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  1. Sangi

    More fun times.

    lol it seems the xbird guy either has no idea how to fly that thing or is damn good at just missing others.. Good vid nontheless.
  2. Sangi

    My 2nd chop... skyhook.... PD

    Why did you cutaway? Just the regular linetwists or something more serious?
  3. Sangi

    Best Wingsuit Manufacturer

    I see different designs for different stuff and innovation in Phoenix-Fly. I see death in Birdman. I see no imagination and same design (only bigger each time) with tony "bird" suits as well as pure american ego. I don't see anything with jii (don't know much about it that is).
  4. Sangi

    Funny skydiving video

    haha pretty sweet Every TI should do this to their students
  5. Sangi

    ATC9K HD; A new GoPro Competitor?

    Seems too big and bulky..
  6. 250 jumps and maaaaybe a downsize to 170? Most people at these jumps fly something more like 120's...
  7. Sangi

    If you were buying....

    Safire2, different flare though..
  8. Sangi

    Best view from altitude

    Pociunai, Lithuania (Eastern Europe). Coordinates: +54° 39' 17.72", +24° 4' 12.12" AN-2 and L-410 planes.
  9. Sangi

    Post your GoPro set up

    Simple, yet effective...
  10. Minimum of 75 WINGSUIT JUMPS prior to jumping a Stealth2, not regular jumps. Stealth2 and X-BIRD would probably be the 2 suits with the longest flight time (but that doesn't necessarily equate to biggest distance covered). All the wingsuit gurus will tell you more anyway, I'm just saying what I have learned so far.. But anyway, focus on regular skydiving for now and see at least if you wanna do it at all.. It will take shit loads of time, money and preparation to jump a wingsuit and it won't come fast (unless you wanna fuck up and die)..
  11. Sangi

    Minimum Age

    Come to Lithuania (Eastern Europe), you'll have no problem of her going through AFF. The legal minimum age is 14 with one of the parents consent.
  12. Sangi

    I'm about to.......

    Enjoy, it's going to rock!
  13. Sangi

    Tracking Dive Corrections?

    I'm no expert but I think (assume): 1. Dive to them? Pitch your angle of attack and go semi headdown in a tracking position.. 3. Move your arms closer to your body, legs closer together, pitch your shoulders forward (and a bit down) and dearch and amplify all this much more than usual. 4. Bend your legs? eh Yuri?
  14. Sangi

    PD storm 150 reserveride...

    Shit happens.. No canopy is perfect (nor any of the packjobs)...
  15. Sangi

    3 rings reversed???

    I have them like this on my Atom Axis.. I'm not sure why they are like this though lol