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  1. A good example for whom? Rebublicans? They won't follow it even if you set one. Whether or not rank & file party members are die hard or not, this is the reality with the officials they have elected. More specifically it is the reality with the party's leadership. You're right, I absolutely do have a closed mind at present, but that is because it is made up. After what happened with Merrick Garland's SC nomination I knew there was no other way. The past four years have merely solidified that position.
  2. What's the point in being anything but partisan this year, or from now on? Where does looking across the aisle get you with rebublicans? Dems could play nice and try to compromise all they want but republicans will still try to screw them over any chance they get. It's no longer about getting along but about winning. McConnell & Graham must know this, as it seems evident by their encouragement of older judges to step down before the end of Trump's first term so they can continue packing the courts. I will gladly cast my vote for Biden/LiMu Emu this fall.
  3. Scroll to about 7:20 to see the Thanos-Trump comparison begin.
  4. I didn't get the impression that the OP meant Hollywood when starting this thread, and much of the content I have come across with regard to fake, or at best real but completely ineffective martial arts had nothing to do with movies. It's usually been more of that death touch or chi -channeling type of stuff, which definitely requires some faith on the part of one's opponent. Still, this video is in the same vein, and certainly a good example of belief vs reality. Pretty funny too if you catch the Gene Lebell story.
  5. Ah yes, the ancient art of bullshido. I've watched several videos exposing fake martial arts and many were pretty cringy. It's amazing how much effort and training can go into something that is completely at odds with reality. I think it speaks to the uncanny ability we humans have to convince ourselves of anything. If you want some entertainment check out Charlie Z, the underground boxing world champion. Thoughty2 is a pretty cool channel too. He did a video on global pandemics literally one month before the Covid outbreak.
  6. I sure hope astronomy students are forced to learn arabic star names as well. Globalism, yeah!
  7. I voted yes, but I'm a commie globalist liberal so I am probably biased. Hilarious.
  8. Say, you're right. The cross is also wrong on that book, the ruler has 21 inches, and the bird only has one wing. I really need to do a better job verifying my sources. Maybe I should just stick with vostok ice core data next time.
  9. It was in the 60s when I got home to Daly City. Therefore global warming is not real.
  10. I think ponderance would work better in the thread title.
  11. Cloud: Gutting the EPA Silver lining: Increased NASA budget. Still not worth the trade IMO.
  12. Still waiting on a LIBERATE California tweet. I wonder what's taking so long?
  13. Get your own drone and go air to air.