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  1. I’ve seen a couple of threads on this in the Prius chat forum, and apparently it works really well. I am surprised at how much power you can get out of even an old gen 2 Prius. Some were getting close to a weeks worth of power out of only a few gallons of fuel. Obviously they weren’t powering their entire home, but they kept the essentials going. Not exactly renewable though.
  2. This is funny and almost surreal. I don’t know why you’d believe me any more than you’d believe hutch, but I first met him in ‘98 and that story is pretty much how I remember it. Icarus FX was just getting to the masses, and I distinctly recall him babbling around the dz at that time about some crazy badass canopy he got to demo somewhere. I didn’t go to Quincy that year so I don’t know if that’s where it was. I was only like 1-200 jump wonder at the time. He regaled me with tales of insane wing loading and crazy fast swoops being achieved by the top canopy pilots of the day. I only met Jazz a few times but he was real.
  3. It was a bargain even at NASA’s price. But for some that’s not good enough. NASA regularly pulls off amazing stuff, and yet they seem be the government entity most commonly cited as a waste of money. They are the one government run organization that not only does what it sets out to do, they often knock the ball out of the park. Then they have to beg for more operational funding because their spacecraft last so much longer than they were designed to. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big spacex fan too, They have pulled off some impressive feats of engineering, and yes, at reduced cost. They are a for profit corporation and that’s what they should be doing. But even if they are not as efficient, NASA does scientific exploration of space better than anyone else.
  4. You’re right I should probably do that, This electric car is way further out than the moon. Amazing modern age we live in.
  5. That is unfortunate. I hadn’t realized things have gotten that bad. Good thing for us Dragon is working out so far. I didn’t intend to hijack another thread so to be more in line with the subject at hand, I think it’s a shame that electric cars are still such a potential fire hazard. You’d think in the almost 50 years since NASA sent three foldable, awd electric cars to the moon we would have perfected EV technology to the point that we’d be beyond that kind of thing.
  6. That’s very cool. Thanks for your contribution. I have a hiking buddy who tests the parachutes at Ames. I’m sure he’s pretty happy today. Sorry to gush so much but as you can probably tell I’m a bit of a NASA fanboy. IMO this is the type of thing that actually does make America great.
  7. I’m sure you’re correct about what they used for in flight maneuvering of the spacecraft. Interesting to me that telemetry showed 399kg of fuel still on board at entry. I’m assuming the bulk of that was used for the sky crane during landing. Another badass Mars rover, successfully delivered by JPL, and this time with an RC helicopter along for the ride. Eat it Musk.
  8. I know you aren’t asking me but perseverance runs on plutonium, manufactured here in the good ol’ USA. Just watched EDL on live stream a short while ago.
  9. Wow. You actually trolled brenthutch and billvon with the same post. My hat is off to you sir. Good catch.
  10. View north toward San Francisco today, from Montara mountain. Temps 59-60. I’ve got two valid data points that say global warming is real. Change my mind.
  11. I’m pretty sure you’re misunderstanding my position on the issues at hand so let me be clear. I am definitely in favor of moving away from fossil fuels. I think reducing or eliminating our dependence on them is a goal worthy of our best efforts. But I think managing that transition in a way that is as equitable as possible to people at all levels of income should be part of those efforts. I realize there is a sense of urgency because we have lost the last four years but simply jacking the prices and leaving it to the market to solve the problem doesn’t achieve that. We needed the infrastructure in place for it yesterday. So let’s catch up. Take my tax dollars to do it. I am fine with that. I am all for it.
  12. At work? You mean at the local cafe where they might wait tables (or actually just pack up to go orders right now, with no tip)? At a public charger? What public charger? At the store? Okay. Yes there are a few dozen charging stations at our local Target among the hundreds of parking spots. An extension cord? Have you ever lived in an apartment? I doubt Mc Donald's would let their employees run a bunch of cords out the window either. You need eight more to get to a dozen. I bought a Prius so I'll get by, for a while. Freedom... It does work but the wealthy don't care when the price increase is insignificant, and the poor are constrained by many other factors than just that price increase. They will be disproportionately screwed if a move to increase charging station availability isn't accomplished first. In this case demand may go down in the US, probably from the poor because it will be a significant change in their cash flow. For the wealthy, it will be a drop in the bucket. They may even ride the speculative rise in oil stocks and gain money. Still, that oil will get to the market. If Hillary Clinton were elected in 2016 and Keystone XL never got started, Canada would probably be building a pipeline to Vancouver right now and China would buy the oil. I was against Keystone XL before the 2016 election, for reasons that I still think exist, but unfortunately, at this point I think it would be more prudent to work practically with what we've got.
  13. Where do poor people who live in apartments charge their Nissan Leaves if they have to park on the street? We lack the infrastructure to make it viable for low income people. I'm all in favor in principle, but if you simply raise the price you won't necessarily change the habits of the rich or poor. Rich can afford whatever increase happens, and poor are already stuck in their situations as it is, particularly during the pandemic. It would be great if we had a bunch of charging parking meters in place first so we could incentivize rather than mandate. As for Keystone XL, I've said it before, that oil is getting to the market one way or another. I think it is a mistake to cancel it at this point for the same reason I wasn't in favor of Obama cancelling NASA Ares. You definitely throw away a bunch of money if you stop and start all over. I don't want to hijack into some discussion about NASA, and I know it's not an apples to apples comparison, but it is similar in that they immediately started throwing money at a new design with the SLS. (which I know will also likely be cancelled)
  14. The rub is, they’re all going to hide behind their interpretation that it is unconstitutional.
  15. I doubt Trump will actually be penalized, but at least there should be some semblance of a trial this time. Unfortunately I think the example that will be set is that there will always be enough GOP senators willing to acquit.