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  1. Yes, didn't really pan out though. That matchbook could have been picked up almost anywhere. It was a correspondence "school".. and the matchbook was just a marketing item.
  2. FBI part #70 /d.b.-cooper-part-70-of-70/view
  3. I have obtained more witness images of Cooper... and they definitely show "Latin American" in complexion and features. People who dismiss this description are just wrong. Some are justifying a suspect others just have a misread of the evidence. but the false premise that White/Caucasian meant not "Latin"... in 1971 leads to the wrong conclusion.
  4. At the link on Dr Edwards blog.. Blevins thinks Cooper was a white guy with a tan. Typical nonsense. White, Olive/Latin is generally Mediterranean or Latin American.. Not surprised that Blevins covers for Kenny but Dr Edwards missed this as well. Dr Edwards posted a new TBAR Sat image showing the dredge spoils... but the money find spot was just off the top the image.
  5. Blevins is backing Edwards on his Cooper was "white" error.. because Latin/olive eliminates Christiansen.. Both are wrong, if they did their research they'd find that "Latin" was White/Caucasian back then.. there wasn't the distinction like today. Nobody ever said Cooper had a tan. Witnesses said dark, olive, latin appearance and white/caucasian. I have FBI docs nobody else has, both of you are wrong. Cooper had an olive/swarthy complexion and Latin appearance.. if your suspect doesn't have that, he isn't Cooper.
  6. 50+ years ago "Latin" was White/Caucasian... Background.. "in the 1970s, Latino advocacy groups successfully lobbied the federal government to create a separate category for counting Hispanics and Latinos. Before then the government had classified those people simply as white." But it is clear the descriptions included swarthy and olive complexion.. Alice and Lysne said olive. Most of the prominent suspects do not have Cooper's olive/swarthy/Latin complexion...
  7. Dr. Edwards creates a straw-man.. and completely misreads the evidence. Latin and White/Caucasian were not distinguished as distinct races/ethnic categories 50 years ago like today they might be. Latin Americans were considered White/Caucasian. Huge miss. The terms then were not exclusionary and I can prove it with exclusive FBI docs. FBI description: Race: White. Complexion: Olive. Latin appearance. Latin Americans were considered White/Caucasians.. All the initial descriptions of characteristics and later the sketch interviews taken in totality clearly indicates Cooper was of "Latin appearance" just as the FBI concluded. Using White/Caucasian to negate "Latin" is a complete misread. Many witnesses who described Cooper as White/Caucasian but didn't use the word Latin also described Latin characteristics which is why the FBI created the overall "Latin appearance" description.. dark eyes, dark hair, curly, wavy marceled hair, olive/swarthy complexion. The sketch revision with witnesses by the FBI states it was to show the swarthy complexion. Trust Me Dr. Edwards,, you've got it wrong. Fifty years ago Latin Americans were considered White/Caucasian. Sketch B after witness input..
  8. The "Dan Cooper comic" is interesting but not definitive.. similar to the red plastic (electrical) tape used for the bomb. Red tape was phasing tape which had a very unique purpose for electricians, coloured tape denotes a specific phase, red is "low voltage, phase b". Most readily available tape is black and obtaining and using red would be unique... That plus the claim that the bomb had an "electrical fuse" and the tie particles matching an electronics environment strongly suggests Cooper was in the electronics field.
  9. The "Dan Cooper" comics were published for Latin America in Spanish by a Mexican publisher. I haven't found all of the editions they published but some were published in 1966/67. Clearly, Cooper was described as Latin/Mexican swarthy etc.. and demanded to fly to Mexico... if there is a comic connection it would be more likely to be to this version.
  10. This is the document that confirms the cigarette butts were destroyed.. The FBI was interested in doing DNA in 1998 and went looking for them.
  11. CP Titanium comes in 4 grades.. one use is woven wire mesh. This piece Tom Kaye found looks like woven wire mesh.
  12. Maybe circulated got mistaken with negotiable...