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  1. I believe it has nothing to do with with Cooper.. he didn't care about prints.. but if you can find something that links the magazine to Cooper go for it,, I tried years ago but couldn't... I have a theory that includes a torn magazine.. but I rejected it.
  2. I don't remember all the details but the magazine was not linked to Cooper.. An agent wrote NO in the margin on one file, Tina said in Tosaw's book he never had a magazine,, and in one file it says there was no connection to Cooper, it was from another seat area. There might be more in the files but I'd have to go looking but IMO it is a dead issue.. I looked at this a long time ago, I had a theory and was looking for a link to that torn magazine.. not there. The palm print they used was from the seat arm.. There was never any magazine connection to Cooper established,, The prints are confusing. lots of conflicting numbers in the files.. having an FBI agent test the magazine prints to Duane in 1997 doesn't mean anything. Maybe he chose the wrong prints to compare..
  3. I was referring to the quote posted... ,,, you just can't stand being challenged. Personal attack deleted
  4. The difference is we have contradictory evidence.. Why is this so difficult for you. I asked for contradictory evidence/argument for the matchbook and you failed several times.. Now, that doesn't mean it wasn't an error but you can't claim it was with no evidence or argument.
  5. Magazine not linked to Cooper, the palm print was from the seat arm.. Nobody claimed to see Cooper write with a felt pen, they saw the note that was already written with a felt pen.
  6. Olemiss, you fail to recognize the trap you have put yourself in.. now I can add another FAILed argument. You misrepresent my position and attack it. You want to win an argument so badly that you have abandoned logic and reason.. take a deep breath. I said it is possible it is an error but there is no evidence or argument to support that. There are errors in the files and we know it because we have evidence and arguments to identify them.. that is not the case with the matchbook. You want it accepted that it is an error with no evidence or argument... you tried many arguments and failed. The pieces that need to be explained.. The FBI stated the matchbook had writing in it. Cooper took all evidence that had writing on it. His and dictated. Cooper retrieved the empty matchbook,, why?? Cooper left many other things behind..
  7. Palm print was from the seating area.. they don't know if it was Cooper. Cooper's note was written in felt pen they found a part of a magazine that had felt pen writing and wanted to ask witnesses about it. It wasn't. Witnesses are not claiming to have seen him actively write, they are referring to the initial note.. pre-written by Cooper in felt pen. Doesn't mean he didn't write.. that file just does not confirm it.
  8. This is false, it doesn't claim it went to the cockpit. "Insinuation" is your own bias. And Tina doesn't refute it... You have made this same argument before and it is bogus. You claim that if we don't have positive confirmation then it didn't happen,, logic 101.. absence of evidence isn't evidence. You tried the cockpit argument.. FAIL You tried the envelope argument.. FAIL You tried the writing wasn't Cooper's argument.. FAIL You tried the absence of evidence argument... FAIL You tried misstating my position.. FAIL All you have is an opinion that the FBI file is an error with NO reasonable argument to back it up... I think you are just trying to justify your own belief without any rational argument. As I said, it is possible it is an error but you have no argument to support it.
  9. Yes,, Olemiss takes the position that it is an error.. that is possible but Olemiss doesn't have a legit argument for his assertion. So, without a reasonable argument or evidence to refute it we should accept it as likely true... like most things in this case the caveat being it may be an error.
  10. There could have been writing in the matchbook after Cooper had retrieved it.. The second image ended up being a false lead.. The last image refers to Tina dictating his demands..
  11. He asked for all notes back with all writing.. that is clear in the files. That included the demands he dictated to Tina..
  12. No, you are confused.. The FBI file states that he wanted the matchbook back that had writing in it.. you forgot that. You, claim that is an error.. possible but your argument is bogus. So, I ask for a reasonable argument for why he took the matchbook back.. You claimed the envelope was taken back but it had writing on it. You claim it was an error because it wasn't sent to the cockpit.. it didn't have to be to have writing in it. Red herring. Though it is always possible the FBI claim is an error there is no evidence or reasonable argument to refute it,, nothing.
  13. The envelope did have writing on it..
  14. There are many ways to obfuscate fingerprints.. Super glue.. or coatings chemicals.. burn.. abrasion.. sandpaper
  15. You have created a red herring,, A note or something written on the matchbook doesn't have to be sent to the cockpit to be true. It doesn't claim it was.. You have rejected writing on the matchbook based on a false assumption. There was communications with the stews and to the cockpit mostly via interphone with Tina. Again, if not for fingerprints why would Cooper take back an empty matchbook... I can't think of any reason... other than notes written in it as stated in the FBI file.