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    You need a real rigger. A rigger that puts a 20 year life span on a reserve is a rigger to run away from.
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    If you search for Neumann gloves on Alibaba there are a few listings. They all have embroidery in the pictures, but that can probably be negotiated.
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    I got one (chin mount) for my Cookie G3 from a garage manufacturer in Sacndinavia. It was (iirc) ~$25 shipped. https://goo.gl/images/VGZD1Q (Youtube link). It was a bitch to mount, but IMO it's a lot safer than the "Teletubby" (top of helmet) mount one sees so often. It seems to me that having a GoPro on the chin with a chop handle is much safer than Teletubby-style without a chop handle. At least it's visible. On top of your helmet...nope.
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    If you can do three to-the-floor pushups, you're ahead of me (can't do them to the floor any more). There are plenty of typical nerdy guy types, and skinny is better for being able to fly relative with other people (the long-term goal of most skydiving disciplines). Go for it. Wendy P.
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    The rig certainly is not presumed airworthy for 180 days. It is presumed airworthy at the time it is inspected/packed. If the owner goes out and spills battery acid on it 10 minutes after he leaves my loft then it is unairworthy. Clearly marking the packing data card that an AAD expires on a given date and should not be considered compliant/airworthy at that point I don't consider as unreasonable. If the owner is having card inspected at DZ and this is marked clearly - then the DZ employee can record this date as expiry. When that date arrives they can check to see if the AAD has been removed or replaced.
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    It's very difficult to give you a good answer based on height differences alone. The easiest way to get a good answer is to go to the manufacturer's site, go to the 'how to measure' page and get yourself measured. Don't try to do it yourself. A rigger or tailor is your best bet, but the reality is that anyone who can read a tape measure and follow directions can do it adequately. Then take those measurements and the serial number of the prospective rig. Send those to the manufacturer and ask them.
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    If the rears are going slack, then you are _definitely_ changing the canopy's trim.
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    You can calculate the minimum canopy size you are allowed in France at this link: http://www.ffp.asso.fr/tailledevoile/ You need to enter your naked weight (Poid nu) in kg and the number of jumps (saut) you have. For example, if you weigh 85 kg and have 252 jumps your minimum canopy size is 199 square feet.
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    I'm leaving this afternoon for the USPA BOD meeting, then I will be at the Symposium until next Friday morning. Why? It is because that is what I have been doing for so many years. The BOD meeting is "challenging" to say the least, but the Symposium is pure fun. I get to see people that I have not seen in 2 years. It is like a family reunion.