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  1. Cola and Georger, Flattery will get you nowhere. As far as I am concerned there is no ax to be buried. Let's just stick to facts. Hopefully, within the next week or so, I will have time to post on some new information related to the flight path. And a post by FlyJack played a part in getting me to check into it.
  2. Cola, could you please write in English. What are you saying above and what are you talking about? I don't know what you mean in your reference to Sluggo. But he is the one who told me how to find the Cooper forum on DropZone. Sluggo and I had other interactions, some of which are included in his site which is now available for your review on Shutter's site unless Chaucer has deleted it. If you are interested in what I have posted here over the last 15 years all you have to do is look them up.
  3. Georger & FlyJack (?), The above posts are just more of your nonsense. I'll try to answer some of them here but it is obvious that you have not even read the posts you claim you are responding to. First, the only aircraft to trail the airliner to Reno was a C-130 which had joined up with the airliner somewhere in Oregon or Northern California. The C-130 was mentioned in the handoff from the Seattle Center to the Oakland Center and then elsewhere. You would know this if you had bothered to read the Oakland Center radio transcripts which I have repeatedly encouraged everyone to do. Georger claims that I made a lot of posts in 2008. If Georger had bothered to read my first posts he would know that all of them were after March 2009 which is the date I joined this Cooper forum at the suggestion of Sluggo. If I remember correctly, my very first post on this forum pointed out that there were big time problems with the so-called FBI flight path. Over a period of time, I made additional posts that the money bag would have to land in a very restricted area (less than one-half square mile) in order for the money to end up by natural means at the Tena Bar location where it was found. There is now additional information to support the Western Flight Path and that the so-called FBI flight path always had problems. I will post on that in a few days.
  4. I agree with you that this whole exchange is nonsense. I have been there and Chaucer refuses to reveal any aeronautical knowledge or experience that he supposedly possesses.
  5. Chaucer, your last statement above is just more nonsense. In all probability, the Seattle Air Traffic Control people had access to the very same radar information that the USAF used. In instances such as this, the various Federal Government agencies would be operating under a Memorandum of Understanding between the agencies. It would be unnecessary and a waste of resources for each agency to have its own radar facility and personnel.
  6. Interesting enough, the FBI also had two different USAF Navigators calculate the descent rate and landing zone. Their names and comments have been posted on this thread. And oddly enough, the USAF Navigators were not asked to determine the flight path of the airliner. And they may not have even had access to the flight path information. Weird things happened in relation to the descent rate and flight path information used in the FBI investigation. Actually, the descent rate for the jumper and parachute were common knowledge. The flight path could easily be determined from information held by the Seattle Air Traffic Control Center. But that would be doing it the easy way.
  7. Chaucer and Georger, it has also been repeatedly pointed out to you over the last 15 years that there is plenty of evidence of redactions in the Seattle ATC radio transcripts.
  8. Chaucer, you are claiming that I have to produce the unredacted Seattle ATC radio transcripts before you will believe that they have been redacted. Only the FBI/FAA can produce those transcripts. Your plea for "some evidence" means that you do not have the slightest understanding of my previous posts on this matter.
  9. Chaucer, I will explain this again and for the last time so please pay attention. 1. The FAA (Federal Aviation Agency) is mandated to maintain records related to aviation accidents and incidents. These are public records and I have seen some of them that were at least 70 years old. These records include Air Traffic Control radio transcripts, flight and cockpit recorder records, and any other relevant records. 2. The FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) does not normally get involved in aviation accidents or incidents unless criminally is a factor such as in the Cooper hijacking. The FBI would have access to all FAA records related to the Cooper hijacking and would control their release while their investigation is ongoing. This does not mean that the FBI is going to release all of the records or even all of a specific transcript. 3. I filed an FOIA request for Cooper hijacking records with the FAA field office in Redmond, WA. I promptly received a reply, by registered mail with return receipt requested, that consisted of a full page of FBI contact information and nothing on the hijacking. 4. An FOIA request was then filed with the FBI FOIA office which I discovered was an expert at giving the run around and stonewalling. My US Congressman worked through the FBI Congressional Liaison Office to get the FOIAs, plural by this point, moving properly again. The end result was that I received two brief paragraphs of information related to the Cooper hijacking and they are posted on Shutter's site. 5. At no time did the FBI or FAA claim that the Seattle ATC radio transcripts had already been released. And at no time did either organization claim that they did not exist. At no time did either organization refer to the redacted transcript document of the Seattle ATC radio transcripts. 6. The Oakland ATC radio transcripts are textbook examples of air traffic control communications in 1971. If you want to see how the unredacted Seattle ATC transcripts should look, all you have to do is read the Oakland transcripts. 7. It is rather odd to me that while the FBI asked for public assistance on the Cooper hijacking, they apparently seemed to prefer military assistance rather than civilian assistance. For instance, the FBI asked two military navigators nothing about flight paths but only to predict the Cooper landing area based on information provided by the FBI. There were probably several hundred skydivers in the Seattle area that were better qualified to predict the landing zone than military navigators. 8. And what happened to all the data that Soderlind and NWA personnel generated on flight paths, landing zones, and so forth? They certainly had access to all the flight path information and were probably the best qualified group of people to interpret it. 9. Etc., etc..
  10. Chaucer & Georger, please enlighten me on how many years experience each of you have in communicating with air traffic control facilities and listening to air traffic transmissions? Also, if you feel that the Seattle ATC transcripts are complete, you should inform the FBI headquarters. In my involvement with the FBI, which includes senior FBI officials and assistance from my US Congressman, they have never made such a claim. And their actions have repeatedly indicated that the Seattle ATC transcripts which have been released are redacted. The Oakland ATC transcripts appear to be complete.
  11. You are mistaken again. It has been pointed out repeatedly that efforts to obtain the unredacted Seattle ATC radio transcripts end up at the FBI with very little if anything being released. The FAA is mandated to retain such transcripts but efforts to get them from the FAA are rerouted to the FBI. There is nothing secret about the transcripts since anyone with a VHF radio receiver could listen in on them during the actual hijacking.
  12. Chaucer, you are mistaken. All you have to do to understand this is to compare the Seattle ATC transcripts with the Oakland ATC transcripts which are textbook versions of how actual radio transcripts from the 1971 era looked. This has been pointed out on this forum for about the last 15 years. Also, if you had any experience communicating with ATC Centers or FAA control towers in the 1971-time frame, you would already know this.
  13. It would also be nice if the FBI permitted the release of the Air Traffic Control communication transcripts between the Seattle Center and the airliner. It should be remembered that the Air Traffic Control communications transcripts between the Oakland Center and the airliner were released decades ago.
  14. You seem to be suggesting that we can rule out Cooper being an "aviator" and possibly being a "bluesman". I have seen plenty of bluesmen wearing wrap-around dark colored glasses, but I wouldn't call them sunglasses since they usually only wore them on stage during performances in near pitch-dark clubs.
  15. Olemiss, there was nothing unusual about the type of sunglasses that aviator's used from WW2 through 1971. They all had metal frames and various tints with emphasis being on "true color" tints. There was nothing exceptional about their prices either. I have been wearing "aviator sunglasses" longer than I can remember, wore them yesterday, and will be wearing them again today if the sun is shinning when I go outside. So please don't start claiming that Cooper had some exceptional or exotic sunglasses. That is nonsense.