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  1. no, the manufacturers have NOTHING to do with the AAD section in the classifieds. I bet if you call any supplier, they will gladly sell you as many AADs as you want at or closeto MSRP. Unlike main/reserve/container - the AAD is good to you for it's whole lifetime (which very minor outlying exception of swoopers and Cypres1). So most people who stick to the sport will be very unlikely to sell their AAD - rather keep going through their gear cycles and recycling their old AAD. Best advice to FIND one - keep looking.. There's no magic catch-all solution - the AADs are simply not a device sold-off too often, just like any other thing that you put to use and does it's job well for you :) Good luck !
  2. Please don't forget, that no matter how much we all want it to - for most of us skydiving may be a VERY addictive, very big part of our life- BUT STILL A HOBBY. Don't screw up your life just cuz you want something bad. I always make an example of buying a car you cannot afford- at the end it gets rep'd - and you are iout a car, credit history and you still NEED to make money.... not too good for most of us :( good luck either way, these are just my thoughts :)
  3. why don't you google "skydive lodi" and get your answer ? it's Lodi (acampo) California. a KICK ASS PLACE.
  4. not the cheapest option - but here you go : alternatively just have somebody replace the velcro part.
  5. how about the bridle catching the corner of the rig ? (think cut-in laterals - which by the way I still love)
  6. lets not forget the legstrap bungy so you don't have to fall out of your rig :)
  8. got a Vampire wingsuit - and figured that ROL PC mount is not necessary - lucky for me, I did my practice pulls at 8K - and deployed by 3K - had to use BOTH hands and tips of my fingers to reach the PC in the BOC and somehow get it out. Next jump put a shrivel flap on and the PC was ALWAYS on my leg.
  9. a word of warning - the new method for demilling some canopies is to cut the APEX lines - so some sellers who have sold de-milled stuff for years are not up on that yet - and will advertise a C9 with "lines intact to the link" - where the suspension lines are infact good, but the apex lines are chopped. be careful. and I doubt a Phantom will be as soft as a T10(a) or a C9... I know I will never jump a Phantom (again :) over hard ground :)
  10. YOU ARE FUCKING NUTS Yes, I know. However, it is a brand new fully loaded (that means I got pretty much every option possible, even stuff they've never done before) Vector 3 with PD Reserve, Cypres, and Safire 2. It shouldn't be a surprise that it would cost that much. I understand WHY it cost so much. I don't understand why you would SPEND so much on something that is fairly transitional - with under 100 jumps I doubt you will be hanging on to it enough to enjoy the $6K investment or get good residual value. Of course, to each their own, but to me - THAT'S FUCKING CRAZY.
  11. if you want an EXACT ANSWER : IT IS WORTH AS MUCH AS SOMEBODY IS WILLING TO BUY IT FOR. in my OPINION - between $1000 to $1300 depending on the condition and buyers "attachment" to it
  12. just a quick FYI - a CYPRES TWO has been taking longer as of my last experience in January, about 3 weeks. A Cypres1 is fairly fast.
  13. fine, since you are in the listening mood, and seem to be very open to other people opinion, here's a GREAT lead for you : link to what you need
  14. MattMazzocco and hudsonderek : YEARS AND YEARS of broken bones and limping jumpers can't be wrong - not many people are as good as they think they are. It's not how we fly our canopies when we are in control - it's how well we can manage them when that control is taken away from us. Look at the accident at Perris recently - the facts are ~~ 200 jumps and 1.4something WL - everything else short of the fact that he got hurt is speculation, but **I PERSONALLY** will speculate that a light WL would have resulted in less serious injuries, or perhaps even just a set of wet pants and dirty legstraps... Don't end up a statistic, jump hard, but jump SMART. The smaller canopies are not going anywhere, but unfortunately neither will the titanium in your body.
  15. since nobody said this, I will, in fact, I will just cut and paste the facts that YOU presented : 36th jumps 220lbs + gear jumping a 210 (assuming body + gear that's a 1.19 WL) want to downsize to a 200 (assuming body + gear that's a 1.25 WL) And here's the question : ARE YOU IN A RUSH TO GET TITANIUM ? I have refused to sell canopies of that size to people of your experience, numerous times. I hope you will get the same advice from people you trust.
  16. I don't pay for repacks, but they cost me my time and seal + sealthread. I try not to pack for $$$ either, I use it as a "now you owe me" or as a bonus to close a deal on a complete rig "free repack"
  17. like everyone said - if you don't feel comfortable, explain to him, and offer him an option of redoing. perhaps in front of you. as far as wrinkles - quite common on G4 container. if you read their manual they give ALOT of tips during each step of the packjob, and even done right, they are not ALL gone. But it does help. the bulging AAD - since a 150 -M should pack smaller than a PDR160 - check out if the top corners of the reserve tray are ALOT softer - it could be that he made the molar ears very small and thus the bulk of the canopy is on the bottom and pushing teh aad. When you are new, it may take alot of tries to get the canopy in the freebag just right for it to fit well. At least it did for me. nothing wrong with 3hr packjobs - as long as you achieve the proper result and don't halfass ANYTHING. cya
  18. my understanding is that the K and preK is the difference in the way it was BUILT. I THINK K is built longer, same pack volumes though. the charts reads simply - LARGEST you can put in with full ZP is 150 sq ft canopy.
  19. yes, it will fit quite well
  20. and how often do the biplane and the helo fly ?
  21. no, not a law, not a BSR, not even a manufacturer suggestion. Just simple courtesy. It also makes it ALOT easier to not spill the lines :) If you are very poor, you should concentrate on things other than skydiving. And yes, I am 100% serious. Because you just CANNOT afford to get injured. Sorry dude, hard truth is hard to swallow.
  22. the search button is a good friend.;search_string=laser;#3114782 Advanced Para Systems (APS)