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  1. Time Left: 25 days and 1 hour

    • FOR SALE
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    PD 143 Reserve all white 18 repacks, no rides DOM 11/1996


  2. likestojump

    Vigil Cuatro - BRAND NEW with all the swag

    Time Left: 18 days and 9 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • NEW

    Brand new VIGIL CUATRO DOM 03/2019 never installed


  3. likestojump

    Tandem Cypres 1 pin - Expires 10/2019

    Time Left: 15 days and 5 hours

    • FOR SALE
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    still has a few months left (DOM 04/2007) 1pin TANDEM !


  4. likestojump

    Sabre 2 lines on Sabre 1

    Not impossible. Have you contacted to see if PD is willing to make you a vectran lineset for the original Sabre ? Have you contact Pete Swan to see if he is ?;
  5. likestojump

    Cookie G4

    What experience do you have with other skydiving full face helmets ? List the "mile long list of crap they need to fix on the G3". Please. What do YOU look for in a helmet ? Do you realize that no product out there is 100% perfect per everyone's expectations ? Are a you by chance a millennial ?
  6. I was going to suggest you search USPS rate, but I am not going to ;(
  7. likestojump

    G4 Mirage system

    Your credibility is shattered by having single post and by praising a single brand. Most skydivers praise whichever brand there are currently jumping. I've owned most major brand containers out there and my statement is "they all have their quirks".
  8. The article is too genetic to be considered useful. You aren't answering most newb questions.
  9. likestojump

    help finding parts for my rig

    I got reserve toggles.
  10. likestojump

    Main D-bag with three grommets

    What are the other choices ?
  11. Technically - yes. Practically, it's a terrible idea, and you'll damage laminated ribs and will rip off the lines within first 2-3 deployments. That's assuming you mean to deploy from the said container. If you only want to just hook it up without actually packing into the rig, then it's an equally stupid idea, as you will be sitting weird, and won't have anywhere to stash the wing. Basically, start with the horse, then add the cart to the back. Start each sport first, it'll be healthier (unless you die along the way).
  12. likestojump

    Reserve slider upside down

    which way was the tape facing ?
  13. Will a person named Joe respond to being called Joe ?
  14. likestojump

    Canopies with similar pack volume to Pulse.

    straight from the horses mouth ...
  15. likestojump

    Paypal Scam?

    Let's see a screenshot of the email and email address it came from.
  16. likestojump

    Sewing machine stitch consistency help

    I found that on my 31-15 the presser foot would stick intermittently after I would drop it after a lift. I got into a habit of pulling down after dropping via a the back lever, and that cured my problem with inconsistent pressurize between the foot/feeddogs. Could you be experiencing the same problem ?
  17. likestojump

    would you feel safe buying a rig from 1998 ??

    a world of difference between stuff made in the 90's. 1991 - not freefly friendly, most likely F111 main 1998 - most likely freefly friendly, most likely a ZP main Give more details. Also please don't assume that EVERYTHING was made in 1998 - each component can have a drastically different DOM.
  18. likestojump

    Complete rig for noob

    This has been beaten to a pulp, resurrected, and then beaten again. However, in the interests of help, here are some very generic guidelines : Most things made in the past 15 or so years are going to be more or less modern. The exceptions would be some Racer models (this is a completely different topic, but no matter how people preach the Racer to you, the resale value is shit), Dolphins, and some oddball Euro-manufacturers. If you want a hard and fast rule - go with the major manufacturer container, a PD or an Aerodyne reserve, and a PD or an Aerodyne or an Icarus canopy, and your only concern should be gear condition and the price. In fact if you are super AR, just stick with PD made mains and reserves, just be ready to pony up a few extra dollars. That's as generic as I can keep it. good luck, and don't cheap out, or you will be chasing those 1986 Vector rigs with 5 cell Swift reserves until you are blue in a face. PS Oh, and see what people WITH EXPERIENCE say. You are opening up the floodgates for a bunch of low experience jumpers, who have owned 1-2 rigs in their career, to start chiming in and praying to the only manufacturer they have ever dealt with. Hardly an unbiased or a useful opinion.
  19. likestojump

    New Rig Question

    The rig is not properly described. The reserve is an older Firelite, and I am betting the main is some older F111 canopy, but definitely not a Navigator.
  20. likestojump


    You should absolutely NEVER go down more than one size. Stick with a 170
  21. likestojump

    Read/restore Serial Number?

    Which piece of gear ?
  22. likestojump

    Error hooking up main

    Four line check. From the risers, grab the outside lines and run them all the way up to the canopy. They should go to the stabilizers without encountering anything in the way. If not, then you have a problem.
  23. likestojump

    Service life

    Source please ? Not service life. Mandatory inspection after 40 packjobs or 25 rides. Not for the Master reserves Advice : CHECK YOUR GOD DAMN FACTS ! ParaPhernalia harnesses produced after Sept 2009 - 20 years
  24. likestojump

    Advice needed from riggers and knowledgeable divers

    Let's see the original description, your measurements and some pictures of you wearing the rig. All this on a condition that you'll never use the word stabilizer to refer to yoke size.