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  1. Witnesses do make errors... In the Hahneman hijacking the captain positively ID'd the wrong guy when shown pictures.. he looked similar to Hahneman. and just like the Cooper case witnesses thought the original sketch was good but not perfect.. We are relying on witness recall.. height is very poor for recall as there is no imprint or reference, it is subjective. Hair is actually very good for recall as that image is imprinted on memory. If we are going to list all military personnel with jump experience as legit suspects we will have a list so long it would be worthless...
  2. Not Braden, he doesn't match the Cooper description, has unique features and there is no evidence other than his jumping skills.. "It is felt Unsub was not an experienced criminal because of his mannerism exhibited after he received the ... ransom money. Unsub reportedly became somewhat childish, in his actions and comments while counting the money." Braden isn't the type to become childish.
  3. Nippon Soda used the "Sodium" method to make TI sponge... all production exported to the US... BTW,,, remember the tie was manufactured about 1964..
  4. The Ti sponge did not match RMI,, the "salt" did. That "salt" can't be exclusive to RMI. sodium and Ti sponge is used in pyrotechnics... the round silicon spheres found on the tie suggest formed in a high temp,, perhaps a firework or hand held sparkler.. military flare/incendiary??
  5. The "Mexican/Spanish" edition Dan Cooper comic (I bought) tracking shows it now in Los Angeles.. I should have it by the end of the week..
  6. True, however the RMI Ti sponge was not found on the tie, the RMI "salt" was a close match but wasn't unique to RMI... The RMI connection is a theory in progress.
  7. Lynn wrote.. "LOL There's a Hahnemann train? Sorry, his MO makes no sense in the later hijacking if he was Cooper. He changed everything Cooper did right; it's irrelevant whether he made the jump, lots of people did similar jumps. He had contact with the crew, was violent and threatening, let the passengers know he was jacking the plane - just doesn't make sense. He might have the skills, motivation, and looks to be Cooper, but why would he change not only an MO that worked, but his entire personality? No sale" This is riddled with assumptions and misinformation... and Lynn keeps repeating them from a position of ignorance.. This thinking is so problematic and ubiquitous, people drawing false conclusions from positions of ignorance or bias. Conclusions are your own but get the facts right. He changed everything Cooper did... There were some differences but those were caused by external influences. Overall, Hahneman's hijacking was very similar to Cooper's, far more similar than any other hijacking. Is it smart to repeat a successful hijacking exactly the same when authorities already had the game plan.. and had ramped up airline security? Lots of people did similar jumps.. huh what.. How many jumped out the rear stairs of a 727 with a ransom at night over a rural jungle/forest? How many were late 40's, no accent, no marks or tattoos, smoked, latin, swarthy, brown eyes, about 5' 10", thin build and about 170 lbs, dark curly/marceled wavy hair, brown shoes, collared white shirt, thin dark tie, dark suit, overcoat and dark sunglasses with a briefcase bomb?? or were ex military? Had substantial aviation knowledge? left an open chute behind? left a tie behind? asked for military chutes? demanded to fly to Mex? requested curtain and shades drawn? sat in rear and used interphone? demanded notes returned? had pills for the crew? etc... etc... Those describe BOTH Cooper and Hahneman... Are YOU freakin kidding me,,,, nodody should accept Hahneman as Cooper but to reject is irrational. He had contact with the crew.. He initially set up at the rear of the plane and communicated via interphone, he had personal contact with the crew when the FBI faked a mechanical issue and he knew they were messing with him. They forced him to transfer planes. He used the crew as a shield from snipers to transfer planes. Cooper was never put in such a situation. He was violent and threatening. The FBI documents do not convey this like the media reports, he engaged in casual talk. He allowed a stew suffering stress to leave. Unlike Cooper, all passengers knew he was hijacking the plane and some were aggressive toward him. He also had a legal drug which had an ingredient later withdrawn for inducing phycological side effects. Since all passengers were aware of Hahneman they would be prone to describe the event as traumatic. Cooper's passengers were oblivious to the hijacking. He let the passengers know he was jacking the plane. No, he didn't - the crew just announced it. The crew asked Cooper if they should inform the passengers. This was not demanded by Cooper or Hahneman. Why would he change an MO that worked. BECAUSE IT WORKED.. The MO was actually very similar, the changes were induced by the change in environment and circumstances. Since Cooper, airport security had been ramped up with screening and more air marshals. He had a briefcase bomb but it was never confirmed to be real. IMO, he had no bomb in there in case it was searched BECAUSE OF COOPER.. He needed a briefcase bomb threat and a gun. He changed his entire personality. They were messing with him from the start. He was given the wrong denominations which had to be replaced and then they faked a mechanical issue with the plane. Cooper was never messed with, he was fully accommodated. Cooper's environment and circumstances were completely different. A US official in Honduras at the time stated that Hahneman had planned his hijacking for a year,, that predates Cooper and indicates he was not a copycat as we have been told for years. Hahneman was falsely branded a Cooper copycat... and virtually no info on him was made public so nobody would look into him. It worked until now.
  8. No steel found. There was a fragment of Stainless Steel mechanically mashed into a Titanium piece.
  9. A tug mechanic wearing a tie,,,, I don't see it.. and there would be particles from that environment which aren't present on the tie, steel. oil, grease. The tie particles aren't consistent with a mechanic's environment. Tugs with CP Ti.. maybe. Those specific tugs? CP Titanium has many grades, I asked Tom Kaye which grade and he didn't know... The problem with the tie particles is there are so many particles you can make almost any environment fit some of them.. and the particles had 6 years to accumulate. The tie has become a Rorschach.. They are a good match for.. Electronics.. Dentistry.. Fireworks.. hand held sparklers for example. What is important is what isn't on the tie,,,, like steel.
  10. and the tie was manufactured around 1965.. the particles had lots of time and environments to accumulate. Hahneman's neighbour said that Hahneman told him he worked for Philco/Bendix installing rocket systems on helicopters. This would have been in the mid/late 1960's. Hahnemen moved all over the world working on Military/Gov contracts..
  11. My speculation is he used the tie to wipe his prints in the lav and/or the seat arm rests. and there was titanium on the 727...
  12. The tie particle distribution pattern has been completely overlooked.. Like blood spatter patterns it tells us something about how the particles were deposited on the tie. Cooper tie under UV above compared to a vintage era tie. The vintage tie particle pattern is completely random. Cooper's tie has many horizontal lines (as worn) of dense particle distributions. How do you get those? Looks like about 6 lines.. An edged object is repeatedly contacting the tie in a sideways motion. I can't imagine how that happens while wearing the tie. There are similar marks on the rear piece of the tie. It seems unlikely that a particle rich object was repeatedly wiped across the tie at different heights while being worn, unless the object was heavy and repeatedly carried with both arms beneath and a sharp horizontal edge resting on the tie. However, some of the lines seem to be too low. It looks like the particles were deposited while the tie was not being worn. What are the possibilities.. The tie was used to wipe the particle rich object(s). The particles were deposited during storage. Expand the image, particle lines clearly visible..
  13. The FBI kept 13 bills.. Brian and the Insurance company split the rest.. Tosaw got some from Brian.
  14. Here we go... Concluding that Cooper could not be 5' 8" is not based on facts but on layers of subjective assumptions/estimates. Al Lee described Tina as 5' 6".. (did she have her shoes on or not??) Tina Mucklow is noted as being "approximately 5' 8" (by FBI agent, is that in shoes or not?), "she observed the hijacker in a seated position except for the brief period when he went to the lavatory"...
  15. Cossey claimed he got back one of the back chutes,, Did he actually get one back?? If so, was it a back chute? I thought the two front chutes were technically Issaquah Skysports chutes.. Maybe,,, If both Hayden and Cossey sent in 2 back chutes each and one from each was sent to the plane, then each could have got back the one (back chute) they sent in that didn't go to the plane.