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  1. Rush: lifespan 15 years (another reserve, but German manufactur), pg 6 Arent Quick life limited too ?
  2. He can by one from someone else. Sure can. Can you point him to a place where there's an inexpensive Aerostar 28Ft ? It's the whole point of his initial post. Like I said, I got bias...
  3. Considering that I was the eBay seller for that old butler BETA container, let's clean this up : the rig originally had a 24ft T10R (the infamous 48J7156) in OD color, unmodified with type 1 deployment - YUCK. My recommendation is always to go for the biggest round possible. In this case, a 28ft Phantom (non-Aerostar) is my recommendation. And yes, Aerostar would be nice, but I just don't have any. Just my 2 cents. With a heavy coating of bias :)
  4. If my memory doesn't fail me - they made 200 of them. I still own one :)
  5. If what people above have said still doesn't resonate with you, pick a few local experienced BASE jumpers and get their opinion on jumping at 100ft. Then ask them what they think of taking a slider-down rig to terminal.
  6. What size and material PC are you using ? What kind of bag ?
  7. You are too tall and too skinny for that container. Also, it's highly unlikely you need a 20" MLW
  8. Why : it was fun ! I thought I was really cool riding a motorcycle to the DZ, but apparently a very heavy percentage of jumpers ride, so I got now coolness points for that :( How : My mom wouldn't sign the waiver so I could do a SL jump when I was 17 when few of my friends with more open minded parents went. So I had a flashback to this a few years later, and got a bunch of friends to go and do a tandem (9/17/2000). Started AFF a few weeks after.
  9. Let's see some documents. So far you've made a lot of statements - back them up please.
  10. You are partially right, but also horribly wrong ;( Nothing wrong with T8 risers. Nothing. Many people still use them. It's simply a personal choice. A 93 javelin is already AAD ready.
  11. Day/Month/Year I have one that is stamped "19-1-03"
  12. ParachuteLabs has a bunch of video on their Youtube channel
  13. I use javelin j7 and dolphin d6 to jump PCs in a regular dbag. Taffeta canopies are tight, but it works. Sleeves add an insane amount of bulk. I sfold and rubber band the crown lines
  14. Great, another hater. You are pointing out a problem - wonderful ! What is your proposed solution ? You do know that complaining about a problem without proposing a solution is called whining, right ?
  15. Is there any other currently produced container that gets same amount bashing ? If the shoe fits ... And why are you using the past tense ?
  16. Have you checked to see what the manufacturer's website has ? It has a trim spec section that's available 24/7 and includes the slider sizing.
  17. Am I the only person who sees that although the canopy and lines were dumped out of the bag right away, the canopy didn't start expanding until linestrech, and the slider was still all the way up ? In other words, I doubt that a regular d-bag would have created a much better outcome. (i.e. you would have still had a bruiser of an opening). Anyone ?
  18. I have a few RW PC's adopted for modern use. Javelin J7 or Dolphin D6 mods : * dbag with large grommet and stow bands on the outside for crown lines * Guide rings moved to the back of the front risers * Elastic retainers below the guide rings (A few inches) for the dowel toggles * lines on #6 rapide links (you could go with L-bars, but they are damn bulky) * non-collapsible 32(ish) ZP PC . pack it, stow the crown lines, S-fold the canopy side to side in the dbag, stow the lines as usual, throw it in the container, and no one will know you have anything other than a big main in the rig. Trust me, this works :)
  19. Technically - yes. Practically, it's a terrible idea, and you'll damage laminated ribs and will rip off the lines within first 2-3 deployments. That's assuming you mean to deploy from the said container. If you only want to just hook it up without actually packing into the rig, then it's an equally stupid idea, as you will be sitting weird, and won't have anywhere to stash the wing. Basically, start with the horse, then add the cart to the back. Start each sport first, it'll be healthier (unless you die along the way).
  20. another good point. We are all fucked. I am going to go further violate my Senior rigger cert limitations by making some closing loops. Good night.
  21. I think this has been covered before, but here it is again. The law states that you must have a table §65.127 Facilities and equipment. No certificated parachute rigger may exercise the privileges of his certificate unless he has at least the following facilities and equipment available to him: (a) A smooth top table at least three feet wide by 40 feet long. ---snipped --- MEL Sure does. I wonder what percentage of people that repack rounds have a table, and how many of these tables are actually at least 3ft wide and at least 40ft long. I bet it's not a lot. And of course I am being strictly hypothetical.
  22. Did you seriously have a rigger refuse to pack a round PEP with a round ??? Remember, many new riggers for the last few years have no training on round parachutes. Dave DeWolf does not include training or testing on round parachutes and PEP's in his basic rigger course. For that training you have to stay longer and spend more money. On the other hand my FAA Supervising Inspector REQUIRES me to test senior rigger candidates on round AND ram air parachutes. And even if they know how to pack they many don't have the equipment and facilities to pack round parachutes and don't want to mess with them. The problem is with the ones that don't know how but still pack them. On the other hand there still should be a lot of old farts around the midwest. About all I pack are pilot rigs with rounds. He may not have tried very hard. I ain't no old fart, but but have plenty of round packjobs. It ain't nuclear rocket surgery, and freepacking a round into a bailout is easier than bagging a square. And I don't think you need much more than the floorspace to stretch the canopy out. Basically, my opinion is that if a rigger refuses to pack a back bailout rig, I would be cautious of how knowledgeable and competent they are.
  23. Did you seriously have a rigger refuse to pack a round PEP with a round ???