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  1. Very early Wonderhog SN 382, DOM 31/8/1976 * R3 riser releases * Martin Baker ripcord handle * bellyband PC
  2. BTW What UPT calls OSA, sunpath and sunrise calls yoke. UPT shows both yoke and stabilizers (what done others call laterals) as deviations from standard (STD). Do their measurements would be in +/- inches. Mirage does similar, while Sunrise (Wings) just gives you all the measurements in S/M/L fashion.
  3. We have had the FXC12000 and the Astra around for a bit. And Argus had been around for a few years before it's demise. You most definitely could not get a new C1 10 years ago. no even for 10K.
  4. Are you sure this is true? My understanding is that you can do what you want to your own main. Legally, the only thing that you can do if you're not a rigger or under the supervision of a rigger is pack the main if you're the next person jumping it. AC 105-2D also contains the following text, which is wide open to interpretation and probably will not carry the same weight as the CFRs in a court room: Dude, I really hate to sound like an elitist prick, but you don't have the time (and probably the ratings) to post such things as facts. The document is still written by lawers, and as such you really, REALLY need to pay attention to the usage of the term "approved parachute components ". Mains are not "approved" - thus that wording does not cover them. further wording "The following are examples of approved parachutes as defined in § 105.3" solidifies that point. Please stop digging, we hear enough from MEL :(
  5. Four line check. From the risers, grab the outside lines and run them all the way up to the canopy. They should go to the stabilizers without encountering anything in the way. If not, then you have a problem.
  6. Source please ? Not service life. Mandatory inspection after 40 packjobs or 25 rides. Not for the Master reserves Advice : CHECK YOUR GOD DAMN FACTS ! ParaPhernalia harnesses produced after Sept 2009 - 20 years
  7. Let's see the original description, your measurements and some pictures of you wearing the rig. All this on a condition that you'll never use the word stabilizer to refer to yoke size.
  8. There is your problem right there. You are trying to pull a slider down a set of risers that's I am betting are not under anywhere near the load they would be if you had 100+lbs of stupid hanging under them.
  9. I wonder if there's a discount for bulk purchases. Some deals to be had, for sure. Maybe they can also make us some $3K twin otters.
  10. best I can do (and a few vector2 containers, just sto show you how awesomely ugly you can make it) Bonus : the brown container was the one that Arnold used in the movie Eraser, and yes, it has tandem handles on it
  11. Could it be the handle's hook velcro causing wear on the webbing when the webbing is pushed onto it when you are sitting down ?
  12. HUH ? only those made after the Sept 2009 manual change Inspection, NOT retirement. Correction : No self respecting rigger with conscience should certify gear that's worn. And gear used in the sunny desert climates gets worn a lot heavier than stuff used in say... Canada..
  13. Wouldn't this still leave you with a small reserve ?
  14. I swear to god I thought you were kidding. Jump it for another year and then buy it a beer and keep jumping. What magic do you think will happen once it becomes 20 years of age ? Not to mention that the fabric is most likely over 20 years old already.
  15. Manly also holds the US Patent (5,890,678) for the BAT Sombrero slider. The patent also credits him as the inventor.
  16. 46 jumps, 6'3 220, 245 exit weight buying a rig that holds a 190-210 canopy... that's a 1.16 or a 1.3 wing loading. big boys hit hard. who in their right mind has you on a 210 at your 245lbs exit weight ???
  17. What's out there is a general MISCONCEPTION, not a rule. And that misconception is very much due to the fact that someone at some point made up some kind of linear depreciation equation, and the sheeple followed. Now, as far as being constructive : a) Good deal is a state of mind. First and very much foremost, if you need money today, you will need to sell for less. If you want that hard to find Crossfire2 today, you will end up having to pay more. Hell, there's a dude in the classifieds trying to sell a Petra for $6000 USD. b) Age - this is a very highly debated topic, that some people (again) make a mistake of thinking linearly about it. A 2003 Dolphin is not more modern or better than a 2000 Javelin. The Dolphin is newer in terms of date of manufacture, but that's where it's "newness" stops. Unless someone is over 60, it's much more likely they will pick a mid 90's Javelin than a late 90's Racer. So the proper criteria should be about being modern, rather than having been manufactured more recently. \ The other part to age, is exactly what Ken had pointed above - nylon has an extremely long shelf life. Stored and cared for properly it doesn't loose any significant strength. So again, a 2001 MicroRaven150-M with 30 repacks and 5 rides is definitely newer than a 1996 PD 143 reserve with 10 repacks and no rides, but the most people will have higher confidence in the PDR. c) Lastly, the whole linear thing - just like cars, anything mass produced will depreciate at a lot faster rate when new, and the price will change very little as the item gets older. A 1983 X210 canopy will be worth $100 from now until the end of time. I got many more thoughts on this subject, but I think this is a good start.
  18. OMFG, again ??? According to your "general rule", he will be PAYING YOU to take his gear.
  19. I don't think the lack of responses necessarily means that no one cares. I do think for a posed question "Will a 135 all-ZP 7 cell fit into a container that's meant for a 120", the answer (as you found out through experimentation) is a pretty easy "it may fit, but will be super tight". This is like re-inventing the wheel.
  20. by your logic the McLaren F1 is a piece of shit car that no one will ever want to buy Thanks for your input. I'll take that into consideration if I'm ever in the market for a supercar. Can the owner not change the tire on one of those when it gets worn out? That being said, my question pertained to two specific models of AAD. I didn't ask about the cypres or the McLaren F1 but your opinion has been duly noted in my logbook. You related a high purchase price of something to it being undesirable. A very general statement that doesn't always prove true in real world. It's not uncommon to pay more for quality. Why are Flight Concepts canopies cheaper than PD, but PD still has a very large chunk of the market ? And no, the owner most likely cannot change a tire on the F1 if it gets worn out. It's upwards of $6K service, as both sides need to be changed. Link My point (which is obviously very lost) is that Cypres2 being expensive could be an indicator of quality/support rather than of just being overpriced. At the end - M2, Cypres, Vigil AADs are approved in most containers and at probably all US Dropzones - so one is welcome to make their own choice. When Argus was gaining steam it was priced super awesome and lots of people had your mentality of "it's priced attractively". Those are the same people who are now out ~~ $1K
  21. by your logic the McLaren F1 is a piece of shit car that no one will ever want to buy
  22. Because slowing the trying with a different size/profile slider is completely out of the question, right ? Please let us know which instrument you use to measure the "7 seconds" and what you consider your starting and end point.
  23. well, some people appreciate them more than others. Some are just rare. I paid a grand for a Jumbo PC, and I thought that was a fair price. and I know a few people (myself included) who would shell out some serious money for a Barrish Sailwing. A 24ft Phantom though.... Well, that's not really an exciting canopy.
  24. a bit more description and pictures would help. Everything has value. Unfortunately some things are only useful as car covers...