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  1. Will a removable slider for a xaos27/98 fit an 88? We can't all be smart....
  2. I travel to a lot of different drop zones to fun jump, usually the same old thing everywhere you go, stuck up people and drama. Not one negative vibe at start, It would have taken weeks to get on all the loads that people invited me on, great great place and the vibe is everything to me. Super clean hangar, nice planes too. Every dz in the U.S. Could learn a thing or 12 from these guys!
  3. Let me know how it goes, the aero won't be here till next week, so I won't get to play with it for some time We can't all be smart....
  4. I ordered the 10r it should be here tomorrow, gonna put it in the bonehead aero, depending on how much room I have to play with i might try putting the battery inside....ill post pics when install is done! We can't all be smart....
  5. Thanks for the pics, I think I'm gonna go with the low pro version of the 10, sick helmet too! We can't all be smart....
  6. Anyone have any pics of installs? Do you have to be connected to Bluetooth to talk to another person or can they link with other units, I don't want to carry my cell on the plane for it not to work at altitude We can't all be smart....
  7. The sena looks pretty nice, the videos show it working well on ws jumps, I was hoping, and still am that there is a dumbed down version that might have half the specs as well?? Praying for a miracle here! We can't all be smart....
  8. I've heard of products designed for motorcycle riders but they have a lot of features that I'm not interested in that comes with increased size and battery life, I haven't found any products that offer a simple, small setup We can't all be smart....
  9. I'm wanting to put together a couple full faces with air to air communications, was wondering what anyone else is using before I just start buying shit We can't all be smart....
  10. Any other places in the great state of florida??? Tried Sebastian once, everyone there must have assumed I had Ebola. We can't all be smart....
  11. Any florida dropzones doing beach jumps in march 2015?? We can't all be smart....
  12. Can't say enough good things about the farm, I have made plans to visit again, every dz in America should model their place after the farm. No huge egos no drama, pure fun with plenty of safety. Brilliant place to skydive, I was blown away by the staff and how nice everyone was. Nice otter huge landing area, excellent coaching, the best place in the business for a visit!
  13. Ogio 9800 is where it's at. Big enough for a large rig or two small ones. I carry every single thing I need on one bag down to shoes. It's a large bag but it does the job, and they are very well made. We can't all be smart....
  14. I ride motocross in my ff suit. We can't all be smart....
  15. What if the hookers have lupus?? We can't all be smart....