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  1. The flightpath radar data was re-plotted with a more accurate computer method... Guess what,, NO Western Flight Path... ..
  2. A funny comment Hahneman made to the stew during his hijacking... "When are you people going to tighten up your security, it's (hijacking) becoming a national pastime." ..
  3. Video... Tom Kaye explains his Diatom research....
  4. Nothing on Gunther specifically,, but this in #48 is very similar to Gunther's experience.
  5. Did I call it or what... Eric is now discrediting Himmelsbach.. Lake Oswego came from the T-33 pilot. Eric Ulis.. "Himms also stated that Cooper used "filthy" language which is simply not true. Moreover, neither he, nor any FBI agent, spoke with Ammerman. I did." Ammerman's description doesn't conflict with Himmelsbach's book re:Lake Oswego. Eric is injecting his narrative into Ammerman's claims where it doesn't exist. Also, the F-106 turned E at about the 8:15 mark after Cooper was thought to have jumped.. What I found more interesting is the claim that 305 was adjusting course every 30 seconds...
  6. Eric is hyper-defensive because he has his show in the can with his highly questionable theory.. Eric claims... "I have seen the finished product and can say that a lot of the footage regarding his comments hit the cutting room floor. Nonetheless, he stated that the T-33 took off to the west from PDX, headed north over Sauvie Island, then was turned to the east and ultimately south in behind 305 close to the northern part of Sauvie Island (To be clear, the T-33 started its turn from over Sauvie Island)." That doesn't conflict with quote from the T-33 pilot in Himmelsbach's book. The T-33 intercepted 305 at Lake Oswego then turned S,, NOT NNW of Portland. It doesn't support Eric's Western Flight Path...
  7. Let's look at Eric's Ammerman claim in more detail.. It does not support the Western Flight Path and actually supports the Central Flight Path.. Ammerman - (FBI map) “would not argue with this track.” In other words, that it may well be correct." Ammerman - "his display utilized radar data from a station near Salem, OR." Ammerman - "he stated that the further away the target is from the radar station the bigger the equal sign gets. In other words, the precise location of the jet is more uncertain." Ammerman - "He estimates that the equal sign measured between 5 to 8 miles wide around the PDX area. What this means is that 305 could have been anywhere along this 5 to 8 mile long equal sign line at that point. Consider, that the orientation of the equal sign display near PDX would be essentially northwest to southeast." Ammerman - "looking at his radar display, he could not target precisely where the jet was located. Rather, he had a general idea" Ammerman - "In other words, the system was not very precise." Ammerman - "In particular, he stated that Portland Tower radar should be pretty precise because the scale they were working with was probably 40 miles as opposed to the 150-mile scale he was working with." Portland was contacted which was closer and more accurate than Ammerman's Salem data and the operator said the plane was miles E of the centerline.. Ammerman said his radar screen wasn't that accurate and Portland was much better. Portland said E of V-23.. Ammerman would not argue with the "FBI" flightpath. Ammerman's comments do not support the Western Flight Path as Eric claims. .. Eric Ulis wrote.. "I sent Cliff Ammerman a copy of the yellow FBI Flight Path map and asked him to review it and let me know if it looked right to him. He called me this morning about the map and said he “would not argue with this track.” In other words, that it may well be correct. Naturally, I asked him how this all adds up given the comments about turning south east of Kelso and the T-33 not changing headings as it trailed at least five miles behind 305. Cliff explained to me in great detail how this all works. First off, he did say that he thought 305 turned south (or SW according to the FBI map) before Battle Ground. But he explained to me that on his radar screen back in 1971, targets resembled an equal (=) sign. And, that the location of the target would actually be located somewhere on that equal sign line which was not very precise. Cliff stated that this equal sign would align itself perpendicular to the radar station that the data was coming from. Therefore, as the target is moving, the equal sign is ever so slowly realigning itself relative to the radar station that the radar data is coming from. In addition, he stated that the further away the target is from the radar station the bigger the equal sign gets. In other words, the precise location of the jet is more uncertain. Cliff told me that his display utilized radar data from a station near Salem, OR. Moreover, that the scale of his screen was probably 150 miles because he was covering two sectors. What this meant was that at the point where 305 was handed off to him, north of Teledo, the equal sign represented a line about 15 miles long. In other words, he would know that the jet was somewhere along that 15-mile-long line. He stated that as the jet continued south and got closer to the Salem radar site the equal sign would get smaller—in other words, more precise. He estimates that the equal sign measured between 5 to 8 miles wide around the PDX area. What this means is that 305 could have been anywhere along this 5 to 8 mile long equal sign line at that point. Consider, that the orientation of the equal sign display near PDX would be essentially northwest to southeast. Therefore, looking at his radar display, he could not target precisely where the jet was located. Rather, he had a general idea. Also, he stated that given the 150-mile scale that he was on, he would not notice a change in 305’s direction unless it was something that was held for a little while. All of this means that the T-33 could have stayed on a consistent heading of 160 even though 305 itself was making turns here and there as depicted on the yellow map. Moreover, that he would not notice these turns on his radar screen. Again, the equal sign target display on his screen would simply show 305 heading south with the T-33 trailing behind. I asked him about the problems of knowing whether 305 stayed within V23 proper given that the equal sign target display is actually longer than the entire V23 corridor is wide at certain points. He said that what they would normally do is notify the pilots if the center of the equal sign display got to the outer edge of the Victor airway. But, in fact, that the jet may actually already be a few miles out of the airway or a few miles within the airway. In other words, the system was not very precise. Cliff and I discussed the map and he stated that regardless of who put it together that he would think that they would have to use an array of radar data from different sites to be as accurate as possible. In particular, he stated that Portland Tower radar should be pretty precise because the scale they were working with was probably 40 miles as opposed to the 150-mile scale he was working with. All of this said, I have a hard time believing the Air Force contacted Portland Tower, or any other non-military radar facility, to get their radar data to craft the flight path. That said, perhaps they did. Nonetheless, we are faced once again with the $64,000 question: How exactly did the Air Force plot this flight path and with what data? After all, the path they plotted is very precise. « Last Edit: August 22, 2019, 04:14:00 PM by EU »"
  8. This is too funny, Now, Eric is attacking me personally for posting a quote from the T-33 pilot that refutes his claim.. from Himmelsbach.. He also trashed Tosaw, which isn't actually the source but was erroneously cited by Georger, not me. Eric wrote,,, "it's an embarrassment and ought to be an immediate disqualifier for anyone who calls themselves a serious DBC researcher. I have Tosaw's book, have read it from end to end, and it is full of falsehoods...think of the Tina Mucklow packing card story for one." Hilarious, irony... Eric should be disqualified as a serious DBC researcher, it wasn't from Tosaw and Eric has read it end to end. This was a desperate and sloppy emotional reaction by Eric to maintain his failed Western Flight Path. Will he now attack Himmelsbach... Eric is a fraud, he stole my tie research and claimed it was his when I caught him he began calling me a troll.. that was the tell, he is dishonest and doubled down when caught. TAKE THE "L" ERIC.. you are really embarrassing yourself. and check the bottom of Kaye's paper,, would Kaye acknowledge a troll in a peer reviewed paper?
  9. I can't remember where it came from. I ran across it while cleaning up and organizing my files. It is the interview with the T-33 pilots and confirms Lake Oswego which Georger had mentioned..
  10. Well, Georger is correct and Eric is wrong... The T-33 went West on a training mission then intercepted 305 at Lake Oswego and turned South, not NNW of Portland. Also. F-106's did not have visual but had contact on radar. T-33 noticed 305 flying in a course change.. Control confirmed 45 degree change every 30 seconds. This may explain the slightly erratic FBI map, since it is plotted points the 30 second course changes would show. T-33 pilots.
  11. Maybe the transcript redactions are communications with the chase planes.. It wouldn't be relevant or within FOIA..
  12. Robert, your TBAR theory loses me when Cooper throws the money into the River to be found.. money thrown into the River would never be expected to be found. The other forum.. everybody is trying to fit a square peg in a round hole... neither the diatom research nor any other information indicates the Spring 72 river exposure or burial timeframe.. In fact, the Palmer report concludes burial within a year of the money find. The money was found in the top layer with debris "not severely damaged or rusted". and there is no evidence that the 3 packets landed on TBAR separately aka NOT in a single rubber banded bundle as it was given to Cooper. Columbia River seasonal streamflow...
  13. I watched his video... he is spinning far out of reality to maintain his collapsed narrative.. My advice to Eric,,, Take the "L" He won't, he is all in, but that is OK...
  14. Kaye's Diatom research indicates the money went into the River and was deposited on TBAR in Spring around May. It doesn't indicate which year from 1972 to 1979. The Palmer report concluded the money landed on TBAR within a year or so of the discovery. Combining the diatom research and the Palmer report they suggest Spring of 78 or 79. I have long argued that the money likely arrived as one single rubber banded bundle of packets and not as three separate packets. Other than Cooper, only one person is known to have handled the ransom money also lived near the River upstream of TBAR in 78/79. Also, the St John's dump was right on the Columbia Slough about 6 miles upstream of TBAR.. if the money somehow got thrown into the dump and ended up in the slough it could end up on TBAR. Those are two of my theories that fit..
  15. There is a theory it does support...
  16. Tom Kaye has published his Diatom research.. everyone should read it.. here Conclusions.. It closely matches a May - June timeframe, not November. Cooper didn't land in River. Rules out western flight path or human burial theories. It indicates a May-June submersion away from the November hijacking timeframe.
  17. The Placard.. First, there is no confirmation it came from NORJAK, IMO it is unlikely but possible. Even the FBI walked back the claim by the Sheriff. The Placard was found right on the FBI flight path, it was within the 1 mile error rate. For the 100th time, the FBI winds were an ESTIMATE (FBI WORD) based on an average over an hour from 8-9 from Portland and Salem data. Portland is about 40 miles away and Salem about 70 miles.. This is far from the Placard location. There is no data for the Placard area. The closest is Toledo which had wind from the S at 8:00.. even Portland had wind from SE at 7 PM. Seattle wind was SSE at 8 PM. Tom Kaye's wind balloon data doesn't really help.. SALEM and W of SEATTLE, not even close. The two closest locations were Salem just south of Portland and Quillayute Bruce said was just west of Seattle. They launch twice a day at 5pm and 5am so that is the data we have. I had him pull a second random day Nov 11 for comparison and you can see that the winds then were actually east near the ground. Nov 24 looks pretty consistent all the way down but seems to be more southerly than we had estimated. Now you can do a proper analysis. TOM KAYE I have posted the files for this over and over,, If the Placard came from NORJAK then it indicates the wind was likely from the S at that location 8:04-8:05 PM. It does not prove a western flight path because the wind direction used is not a fact.. it is a guess. There is no data showing the wind at the Placard location... it is a guess. The wind throughout the area was shifting between SE to SSW between 7-9 Winds can change in a short distance and time, using an average of Portland and Salem data as a proxy is ridiculous..,46.85,3000 In fact, the FBI amended their original wind direction and shifted it to the South created a new rotated search area for the LZ still far South of the Placard.
  18. Eric is making it up from this report...
  19. Stop accepting this garbage.. these aren't all facts. A mix of conjecture and guessing. This isn't a valid argument. it is a bumper sticker. Ulis writes.. Facts:1) We know where the money was found.2) We know where the placard was found.3) We know where the fiberglass skirt was found.4) We know the altitude of the jet.5) We know the direction of the wind at various altitudes.6) We know the speed of the wind at various altitudes.7) We know that nothing has ever been found in the FBI search area after nearly 50 years. 1 yes 2 We don't know if the Placard was from Norjak. It was never confirmed. The FBI walked it back. 3 We don't know what part was found or where it came from,, 4 yes 5 We don't know the wind direction at the Placard location. Toledo closest, wind was from the S. FBI estimated the wind based on Portland and Salem.. far away. 6 We don't know the wind speed at the Placard location. 7 We don't know that nothing was found.. nothing has been reported confirmed.
  20. Western Flight Path is dead... stick a fork in it. Portland radar operator, East of the center of V23. Ammerman was watching the less accurate Salem.. The chase aircraft following 5 miles behind veered East then made a right turn.. small airfield marked with parachute, marked on map just N of Orchards would be close to where the unsub left the plane. This matches the FBI map.. and rules out the Western flight path. Ammerman confirmed sending the chase planes E just N of Portland. It was after Cooper was thought to have left the plane. (before 8:15) lights of Portland... in FBI file It just occurred to me that if Cooper could see the lights or glow of Portland/Vancouver he probably would not jump into an urban area.. a knock against a Columbia R jump.
  21. Some things.. The original Cooper thread (2008) here that was locked is no longer locked. FBI.. DB Cooper file #49 is posted
  22. This is the original DB Cooper thread that was locked..
  23. While the forum gets distracted.. I have been organizing all my Cooper files, big job. I found this and it should be interesting for everyone.. A 2008 news article quoted... Dennis Levanen, who lives in the Heisson area, said he vividly remembers the airplane flying directly over his house on Thanksgiving Eve in 1971. He quibbles with the FBI’s flight path of the airplane, noting that it appears several miles west of where it actually flew. “It was just huge and roaring,” he said. “It was under a lot of power to keep it airborne, going as slow as the guy demanded.” He is saying the FBI path was a few miles West of his house. I found his house is right in line with the Heisson store along the same path direction but a few miles East of the FBI path.. THIS RULES OUT THE WESTERN FLIGHT PATH. The Heisson Store is around the 8:12-8:13 time along flightpath. Blue line chute found, never physically checked. Red line is rail line runs next to Heisson store that was broken into.
  24. Cooper gave the name "Dan Cooper", "D B" was an error by the media.
  25. McNally audio interview 2 parts.. He lost the money in the jump and vowed to do it again.. got arrested. It was his first jump. He gave generous $$$ to stew..