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  1. You guys in Colorado should take some advice from people who live where it rains all year and manage your forests better.
  2. Dammit Colorado, get your forest management act together.
  3. murps2000


    I don't think he does. I think he is quite sincere in his beliefs.
  4. I never said he was wrong about anything. I consider Brent an old friend that I would rather not get into a heated argument with over any issue. I've read the article he posted but I am still going through some of the others listed in the footnotes because there is quite a bit of interesting stuff there. Despite that, I noticed that any references to climate change in the main article seem to deal with the effects fire has on it rather than any change in global fire scale being the result of it. The sample area they reference in the mediterranean seems to show a higher number of fires but less burn area. I suspect that could be the result of the same problems we are dealing with in California with regard to management and population density, but I still have plenty of reading to do before I can really say. There are some remarks in there about longer fire seasons. The links you posted are informative as well, and so far I generally agree with everything I have read there. One thing that I keep coming back to as far as California is concerned is that there are fires burning right now in areas that burned three years ago. So fire in those areas wasn't exactly suppressed. The terrain in those areas is not generally forest, though, and so it will be ready to burn again before too long. We're going to need a lot more goats out there.
  5. It isn't the party itself that causes that. It is the panic they induce in the other one. I'll agree it is ironic and I have always thought so since 1994 when I first bought into it myself.
  6. And yes, Trump. Thanks for reminding me to throw that in.
  7. What narrative? I posted statistics which are facts. You posted some that seem to indicate that national fire scale has been increasing on average since 1953. Interesting that in California alone more acreage has burned this year than nationally in 2014.
  8. Just stats. Several recent ones are still under investigation so absolutely no direct correlation between them and climate change can be inferred.
  9. I agree with them. I doubt there is any direct correlation between record breaking hurricane activity in a single year and climate change. I was just posting the stats.
  11. murps2000


    Has Q said anything about the fly On Pence's head? Maybe I'm just flashing back to those Amityville movies, but that thing looked pretty Luciferian to me.
  12. In Ron's world it might be. It certainly isn't in mine. I do not have the luxury of a defensible space. I live in an urban area and must find a way to get along with a million plus people who live within a few square miles of me. I've fired many a gun in appallachia but I sold all of mine when I moved to the west coast. Still, I remember how things work in that area.
  13. Whatever faults HW may have had, he didn't lack empathy. Neither did his father.
  14. I guess that is a valid point if S really hits the F. I'm sure the market is hot for firepower right now so it probably is a good investment. And if the economy devolved into one of solely bartering, ammunition would likely increase in value.
  15. I feel like there should be another entry on this list. 7) Trump dies from covid-19. All of his problems are solved but the country's become become more complicated than they already are. This would be bad for us. People are already voting. Are we voting for Trump/Biden or Pence/Biden? Will Pence take over and begin campaigning as the president slowly succumbs? Who will be running the executive branch while this plays out? In this scenario it won't matter to Trump because he won't be alive to win or lose the election. He will have never lost a presidential election. He will go out a winner. I do have to admit it's a bold strategy, even for him.