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  1. I guess now enough time really has passed.
  2. I have to appreciate the mini-14 at the bottom. Back east where I grew up they used them to get rid of ground hogs in the cattle pastures. Perfect tool for that job.
  3. I’m curious which model Abrams we are sending. I thought the depleted uranium mesh armor was classified tech.
  4. Forgive me. I’ve never been on Facebook so I don’t know what it’s like. I didn’t bring up shower guns first, but since they came up, and if indeed the photo was taken in a bathroom, or a kitchen for that matter, you should appreciate the irony of a missing, common household safety device, usually required by building code, next to another device possibly also intended to protect the home.
  5. I figured that was the vanity top, not the shower itself. Still, not a GFI outlet.
  6. From where the photo was taken that’s obviously the shower gun.
  7. I’m sure it’ll end up on the networks but it’s all over local news in the Bay Area at the moment. No mention of weapon type yet.
  8. Assuming it was illegally purchased, should they be legal then? Or should the law be better enforced?
  9. This is kind of stupid. No one is going to use biodiesel in the Abrams tank, at least certainly not in Ukraine during wintertime. As subsequent comments demonstrate, if anyone other than hutch had replied to Dr. Kallend with that word it would have been met with complete agreement. He has some of you conditioned like Pavlov’s dogs.
  10. Hell yeah. About time. Even the mayor qualifies. Now they can buy houses which will immediately be appraised at a lower value once they move in.
  11. According to the latest ABC breaking news, the FBI has already recovered classified documents from Biden’s house in Wilmington. The attorney general has appointed a special counsel in the matter.
  12. You said Biden’s home, not his house. I’m pretty sure he lives at the White House. Regardless of that hair splitting, If the FBI finds out that Biden is storing classified documents at his house in Delaware, and he ignores requests to return them, or lies about whether or not they are there, and the justice department then obtains a warrant, they may conduct a raid. See how it works yet?
  13. I’m pretty sure the White House is a secure location.
  14. That’s apparently not a significant difference. That a president can declassify is all that matters. The simplicity of the conservative mind, that tells itself it has a brain because it is conservative, is fascinating.