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  1. Mucklow - Schafner sketch was done in Minneapolis by Roy Rose at NWA headquarters... he did not do the first sketch.
  2. McCoy was not Cooper.... for many reasons.
  3. It doesn't matter, they DID redact Northwest Airlines comms not related to 305... Those would not fall under a FOIA...
  4. Teletype log redactions were exclusions of non Flight 305 Northwest Airlines traffic.. The redactions were not hiding anything. In 1976, Flo believed she could not ID Cooper from photos.
  5. I agree, in denominations of $20's the money would just fit tight in an average sized knapsack,, By asking for it in a knapsack Cooper had it figured out that the authorities were to make it fit. No smaller than $20's.. if all 20's didn't fit they could have used some larger bills,, but since they ignored Cooper's demand (probably intentionally) we'll never know.
  6. MONEY IN THE BAG WEIGHED NINETEEN POUNDS AND THE CONTENTS MEASURED ELEVEN INCHES BY TWELVE INCHES BY SIX AND ONE HALF INCHES.” p 2026 That sounds like it would fit in a knapsack (20's), aka small backpack,,, but not smaller bills.
  7. The Bellingham Herald article Nov 1987 (mentioned on Shutters site) Tina says Cooper had tobacco stained teeth.. this has never been mentioned before.. however, if you read the entire article there are many gross errors.. So, is it legit... maybe, maybe not.. Based on the other obvious gross errors in the article, I don't give it much credit without some other confirmation.
  8. Don't know the size,, but I found that a knapsack is a small backpack with two straps... though it doesn't have to be worn on the back..
  9. Internet seems to say no..
  10. Lidar was done..
  11. Yes, according to Tina's Rolling Stone interview her father was an electrician. No inferences but it might be interesting to find out where he worked.
  12. The media has an insatiable demand for commodifying cheaply acquired content.. the truth is irrelevent.
  13. I know.. They had no maps going south. I read somewhere in the FBI docs about maps for Medford.. So, the maps they requested were for the trip south. The plane route was never intended to go south of Portland, so they didn't have the maps.
  14. Yes, the passenger piece is the booklet in the folder,, the desk and gate rip out their pages.. That means it was unlikely Cooper even touched the gate ticket portion they have..
  15. On the tickets.. They were not signed by the passenger.. Cooper's ticket was :773 and Mitchell's :778, only 5 tickets later. They both appear to have been written by the same agent. Cooper's ticket is likely retained by the gate clerk.. "Flight Coupon No. 1" The top original is retained by the issuing agent. Mitchell's is the "Passenger's Coupon" retained by the passenger. Mitchell paid a student fare. Both are carbon copies ripped from the book, not the top original. There were no prints of value found on Cooper's ticket.. it was probably removed from the book by the gate agent. Mitchell's ticket still has the book edging attached.