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  1. FBI searched missing person files.. 21 possible found.
  2. Richard Tosaw interview 2006 (Two-Saw)
  3. HALO jumps from C-130's..... Cooper could have been involved or just heard about it... and adapted it to the 727.
  4. I lean toward a bigger plane like the C-130,, it is pressurized and dropped cargo and troops. Cooper asked for 10,000 ft, the unpressurized limit and gear and flaps down. Flaps down and gear down is the low level drop configuration for the C-130. Of course, It could be "experience" with more than one type plane in Vietnam/Korea.
  5. C-123.. manual looks like rear controls only
  6. Here Cooper thought the cockpit could control the rear airstairs.. That means he did not have 727 "experience"... So, where did he get the idea... the C130 had controls in the cockpit. If Cooper was Vietnam, he likely got the assumption that the cockpit controlled the rear airstairs from another plane,, like the C130.
  7. Sandbagging,, yikes if you want to go that route into theoreticals then we have nothing to build a foundation on... Cooper could have been a 5 foot 80 year old Chinese woman in disguise with lifts. Anything is possible,, we have to operate from a base. Otherwise people just make up anything and they often do to justify theories... Cooper had Mucklow show him how to operate the stairs and he also indicated that the crew could operate the rear stairs from the cockpit. He also couldn't get the stairs down initially. The 727 in SE Asia had the rear stairs removed. We don't know if a 727 was used in some secret operation that they won't admit to. The C130 was widely used, the Vietnam C130 guys thought Cooper was one of them... You can open the door and lower the ramp inflight from the rear or the cockpit.. If he believed the cockpit could control the rear stairs that indicates he didn't have 727 specific knowledge but may have got it from C130 experience.. or maybe another plane. He had aviation knowledge so he got that assumption from somewhere.
  8. Right,, so the "Air America" CIA stuff has always lingered as having some possible connection but there is no evidence of any. The obvious similarity is they were both 727's, but that is it. The FBI investigated the jumpers who took part in Takhli test jumps. Cooper incorrectly thought the cockpit controlled the rear airstairs, so I have been looking for planes used in SE Asia that did drops and had cargo doors controlled from the cockpit.. I believe that was the C-130. Both front and rear controls. IMO, it is more likely Cooper had experience with the C-130 than 727.
  9. My initial comment to you was 100% accurate, you disagreed with it and gave zero clarity when asked. Now, you clarify the experience Cooper did not have. Pilot/expert. That is what I have already said. So, you don't disagree.. You want to research a suspect that has pilot experience that now you don't think Cooper had.. Then a vague statement, "believe" "probably" SAT in Laos. What "experience" in Laos exactly? and how does it relate to the evidence. The 727's in SE Asia potential has been tossed around forever but nothing solid found. At least not that is made public. This has some updates in it, year 2020, p 49
  10. I asked you what you disagreed with.. and got back.. it's just your opinion. Now, you claim Cooper's experience wasn't 727 specific. Is that your opinion now? If so, what do you disagree with now?
  11. That is the point,,, it is your opinion... based on what sources? apparently not the evidence. Even opinions need an argument... Most serious Cooper people believe Cooper had some aviation and parachute experience based on the evidence,, The leap to claim he was a 727 pilot/expert isn't supported. It is actually contradicted.
  12. I am not adverse to colouring outside the lines as a means of exploration but you need a good reason... There is no evidence Cooper was a 727 pilot/expert. Actually, evidence to the contrary.
  13. Disagree on what, there is no evidence of 727 experience. What facts support 727 specific experience? The ones I stated indicate lack of 727 specific knowledge. The only thing that might support it is the 15 degree flap setting but even Carr thought Cooper never actually said it but the number came from the crew interpreting flaps down.
  14. Evidence indicates Cooper had aviation knowledge but not necessarily the 727. He had to have Tina show him how to lower the rear stairs and also thought the crew had control over the rear stairs. He got the range wrong. We don't know if Cooper actually used the term "crew meals". The FBI files state that he requested or wanted crew meals not that he used the exact term. He may have, Cooper definitely had aviation experience.
  15. NOT TRUE... The method for extracting DNA from fabric is using sticky tape.. Tom Kaye used sticky stubs all over the tie,,,, but the big factor here is modern DNA tech vs old.... The DNA the FBI has can only eliminate,, modern advancements in DNA tech would provide a better sample to compare against suspects.