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  1. why ? is the HC5 THAT unpopular amongst the non-skydiving people ?
  2. depends how low you were. think about this. if you pitch your main PC - you have to wait for your main to start inflating so then it flies away and pulls the reserve. if you pull silver you instantly start reserve deployment. reserve PC I believe is 36" - thus will work at lower airspeeds than your main PC which is very likely smaller. sounds to me that on a hop'n'pop you will get the reserve much faster going for the silver. doesn't a 1step process seem easier than 2step ??? but overall, you really really really need to talk to THE MANUFACTURER adn ask them. We are all internet posters full of advice but with unknown credibility.
  3. best and most common advice : USE THE SEARCH FUNCTION. It's said here daily, if not hourly.
  4. It seems the Para-Phernalias Softie series is the most popular. Nationals are probably the ones you can get the best deal on if buying new.
  5. I bet you are the kind of guy who would accuse the rigger in the thread below of having a hidden agenda :. thread :;sb=post_latest_reply;so=ASC;forum_view=forum_view_collapsed;;page=unread#unread PRECISION ELECTRONIC what makes you think those are made to last forever ? I mean if Vigil keeps having mass recalls every few years up to their 20 year life, the opportunity cost of ownership will be a lot higher than a Cypres - but hell, you will get 20 years out of it. Doesn't really make sense TO ME :) cya
  6. No. Contract law is when one party fails to honor/live up to provisions in a contract. There's no contract with the potential buyer in the situation. This is an example of anti-trust law which is known as Competition law in other countries. Another critical difference is that contract law is tort (civil) law where as Anti-trust law is criminal law. That's why in anti-trust cases there's not a plantiff but a prosecutor. Someone like Lawrocket could refine and possibly correct my explanation since I've now been up 28 hours, but I think I got the gist fo it right. A signifcant part of my undergrad and graduate work was dedicated to biz law with about equal emphasis on contracts, anti-trust and SOX. or as we called it in grad school "an MBA in CYA" -Blind you know, this time I am Blind :) I was thinking the PD reseller violates the contract law if he sells below MSRP. you are looking at PD as the company violating federal statutes. i am guessing we are both right :)
  7. If so (am not saying they are, because I don't know) that's a violation of federal law, but good luck getting the DOJ interested in such small fry. But then again, as part of CPS they are technically a defense contractor which might make them a little jucier to a hungry prosecutor. -Blind Don't you mean violation of CONTRACT law ?
  8. SSK will rent you a Cypres - check their website. Your DZ may have a similar program in place as well. Also (assuming you are in the US) not all DZs require the use of Cypres - it may be possible to just have it removed and jump without it until it comes back. Depends on your DZ policy and personal comfort. good luck !
  9. if you HAVE ENOUGH EXPERIENCE - I urge you to try the Crossfire2. In my experience it's been a great opener.
  10. from my personal experience PDR176 in an M4 would be an ABSOLUTE DISASTER. A PDR160 is fairly tight with a cypres. I am talking about thread-braking nightmare. I would REFUSE to do that.
  11. hey virgin, it's great to use more than one source of reference to formulate an opinion. The DEBATE over pro/con RSL/skyhook is old. But it's only a debate when you bring YOUR opinion to the table. Being an instructors puppet is no way to go through life. Grow some nuts and have YOUR OWN OPINION based on factS (notice - PLURAL).
  12. Thanks Gary. And thanks for the confidence. I still insist that I know what I am doing :) the package was billed to an account (i verified that with UPS). In the past he has claimed that the package was picked up and he has a signed manifest. I have called on him to file a claim with UPS, as that would be a very easy if he does in fact have all the paperwork. At that point all communications from his side seized. That's why I posted the thread. Now, that I had him on the phone, he claims that he will do so first thing in the morning. Understand, that I, as a person who is NOT authorized on that account am not able to file the claim, nor do I have the above claimed manifest with the drivers signature. :)
  13. hi. I understand your conern, but my question is not of shipment, rather contact information / general background. I buy/sell things ALL DAY LONG, and know how to things work. the item is paid in full, I am not able to recover the money. The tracking number provided by UPS - to this day shows "Billing Information Received" which means that the label was generated, but the package was not given (or at least not scanned) by the driver. It has been 7 week for an in-country shipment. On a positive note, it's wonderful what masking your phone number would do. Called from friends phone with a different state area code - and he picked up. Claims that it was shipped, and if he was to give me a refund HE WOULD BE OUT $1000. how nice...
  14. his profile is and he has failed to deliver a $1000 canopy to me. I am fairly certain this is NOT a scammer, rather a dishonest/stupid individual using their real name. I have 2 differnt email addresses and a valid phone number (that he does not pickup, nor do I want to post publically) If anybody knows anything it would be appreciated. My next step is the authorities, but I want to give the community a shot first. thank you !
  15. I respect the fact that Mick has been in this game much longer than me. To suggest that I need to do fact checking and get a rating without checking his own facts offends me. I don't mind being criticised but if you do make sure you have something valid to complain about. I try my hardest to answer every question correctly and many times this leads me to open a book and do actual research to ensure advice I dispense is technical and correct. To assume Michael, just realize that some knowledge can only be acquired hands-on. Books can teach you theory and application in a controlled environment. I salute you on motivation/desire/ability to learn. But don't be that eager to dispense book quotes as personal advise.
  16. Ever wonder why Tandem factories make the most profit ? Cuz fun jumpers btich and whine and alot of times end up costing the DZ money. most areas have competing DZs, so it's highly unlikley to get all teh DZs in the area to raise their tandem prices. And yes, Tandems do care about the $10, they are already spending close or over $200 (unless you are in Lodi :). I have picked up plenty of calls of people shopping around. just a thought.
  17. there are a few sizes of the rapide links. copied from Para-gear looks for items H358 and HSS358
  18. because just like your initial hypothetical situation, for a person to really just "cut away and just wait for your AAD to fire" would be an absolutely moronic thing to do. I s'pose for most of us such a suggestion is so absolutely not realistic, that nobody takes it seriously.
  19. get in inspected/repacked by a rigger. and find out what kind of reserve you have ! otherwise - USE IT. Too many people have them resting in their closets, it's a shame :( congrats, you really did get an awesome deal
  20. I got this note from a French skydiver when I offered him a PdF canopy : "PdF has not good reputation in France too.." can anybody confirm that's in fact true ?
  21. yeah, unfortunately my BIASED opinion is heavily influenced by lifetime of working with people. Of course people, being individually unique never seize to amaze me, both in good and bad ways. Of course gear is getting expensive - but relative to the cost of everything else, is the PERCENTAGE of price increase really that drastic ?
  22. very well put. also how about "if it's not necessary, and you can't afford it - then you don't need it". In other words NONE of us NEED skydiving gear. It's a hobby. Just like I may want a Porsche, but cannot afford one, though, theoretically can get one with my credit - how do you think the Porsche internet forum will treat me posting "those prices are through the roof" ??? carry on :)
  23. of course it could be that the person you bought from copied ad and profile name of a real person. I suggest "if it walks and talks like a duck - it's most likely not a zebra" - do a chargeback, and have them explain. You have done your duty of patience as a customer. good luck !
  24. the best steps to buying a uses cypres are 1) find one 2) establish communication with the seller 3) pay for it they are in high demand right now, so as long as you find one, and the price seems right - get it. Shipping from overseas is not terribly expensive, so as long as the total price with the shipping added in suits you - you are good PS if you start wasting their time asking for discounts, I guarantee that somebody else will snatch it up before you even get an answer :)