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  1. Yeah, he was a republcan. Probably all about the free market I suppose.
  2. I’m sure that will console EF1-3 survivors. Is intensity what matters or frequency? If it’s intensity, the Atlantic had quite an active hurricane season in 2021.
  3. I am in favor of all of those things but what about tornadoes? If the price of higher CO2 levels is more of them, then I am not okay with that. Globally (which makes it climate related) they were up last year. And they’re way up from 1981
  4. From that data you posted it looks like the number of global hurricanes is outside of at least recent historical ranges. Isn’t that why you posted it?
  5. You already explained that to me. I think we agree on that. But you posted a timeline statistic of a specific type of global weather event which made it about climate. I’m asking you what you think the data therein should tell us about climate. Or if it should tell us nothing about it. To paraphrase Richard Feynman, “if the the predictions of a theory (catastrophic man made global warming causing more hurricanes) do not agree with observation, THE THEORY IS WRONG! It doesn’t matter if 97% of anyone agrees with it or not…the theory is WRONG….and that’s how science works.” The text in parenthesis is your addition to the quote, correct? So is there catastrophic global warming but it’s not increasing hurricanes, or are there less hurricanes because there is not catastrophic global warming?
  6. Last week when I said this: “So cold weather in Boston is not evidence for or against climate change, then. Got it. Glad we got that cleared up.” You replied with this: “Neither are tornadoes, wildfires, hurricanes, droughts and floods. (But that doesn’t keep climate alarmists from claiming otherwise)” So is the NOAA data evidence of global cooling or warming? Or neither?
  7. The above chart says it represents “global hurricanes” but hurricanes by definition only occur in the Atlantic and northern Pacific oceans. Does the chart also reflect other types of tropical cyclones?
  8. So what does it mean for the climate, then?
  9. You drive a tractor trailer. You’re probably not at high risk for road rage incidents although I realize you might have to deal with some brake checking idiots from time to time. If you drove a Prius, arguably the most hated car in the US, then you might need some extra protection. I’m glad the good guy with a gun was there in his Prius this time.
  10. Their existence alone certainly isn’t. A rising average global temperature merely equates to more energy in the system overall.
  11. So cold weather in Boston is not evidence for or against climate change, then. Got it. Glad we got that cleared up.
  12. I know it feels “truthy” to blame bad weather on the sins of Man, but the facts contradict. From your post in your climate fails thread. So which is it, climate or weather?
  13. I wanted to add that I generally agree with all of the above, although I’m not sure if the term “assault rifle” is ever used by the militaries that employ such weapons. And I would add that a weapon doesn’t have to be an “assault rifle” to be useful in causing mass casualties. By the above definition, the worst mass shooting in US history was committed using nothing but rifles.
  14. I can understand why you might think that if you’ve never seen it done. You don’t so much hold the gun and pull the trigger. It’s more like you hold the trigger and pull the gun forward. You’ll empty a clip in seconds. If you were nearby with your eyes closed it would be difficult to distinguish it from full auto and the effect down range is similar. A skydiver I know showed me how to do it. Edit to add: Yes, technically it is not true automatic gunfire.