairs only dropped about 3 feet inflight sparks when landing in Reno had dogs ready in Reno for search HJ got notes and matches back matches said “how to get a high school diploma” (Second pack of matches other than SkyChef) dogs ate the crew meals on plane parachute was a 28 ft Tina doesn’t like to talk about the case except with RAT.. thinks HJ landed in something like blackberry bushes (brambles) and didn’t survive Tina carrying book in famous pic,, Mary Queen of Scotts not Bible Hasn’t talked to Flo or Alice since. Hasn’t talked to Anderson crew stories.. Tina, Tosaw called to say,, she was Carmelite nun in Convent in Eugene Oregon.. 1981 - 1993 Tina in convent Questions.. Ransom money found,, tumbled down river money in paper wrapper (probably got that from Himmelsbach, he was in close contact) FBI kept 13-14 bills HJ offered ransom money Tina packets of $20 bills… (Not exactly, actually Tina asked for money and took it) Parachutes. 1 opened cut shroud lines and tied money around waste 1 dummy chute ticket.. name Dan Cooper placard found,,, found two bodies in search parachute canopy found.. Himms not right one Suspects.. thinks FBI sent dummy chute on purpose (sabotage) collected drink glass (IMO, Cooper was never concerned with prints only hand written notes) HJ never left seat (He did but very briefly though) Paul Soderlinds trapezoid LZ… Himmelsbach book also recommend never left cockpit, never saw Cooper HJ error, let passengers go before Tina got everything