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  1. My "self serving theory" is one of only a handful of things in Cooper World that is actually based on facts. Have you actually done anything that is based on proven facts?
  2. Flyjack, you post is a bunch of self-serving nonsense. I doubt if Eric Ulis has stolen anything from anyone and he has certainly done his homework. Congratulations!
  3. Blevins, That is less than $2.75 per article (not per copy). Perhaps you could benefit from Googling "High Finance" or maybe just finding a more rewarding endeavor. Robert99
  4. Jo, Your story gets more bizarre ever day. "Prisoners" did not co-mingle with "non-prisoners". They mingled only with other prisoners in stockades and were under armed guard. It doesn't make any difference whose Aunt Duane knew or whatever. You are totally clueless as to how the military operated in the World War II era. Robert99
  5. Blevins, Just exactly what do you think you are going to find in KC's full service records that would have any relevance to the Cooper hijacking? You have said that you served in the Army. If you did, then surely you have some idea about what is in your own service records. You are not going to find anything in KC's service records that will grow him from 5 feet 8 inches to 6 feet or change his eye color. Dream on! Robert99 His prints. That's what we were looking for. I thought you would have figured that out by now... As far as your reliance on the FBI's description as the Word of God on the matter...why don't you back off and let us do our job. You act as if you are afraid we might be right. Description notwithstanding, (which varies a bit depending on which witness was doing the telling) if they get a single match from Kenny's prints to one of the 56 they took from the can see where this is going. I like how the witnesses described the Green River Killer so well. Turned out he wasn't six to six one either. Even the cops at the Task Force didn't recognize him when they called him to their office for the swab. With a warrant, no less. And his poster was right there on the wall. Go figure. You keep calling me out for evidence on Christiansen. That's what we're presenting to the Seattle FBI pretty soon. Instead of knocking on that, you should be encouraging us. There hasn't been one serious submission on a suspect since Marla Cooper came to town. Try to understand something, Robert. This is going to happen whether you and your friends at Shutter's website like it or not. So either get behind it, (if you're really serious about finding out whether Kenny was Cooper or not) or just let it go and we will handle the rest. If you guys don't believe Kenny was the guy,'s your big chance to find out and maybe get him permenantly dismissed as a suspect in the case. Sure, we are hopeful we're right. We're also realistic about it. Chances are small we actually got it right. Personally, I'm tired of working on this and I intend to find out if he was Cooper or not...and FOR SURE this time. I don't understand why anyone interested in the case would not want us to do this. You're certainly tired of hearing about him, and I am just as tired of discussing him. Action is required to settle the question once and for all. Blevins, In case you haven't noticed, Cooper spent several hours in close contact with some people on the aircraft who were trained to be observant. And he didn't kill any of them. Not so with the Green River killer. Be honest with yourself. Even if you have a full set of KC's fingerprints and his full DNA profile, and find no match whatsoever, you will still keep pushing your book in order to make another buck if you can. Robert99
  6. Blevins, Just exactly what do you think you are going to find in KC's full service records that would have any relevance to the Cooper hijacking? You have said that you served in the Army. If you did, then surely you have some idea about what is in your own service records. You are not going to find anything in KC's service records that will grow him from 5 feet 8 inches to 6 feet or change his eye color. Dream on! Robert99
  7. Blevins, Unless I have gone blind and become senile, some of KC's service records have already been posted on this thread. You can't blame all of your problems on the fire you mentioned. Further, what makes you so certain the FBI doesn't have KC's fingerprints already. He doesn't need to be a criminal to have his prints on file there. A few decades back, I read a story about a young girl whose family toured the FBI's offices in Washington. As part of that tour she had her fingerprints taken during a demonstration. Several decades later, she died in some manner that I don't recall and those fingerprints were used to identify her. I have always assumed that my fingerprints were on file at the FBI since I was about 15 years old. They were taken at that time as a requirement for me flying as a passenger on military aircraft. Robert99
  8. Hmm.. I get the connection now. I think there's more to his life than the Dan Cooper angle. I mean if the guy has cooked up so much...may be he did this confession as well. Or maybe he said it for you to start digging about his life after he was gone.... kinda his way that u deserve to know the truth. But again if you keep turning I am sure you will land up at bizarre in his life. Thousandthings, Jo Weber and Blevins main purpose, and perhaps sole purpose, in life is to post nonsense on this thread. Reportedly, Jo and Duane Weber became interested in the Cooper hijacking when another escaped airline hijacker (Richard McCoy?) was killed in a shoot out with the FBI when they tried to arrest him in the city where Jo and Duane then lived. Jo and Duane then reportedly did some checking into the DB Cooper hijacking but nothing became public until after Duane died in 1995 and then over a year later when Jo started claiming that Duane had said a few days before his death that he was Cooper. Jo's story about Duane is pure baloney. Jo can't even prove that Duane Weber was on the Planet Earth the day of the Cooper hijacking. Blevins is apparently having a mid-life crisis and that led him to get involved with some other people in writing a book about a specific individual who they claim (and/or deny claiming) was DB Cooper. They have not produced a scintilla of evidence to support their allegations. In fact Blevins' book was so poorly researched that his famous cat, Hobo, could have done the research, and probably did. If Blevins recent posts are to be believed, Hobo may be going to branch out and do reviews of other peoples books. In the meantime, Blevins and Jo Weber are trying to set themselves up as the King and Queen of this thread. And woe to anyone who dares challenge their pronouncements. Robert99
  9. Blevins, Ever post I make here is "a positive, contributory post" when I point out the nonsense that you and Jo Weber are posting on DZ. Sorry to have to deflate your ego a bit, but you and Jo Weber are very, very seldom mentioned on "the other site" since neither of you have any interest in resolving the Cooper hijacking. Robert99
  10. You are the one Robt99 making have accused me of everything in the books - I NEVER accused Georger of killing JFK - you are the own who twisted the posting and email... As for Bruce - I hope they do truely check him out...I have held on to this for a long time - but, Bruce started laying it out himself by mention the instrument used to kill Cossey....the athorities never mention this... You will NOTE that Bruce started flying straight after that.... YOU have never gone back to the Remark on JFK - and really looked at them - I suggest you do. YOU have repeated that line one time to much. What I was accused of repetitive by you I did not do. I know what you are upset about? The fact that I knew things you had NO IDEA I knew...when I started talking about CO - you freaked! When I mentioned the Camp in Colorado you freaked. Then for some reason the most improtant post about the man Duane admired and the camps in Colorado went POOF today! Jo, You need to read what I actually wrote in the post you quoted! I continue to be amazed at your ability to "misread" what other people post while continually making the most outrageous claims in your own posts. Robert99
  11. I don't think Al Gore had invented the Internet in 1971.
  12. So, I take this to mean that you haven't called the Seattle cops, yet. As a result, I assume they do not know that you might have been the last person to speak to Earl Cossey before he was whacked. Complicating things, you have withheld this information for almost two years, as Coss' anniversary is next month. I'm uncertain how to proceed. Please advise. Bruce, I am not a lawyer and don't have any experience or knowledge of law enforcement, but I would suggest that you get in contact with the appropriate local authorities and show them the posts that Jo has made. You might also want to make a copy of those posts right now since Jo has a habit of making allegations in posts and then deleting the posts. You should also point out to the authorities that Jo has publicly accused you of killing Cossey. Not to mention that Jo has also accused Georger of being responsible for JFK's assassination. Maybe the authorities could check out Jo's claims, and where she is coming from, and clear both yourself and Georger of her allegations. I am NOT kidding about the above. Robert99
  13. Jo, Chest packs are genuine parachutes, back packs are genuine parachutes, and seat packs are genuine parachutes. 2 + 2 = 4. [Did you really make it past the Florida Real Estate Agents License test as you keep claiming?] Telling a flight attendant that you are hijacking the aircraft, demanding $200,000, and demanding 4 parachutes would and did alert the authorities. In fact, it was the FBI who was trying to help secure the parachutes. What happened to your rule about 8 hours between smoking and the keyboard? Robert99
  14. I always thought he requested the extra chutes to imply he was taking a hostage with him, so the authorities wouldn't sabotage any of the chutes. That's just an opinion. While the airliner was on the ground in Seattle, the flight crew was told (see the ground radio transcripts) that the FAA's Chief Psychologist was predicting that the remaining flight attendant would remain as a hostage and forced to parachute with Cooper and that the airliner would be blown up when they jumped. That was his explanation for the request for 2 back and 2 reserve parachutes.
  15. All of those different numbers are just to see if you are paying attention. When Cooper jumped, the airliner was cruising at about 170 Knots Indicated Airspeed (KIAS). This is what the pilots were seeing on their Airspeed Instruments. It is also the same value the crew would see on their instruments if the airliner was at Sea Level flying in a standard atmosphere (such as the 1962 US Standard Atmosphere). Correcting that 170 KIAS value for the 10,000 feet altitude and temperature, the speed of the airliner with respect to the air mass surrounding it is about 195 Knots True Airspeed (KTAS). Knots, or Nautical Miles Per Hour, is the standard unit for speed in Commercial and Military Aviation. A Knot is equal to 1.15 Statute Miles Per Hour (MPH). So for the masses, that 195 KTAS becomes about 225 MPH. This is actually the "free stream velocity" of the air, with respect to the airliner, outside the air mass disturbed by the airliner's passing. Say a point that would be 200 or 300 feet abeam of the airliner at the instant it passed by. Robert99