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  1. FlyJack, you are jumping to conclusions. What the above states is that somewhere there is/was a complete copy of all NWA 305 ARINC teletype transcripts related to the hijacking. This does NOT say that the entire copy of those transcripts was made available to WSHM. The WSHM digital staff made a study of the transcripts provided to them and concluded that some ARINC transcripts related to the NWA 305 hijacking were missing.
  2. Great job FlyJack. Now do you know how we can download and view these results? I suspect it going to require a professional survey organization to open these items up.
  3. The idea of doing a lidar search and/or drone photography of Tena Bar is not original with Georger. To the best of my knowledge, there is only one person who has seriously consider that and that person is me. The registered survey firms in the Portland area have the capability of doing the above. Would anyone be interested in discussing this further?
  4. The Cooper ticket shown above is probably the one that the gate agent took from the copies that were in the ticket sleeve given to Cooper by the ticketing agent. Mitchell's ticket copy appears to be the one that was in his ticket sleeve that was returned to him by the gate agent. Passengers always ended up with a copy of their ticket for their own records.
  5. I have been to the Portland International Airport and it is not on the west side of Portland. Himmelsbach's story about his helicopter ride was all on the west and southwest side of the Portland area. Georger told me about 12 years ago that his sources related that the helicopter also went up to Woodland which is on the northwest side of the Portland area. But Georger will probably deny that now.
  6. Georger, this is just more of your nonsense. Your claim that I said Cooper "fell straight down" is laughable. Are you also going to claim that the money bag came floating down the river, or maybe rolling on the bottom of it, and then crawled up the embankment at Tena Bar? I have been consistent for the last 12 years in my statements about what is now known as the Western Flight Path. And your recent admission that your sources, reportedly including FBI agents, told you the airliner bypassed Portland on the west side is just another factor that supports the Western Flight Path. You need to get a good physics book and devour it.
  7. FlyJack, you obviously do not understand the things involved in creating the so-called FBI flight path. To its credit, the FBI apparently did not have anything to do with preparing that flight path and the present day FBI agents reportedly don't know where it came from. For the record, I have NEVER claimed that the FBI map supports the Western Flight Path. And if you have read my previous posts you know that. So your claim to the contrary is baloney. How accurate are the "unsmoothed plotted points" that you mention? First, let me point out that "smoothing" plotted points does not necessarily increase the plots accuracy. If, by chance, smoothing does increase the accuracy, I would suggest that you need to do some serious recalibrating both mentally and equipment wise. I don't know the accuracy, both azimuth and distance wise, of the radar equipment that produced the data used to generate the FBI map. But I believe that you may have posted on this previously. If it was the McChord radar facility, each degree of azimuth would be the equivalent of about 1.5 to 2.0 nautical miles laterally in the Portland area. So there is really no such thing as a radar "point" here. It's an area the size of which depends on the radar characteristics. The VOR and DME equipment onboard the airliner could probably determine the airliner's position more accurately than the McChord radar. The other fellow who posted above apparently now considers himself to be an expert or some such thing. About 12 years ago, I had to point out to him such elementary things as that North was generally positioned at the top of a map. Hopefully, he has now read something on navigation.
  8. Golly! Flyjack, Georger, and apparently others, are now admitting that the FBI flight path DOES NOT represent the flight path of the airliner. These fellows apparently don't realize that is exactly what I have been saying for more than a decade. And that nothing ties the money to the flight path? Are you going to now claim that nothing ties the money to the hijacking? Finally, I am not trying to convert anyone. You are just going nuts because you cannot convert me.
  9. Let's take a realistic look at the map. Draw a straight line between the Malay and Canby Intersections. We will call this the Western Flight Path and it is the furthest west that airliner would have any reason to be while in the Portland area. To repeat, there is absolutely no reason for the airliner to be west of the WFP. Assuming that the Victor airways are 8 nautical miles wide (4 nautical miles on each side of the airway centerline), as I think they were in 1971, an aircraft on the WFP would be outside the boundary of V-23 for a total distance of about 30 nautical miles which represents about 10 minutes of flying time. The WFP distance outside the boundary of V-23 varies from 0 to 3 nautical miles with the maximum of 3 nautical miles being when the aircraft is directly west of the Battleground VORTAC. Note that the WFP passes almost directly overhead of Tena Bar and that the time over Tena Bar is approximately 8:11 or 8:12 PM PST. This has been discussed repeatedly over the last 10 years or so. It simply eliminates the need for a complicated jury rigged scenario to explain all major factors in the flight path of the airliner. For the record, Flyjack's red line can also be dismissed. At several points, the airliner is about 3 nautical miles from the centerline of V-23. Other things being equal, aircraft are expected to stay on the centerline of Victor airways and there is a regulation stating that. If the flight crew couldn't keep the aircraft on the centerline, then their autopilot certainly could. Even the simplest wing leveler in a Cessna 150 could do that.
  10. Simple. No airliner would fly a path like that.
  11. No. Basically, the so-called FBI flight path can be dismissed by simple inspection. However, I think I listed more reasons than that in dismissing it.
  12. For the record, Georger told me at least 10 years ago that the Troutdale Airport manager said "west side of PDX". And if I remember correctly, my very first post here on DropZone was in 2010 and pointed out that the so-called FBI flight path was not believable. That ruffled some feathers based on responses to that post.
  13. The Boeing tests were apparently flown in March 1964 with the test aircraft (N72700) in the "production configuration". The British publication "Flight" mentioned that such tests had been conducted in one of its summer 1964 issues. USA publications undoubtedly mentioned the same information in the same time frame. I was working on something then that caused me to be especially interested in the 727 wing, which was quite innovative, and I read everything I could find on the 727 but don't remember seeing anything about the aft stairs which would not be of particular interest to me anyway.
  14. You forgot to mention Italians. I know some who claim to have olive complexations.
  15. Andrade reportedly lives in Minnesota. His contact information is on the other blog (thedbcooperforum).