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  1. Three Cooper bills for sale....
  2. Right, you didn't say it, you just gave a possible scenario.. and what you HELL yeah believe. So, you did say it. But yet you deny it,,, very clever psychological ninja game you play special junior agent,, very clever. I have communicated with the FBI. Promise. And I am a real person, I asked my wife and she said yes.. So there,
  3. BINGO... Outside of Jo Weber I can't confirm the scar on the hand or the slanted/sloped forehead. She did have contact with agents and got some info that way, perhaps the store break in, she also made up a lot of stuff. Gray's book mentions the "sloped forehead" but no source..
  4. Well, the sloped/slanted forehead tracks back to Jo Weber as well... unbelievable
  5. Found another Cooper bill, Himmelsbach had this one. A particularly nice one. Snow can steal this one as for his list well then insult me. L38673217 A 1969
  6. He bumped it to early December.. Looks like his Cooper reproduction jump was just South of the Columbia..
  7. Question... I have heard for years that Cooper had a sloped forehead near the hairline, but I can't find the source.. Is it legit or another Cooper myth??? Does anybody have a source, I searched the FBI files and couldn't find anything. Also for bonus points, the scar on the left hand rumour tracked back to Jo Weber, any other legit sources??
  8. There it is,, The FBI solved the Cooper case based on junior super secret agent Blevins KC report. They kept it quiet and closed the case.. probably too embarrassed having Blevins solve the case. That is the epitome of confirmation bias...
  9. That is one of my theories... I am working on.. somebody else asked the same question, I have several reports that mention moving dredge material upstream for various projects but aren't very specific, those reports are in a folder of hundreds of reports. I looked and couldn't find which ones it was in.. I'll look again but it might take some time, there were several reports buried somewhere in my computer.. I recall Sauvie Island shoreline and there was a dredge operation that moved material and dumped it in the middle of the Columbia.. my impression was that material was moved all over. I didn't find anything that indicated a specific dump on TBAR. But, I recently found this.. part 9 page 206
  10. Good point.. I was so busy on the chutes I didn't think of that.. Blevins would say they figured it out from him... The FBI couldn't investigate KC but Blevins did and that is how the FBI knew he was Cooper. The FBI just filed Blevins work and called it solved. No need to investigate special junior agent Blevins has done all the work. It doesn't matter that KC doesn't match the description and there is no evidence..
  11. I know,, WE are exposing his hypocrisy and poor case knowledge to everyone else.
  12. Cossey was the only source for the sage green NB6/8 chute description,, that is the point, he was wrong. Hayden never ID'd the missing chute as an NB6/8.. but you claim it was. So, your argument is null and void. That was the entire point,, Cooper did not use that NB6/8 described by Cossey. He used a Pioneer from Hayden.. You were confused and still are. Cossey's NB6/8 false claim is the center of the parachute vortex... it undermined the entire case. They were looking for the wrong chute and IT WAS NOT THE AMBOY CHUTE. Delete your articles. We know what happened to the other chutes, repeating that is irrelevant. Now, you claim Flo almost Id'd KC but then you claim witness descriptions are unreliable. Jarvis never said KC was Cooper and whatever he did it was just an opinion. Without Jarvis backing it up it isn't evidence at all. You don't know his reasons for anything. How do you know all the FBI had was Lyle,, that is an assumption. They could have had lots to investigate. Your argument is essentially that the FBI couldn't investigate KC but years later you could. Nonsense. It isn't so much that you make up things whole, but you elevate irrelevant things and over represent their relevance while suppressing contrary facts. Classic confirmation bias. Your arguments conflict themselves. Anything that supports your KC narrative you accept and anything that rejects it you dismiss.. follow the evidence not your conclusion. You claim KC matches the sketch A but claim sketches are unreliable. You claim witness descriptions are not reliable because KC does not match. If he did you'd be screaming it. You claim you have witnesses but those are unsubstantiated peripheral opinions 40 years later. So, if you eliminate sketches and witness descriptions then almost anyone can be made to fit Cooper. I have thousands of pieces of info Hahneman and have not found anything to eliminate him. I found a reason for the FBI to eliminate him but it was 100% FALSE. I have zero interest in sharing any of it with you.. I have no problem if you reject him with virtually no knowledge, you are not a serious thinker. You can't even get the chute issue right without screwing it all up. If I had evidence, not assumptions to reject Hahneman I would. Conversely, there is evidence that rejects KC and no supporting evidence. You need to admit what everyone with good case knowledge knows, KC was not Cooper,, Ulis manned up because of the evidence.. knowledgable people did not accept Sheridan.. Now it is your turn. It is over Blevins. Kenneth Christiansen was not Cooper, there is no case for him.
  13. That was entire argument that you have had wrong from the get go, the chute Cooper took was a Pioneer with SN 60-9707 year 1960 and that doesn't match the Amboy chute markings.. Cossey was wrong, he identified the wrong chute, an NB6/8 sage green chute. Yes, you are wrong.. yes, delete your Amboy chute stories.. So, that was painful.. unwinding your misunderstanding for a simple and obvious issue. Imagine going over thousands of documents,, YIKES And even after showing you your error you will continue to think Cooper took Cossey's sage green NB6/8 and continue claim the Detlor report proves something that it doesn't.. You throw out a strawman lie claiming I called people stupid... of course I didn't say that, they are new to the case and naive. This case is very complicated with a lot of misinformation and disinformation.. you contribute to that. You wonder why people don't like you. Now, admit KC was not Cooper, he wasn't swarthy or olive, he didn't have full curly/wavy/marceled hair.. he did not even resemble Sketch B.. in fact there is nothing that supports KC as Cooper. He was investigated by the FBI and according to you that is enough to eliminate a suspect. Even Ulis finally admitted it after claiming 98% certainty,, time for you Blevins..
  14. Where does it say in the Detlor report that Cooper used Cossey's sage green NB6/8? I'll save us the time,, it doesn't. You are claiming it is evidence that proves your conclusion, it doesn't. It proves that Cossey's description was wrong. You seem to be unaware of that. So, the Detlor report proves you are wrong. But in your confused backasswords world you claim it is evidence to support your position. Really crazy stuff. I guess you'll never understand the evidence. Cooper used Hayden's back chute an olive drab Pioneer with tan cotton harness, Steinthal canopy 1960 SN 60-9707 packed by Cossey May 21,1971.. Cooper did not use Cossey's sage green nylon container. sage green harness NB6/8. Hayden never confirmed that, the Detlor report does not confirm that. The only source for that is Cossey's claim repeated in the FBI files. You are just making up a conclusion without any evidence and the evidence contradicts it. That is exactly how your Kenneth Christiansen narrative is constructed, layers of speculation, exaggeration, embellishments and opinions combined with a denial of real evidence. The people attracted to KC are naive and new to the case, he was not Cooper. Not because I think so but because the evidence says so.
  15. Eric Ulis admitted he thinks Sheridan cannot be Cooper.. credit to him. Now, it is your turn Blevins,, admit Kenneth Christiansen was not Cooper.. he doesn't match the evidence. Man or mouse..