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  1. Another good example of bad info used to create a false conclusion is Ulis's refusal to acknowledge the fact that Cooper initially demanded the rear airstairs to be lowered in flight... I have been saying this for a long time but nobody seems to grasp the significance. Long held belief's are tough to change even when contradicted by facts. Forever, we were told by the media and FBI that Cooper demanded airstairs lowered on takeoff and based on that it is reasonable to infer that Cooper wanted to jump fairly soon... even I thought Cooper wanted to jump ASAP until I discovered info in the 302's that state his initial demand was actually airstairs lowered in flight. The pilot transcripts and more recent FBI files show that Cooper did initially demand for airstairs to be lowered in flight. He changed his demand during Reno negotiations with the crew. The fact that Cooper initially demanded airstairs lowered in flight demonstrates that he did not initially want to jump ASAP... the facts contradict Ulis's argument. Ulis determined after careful study of the FBI 302's that Cooper wanted to jump near Seattle... well apparently he didn't study the 302's very well.. they don't support that argument, they contradict it. Cooper had a plan when he made his initial demands, that plan changed when the negotiations with crew had the plane landing in Reno. He didn't want to be on the plane landing in Reno.
  2. The Cooper Vortex Podcast with Tim Collins... (2 parts) I really like Tim Collins logical approach to analyzing information. The real problem with the Cooper case is that there are few concrete facts, lots of inferences and deductions.. some conflicting information. We are forced to make assumptions to advance knowledge.. those assumptions may be correct or not but they are necessary to advance thinking. Tim uses probabilities to analyze and evaluate relationships and I do the same,, it is math, logic and reason applied to relationships and data points. We all have different experiences to bring to that analysis, some are better at it than others. The problem is we don't have all the information, we don't even know what we don't know.. so applying any good analytical methodologies is undermined by the accuracy and comprehensiveness of the information used. The inability to see this flaw leads people to a false confidence in the applied logic... That process may be perfect but if the underlying data is unreliable/inaccurate then we end up with false conclusions. I see this same pattern with all the high profile suspects. For example, not necessarily errors in logic but basic case assumptions. If your premise or assumption is wrong your analysis is wrong. Cooper had cig stains on his right hand. (FBI doc). Tim assumed he had them on the left based on Cooper being seen with his right hand in the case and he used that to support Duane as Cooper. His assumption was wrong and it actually eliminates Duane. The tie was shown to Penny's employees and they indicated that narrow ties had not been sold in a few years.. Tim incorrectly assumes the Cooper tie was from circa 1969.. It was not, the labels on the tie prove it was circa 1964/65.. those narrow ties were made throughout the sixties probably into the 50's but the labels changed over time and Cooper's tie can be roughly dated. The estimate of a couple years old only refers to the shape of the tie not the actual Cooper tie. My personal communications with Jo Weber years ago is that she is an accomplished manipulator and serial liar. Nothing she says or presents can be taken as legit. I feel sorry for Duane... Duane was not Cooper,,, the circumstantial evidence for is very very weak and there is exculpatory evidence, same as most of the suspects. Tim said he doesn't participate in forums and hasn't read all the FBI files... This Cooper case takes more than probabilities and logic, you need a very high level case knowledge.
  3. The Sky Chef matches most likely came from the plane.. There were two matchbooks.. the ICS one and the Sky Chef one... Cooper's matchbook ran out and was tossed, he retrieved that one. The ICS one. Tosaw…. Cooper used up his matchbook then Tina grabbed a company one from the cabinet. Cooper put the used matchbook in his pocket, Tina remembered the ad on the cover “Earn a High School Diploma” Tina grabbed another matchbook from a cabinet and he "retained that one"... though not explicitly revealed, it had to be the Sky Chef matchbook as they were the caterer for the plane. Otherwise, there had to be three matchbooks involved.. The statements if accurate, evidence and logic indicate that the Sky Chef matchbook came from the plane. FBI files.. "He also wanted the empty matchbook cover from which he had been lighting his cigarettes and had thrown into the back pouch of the seat in front as she said she would do with trash. She indicated he had another book of matches the cover of which was blue and said, ''Sky Chef.” from which she pulled matches to light his cigarettes. He retained this book of matches."
  4. A Northwest Orient drink menu from 1957... Includes six Bourbon's and "soft drinks" include 7up,, no soda. "no tipping please" if served in Washington State tax included..
  5. Bourbon was the top hard liquor drink in the early 70's... it wasn't rare or exclusive. The Dan Cooper comics were published in 16 languages... It wasn't just published in Spanish for Europe.. it was also published in Spanish in Mexico for Latin America. Cooper demanded to fly to Mexico, he was described as swarthy Latin/Mexican in features and characteristics... any potential connection to the Dan Cooper comic would lead to the Mexican Spanish version not the French version of the comic.
  6. Cossey sketchy on his packing records... Cossey claimed he supplied them, the FBI claims they don't have them.. and Cossey did not supply them.. Red flag...
  7. Break the seal?? IMO, it seems unlikely the alternate SN/Date is from the pilot chute, I thought maybe some tag on the outside of the container somewhere. It wasn't the harness, that has a different date.
  8. Norjak passenger Richard Simmons passed away Dec 2020.. He used the restroom and got a look at Cooper.. at 4:20
  9. Here, Cossey told agent Carr that he had modified the chute... Does this make any sense,,, that Cossey would modify one of two chutes sent to him to pack for somebody he doesn't know. Carr also posted... Ckret #2512 June 12, 2008 Sluggo, The NB6 and the Pioneer were Cossey's chutes, he had them at his house, they weren't at Seattle Skysports. I asked Cossey why he packed a 28 foot canopy in the NB6 and he just shrugged. Kind of like, "it was my chute, I did it because I can." I like that guy, I could have talked to him all day but he grew tired of me in about an hour.
  10. Hayden donated it around 2012-13... The two repacks had nothing to do with the museum.
  11. early 70’s Bourbon nation's top hard liquor "MUNCIE EVENING PRESS, THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 21, 1974 Vodka replaces bourbon as nation's favorite booze; lightness, mixability with flavors credited By RICHARD HUGHES NEW YORK (UPI) - Belly up to the bar, boys, and have a belt of vodka and orange juice. Vodka and orange juice? 'Fraid so. Vodka has just replaced bourbon as the nation's favorite hard alcoholic drink."
  12. Cossey described the descent rate for both chutes the same... 17 to 18 ft per second.
  13. If they broke the seal and opened it up,, would it need to be repacked by an authorized rigger? Hayden got it back in 1975, repacked in 1982,,, Cossey packed it in 1971 applied his seal. What were the packing regs??
  14. Yes, I know that document, it isn't clear. It is still possible, but other documents say the numbers/date were from the packing card. That could be an error. The other problem is the chute was found unopened intact. They were given to the FBI sealed. They would have had to break the seal, open it and record the number from the pilot chute. Would they even do that? Hayden got the chute back in 1975 and it wasn't repacked until 1982,, if they opened it, broke the seal to look at the pilot chute wouldn't it have been repacked earlier. The chute numbers are only one mystery, there are still conflicts that don't add up. If Cooper did take Hayden's other chute why did Cossey and the FBI describe it so differently from Hayden? Wouldn't they be looking for the wrong chute. There may be several errors at play here..