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  1. Since I am in Canada not much I can do,,, It would be easier to test the card/pocket on that chute than getting the tie from the FBI.. I would expect anyone who removed the card to leave DNA on the inside lip of the pocket..
  2. There is no good reason to examine that chute.. 99.9% probability it matches its packing card. It doesn't advance the case in any way. There is a reason to try for Cooper's DNA on the card and pocket and there wouldn't be many people sticking their hands in the pocket. I bet Cooper's DNA is on the inside edge of the pocket. Examining the chute is entirely irrelevant for this case and may jeopardize potential DNA, the only value that rig has is the potential DNA.. My priority is to solve the case, what is yours..
  3. Nope,, you are wrong. The packing card and the pocket may still have Cooper's DNA... they were not touched a hundred times. Maybe half a dozen. The card/pocket are similar to the tie except we don't need to go through the FBI. Opening the chute and checking it is completely irrelevant for this case. The only relevancy for that chute is the potential DNA.. You have your priorities screwed up.
  4. because you may further contaminate potential DNA.... not hard to understand
  5. I meant the parachute size or type is irrelevant to advancing the case. Now, having it checked by a rigger is a big mistake. DO NOT DO IT. Cooper pulled the card from the pocket and replaced the other card.. His DNA may be on the card or the edges of the pocket.. What should be done is the back chute card and pocket area is sampled for DNA... of course there are other people who have touched those areas. Cossey, Hayden, Reno chute inspector, rigger who repacked it and maybe FBI agents.. Still, probably fewer than the tie and you don't need approval of the FBI.. just the museum.
  6. That container is a Pioneer P2-B-24 from the early 40's.. the parachute was Sept 1957. The harness was April 1957. Remember, it was an emergency bailout rig required to meet regulations... Hayden never intended to use them. But that rig at the museum is largely irrelevant.. the key take away is that the FBI had both of Hayden's back chute packing cards and didn't realize it.. the back chute Cooper used didn't match Cossey's description and they were looking for the wrong chute,, it may have actually been found but rejected.
  7. The Hayden Pioneer chute, the one left on the plane returned to him was repacked twice after it was returned to Hayden.. There is no Cossey seal on it.. Cossey originally packed and filled out the card 26' Ripstop Conical SN 226 Sept. 1957.. the subsequent rigger never changed anything on the card. It is not an NB6/8, it is a P2-B-24 from the early 40's
  8. Yes, there is another document from 1976 in which the FBI admit the witnesses and evidence is not good enough and that only the co-operation of "Cooper" could bring a prosecution.. The only thing that has changed since 1976 is DNA tech...
  9. No, I am not... What I said is 100% accurate. The P2-B-24 container was made in the early 40's and originally came with a silk chute.
  10. Wrong,, The chute is a 26' according to its packing card.. it was also repacked after Hayden got it back. The container is a Pioneer P2-B-24... So, the container is a 24'
  11. Hayden got back the 26 ft SN 226 Sept 1957 back chute in 1975,,, now at the museum The July 1960 SN 60-9707 card is for Hayden's other back chute found on the plane in the pocket of chute SN 226 and most certainly belongs to the chute Cooper used.. So, Cooper chose the newer chute and Cossey's description was false..
  12. We assume that because something was in the FBI files and looked at by the FBI that is was resolved.. It is a good assumption but not always accurate... the FBI didn't realize they had both of Hayden's back chute packing cards and were unable to actually read the cards properly mixing up the descriptors for the data..
  13. The FBI discussed making a profile sketch of Cooper,, they should have the front perspective sketches are so limiting... look at these oddball profiles..
  14. I hate RIP comments,, but Sluggo Wayne Walker did well to reignite the Cooper case with his informative website...
  15. I'll try to clarify my theory for Cooper's "going to Mexico" demands.. Cooper dictated his "going to Mexico" demands to Tina, she wrote them down on a pay sheet.. then she relayed those notes to the crew via the telephone/interphone. In an interview Tina recalled from memory the demands.... she is paraphrasing.. Tina left out the rear stairs.. Here the crew comm noted the aft stairs were to be lowered after takeoff.. Cooper's initial demand was airstairs lowered in flight, he later changed it during Reno negotiations with the crew.. My theory is that Cooper wanted the plane to fly dirty flaps down/gear down after the rear stairs were lowered in flight not the entire flight.. but it was not understood and conveyed accurately via Tina and the Captain. If for example Cooper actually wanted "stairs lowered after takeoff and gear down - flaps down" then the plane would have had the range to make Mexico. It has never made sense that Cooper knew about planes, he knew about fuelling procedures, knew about the configuration but got the range wrong.. He believed the plane could make it to Mexico non-stop, that was no ruse. The most likely way for that error to occur would be if his demand was slightly miscommunicated and he wanted gear down/flaps down after stairs lowered in flight.