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  1. Good point. I set myself up for that one lol.
  2. I wonder if leeches will make a comeback.
  3. Lol still less than 2018 & 2019 levels per your link.
  4. This seems as good as any thread for this article. A sad look at what these people go through on the way out.
  5. Looks like Virgin Galactic is grounded for a while.
  6. Now this is a remedy I’d like to see gain popularity with the antivax crowd. I bet air fare prices to Brazil have already jumped.
  7. There is little profit in building affordable housing so no one wants to do it. I work mainly in residential construction and I see plenty of building going on. Just not so much affordable housing. Who wants to see higher tax rates in order to subsidize lower income families moving into the neighborhood? Neither residents nor their city council members would. Better to build more high end homes with higher property taxes, attracting wealthier residents who pay more in income tax and spend more in local economies. It’s the free market doing what it does best. If you want affordable housing California likely isn’t for you. But on the bright side, it probably is the best state to be homeless in. The winters are mild in most areas, it’s only on fire for a few months out of the year, tents handle earthquakes just fine and you can still find access to better drinking water than homeowners in some other states. Installing a rebublican governor will change none of that.
  8. LOL My old home town. We had anthrax before it was cool.
  9. Why would anyone trust the FDA when they can’t trust the CDC? They’re all part of the same evil deep state government.
  10. I have no idea what total cost is but it’s even more of a waste in this case because Newsom is running for re-election just over a year from now. If the Rs had a seriously viable candidate they could just wait until then. But they don’t. They’re throwing a bunch of candidates at the election and hoping someone will stick. They’re also likely counting on lower enthusiasm among dem voters to affect turnout. I got my ballot in the mail last week and it will be in the local 24 hour drop box this weekend. It’s nice to live in a state that doesn’t place restrictions on that kind of thing. I might drop it off at 2am just to flex on Texas.
  11. I agree. When I lived in Oakland they had ranked choice voting for mayor and I’m in favor of it. Arnold was already governor when I moved to California in 2004 so I didn’t participate in the last recall but now that another is here I think the whole process is ludicrous. In the mad desire to get a simple majority to vote yes on the recall, the other side’s strategy is to encourage as many candidates as possible to enter, regardless of qualifications. It’s a real race to the bottom IMO
  12. I carry a photo of my vaccine card I got from my health care provider. But the card could be easily faked. It looks like this is what new york is doing.
  13. One thing that's different is the debt to gdp ratio which is higher than it's ever been. The only time it was close to this high was at the end of WW2.