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  1. I never claimed the info was new,, What is new is the fact that it is in the FBI docs.. previously it was hearsay from agents. I posted the FBI doc as confirmation... get it.
  2. "degraded DNA sample could only be used to exclude individuals as possible donors"
  3. Q&A with director John Dower
  4. Citizen sleuths website server not responding. Maybe temporary?
  5. DNA results.. 9 loci... more than one individual...
  6. I get that as well.. I assume it is the new forum moderation, new member posts are screened.
  7. Lots of problems with the DNA.. It is partial, exclude only, it isn't confirmed to be Cooper and there were multiple profiles. Due to this, that partial DNA is useless to both include or exclude a suspect. However, Sheridan Peterson was DNA tested in 2004. Here, in 2008, The Deputy Assistant Director stated.. "To date, only a few of the original suspect pool have been included in the DNA Project for comparison with negatives." Essentially, in 2008, all suspect DNA testing was negative.
  8. The FBI admitted in the mid 70's that there wasn't enough evidence to convict anyone unless Cooper co-operated. Given the age, Cooper is certainly dead. But, that was pre-DNA. Today, the only way to solve this is with new DNA which is virtually impossible to get.. Finding any chutes now is useless. The FBI didn't have the serial numbers and Cossey can't ID them now. Conclusion, this can't be solved to a "legal" threshold, the best we can do is a "public" standard.
  9. It is common theme/claim that Cooper wanted to jump in the PNW. Mexico was a ruse. Nobody has any evidence for that.. none. He asked to fly to anywhere in Mexico for fuel, don't land in US for any reason. He INITIALLY asked for airstairs to be lowered in flight. He changed the demand when Reno was in play. The pilots said "American" currency and Tina said he told her "US" currency, that suggests an international influence. Cooper was described as Latin in appearance and characteristics. The FBI considered a Mexican connection. He was not dressed for the PNW climate or weather that night. He gave no flight path. The chute was virtually un-steerable. Cooper really had no way to target an LZ. Those factors indicate that Cooper initially planned to jump much further south... he adapted and decided to jump sooner when Reno was in play. Being on the plane landing in Reno with the money and no passengers and authorities waiting would have made the decision to jump earlier than planned an easy one. That is why he changed his demand to airstairs down on takeoff. He changed his plan. He wanted out ASAP.. If Reno wasn't in play,, once the plane was further South closer to his initial LZ, Cooper would have given precise flight path instructions. That never happened because his plan changed.
  10. Oxford shoes has been mentioned before in media reports and by the FBI.. Technically, oxfords are the type of lacing, but may be a generic term for street shoes. The shoes were also described as "non-lace type shoes of ankle length", so that doesn't jive. Doubtful, the witnesses used the term oxford in the technical sense. But, they were not LOAFERS...
  11. FBI file #57 is up.. very short only 47 pages, 7 plus 204 pages "deleted". /d.b.-cooper-part-57-of-57/view
  12. It was the "bing" sketch not the revised "B" sketch
  13. I think your perspective adjustment is too skinny.. Alice picked out the head shape.. for the first sketch which was not good.
  14. The FBI facial identification catalog was for law enforcement only so hard to find.. I did find this image on a page with KA3-9.. bottom left... triangular head page.
  15. DNA can only exclude.. (if it was Cooper's DNA) This is an unconfirmed report of a parachute in a pond... the pond would be near Pearson Airport along the flightpath next to the Columbia R..