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  1. Georger, do you know how to read?
  2. Georger continues to be disingenuous himself and is apparently unable to comprehend that it is actually the ARINC teletype transcripts that the WSHM examined. Anyone interested in what the WSHM personnel did should refer to their work product on their study on this matter. But I don't remember anything in the WSHM study that claimed redactions in individual posts. Instead, they believed that some entire posts were missing. If Georger had actually read the ARINC transcripts, he would know that they have always contained unredacted posts related to other aircraft as well as the hijacked airliner. The main conspiracy and coverup in this entire matter is the one between Georger's ears.
  3. The only thing I posted on Sluggo's site was done at his request and is still there.
  4. Basically, the above is just more baloney from Georger. I have never done a conspiracy theory. And Dr. Edwards has never said any such thing to me. Also, I don't remember discussing what is now known as the Western Flight Path with Sluggo and there was no need to do so. One look at the so-called FBI flight path was all I needed to dismiss it. The Western Flight Path has been fully explained here on DropZone and Shutter's site over the last 14 years. Georger, you do not seem able to handle simple facts. In my opinion, you need professional help.
  5. Flyjack, what is your real reason for not wanting anyone to examine the Hayden parachute? Probably "half a dozen" people had examined the packing cards by the time the FBI got their hands on them the night of the hijacking. Your own priorities, whatever they are, are screwed up.
  6. Georger, read the following carefully. I also knew Sluggo and, in fact, I am the one who provided Sluggo's contact information to you. Sluggo never made any statements to me similar to the ones you claim he made to you regarding redactions. I suggest you take a look at Sluggo's site which can be accessed thru Shutter's site. WSHM personnel did a study of the ARINC (repeat ARINC) transcripts a few years ago when they had access to the George Harrison papers. They determined that some relevant transcripts were missing. WSHM personnel provided me with a copy of their study and I have referred to it from time to time. So the basis for statements about missing or redacted ARINC teletype transcripts is based on the WSHM work product and not on something I did. The Aeronautical Radio Incorporated (ARINC) company provides subscription services to the airlines. It is not a US Government organization. The Air Traffic Control system in the USA is operated by the Federal Government. The air traffic control radio transcripts of communications with the hijacked airliner have been released in a redacted version. After examining the ATC transcripts, I noted 19 areas of redactions. I have explained these redactions repeatedly over the last 14 years and there is no need to repeat the explanations here. To summarize: WSHM personnel determined the missing or redacted portions of the ARINC teletype transcripts. I did not have anything to do with this. I am the one who claims that there are 19 areas of redactions in the ATC radio transcripts. WSHM did not have anything to do with this. Georger attempts to confuse the matter in pursuit of his own agenda.
  7. Flyjack, you don't need to touch the packing card to open and inspect the parachute. So there is no reason for you to panic. In any event, the packing cards have probably been touched by dozens if not hundreds of unknown people by this time and are worthless as far as DNA goes.
  8. Flyjack, calm down! There is no need to panic. How could determining what is actually in that parachute container be a mistake?
  9. Georger, this is just more of your silliness. I have never made a claim about WSHM that didn't originate with them. I am me and they are them. Or something like that. On the Western Flight Path "debate", the WFP was developed in 2009 and I really don't remember when I heard of the WSHM but it was probably several years after that. And I probably have several decades more experience in determining flight paths and redactions than anyone at WSHM. If I had the unredacted radio transcripts, I would not need any further inputs from the USAF, FBI, or anyone else. Last week was the 14th anniversary of my logging on to DropZone. And the late Sluggo was the one who told me where to find it.
  10. My point is that whatever seal is on the Hayden parachute is not going to be replaced by another rigger's seal regardless of what packing card goes with the parachute. I doubt very much that the Hayden parachute is from the early 1940s. If so, it would have been about 30 years old in 1971. There was plenty of unused surplus military parachute equipment available post WW2 so that an essentially new (or at least unused) rig could be assembled by a rigger for a dirt-cheap price. Would you believe $40 or so? And I suspect that is what Cossey did with the Hayden rigs.
  11. Last thing first. If anyone lives in the Seattle area and is willing to contact Jeff Farrington and the WSHM to try to arrange for a detailed inspection of the Hayden parachute, including opening the container and inspecting and photographing the canopy and risers plus the overall rig, I will happily reimburse their expenses (as long as they stay in the lower three digits before the decimal point). It should be noted that once the Cossey packing seal has been broken, it is highly unlikely that any rigger is going to put his own seal on a 50+ year old parachute even if he does repack it. Meaning that the Hayden parachute is a museum piece and is going to stay that way. My definition of an NB-6 parachute rig is as shown in the pictures of one that is in Sluggo's work which can now be accessed through Shutter's site. The NB-6, with a 26-foot conical canopy, that I owned in 1971 appears identical to Sluggo's NB-6. And I inspected every stitch on the NB-6 rig that I owned. My only reserve ride was on a 24-foot twill canopy. But that is another long story. Anyone willing to work together to get the Hayden parachute inspected should feel free to send me a PM.
  12. Flyjack, you are wrong! Have you ever seen a 26-foot conical parachute? I have owned one, used it in flight, and seen ever stitch in it. There are several things unique about the 26-foot conical parachute rig. Do you know what they are? The canopy in the WSHM parachute is a standard 28-foot canopy. There is nothing unique about that rig.
  13. As has previously been explained here a number of times, the parachute in the WSHM is NOT a 26-foot conical parachute. It does NOT have a single component that can be identified as being a part of a 26-foot conical rig. Hayden has stated that his parachutes were similar or identical. The WSHM parachute appears to have been assembled from a grab bag of military surplus parachute components that were never part of one particular rig. If you want to see what a 26-foot conical parachute looks like, go to Sluggo's site on Shutter's web page and take a look at his pictures of one. Sluggo's pictures are identical to a genuine 26-foot conical parachute that I owned in 1971 just a few months before the hijacking. Basically, everything that Cossey claimed about the parachutes involved in the hijacking is nonsense.
  14. This William Wayne Walker lived in Washington state. The William Wayne Walker who posted as Sluggo lived in Southeast Alabama. Are you sure these are the same person?
  15. And Tina didn't go to the cockpit until about 5 or 10 minutes after the takeoff from SEATAC.