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  1. I wrote a long detailed response but deleted it,, I just can't give away the details here and now. There is no upside.. On KC, it is a weak case. A bunch of weak correlations and "opinions" don't add up to be convincing. I can't prove he wasn't Cooper but there are probably thousands of people that you can make some case for. I'll repeat it,, there is no suspect on the same level as Hahneman. NONE Somebody should put together a suspect profile/matrix.. and tick boxes.
  2. WRONG, read the file. KC was investigated in 2004 I pointing this out to you several times, you have ignored it and keep making false claims. What is wrong with you, if somebody said there was info on Hahneman I'd be all over it. Why are you ignoring it? /d.b.-cooper-part-52-of-52/view You keep using assumptions and making claims that aren't true.. I have already said I have him travelling into Seattle on Northwest Airlines.. I have already said they investigated him. There is nothing from the FBI or my research that eliminates him. I get that you and many people know little about Hahneman, but you keep repeating falsehoods that I have already addressed.
  3. You keep making the same errors.. I DO have files.. I have told you this several times, it doesn't hurt my case, it helps it. You make assumptions and claims that are not true because you only have a fraction of the info. I have lots of info that isn't public. That was my point. Hahneman was looked at.. you assume that because he was looked at he would have been charged if he was Cooper. This is false. KC was investigated in 2004, you didn't look at the recent file #52. Far more in the Cooper files on Rackstraw, McCoy, KC, Peterson and others... It will take forensics to put a suspect on the plane and I don't think any of us can achieve that.. My point is comparing all the suspects Hahneman is the top one by far.. based on the info I have. Others don't have that info so they don't see it. Create a quality suspect profile/matrix, Hahneman is at the top. He is the best match for Cooper vs the other suspects, that alone doesn't prove he is Cooper. Hahneman ticks more boxes..
  4. Great interview guys... I agree with most of it.. 6' tall at 170-180 lbs is skinny.. early Cooper FBI release had him from 5' 9"... I bet Cooper was about 5' 10" not 6' I disagree vehemently on this though, Hahneman is the best matching Cooper suspect by a long shot,, it isn't even close. He is on another level. The problem is the info and case for Hahenman being Cooper isn't public.. some info inaccurate.. whereas other's are public and vetted against Cooper. That creates an informational bias. I'd challenge any suspect to Hahneman in a "quality" matrix.. it is no contest. I have run my own "matrix".. Tina keeping the money she took from Cooper is good theory.. it is not proven. She located upstream of TBAR 78/79.. matches the money arrival timeframe. The only money we know of that was out of Cooper's possession was the money Tina took and handled. There was a brief, oddly worded and timed statement planted in a local Pa newspaper March of 1972 which stated that Tina was offered money but refused.. not exactly accurate. She asked for it and took it. That statement was placed in the paper a week before a massive military ground search. It may have been placed intentionally to front run the search if Cooper and the money were found with some money missing. There was no legit reason to release that info publicly, she released no other info and that info was something that the FBI would hold back.
  5. I found that the CIL Dynamite factory was in Manitoba Canada... near Winnipeg. About 400 miles North of Minneapolis. They made red dynamite. The plant closed production Nov 1970,, sold off inventory but continued production at local sites close to mines. Dynamite was barged on the Red River which does flow S to the US.. (75 miles) Though not sure if it was only available in Canada or also available in the US. Not sure of the process to obtain dynamite in 1971 in Canada vs US. Did you need a license or ID?? A bunch of dynamite boxes were auctioned in the US including a CIL Dynamite box.. "Most of these Industrial signs or crates were purchased in Auction lots from Long Closed factories, mills, Etc. from PA and DE area." Blastol is the ICL trademark for dynamite.. CIL sold ammunition in the US... 1966 ad US Gun publication
  6. I am completely undecided on whether the bomb was real or not.. The "red" color is irrelevant to rule out dynamite. I know dynamite is usually more of a tan color but I have found lots of red dynamite sticks.. There were many producers around the world. Here in Canada a box of vintage RED dynamite sticks was found,, CIL 1.25" x 8".. The writing is not significant and doesn't show if sticks turned the right way. Many sticks show no writing here..
  7. Of course red electrical tape was rare in 1971. Most people used black. It is the goto "insulation" tape for everybody. Colored electrical tape is actually called "phase" tape.. it signifies a specific voltage and phase. Red is low voltage, phase B... For Cooper to use red tape instead of black is significant. The FBI files and notes state RED.. in two places. Nowhere does it say black tape. The eight page FBI case summary dated NOV 25 1971 states.. "SHE SAID THAT THESE STICKS WERE WRAPPED IN A BUNDLE WITH WHAT APPEARED TO BE RED PLASTIC TAPE." Quickly scanning that eight page FBI summary there were no errors. It may have been info the FBI wanted to hold back to ID the real hijacker vs people claiming to be Cooper.
  8. Another reference to red plastic.. Hilarious,, Georger now denies the FBI document and Tina's statement and it's all my fault. What color was the tape? black is never mentioned anywhere,, red is the only color identified. TWICE FBI DOC "SHE SAID THAT THESE STICKS WERE WRAPPED IN A BUNDLE WITH WHAT APPEARED TO BE RED PLASTIC TAPE." in the video Tina also stated "what looked like dynamite they were strapped together with electricians tape" Analogy,, If was green FrogTape, it might be a painter.. Losers.. pack it guys you are writing checks you can't cash..
  9. "WRAPPED" Why do people have so much trouble with facts... it isn't that hard folks.. Based on all information I read "wrapped" in a bundle here as strips around the sticks of "dynamite" NOT each stick was wrapped individually... "SHE SAID THAT THESE STICKS WERE WRAPPED IN A BUNDLE WITH WHAT APPEARED TO BE RED PLASTIC TAPE." in the video Tina also stated "what looked like dynamite they were strapped together with electricians tape" This is getting absurd, I posted it here and Georger still can't find it.. what a researcher..
  10. TV news footage of 305 in Reno the next day..
  11. This was my 100% factual comment that Georger took as a threat. He doesn't like facts. Goerger copied and pasted it and ADDED a bunch of nonsense and LIES.. to discredit those facts. Shutter took the bait and was trolled by Georger,, Ironic, as I have warned Shutter about this toxic tactic by Georger to discredit others whenever he feels threatened. The facts.. slowly for Georger. According to a witness, Cooper's bomb was wrapped with red plastic electrical tape. Red electrical tape was rare 50 years ago. The common one was black. In the electrical field red electrical tape signifies "low voltage, phase B". Hahneman was an electrical engineer. Bonus facts for Georger.. Hahneman worked overseas and was rarely home, when he was was home, according to his family he would take apart the TV and reassemble it. Hahneman was a manager for IEC in Korea for a few years. They produced electrical components like electron tubes, including CATHODE RAY TUBES. Hahneman's father has a patent for an explosive device. A rod system to place dynamite in a hole. If your going to make a bomb or a fake one, your going to use what you have available first. 50 years ago most people would have black electrical tape kicking around or if purchasing it, black would be widely available. The fact that Cooper used red electrical tape instead of black is a legitimate point. Georger just lies like he always does, I never said only pros could get red electrical tape. That is nonsense. No wonder, after 10 years he still can't figure out that a packet is 100 bills... Cooper was given packets rubber banded into random sized bundles.
  12. Conceal?? The sticks were reddish and looked like dynamite.. why bundle with rare red tape and not black?
  13. Red Plastic Tape is mentioned in the files.. But, in 1971 red electrical tape was for pros. Black was the common generic one. Where would red tape be used? Red electrical tape signifies ‘low voltage, phase B’ Hahneman was an electrical engineer...
  14. Here is the TBAR money find spot using a 1981 map for reference... about 35-40 ft from the water along the high water line. A 10% slope means 3.5 - 4 ft above River height.. YOU DON"T NEED THE 72 OR 74 FLOOD TO REACH IT.. Tree location pattern matches,,, the only match.
  15. Image with contrast and brightness adjusted,, NO OPTIONAL EMERGENCY RELEASE PANEL.. Only that optional emergency system has a pull red handle operation. The normal one uses the lever and is a push operation,, that proves the Hicks Placard did not come from inside NORJAK.