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  1. I too started my skydiving career at Carolina Sky Sports this year, and happily made my 100th jump there this weekend. The skydiving family at CSS welcomed me in and I become one of them from the very beginning. It was a tough weekend for me, and everyone else. The last load is something I will never forget. I can't wait to join my family at another dropzone. Thanks for the memories... we'll make more. :-)
  2. I do have good muscles, but don't think I am ready for a 170, the wing load would be too high for my experience level. But, I know that I would have a container that would hold a 170 when I was ready for it... which would be a great thing..
  3. OK.. That is fine - I wouldn't have bought anything without talking to my instructors and rigger. I'm just going by size, not type. I have no idea what a stilletto is, but know that I have jumped Sabre2 and Spectres. Trust me, if the Sabre2/PD combination works, I'll be happy.
  4. I am not buying new canopies. This is a used rig that I am trying to purchase - it is the closest thing that I have found to fit me. I am a short (5'4") female that weighs 170 - I am muscular, always have been.. I have thought about trying to purchase a Spectre 190 or Stilletto 190 since these canopies are listed to fit in this container, but obviously only if I have too, and I hope they won't be new, but who knows. I don't know how many jumps are on the main - I guess I somehow forgot to ask that question. The DOM is 12/01. So, I don't really know 'how' new the used canopy is. I know that the M5 would be a better fit for these canopies, but I have had a TERRIBLE time finding used gear, and this is the closest I have found (been looking for months). I wish it was a M5, if it was, I probably would have bought it already. Thanks for your advice. The seller is willing to send it to my dropzone to let my rigger look at it (I pay shipping only), so maybe he will determine that it is OK.. That is what I'm praying for. Thanks, Karen
  5. Oh crap... I meant G3, M4.... sorry about that.
  6. Anyone know if this combination is impossible to pack? I talked to Mirage today, and they said that it is above their recommendation, but would be safe to jump, just tight to pack. My rigger/packer told me that chances are good that they wouldn't pack it for me. I just wondered if anyone else had experience with this combination. I am trying desperately to find used gear for a 5'4" 170 pound female.. Nope, I'm muscular, not overly fat.. :-) Any comments/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Karen