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  1. What Jerry said. Some rigs have chest rings, and use E thread. I like the "match the original work and materials" standard.
  2. They are a US service center for Icarus. And they are awesome.
  3. You should absolutely NEVER go down more than one size. Stick with a 170
  4. LSI = Life Support International
  5. Send me the manual and I'll translate it. And its definitely Talka with an L ;)
  6. Let's not overlook this author's marvelous observation "I have now counted five planes passing in the past half-hour alone" Sounds like they are complaining about MANY airport users. Unless of course MHS is having a multi-plane boogie. Then of course the local news piece today was that some hillbilly shot his neighbor in the face for "mowing her small lawn too late", so what the hell do I know, I suppose everyone has different triggers.
  7. Pretty much what Shawn above me said. A few editions : C9 can be retrofitted with a diaper. I am not aware of LoPo, FFE or Phantom Aerostars having anti-inversion netting. And more importantly - ParaPhernalia (Softie) and Strong both sell containers for and with C9 canopies.
  8. Let's keep it simple. 2009 NZA label : handwritten. NZ Aerosports in the bottom right Precision manufactured canopy : PRECISION stamp in the bottom left block. Icarus, non-Precision - Icarus canopies and a non-Precision inspection stamp in the bottom left hand block, a lot of times an E, or an I5 with a round canopy stamp
  9. Isnt the easiest way to id NZA canopies by the "NEW ZEALAND AIRSPORTS" written on the label ???
  10. His last name was Florez, not Flowers
  11. Out of curiosity, are you aware of any modern reserve failures that were attributed to age? Also, are you aware of any manufacturers that have gone through the process of seeking an AD to ground old reserves? Reserve AD, although it's a bit old :)
  12. I am pretty certain that the II is water resistant, while the I is not.
  13. Same reason Cobalts have double diamonds on the bottom skin. MARKETING
  14. no, that's a Crossbow (I stated that in the post). The one SAC that I had was a 4 full stow diaper pictured is a 1980 22ft SAC (with a bonus re-cert stamp)
  15. I had a lot of SACs that were diaperless. The one that I ahd with a diaper was actually a 1969 Crossbow with a 2 stow
  16. taking about 15 seconds of clicking their site resulted in this :
  17. damn straight. relying on anything except for cold hard proven things (like the ground :) is silly. I believe someone shared a story of someone who post cutaway was in freefall with a "I'll just have the AAD fire and deploy my reerve" mentality, and that scares me. How about the people who think that it's ok to put themselves in a situation where they may be forced to cutaway super low because their beloved MARD will work 100% of the time ? Rely on your brain (if it's a good one). And go bowling if your brain is not good enough to skydive with :(
  18. Ahhh ! I can finally use a phrase I recently learned "there's no sense to die for fashion".
  19. Thank Steve. Were there any drop tests done with a load ? If so, is that data going to be publicly available in a form other than John Sherman boasting about the superior Cd of the Racer reserve PC ?
  20. This test didn't simulate the conditions that those PCs were designed for. There's no load, No acceleration on that load The missing load does not create a burble. My conclusion - a hemphispherical apex (or subapex) vented PC should have been tested along side (with a small load)
  21. here's it's 28ft bro - Aerosport 28ft PN 4200702 sleeved and sub-apex vented and spyder-slidered
  22. A pic of the Swift being kited. Should give you a better idea of the breakaway steering lines.