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  1. I got the same bogus deal... Phisher at best. Wanted me to send $410 via Western Union to a pick-up agent.
  2. It was my "beginner" rig and I'm 175#. I was 150# then. I can change that though. Thanks for the thoughts.
  3. Thank you all for your in depth consideration for this topic. The information has been really helpful.
  4. Correction. The altimeter is an Electro - Precis FT40 Not an Altimaster.
  5. It is a fairly old system. I was jumping mainly in the late 90's. It has been stored in dry environment inside my closet. Just don't think I will use it anymore so I need to get rid of it. Vector V-5 Container DOM: 12/87 PDr 143 DOM: 03/92 - 11 repacks, last repack 01/02 PD Lightning 193 DOM: 04/93
  6. I have a rig and jumpsuit that I need to sell and am trying to get an estimated value on it. It is a black Vector container with a PD 193 Lightning canopy with about 500 jumps and a PD 143 reserve (never deployed) The main canopy is rainbow color and the reserve is a rust color. The jumpsuit is a TonySuit for a 5'10" 140# person. Black with neon green grips and blue piping. Also have an Altimaster altimeter.
  7. Thanks for all the input!! I'll call them and see what they recommend.
  8. Unfortunately...the DZ that I went through AFF at (Freefalling Unlimited in AR) has closed. The DZ i was last jumping at was West Tennessee Skydiving so I may just need to give them a buzz and see. Thought maybe someone would know off hand what the requirements were.
  9. I have a couple hundred jumps and I haven't jumped in probably 6-7 years. I went through the AFF course and I have my own gear. I was wondering if I just needed to do a couple jumps with an instructor or do I have to go thru jump school all over again??
  10. The classic game "Hungry Hungry Hippos" makes it's introduction to the skydiving scene!
  11. Little time waster I thought was funny......... http://www.cjnetworks.com/~cubsfan/conspiracy.html
  12. give me a headache. See Attachment...
  13. Bad day turning REALLY bad!!! *forgot attachment*
  14. Bad day turning REALLY bad!!!