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  1. This is a heck of a good idea! So who is going to contact the museum and advance the ball on this? @olemisscub, are you following this?
  2. A wise judge once said, "sometimes a lawsuit is just a press release with a filing fee."
  3. I think the limited hangout (my opinion) raising his his name during E. Howard Hunt's congressional testimony is a good starting point.
  4. A lot of smokers have a "go to" brand, and then a backup brand of choice in case a place doesn't carry your "go to". Raleigh might have been Cooper's primary, or it may have been his backup.
  5. I agree. Hunt was a middle manager. Hunt never got his hands dirty on any operation (except maybe during WWII). Always the messenger between the white-shoe decision makers and the CIA "contractors" who actually carried out the task at-hand....part of his lifelong frustration was being stuck outside of the inner circle. I can't imagine he'd have felt comfortable pulling off the Cooper hijack, he just didn't have the experience. That said, he would have known EXACTLY who to recruit to get the job done.
  6. To me, this exchange always felt like a coded message.
  7. Cooper - Cameron - Ruby - Oswald - Mexico - Sturgis - Hunt - Hahneman - Honduras Can't help but shake the feeling it's all connected somehow.