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  1. I have about 5 theories for the source of Cooper's name.. One not suspect specific but is Vietnam specific and is the Cooper-Church amendment. Senators John Sherman Cooper and Frank Church effectively ended the Vietnam war by cutting funding in 1971. If Cooper's grudge was the Vietnam war ending and losing work in 1971.. he may have blamed the Cooper-Church amendment..
  2. It is a theory.. I have three good theories myself. One problem is the money went to Cooper in packets of 100's rubber banded into bundles. So, the individual packets of 100 bills were not separate in the bag, if they did arrive on TBAR separate, somebody had to have removed them from the rubber banded bundle. Therefore, it is more likely the money arrived as one rubber banded bundle of packets. You don't need a bag/container to reconcile the money arrival. The other problem is the LZ, the evidence does not support a Columbia River landing. There are infinite theories and possibilities. We will never know the real story, but some theories fit the evidence better than others. If I had to bet, based on all the evidence, Cooper landed near Heisson.. but we will never know for sure.
  3. Colbert is doing another show Monday.. apparently James Comey not only tried to frame Trump for the false Russia collision.. but he also covered up DB Cooper's identity. If the DOJ wasn't politicized Comey would be in prison,, but they have always been politicized.
  4. What,, Eric Ulis is branching out from DB Cooper and now on The Secret Treasure hunt... I worked on two of these puzzles a few years ago and have solved them.. Montreal and Charleston WPG.. Problem is getting permission to go dig them up.. I bought a first print of the book for $250 a few years ago and it is worth about $2500 now in mint condition.. worn ones sell for less. The new versions of the book are poor reproductions, you need the original printing, it has better images and *hint* there are more clues in the original printing.
  5. Colbert throws down,,, rains on CooperCon and Cooper sleuths in general, claims his team was disinvited.. NickyB and Darren respond... coming in hot with high drama in the Vortex.
  6. ..and the argument that the pressure bump was not an oscillation is nonsense. Oscillations are a visual representation of pressure fluctuations,, the needle fluctuated on the gauge. When the needle fluctuation reached a max, the oscillation was physically felt aka pressure bump. The difference between the two is not that they are separate events but in how a fluctuation is sensed.. physical vs visual. The question was whether the oscillations were caused by Cooper going down the stairs or jumping. The sled test showed that there was no significant change when a person went down the stairs. The sled being dropped matched the "pressure bump" felt on NORJAK.. a violent increase in oscillations ending with a bump. This is not minutes apart, but seconds. Rataczak.. The pressure gauge is used for the crew to regulate the rate of climb or descent in the cabin to make it more comfortable. They were unpressurized and when that gauge goes to the extreme a light goes on and you feel a significant bump in your ears like a car door window opening at 70 mph on the highway. He said on the radio "I think our friend just took leave of us.... mark it on your radar screen" Get it,, a fluctuation is seen as an oscillation on the gauge, an extreme fluctuation is felt as a pressure bump..
  7. I don't know why 8:18 is more accurate than 8:22 or vice versa.. but I know the pilots claimed they hadn't reached Portland.. they would know if they had passed the VOR or were over the airport. All the timestamps had built in errors.. on the high side.. We have 8:09 - 8:13. But I always thought the 8:09 mark on the FDR was the most accurate timestamp. Real time recording. 8:09 always seemed to be too early based on other evidence.. If the 8:18 (23 DME) is precise then 8:09 puts the jump near Heisson. The 8:18 time combined with all the evidence does not put the jump over the Columbia but supports the 8:09 FDR time at Heisson. (I still don't know if 8:18 is accurate)
  8. Indicates close to but before Portland.. consistent with the FBI path timing.
  9. The Harrison notes are three different writers.. Two have 8:22 and one 8:18,, how do you know which is valid and who wrote what when.
  10. The Harrison papers.. These notes look to be from 3 different people. 3 entries different handwriting. The 0418 (8:18) is the outlier.. the FBI files timeline has 2222 (8:22) The last section with the 0418 (8:18) also refers to per Harrison. That suggests he did not write it. So who are all the writers...
  11. Wow, you are fast,, I just checked a few hours ago..
  12. 60 minutes piece on Rod Addicks.. he is an accountant (CPA) Video is chopped a bit watch the end,, Addicks was a tax accountant.
  13. This is Rod Addicks tax business.. it has gone through s few names.
  14. You sure have a lot of questions.. You didn't have to go find the bill yourself, you could have just stolen my post and then insulted me.. saved yourself some time. In fact, if you google the bill number my dropzone post a year and a half ago comes up near the top of the list..
  15. Not at all,, Never miss an opportunity to point out when you are way behind... but you are right nobody seemed to care about the bill number matching.. The odds must be astounding.. and suggests a matching Cooper bill may still be out there if it was put in circulation. People don't recognize the significance.
  16. Snowmman..,,, You are a year and a half late.
  17. Bill Mitchell had Cooper at 5' 9"- 5' 10" medium build.. The initial FBI description...
  18. How tall/big is Bill Mitchell... anybody see him at CooperCon. He said he was way bigger than Cooper in an interview.. anybody know?
  19. FBI confirmation dated 1998 cigarette butts destroyed years earlier.... But the FBI was still looking for them in 2016 when they "closed" the case... maybe we should tell the FBI that they destroyed them.
  20. The Cooper Vortex's Darren drops a nuclear truth bomb on the Fenn world.. names the HAHAHA author..
  21. I just noticed the velocity drops below zero... that is the tidal reverse flow. I read that the reversal went far but this confirms it went up to the Vancouver gauge beyond TBAR. Can a reverse flow push the money 9 miles upstream from the mouth of the Lewis R... seems hard to believe, lots of variables to sort. Above my pay grade. At about 0.25 ft/sec it would take about 52 hours,, the tidal reverse flow doesn't last that long.. unless multiple flows can push it.
  22. I can't take Blevins BS anymore.. Blevins you are re-blocked, ignore activated.
  23. The data for the last 5 years peaked at about 3.8 ft/sec.. or 2.6 mph.
  24. No Blevins, if somebody tossed a bundle of money into the Columbia River there is no reasonable expectation in the real world that it would be found. Your theory is pure looney tunes. If it was tossed it was to dispose of it. My point about the human intervention makes a money landing near the Columbia then washed in by natural means very unlikely. Many people argue this idea shifting the dropzone south, but if the money sat for at least six months in nature before naturally entering the River then the rubber bands would have deteriorated before it entered.
  25. You, like usual, fail to understand the point.. Kaye mentioned human intervention earlier because TBAR was 20 miles from the dropzone. I am pointing out human intervention because of the new diatom evidence and delay in entering the River. If the money was sitting out in nature for six months or more then went into the river the rubber bands would have been deteriorated before it entered. So, the delay between NORJAK and entering the river must have involved human intervention at some point.. that is a different argument than Tom had prior. The idea that Cooper threw money into the Columbia with the expectation of it being found to throw off investigators is as looney as Eric' burial/retrieval theory.. If you throw a bundle into the Columbia the expectation is that it would not be found. If somebody threw it in the River it was to discard it. Your theory is ridiculous.